The big reveal: coming soon

Have you ever been nervous/afraid of something, something coming up in your near future, that every time you remembered it you got this weird pang in your heart or stomach? Every time I think about today’s ultrasound, I get that. Last time, I had this naive, stupid fear that I wouldn’t get the boy I so longed for. This time, my main fears stem from the fact that this could reveal development issues. Of course, for the most part, everything is usually fine. But it’s a scary experience anyway.

I know I ought to be excited; I should be just thrilled but that’s not my style. I worry first. Luckily, my day has been pretty busy and I haven’t had time to sit here and be nervous and scared.

SO, I promise a post to tell you what I am having. It’ll either be a complete set or a matching set: you’ll just have to wait and find out!!

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