Weekend sendoff.

Can we talk about Holiday traffic for a minute? Why can’t people keep themselves calm when it’s Christmas time? Granted, I’m as stressed about shopping, guests, presents, and holidays meals as the next guy but I don’t drive my car over concrete medians just to turn into a place instead of waiting for a light. I don’t suddenly decide to get into a turn lane and cut someone else off. I don’t sneak into a parking space that someone With Their Turn Signal On was waiting for. But I must say, all near death driving incidents aside, people have been ridiculously kind in stores. Today, I went into Target and got the 5 things I needed but forgot a bag of Tostitos for our gathering later. So I ran back in, lugging the baby in the seat, and grabbed a big bag. As the law of the lines predicted, by the time I was there, all lanes were long and full of moms loaded down with pointless toys and ungodly amounts of candy. However, one kind woman let me go in front of her with my solitary item. We then proceeded to carry on a very nice conversation about babies. Elliot does have his advantages, I tell you.


Here’s what he’s doing right now. The blur is for effect; he’s swinging. He’s been really good so far today. He even let me watch a movie. I felt like watching Finding Nemo so I fixed myself some lunch and actually had some time for me, some time for me to just chill out. We have had something to do each night this week (put up Christmas lights, shop, etc…) and I have felt as if there is no time for myself. Ash is usually asleep when I get back in from rocking Elliot to sleep and sometimes I read for a little bit. I cherish that brief time I have to dream and escape. Before kids, I never dedicated so much time to anyone other than myself.

Perhaps when I go back to work things will be different. Certainly more hectic as I will have to balance the job, the online teaching, a husband and a baby. But I think I will be able to find moments for myself throughout the day. That is also the benefit of an office with a door.

For now, I have to clean up this house a bit for our get-together later. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

2 thoughts on “Weekend sendoff.

  1. Drivers here are odd. They haul ass on side roads, pull up next to your car on the right @ a light, and then turn (it freaks me out every time) and can’t seem to understand that riding someone’s tush up a hill is a bad idea, especially if that someone is from Florida and driving a stick shift. I roll back every freaking time.

    But everyone says hello here. I think cars bring out the word in people.

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