As the week draws to a close

I can’t believe I just found myself reading an article about Hollywood “power tots”: celebrities’ most influential children under 5. I’m not big into gossip and all that jazz and yet, there I was, enveloped in that article. Must be Friday.

Fridays are such conflicted days. On the one hand, you feel all excited because, hey, the week is almost over, woo hoo! But on the other, you are burned out. The week before has left you a shell of your most productive state and getting any work done is pretty much useless. I am useless today, that’s for sure.

Ash and I have tentative plans to go to Osaka tonight. I don’t think I’ll eat hibachi though; been craving sushi lately. Plus, when I get the hibachi meal I eat way too much and get that all too bloaty feeling. Ugh. And since Ash and I will be home alone, I don’t particularly want to spend our time together flopped on the couch, holding my stomach in anguish and burping fried rice. Sexy, right?

Oh, so, guess what I did last night? No, this isn’t a lead-in to something really interesting or exciting. I really just want to note that I fell asleep during Elliot’s 1:30 feeding and didn’t wake up and get back into bed until 5. I hate doing that! I don’t mind drifting off for half an hour or so but that’s just pathetic. I think it was just because the humidifier made it so much easier for both of us to sleep. I’m pretty stuffy so it was the perfect condition. I felt great afterwards, that’s for sure. And of course, he slept like a champ because he was a.) next to me and b.) could nurse as much as he wanted, since I was pretty much unconscious.

Well, the day is half over and I have no idea what I am doing for lunch. It’s cold out so I doubt I’ll be walking anywhere. I wish everyone a wonderful weekend. Mine will be a 3 day as Monday = wisdom tooth extraction. Pray for me.

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