Dr. Phil is full of shit

Not only does he have a huge ass head, annoying voice, and a creepy stalker mustache, but he thinks the VT shootings were caused by video games. You sir, are an idiot. I hate this guy. If I write that I hate this guy, do I have psychological problems? If I write that the 2 or 3 times I ever played GTA I truly enjoyed running people over with the cars does it mean that I’m going to kill people. God people, would you open your eyes? Really, just for a minute, stop listening to people like Dr. Phil and Oprah and just be fucking reasonable.


So pissed off at humanity today.

9 thoughts on “Dr. Phil is full of shit

  1. He is a complete ass. And the Dr. part — he doesn’t have a Phd in anything, as far as I know. His superiority complex infuriates me. People need to stop being cattle, think for themselves, stop blaming the wounds of the world on video games and violent movies and take responsibility for their actions.

    But, it’s easier to blame someone else…. or something else. I think I will go stab myself in the eye now and blame it on the voices in my head….
    (searches for pen)….

  2. Don’t blame video games or Marilyn Manson, blame the medial. Every time they show the face of a mass murderer like him, every time they play his propaganda video that he made after killing people, they show other people like him that if they kill a bunch of people, everyone WILL know who they are, and their message WILL reach everyone.

    Fuck Dr. Phil and the media who do *exactly* what the killer wanted them to do while feigning disgust.

    1. yeah these mass killers know they will get attention. we need to try them out of public ,execute them if guilty. hold the media responsible to report the no drama (not ratings) news. do not let crazy killers have any voice publicly.
      If all that happens is no real publicity these people will lessen their impact on society. Society needs to be responsible.
      Personally I think that if found guilty they should be dropped off butt naked in the middle of a desert, if they make it out, they get life without parole;

  3. Dr.Phil has mastered the art of theatre therapy. He fits in well in a culture where someone like Donald Trump can ascend to the Presidency.

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