On the mend/other side

Saturday morning, I took a look at my left arm,

and decided that it was time to go back into the doctor. When Ash went in, they gave him a shot and prescribed him Prednisode. When I went, I only got a shot but didn’t ask about the pill, for I assumed my case wasn’t bad enough and besides, I was on that drug a handful of times when I was younger – for asthma – and I didn’t particularly want to revisit it.

They gave me the shot, prescribed Prednisone, another anti-itch pill for nighttime, and some hardcore ointment. I am telling you, Poison Ivy is nothing to be played around with. It’s is evil, evil I say!

The doctor’s outing, plus Target for a birthday gift was the first of three trips out that day. After the doctor, Elliot ate lunch and went down for his nap. I know that sometime in there, I cleaned and laid down for a bit because once you put this ointment on, it stays on in a thin layer that doesn’t necessarily dissolve or anything. It just sort of lazes around on your skin, being sticky. I set an alarm for about 10 ’til 2, hoping that would give me enough time to get Ash awake from the couch, get Elliot from his nap, and get us out to a friend’s daughter’s birthday by 2. Well, we got there about 2:30 and lo and behold, they were running late as well. They got some good pics of Elliot on the floor, playing with balloons and some cheesy little sun glasses, and with L (the birthday girl) giving Elliot little cups of imaginary tea. Elliot did very well at the party.

As we drove home, Ash was saying how every day he goes to work with guys who makes twice as much money as him and strive to make even more. So sometimes, it’s nice to go and hang out with people like M and C, the parents of L. They live in a government subsidized apartment where they don’t pay utilities at all. M works as a handyman for them and their rent is about 1/5 of what we pay in mortgage. But the thing was, these people – and their neighbors and kids in attendance – were having such a good time. And they didn’t “seem” like they were “poor”. It’s a really good reminder to be thankful when you hang out in that kind of situation. Not in a “look what they don’t have, I’m so glad for all I have” kind of way. More like a “calm the hell down on the ‘must make more money’ front.” Ash was really glad I got him to go with me to the party. He had – I think – a similar realization about life and counting your blessings.

Later on, as in about one hour, we met up with my friend, Joanna, and her husband and daughter. H was born a mere two weeks after E so they’re little buddies. Our plan was to go to Beef O’Brady’s so the guys could watch football but the wait was riduculous (for so-so food!) so we ended up at The Red Elephant instead. Their pizza is nothing special but it’s pretty cozy in there and kid friendly, which works well for us these days. H was pretty cranky because of some teething but E did well. He, surprisingly, wasn’t too into the chicken fingers I got him. Normally, he’s all about chicken. Every time we hang out with them, I feel bad that we don’t do it more often. But there’s so little time. During the week we get our kids home by 5 and they go to sleep by 7:30. There isn’t time to play and also feed, bathe, and read books. On the weekends, I know we’re both running errands and cleaning and there’s just so much to DO. Like today for example.

Elliot was a regular Dr. Jeckyl/ Mr. Hyde. One second, he was happy and playing and then out of nowhere, he’d be crying and moaning and flopping. We took him to Publix around ten to put off the nap (now that he’s down to one a day) but when we got home, I knew it was time. He slept for his normal 2 hours. But later on, he took yet another 2 hour nap. I guess all of yesterday’s activity wore that kid out or something. Though he kept coughing and also at one point, was feeling awfully cold and clammy. I took him to Target around 5 just to keep his mind off of being Mr. Fussy Mcfusserton and it worked. But when we got home and I put out his dinner (yummy pasta pickups) he ate about 3 or 4 and was done. I do hope this isn’t some sickness coming on. God, sick kids really wear you out, that’s for sure. I felt like I was pushed to my max today with his moodiness. And in between all that, I was doing laundry and cleaning the house and trying to watch football. I know, I sound like such a whiner. But YOU come over here and try it. 🙂

For now, there’s yet another load of laundry in the wash, I still haven’t eaten my dinner, and Ash is working out. Prednisone makes you hungry as hell – and crave sweets – so Ash and I have been double fisting the remainder of Elliot’s birthday cake and cupcakes. Once they’re gone though, no more. I am buying the 30 Day Shred dvd from Amazon and getting myself back on the fast track to losing weight. There’s no more excuses. Just gotta get in there and work my ass off. But for now, I’m going to polish off that very last slice of cake. With vanilla ice cream.

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