New theme, old connections

Well, I was always reluctant to change themes because I just thought well, this is MY theme, this is what makes this site mine. But I needed something different. Change is good sometimes and sometimes you have to make yourself do it before you realize just how worth it it is.

Anyway, I had lunch with my boss today at Suwanee Room on campus. It was nice to catch up and talk to an adult for once. Ok, I make it sound like I never talk to anyone besides dogs and a baby but that’s not true. All I’m saying is that it was a welcome reprieve. Plus, I got to load up on food and I had been extremely hungry ever since about 1 AM; I don’t know why.

I came home and did a bit more decorating, put the pumpkin on the porch. I get pretty excited about handing out candy but then, I always feel a little awkward when kids come to the door. What do I say? “Oh, look at you, you’re so scary, creative, etc…”? I always feel like a total dweeb saying that stuff. So I usually end up dumping a fistful of candy sure to induce sugar related seizures and saying something like, “There you go, have a good night.” I’m sure none of those kids give a rat’s ass what comes out of my mouth so long as candy drops into their pillowcases.

Either way, Happy Halloween!!

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