I don’t normally watch TV shows…

This post was going to begin with one confession and then I googled something related and now I have another one. Sigh.

On Friday, when I had finished book four of Charlaine Harris’s Sookie Stackhouse vampire series, I decided that I would download (on iTunes) episode one of the first season of True Blood. Admittedly I did this at work, because Friday afternoons are SLOW. I’m talking whistles and tumbleweeds. So I watched and I was hooked. Granted, they change a few things around and mess with a couple characters but I was still sold, hook, line and sinker. And then? I downloaded episode two. But that’s where I cut it off because I convinced Ash – finally – to let me put it on the Netflix queue.

It’s not like it’s some masterpiece of HBO shows or anything but it’s kind of cool to see how someone takes book characters and translates them to screen. Anna Paquin would be one of my very last choices for Sookie but it seems to work. The guy who plays Bill is a lot more… plain that I had envisioned him and yet, I still like him. And there’s something about the way he says “Sookie”… like he’s about to lay her down and do sweet sweet thangs to her at any second.

And that’s my second confession. I googled “The Way Bill Compton Says Sookie” and there’s a Facebook group for that. And, sadly, I joined it. With a chuckle. An out loud chuckle.

These books aren’t great but they’re endelssly entertaining and now I am full on ready to finish watching the TV Series. As if I needed another distraction from the multitude of other things I should be accomplishing… Oh well.

One thought on “I don’t normally watch TV shows…

  1. lol. i’m hooked on true blood as well. normally i scoff at shows about vampires and angst…don’t get me started on twilight…but this one is entertaining and borderline ridiculous.

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