As if you couldn’t get enough whining…

… here’s some more.

I’m having one of those days where everything seems off-kilter. I was running late to get Elliot off to daycare and the traffic was really light, and that always sort of irks me. Even though I know it’s just another regular ol’ day, I get this weird feeling like I’ve missed something. I went to Starbucks instead of my normal place and even though it was a nice treat, it threw me off. Argh.

Let me tell you the real problem: the full moon followed by a totally cruddy morning – weather-wise. It’s all gray and gloomy, about to rain, cold, windy. As per my borderline SAD issue, this makes me want to jump out a window. The full moon always affects me and my family. Elliot was ok but Ash was in a funk and I was in a funk and I swear the moon phases and the tides and all that affect people. Maybe it’s very hippie-like of me to believe but I have seen much evidence to support it.

Back when I worked retail, all the crazies came out on the full moon. Once, an elderly man brought in a keyboard – CompUSA brand from about 8 years ago – and he demanded we simply replace it for him. I told him, straight faced but trying my damnedest to hide my laughter – that we couldn’t do it but there was a similar model back there for about ten dollars. He got so fired up that when I got the GM, the man walked into his office and started smashing the keyboard on the corner of the manager’s desk. Keys and little springs flew everywhere and the manager just sort of stared at him then booted him out of the store. If I remember correctly, it was a full moon. Seriously, I don’t know how I lasted as long as I did in the retail world.

I’m trying very hard to turn my mood around. But it’s not really working. Things just keep happening that piss me off. Like when I somehow choked on my muffin/coffee and hacked for a good five minutes. Starbucks is trying to kill me! Then, my teeth still hurt. I don’t think it’s dry socket but I am going by the dentist on my lunch break just to check. I know I won’t feel like shit forever but I let my bad moods dictate everything and at the time, I want to curl up and die.

So, now that you know I’m certifiably insane, how’s your day going, eh?

2 thoughts on “As if you couldn’t get enough whining…

  1. May I just say that light traffic really freaks me out, too. I always thing I’m missing something, like it’s really a holiday and everyone else stayed at home or that all of my clocks magically moves forward two hours and I’m running very late. I totally understand.

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