Post-turkey post

Not only have I been procrastinating getting my actual work work done, but I have put off the Big Thanksgiving Recap post. This is due in part to the fact that I am TIRED and mostly, because I need a break from my break; this vacation seemed extra special stressful, for some reason.

SO, we got out of the house around 7 PM Tuesday night and the drive was fine; Elliot fell asleep within the first hour. I only had to stop to use the bathroom once, which was pretty good for a pregnant woman. I don’t think I slept any even though I was pretty tired. When we got into Orlando I think I ate a piece of pizza and we went to bed pretty much right after the brief welcome.

The great thing was that Wednesday was a totally free and complete day. We woke around 7:30-8 and got ready to go to Bob Evans, which was one of my only requirements of our trip. The food was yummy, let me tell you. And the rest of the day was just visiting, etc until my mom went with Ash and I down to Ikea, which was a 3 hour round trip, considering all the traffic. We didn’t find the bins we wanted for Elliot’s room – because Ikea doesn’t apparently make bins with locking lids – but I found a kitchen rug and a wall clock for my office. Ash and I should have gone out that night but we pretty much just hung out.

Thursday morning Ash ran and I helped with meal prep while we waited for my aunt and grandparents to arrive mid-day. About an hour or two before mealtime, Alyson’s boyfriend, Justin, showed up so we got to know him a bit. Once everyone was there, it got loud and hectic and my stomach started to really hurt, but I couldn’t tell you why. It could have had something to do with my Aunt worrying about EVERY TINY THING and constantly asking where Elliot was, as if any of us want something bad to happen. I think it was at that point I started to get VERY STRESSED. I didn’t really get to enjoy the wonderful meal because of the pain in my stomach. But for once, I also didn’t overeat!

Ash wanted to go shopping on Black Friday but we didn’t get out until around 11, which was actually better because all the crazy deal shoppers were gone. But I was in a pissy mood so our trip wasn’t that exciting. I managed to get out of the funk briefly and then I finally listened to Ash and we got out for the evening. We met up with my sister and Justin at Don Pablo’s, where Ash and I hadn’t eaten in a decade. It was really nice to sit down with the two of them. To be honest, I’m not sure I was ever going to see a day where I’d have a meal with my significant other and my sister and hers. After dinner, we parted ways and Ash and I saw Ninja Assassin, which was actually fairly awesome. I’m diggin’ on Rain, the actor who played the main role.

Maybe it’s just the abs I like. I’m not sure yet. ANYway, since Saturday was our last day, we laid low. My grandparents left around noon and I realized how hard it had been with them there, even though I cannot honestly pinpoint why. I think everyone breathed a little easier once they were on the road. We stuck around for dinner and then got the hell outta dodge, which was, again, stressing, because I was tired and didn’t feel like driving and I just wanted to go home to my own bed and forget about all the little annoyances having to do with family get-togethers.

I don’t want to sound like the whole time sucked; Elliot had a blast with all of our family and he loved hanging out with Justin. He was well-behaved and we also got some awesome pictures, so I just shouldn’t complain. But it just felt very overwhelming this time. I have an excuse; I can just blame this pregnancy. Sigh.

So yesterday was supposed to be a time to recoop and regather and just hang out. Except I: went grocery shopping, did laundry, made a big lunch, built a light box, got dressed and saw New Moon. So, no rest really. Unless you count the movie. And there was a slight reprieve in Jacob’s abs:

My weekend viewing was very, uh, ab intensive. And hey, I’m not complaining. But it really felt good to be back in my office this morning, spending time alone. I don’t know what it is about this time of year but there are times when I just want to crawl under a rock and tell everyone to leave me alone. I’m not all bah-humbug about Christmas, I swear! But sometimes all the crazy shopping and deadlines and end of year crap just eats me alive.

Perhaps I need another massage or to do more yoga; I need to find a way to de-stress. I really think it’s hitting me hard lately. I know the only person who can fix this is myself and maybe that’s the hard part. I hate to be such a downer in this time of holiday cheer but something is just not right with me after this trip. It’s down times like these that things seem to turn around at the drop of a hat – in an instant, etc. I just hope that turn comes sooner rather than later.

I hope everyone’s November is wrapping up nicely. See you in December.

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