Bits of blargh

Random stuff I keep meaning to spew:

I take great pleasure in returning to my car at the grocery store via the aisle I am NOT parked in, then crossing over. This pisses off the habitual stalkers, looking for the closest space so their fat asses don’t have to walk. Exercise is good people; get you some.

I HATE the show “Runway moms” on The Discovery Health channel. I’ve been catching the baby shows during my lunch break and I wish they’d switch it with Birth Day, which is on at one. I don’t want to know about these “poor pregnant models”. The people watching these shows are average women and this show perpetuates the feeling of, “I have to be pretty just like the thin-ass models.” End the cycle, turn that shit off.

As much as I wish I could let it go, I hate allowing a car into traffic, having them not motion a thanks, and then watching them proceed to cut someone off/drive like a jackass after they get in the lane. Why do people continue to disappoint me?

(And because I’m not angry or spiteful in EVERY aspect of my life…)

I love feeling the baby kicks! Judo-chop here and there. They are getting more frequent now, which might mean he’s going to be a very active little baby. I can’t wait for the first time I can see a little appendage pushing up under my belly, like he’s stuck under a balloon, stretching it as far as his little limbs will allow. I think Ash is going to be pretty amazed by that too.

And this is a cute little onesie that I would love to see my baby in someday. But that’s pretty far away. However, it doesn’t hurt to look at clothes now, right? Right??

6 thoughts on “Bits of blargh

  1. I have to do some catch up reading. I just read your comment over at half of the sky and you hooked me with crickets chirping. Sweet and true it was. Looking forward to journeying through your blog so I can comment intelligently…no idea how pregnant you are, but I like your grocery store parking lot attitude.

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