The weekend I didn’t sit home like a loser

To my credit, I have two children so sitting home is par for the course. But anyway, this weekend was full of exciting things. For one, my sister and her boyfriend got into town around 7 on Friday. She and I went to the store for last minute items for Elliot’s birthday party and then they kindly stayed home while Ash and I got to go to a movie. It was so freeing to leave the house – at night! – and go out. We saw Inception – finally – and ate ice cream. We sat together and watched a movie that made us glad we had each other. Then we drove home at 1 in the morning, which was rather calming and peaceful. I haven’t done that in a long long time.

On Saturday, I woke up feeling like battered crap: headache, achey body, pain in my side. I realized almost instantly that I had a blocked milk duct that was turning into mastitis. I’ve had it before so I called up Urgent Care, made an afternoon appointment, and popped some ibuprofen to pretend like I felt well enough to get ready for Ell’s party. Which ended up being a success. The weather was really nice – not too hot and it was windy – so the playground was the perfect venue. Enough people came to make it enjoyable but not too crazy. Elliot had fun on the playground, got great presents, and everyone seemed to have a good time. Then we all napped in the afternoon before dinner. I so rarely get a nap that it basically made my entire day

The six of us went to Shula’s 347 at the Hotel Duval, where my parents stayed. For one, it was awesome to go out to eat without the kids. (A couple of my former students babysat). And for two, I had the best Tom Collins ever. Granted, they served it in a short glass and traditionally, Tom Collins come in a tall, thin glass, like so. But it was worth it. Food was excellent! I had the steak special thing and their smashed potatoes, which rock. My mother suggested we head to their rooftop bar afterward, which was also awesome. Btw, there are a lot of hot guys who work up there. Take note, single Tallahassee folks. 😉 We hung out on the balcony a while then found some seating. They have tables and couches set up with huge recessed fans above. We had a few more drinks and watched the lights of Tallahassee through a light misting of rain. It was all very swanky and Ash and I noted that it might be a good place to take people who come into town to visit or we may go there on our anniversary. I was just glad to be out of my house!

I stayed up with Alyson and Justin after Ash went to bed (since he had to run in the morning) and that was interesting. Justin has a… different sort of past so he has great stories about weird and crazy people. Sunday morning, after Ash had gotten up at 5 to go run 20 miles, I got up to start cleaning my house, which was in complete shambles from so many people being around and all the damn toys everywhere. I think we own every single piece of plastic based on Toy Story that exists. My parents came over, took us to breakfast, then left around 11.

The weekend was pretty hectic but I enjoyed every blasted minute of it, even with my slight illness and the insanity of family in town. Sometimes you have to just let that all wash over you instead of freak out about it.  I came out on the other side just fine. No worse for wear. Though, Elliot’s officially three now and that does shock me just a little. Like, when did I become the mom of a three year old? I don’t feel nearly old enough yet. Alas, I better just start accepting that. I’m a thirty-one year old mother of two. Sigh.

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