Pointless entries begin with weather talk

It rained in the night so as I was walking up to my building this morning, a cool breeze met my face. It took me a few minutes to realize just how nice it was; how unseasonably pleasant that bit of wind made the morning. It actually reminded me of some late October days when I lived in Hollywood. Down south, you don’t get many cool days. But I remember some like this, when my mother would come into my room and open the blue mini blinds and crank the window open. The air seemed to bring a bit of Fall with is; it almost smelled cleaner even.

I look forward to Autumn. I imagine cool November mornings on the deck, eating toast and sipping tea while my son sits in his little seat, looking up into the trees.

As much as I want to believe I am ready to have this baby, I am also semi-superstitious that your mind has a lot of control over actuality and I keep reminding myself to think 40 week thoughts. I must stick it out. I want him to cook as long as possible in there and I also – on a sort of selfish note – want him to come on time so I can finish up the work I need to do here. The drop/add portion of the semester’s beginning is incredibly hectic and I want to handle it my way and then be done. I don’t think that’s too much to ask, really.

I took the plunge and bought those elusive spring clips from the “Do It Best” website. They had the lowest per item price plus the cheapest shipping. I could have paid 2 bucks per clip on some other site but the shipping was 9 dollars, as opposed to 5.  I really hope this does the trick for the quilt. Then I’ll be basically done with the decorating I want to do. Well, I want to hang these two shelves but I’ll wait to break out the drill until the weekend.

I’m incredibly tired today, as usual, so I think I’ll take my lunch at noon and go home to sleep for a bit. My days of getting ample sleep are over. I probably won’t know a good night’s sleep for at least the next 4-5 years. Sigh.

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