• Started off fine; woke up in good mood and so did Elliot
  • Post-shower, Elliot is having a breakdown. Discover the reason: Ash didn’t feed him his bottle (WHAT HE HAS DONE EACH MORNING FOR THE PAST 8 MONTHS)
  • Feed bottle to E right before leaving for daycare
  • Arrive at daycare – on time – realize E has spit up milk, presumably from all that motion
  • Which is why he drinks a bottle then sits with Ash for 30 minutes
  • Walk into daycare to find his regular lady out, no sign, nothing
  • Change E into a different shirt, find nearest woman and drop E off
  • Watch E start crying at this realization: Miss Crystal is not here
  • Leave daycare feeling like a horrible mother
  • Call Ash and ask him to please remember to: feed bottle in morning, take things home from daycare each day, admit when wrong, for that drives me INSANE
  • Drive into town looking for gas along the way
  • Remember that people are fucking idiots and at the news of a TX hurricane, ran out to buy gas and emptied our stocks. You fuckers are completely stupid. Don’t let fear rule your lives!
  • Managed to get coffee on the way to finding  gas station with gas; which didn’t happen
  • Got into work at 8:05
  • Drank my coffee, closed my eyes, took a deep breath and restarted my day

2 thoughts on “MONDAY

  1. Sometimes it’s the littlest things that get to us. Just breathe and let the moment pass, because at the end of the day – dark chocolate makes everything all better.

    So do: baby smiles, doggy kisses, hot showers and peanut butter sandwiches —- at least for me. 🙂

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