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The weekend was both stressful and nice at the same time. Since Ash was gone to Horsepens in Georgia, I was solo-parenting for a bit. Though my parents bailed me out for some of it. I picked Elliot up Friday afternoon and his teacher told me he didn’t eat his snack and was running a fever. For E not to eat, well, that’s pretty unheard of. He did feel really warm so I got him home and tried to get him to take some Motrin, which he drank about half the dose. I think he also managed to stomach some cheese before we headed to the grocery store. The boy seemed fine at this point and ate a healthy serving of popcorn chicken and mac and cheese. He went to bed fairly early and missed my parents’ arrival.

Saturday was my day to let them take over with him. And for the most part, they did. But there’s still a part of a mother that is on duty, no matter what. So when we went to breakfast (and again, he ate maybe a third of his meal) and then out shopping, I was still feeling like I wasn’t getting a break. But we ended up having a nice day all in all and went to Piggy’s BBQ. That palce is pretty good. For 8 bucks you get a lot of food and it’s not bad. It could be more of a sit down type place instead of a Boston Market line kind of thing but I loved the pulled pork plate, baked beans, mac and cornbread. Again, a meal where Elliot didn’t eat. And for him to refuse mac and cheese? That’s just… WEIRD.

My parents got up early Sunday morning and left and I was on my own with the Boy Who Won’t Eat. Except he did. We got bagels and he ate an entire cinnamon raisin bagel with cream cheese. And you can consider that the last substantial nourishment he got all day. I think he had 4 pieces of cheese and a small box of raisins and that’s IT. He and I had a pretty good day. Around 10 I took him to get his hair cut. The pic doesn’t do him justice; it was so long and annoying.

Since he was good for the stylist, I took him to the playground for a little while, which is probably his most favorite thing to do in the whole wide world. And it wore him out so he took a nice long nap, during which I read and took a nap and a shower. The afternoon was LONG and excruciating because he was good for a bit then wanted to watch TV but I didn’t want him to just zone out to Blue’s Clues so I actually had to entertain him but he would only be OK with that for so long. Ash said he would be home mid-day but since he wasn’t the one in charge, he didn’t really get home until 6. UGH.

But I was super thankful for him to be home. Things were back to normal. I think we got in bed by nine and didn’t get back out ’til this morning. I at least feel rested, though not motivated. And I have a literal ton of work to accomplish both today and tomorrow. And I really really really don’t want to. All I want to do is read and sit around, as bad as that is. I have about 7 weeks until I’m off for maternity leave so I’d better get my stuff done now, you know? But anyway, there you have my weekend. What did you do?

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