Somebody call an electrician!

Good morning. First things first: weekend recap. Friday afternoon had me feeling quite ready for the weekend, even though I did not accomplish a whole lot last week. In fact, I felt like a slacker most of the time. Anyway, that evening, Ash and I went to Roadhosue for dinner. Unfortunately, the steak wasn’t really seasoned… much at all, so it was just so-so. Afterwards, we met up with Wayne and saw “Smokin’ Aces”. Not my kind of movie on a general level but it was a lot better than I thought it would be. In fact, I’d even say it was good. It has ::gasp:: a plot!

Saturday morning we were sort of lazy until about noon when we went to eat (mexican) and then attended the rock gym’s bouldering contest. That was pretty cool; I felt compelled to climb again, which I haven’t done since late December. I am excited to go on Wednesday. Later that night, Ash thought we should go ahead and start replacing the light switches and outlets in the living room. It’s something we’ve been meaning to do for a long time and we had a moment to do so. Anyway, easy enough. We put in one switch, tested it. Put in another, tested it. All good. We put in the outlet on that same wall and bam: nothing. No outlets in the entire front of the house worked. That means that the tv and the computers don’t have any way to operate. Sigh. We waited until Sunday morning to tackle it again but with advice from my grandfather (who definitely knows this stuff) we determined that it’s a blown circuit breaker. Fabulous.

Lucky for us, my Amazon shipment, which was supposed to arrive to arrive on February 5th, actually came Saturday so in the absence of the big tv, we watched Friends season 9 in bed.  I can’t say that the weekend didn’t end up pretty darn good;  once we came to terms with the electrical problem and the fact that we are going to have to call an electrician, we were able to relax and get stuff done. For a bit there, it was such a downer we did nothing. Literally. We sat on the couch just pondering. And then we took a nap. It was really pathetic!

This morning it is 29, feels like 22. That’s pretty damn cold! Luckily, my office is relatively warm and I have a jacket. Also, there’s plenty of sunshine so I am compelled to work instead of mope. Happy Monday guys!

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