Planning ahead

There are a lot of things that need to get done. Some of them are more immediate and some are six months off. But all these ideas are rattling around in my head, making me sort of busy under the surface; I’m always coming up with little side ideas about these things.

For one, we have got to get into our fourth bedroom and prepare it for Elliot. Right now, the walls are white, there’s a twin bed with no frame, a couple reject bookshelves from Ash’s old storage unit, and while it houses the all-important modem and router, the room mostly serves as a place for fall-out storage. Sometimes Elliot’s Diego bike ends up in there to get it out of the hallway. I fold the clothes on that bed and jam various out of use toys in the closet, along with the disassembled arcade machine and some old junk computers.

Last evening, soon as I got home, we went to dinner and then to Lowes for paint. We ended up with a color called something like “Faint Maple” and it’s one of those nice warm neutral colors that will hopefully compliment the furniture. I plan to begin painting very soon and once that’s done, we’ll recarpet. And when there’s new carpet, there’s nothing stopping us from putting Elliot’s Spider Man sheets on the bed and the curtain on the window and begin the process of switching him into that room and out of the crib. I’m not *really* worried about that but I have some concerns. I don’t think he’ll fall out of bed – and if he does it’s a pretty short fall – but I have a terrible feeling he might try to get out of bed… even though he’s never once tried to climb out of his crib. He’s a smart kid and he may immediately recognize his new freedom. We’ll have to see.

So, other stuff coming up, besides the impending baby of course. Well, there’s the all-the-time saving money for maternity leave. I have to think about this EVERY DAY. Every purchase I make, a little buzz goes off in my head and I have to justify it. If it cannot be justified, well then, that money could go towards the future.

And speaking of money, I am planning Ash’s 30th birthday (July 5th) WAY WAY in advance so I can afford to make it one big blow-out party. Like, party of a lifetime type thing. For one, I have already contacted the – seemingly – one and only place that’ll make a shot luge. It may cost me 350 bucks but if I start now and also, if I can get donations from his long list of possible invitees. It wouldn’t even take much but I think people might be pumped about a shot luge. I know I enjoyed the one we had at our friend’s party in NYC.

Hopefully this guy (whose name is Dawson and there’s a Were character in the books I am reading named that so I just think of a hairy biker dude) will be able to make something similar and it won’t cost me an arm and a leg.

So yes, there’s a whole lot of stuff coming up for me and we’ll get there, day by day.

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