My favorite pics that aren’t on Flickr (yet)

I’ve been taking a lot of pictures lately; it’s probably the only one of my 43 things that I’ve actually stuck to. I carry my camera with me to school and try to snap some interesting things along the way. Like this one of some clothes hung on a line, which I hardly ever see anymore:


I also found it kinda funny how this house peeks out at you:peeking-house.jpg

Here’s a couple Elliot pics that I just didn’t upload yet:foots.jpgdoleful.jpg

And here’s one from my Wreck This Journal project that I was hesitant to put in the Flickr pool due to content; my grandparents do check my pics often:moms-tell-all.jpg

So yes, it’s Friday and this week flew by in a blur of tooth pain and rain. That about sums up the entire week. Pepper it with some decent meals, a couple parent-like arguments, and some working out and there you have it. I’m definitely ready for the weekend; ready for some stress-free relaxing, some meals made by hands other than my own, and maybe an afternoon nap or two.

Happy Friday!

2 thoughts on “My favorite pics that aren’t on Flickr (yet)

  1. I think your grandparents will probably understand a thing or two about the process before the baby comes! 🙂

    Seriously, the before and after pictures are nice, even if I am biased because “before” was taken a stone’s throw from where I write this.

    I remember when you got that scrapbook thing; I will have to check it out again now that you have so much content.

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