Random Tuesday – 1-11-11


Isn’t it ridiculously awesome that this year we get a whole lot of binary dates? Ok, well, I think it’s pretty neat. Anyway, it’s Tuesday so, uh, sound off!

  • Isaac was just sick for the first time (not counting the stomach thing b/c with that he still felt OK.) This was high fever and general crankiness heaped on top of teething. After this weekend, I need a weekend to recover!
  • I know I’m about a week late on this but what is with things randomly falling from the sky? Can you say “apocalypse”?
  • The best example of unnecessary quotation marks I have ever seen! THIS
  • If you’ve ever done any kind of online shopping, then this cartoon from the Oatmeal is right up your alley.
  • You know how people say really cryptic things about stuff just to be secretive and passive aggressive at the same time? Well there was a big kerfuffle this weekend on our listserv and let’s just say, people are lazy asses who don’t know how good they have it to be employed.
  • Ten ways to upgrade your morning routine. This is a really helpful link. I used to visit LifeHacker all the time but have sort of gotten out of the habit.
  • I went out for Mexican and margaritas last Friday with some friends and that is exactly what I have been missing in my life lately!
  • This was a very short random week for me. My brain’s a little mushy from work crap and sick kids and this winter weather that has been making me so tired and lazy! Ugh.

Man Candy this week is Mateus Verdelho, one of Brazil’s finer specimens. Between the scruffiness and the tattoos, he is seriously sexy. I’m getting on the phone with my travel agent to book a flight to Brazil right now…

8 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – 1-11-11

  1. I was totally distracted by Mateus’s hair when I began scrolling down—I don’t like it. And then, miraculously, the sculpted abdomen and man-candy tats helped me to realize it’s the best haircut ever.

    The Oatmeal bit was fab.

    Happy RTT

  2. Bummer that poor Isaac has been sick! Bigger bummer that it was over the weekend! You do need that trip to Brazil. Loved the Oatmeal thing!

  3. I didn’t even realize what the date was today until I read your post! DUH.
    I was thrown of by the Man Candy’s hair but once I scrolled down….
    Thank you. That made my day!

  4. I boiled my eggs today and thought of you. 🙂

    I hope Issac feels better! And you should email me about the kerfuffle. I miss gossip from the ole dept.

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