Could I be more annoyed?

Yes, probably. For all intents and purposes, I feel perfectly fine. There’s just this underlying feeling of blah that surrounds me today. It partly has to do with money and partly with Ash still being sick, which gets real old real fast. The hacking cough, the endless snot-filled tissues mounting up on the coffee table, his nightstand, anywhere he manages to throw them. And meanwhile, I am pounding the vitamins in hopes I don’t get sick TWO DAYS BEFORE VACATION. Or worse still, that Elliot doesn’t get ill because -lordy – if that happens, all plans are hereby canceled.

I’m really looking forward to getting away, too. Meals made by my mother, (free meals), a morning at the beach, everyone fawning over the baby, etc. Time away from the dogs and Ash’s illness, and the general rushed feeling I get with work, baby, homelife, etc. I just used etc. way too many times. Ultimately, I just need a break!

Elliot only woke up once last night and only because he had a full diaper, which is a rarity for the middle of the night. He probably would have slept all night long, especially since he was tired pretty early; around 8 was when the cranky-meter swung all the way to the right and he was ready to go, ready for his nightly flop-around-the-crib settle down routine that he created all by himself. Which, apparently, seems to work just fine.  He ends up in some pretty weird positions; I’ll have to get a picture one of these nights.

Anyway, this is totally boring so I’ll let you off the hook.

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