Even baby wants coffee today

Slept like… garbage. Fell asleep around 11 after an entirely all-too exhausting day of preparing a door for painting, laundry, errands, and dinner, plus clean-up (which I didn’t have to do but did anyway). I think I just wore myself out because I basically went into a mode of blah where all I could do was lay on my side and babble incoherently. If there’s one thing I hate about pregnancy it’s realizing that I can’t do as much as I could before – can’t push myself physically. This greatly irks me when I realize it and collapse.

But the weekend was good all in all. We had Bruster’s after Mexican on Saturday and boy was that good. And fattening. But I made up for it by having a very light, very healthy dinner. It’s hard to eat healthy – or rather, avoid sweets – when you’re pregnant because all the hard work makes you feel like you deserve something. Which is also why I splurged on a deluxe spa pedicure. Oh you cannot imagine how lovely that was: an exfoliating mask for my legs while he clipped and filed my nails. Another exfoliating rub down, then the typical lotion massage with cooling gel, followed by the hot towels on your legs. The scrubbing on the bottoms of my feet is the best and all women who wear sandals a lot know why.

Today promises to be slow, I can tell already. However, I am going to the Dean’s office in a bit and then to the library. I am getting back into a reading mode so if you have any books to recommend, I am all ears. Oh, and weekend recaps people. What did YOU do?

7 thoughts on “Even baby wants coffee today

  1. I wish I could recommend books, but I’ve packed them and I’ll be damned if I remember titles.

    Did you ever read Specimen Days?

  2. what kinds of books do you like? i’ve finally (3 years after graduation) strayed from the literary cannon! i’ve been reading american tabloid by james ellroy for a while now. it’s really good. i’m also a michael chabon fan. anything by david sedaris or augusten burroughs is great…if you haven’t read any already.

  3. For some reason, I’ve been on a Neil Gaiman kick. Probably because I like listening to him read (visit his blog for that). But if you like fantasy, Good Omens and Neverwhere are fun. Right now I’m reading “If Nobody Speaks of Remarkable Things” by Jon McGregor. I don’t know if it’s available stateside, but even though I’m only 50 pages into it, I’d recommend it for rainy days. What else? The Raw Shark Texts by Steven Hall has an interesting premise, as does The Zero by Jess Walter. Other than that, I’ve been stuck reading for work. Good times.

  4. Oh, the weekend was terribly busy. Mom and Dad came in on Friday, and I cooked dinner. Then I took them to a great restaurant called Ganache for dessert. Saturday morning, we went to Elon for my best friend’s graduation, then to Seagrove to see a commune of about 100 potters, then to see Shrek the Third, then to dinner. Sunday, they dragged me to church, then we went to some of the local botanical gardens and hung out at Barnes and Noble before I had to drop them off at the airport. Whew!

  5. Lauren: how was Shrek? Thinking about going this weekend when my parents come into town.

    Veever, Neemie, and Meow: thanks for good suggestions. Next time I hit the library I will check some of those out.

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