But only because my nose is too stuffed up to even use it. I woke Sunday morning with a sore throat but I thought it was the kind you get from the cold air at night. My nose is usually somewhat stuffy but every now and then it clears so then, the air I actually bring in does more harm than good and my throat gets hoarse. I felt fine too, by the way.

Monday morning, I couldn’t stop sneezing/blowing my nose. By the afternoon, I was really worn down but I kept going because if I stopped, I’d feel guilty because there’s so much to do. Well, at around 9:30, I realized I couldn’t fall asleep anyway because my nose was too full of crap and my ears too stuffed up. I started to get a little, well, over-reactive about my ears not being able to pop. Like, freaking out slightly; felt like I was going insane. I finally fell asleep out of sheer exhaustion at 12. I woke, however, at 2 and the awful chest-aching, throat-mutilating cough was imminent. Plus the runny/stuffy nose and the ears issue. I ended up going into the guest room and, with the weather channel on as background noise, reading until I fell asleep. Just lying in bed was too much. I coudn’t take the assault on my ears – the rushing blood that sounded like deafening silense and the heaviness like a concrete block on my chest.

SO, being sick while pregnant SUCKS ASS. If I were just myself, I would have taken a dose of Nyquil and called it a night. As it is, I think I’m running on maybe 4.5 hours of sleep. My nose is ok today but it’s moved to my chest – my natural progression when I get a cold – so at least I know I am getting “better”. My mother is getting over the same thing and Ash had a minor version of it last week. I feel like saying a bg Eff You to winter and this weather and being all pissed off. Not that that would actually help me get any better. To calm myself in my ear freak-out, I tried taking deep yogic breaths but, um, yeah, I CAN’T. My one good relaxaion technique has been taken from me!

BUT, I think all my Christmas shopping is done. My house is somewhat put together, though there are last minute things I’d like to also do. I don’t think this was brought about due to stress; I actually don’t feel very worried at all. I used to think my mom judged me if my house wasn’t super clean but I have learned that she really doesn’t.

I just went upstairs and there’s only two people in. I have a feeling this is going to be a very short day for me even though I put in for a whole. My body needs rest. I need sleep.

2 thoughts on “Mouthbreather

  1. It sounds like you’ve got what I had the week of Thanksgiving. It hung around (to varying degrees) for about a week and a half. Best advice: humidifier. I’m still sleeping with one on every night because it was the ONLY thing that helped me breathe. Hope you feel better soon!

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