Watching the tube

So, is anyone watching America’s Best Dance Crew? Normally, I don’t give a tiny rat’s ass what’s on Mtv (ok, aside from RR/RW challenge) but this show just keeps being on when I have time to watch. So I do. And I like it.

It’s down to only three groups now and it’s pretty obvious who’s going to win. But here are the candidates:

Kaba Modern. Apparently they’re from a fraternity that’s a big deal to get into and they have a bunch of other people in their real dance crew. Here’s a video from two weeks ago. Watch for the cool thing the guy does with his fingers:

Status Quo, I don’t know how you got so far. They’re so-so but they do a lot of crazy high-flying stuff that appeases the judges.

And finally, Jabbawockeez, who are teh awesome. Here they are on the Ellen Degeneres show.

What say you?

One thought on “Watching the tube

  1. Other than “The Biggest Loser” I’m not much of a reality show fan. That is…until I started this season of “Dancing with the Stars”. I saw a profoundly deaf Marlee Matlin dance like a HOUSE ON FIRE last night and just stood in awe.

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