Ten things I learned this week

  1. Isaac cries a lot if he’s tired but he can’t just fall asleep. He has to be calmed via walking around the house or possibly held upright. Otherwise, the crying is uncontrollable and constant.
  2. In the Iron workers’ Union, Chicago is Local 1, because that’s the first place they started building skyscrapers.
  3. Babies tend to sleep better on their stomachs; you’re just not “supposed” to do it. Oh well.
  4. After fighting the temptation to even care a smidgen about the iPad, I think I may just want one. A little.
  5. I’m a total sucker for romance novels. There, I said it. But only of the vampire persuasion. I wanted to fight it a little longer but there’s no use; I’m a lost cause. Bring it on.
  6. You CAN take a complete shower in less than five minutes, if that’s all the time the baby will afford you.
  7. Transformers 2 sucked even harder the second time I saw it. And I hate Megan Fox.
  8. If you are on deferred probation in Florida, no matter your offense, if you were to, say, be in the car with someone and that driver gets a speeding ticket, you would automatically be arrested. Our justice system makes no sense.
  9. I’m feeling a lot more confident about my parenting this time around but sometimes when he cries all crazy, I get tense and really don’t feel like I can handle anything.
  10. Weekends with two kids are ROUGH but I have the best boys in the world and Mother’s Day rocked.

5 thoughts on “Ten things I learned this week

  1. Molly was the same way about crying in the first few weeks. She would get overtired and then she would NOT stop crying. Walking helped, too. And that is also why the pacifier became our BFF. It eased up after a few weeks, though.

  2. I thought I might want an iPad, but then I realized that to avoid severe neck strain I would need to get a keyboard for it, at which point I might as well keep the laptop I have and get either an iPhone or a Kindle or both. I’m not doing anything grand on here that would require that kind of technology. Resist the urge! Wait another year and I bet something even cooler comes out.

  3. Regarding the pacifier, we tried four different kinds before we found one Molly liked. She would happily let them all in her mouth, but she couldn’t/wouldn’t keep one in there herself until the fourth one. Good luck!

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