Over the hump

I wake with a horrific aching pain in my right thigh, because I’m not used to sleeping on my side all night and besides that, I’m pregnant, so nothing is ever comfortable. It’s too early, I think, glancing at the alarm clock which reads 6:23, but it’s actually 6:08 because Ash likes to have it 15 minutes ahead of schedule. I also know that it’s cold outside so getting up is not desirable in any way. I remind myself that by noon, it’ll be a balmy 75 and sunny so there’s that…

I remember the weekend and try to use it to think happy thoughts. Friday was Date Night and we dropped Elliot back off to his preschool around 6. The other kids participating – maybe 4 or 5 of them – were making hand turkeys. I knew he’d be just fine. Ash and I ventured to Osaka and when we finished and realized we had 3 hours to do whatever we wanted, we were actually at a loss. So we decided to stroll around the mall. Ash got an ice cream cone and I had a latte and we just sort of meandered into stores and idly checked out potential Christmas gifts. It was just so… relaxing and stress-free.

I don’t really remember Saturday except that I felt behind and unlike myself most of the day. I can’t even remember what we did. Oh yes! I went to my friend’s baby shower and that was basically it. We did some grocery shopping and TV watching. Which led into Sunday which was more TV watching – of the football variety – and little else. I started a list though. That’s a very good step in the right direction. I have been kind of lackadaisical lately about getting anything at all actually accomplished so the list, it shall help.

However, I did finally buy a journal to record this pregnancy. It’s true what they say about the second kid: they really get the shaft. It’s harder to be as devoted to this one, to be as in awe about certain stages and happenings. Possibly once we find out the gender there will be a nee-found sense of interest because there will be more of an attachment. At least for me, I like knowing if it’s little boy Smith or girl Smith.

But there’s still 17 days until I know that. And more imminently, there’s only 9 days until we leave for our Thanksgiving vacation. I am already starting to think ahead to packing and situating the car just so and, more importantly, to the food. And THAT entry is soon to come.

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