Pay it Forward, yo!

I am going to photograph my PIF prize as soon as I get home and blog the rules, etc. Please, stay tuned!!

Pictures! Rules! Enter!

Ok, so I am doing my own Pay It Forward contest. The rules are simple:

1.) You leave a comment – any comment – and you are automatically entered. I will use the random number generator to pick which person wins. You will be contacted via email so please leave a valid account! Hopefully you understand and agree to give me your real address so I can send your gift along!

2.) The contest begins as soon as I publish this entry, which is roughly 6:30 EST. It will end Monday night by MIDNIGHT est.

3.) The prize: as gender neutral as possible. It includes: Harry Potter’s Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, Penguin pocket Fiction Anthology, six magnets made by yours truly, one magnet from the Louvre, an aluminum ipod nano case, weird glass pig thing, funky German bottle opener, Ninja Turtles Pez dispenser, and that blank CD case will soon house a mixed CD I made of songs that never cease to make me feel good. It will include track list and cover art. (I’m just mid-process; having a kid makes working on side projects difficult).

4.) Once a winner is chosen, you should show off your gift on your site (If you don’t have one, that’s ok. We’ll work something out so that you can Pay It Forward another way.) Then you host your own contest and so on and so forth.

So! Go ahead and comment. You have until Monday night!!

17 thoughts on “Pay it Forward, yo!

  1. Oh, those magnets are adorable!

    Make sure you email swistle (at gmail dot com) and let her know about the contest so she can hawk your site!)

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