Pointless for Friday Morning

Everyone keeps reminding me that it’s Friday. Oh yeah, I sort of forgot. I’ve been busy right up until about now and there’s still more to do. I’m just taking a minute to recoil my brain and stuff it back into my head. It began to leak out around 10 AM.

So, in weather news, it was 45 this morning. Yeah, how odd for early April. Instead of rain we got cold. Which, I suppose, did take care of some of the pollen so that’s a good thing. I just wasn’t ready for tonight’s low to be 33! Wow.

This entry isn’t very interesting; I have a lot to talk about but I just don’t feel it right now. I think I will grade papers for a bit then go to lunch.

One thought on “Pointless for Friday Morning

  1. If it makes you feel better, the high today was 34.

    Then again, we got snow, so that was kind of cool, me being from Florida and all.

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