My Book Boyfriend – Week 24

I was in a reading rut for a while, then I finally sat down to read Hunger Games. I’m not going to pick Gale or Peeta or even Finnick. No, I’m going to pick two guys from a menage book I downloaded on a whim from Amazon’s recs page. Night is Darkest by Jayne Rylon features two hot cops who have been best friends with the little sister of a force buddy for over a decade. In the face of tragedy, they are there to comfort her but she needs much much more from the pair, already in a relationship with each other.

Mason and Tyler are totally hot and here’s who I picture for each:


(Model Alioth Correno)

I have to say, I really like M/M/F novels wherein the men are also involved with each other, not simply there to please the woman. I mostly just don’t believe that two men can be with a woman without finding some kind of sexual attraction to one another.


(Model Travis Hanson)

The problems herein are that Lacey comes to realize she wants them both, Mason won’t admit that he’s gay (even though he’ll sleep with Ty even when they’re not having a threesome) and Tyler’s trying to bring them all together.

An excerpt, Mason:

He couldn’t admit his feelings to her or she’d never let him leave, no matter that it was the right thing to do. Instead, he hedged. ‘Ty is my best friend. Of course I care about him. And you, too.’

‘No, Mason. You’re in love with him. Big difference.” She cupped his jaw with trembling fingers, forcing him to look her straight in the eye as she allowed a fraction of an inch between their faces.”

It’s a good book, if not slightly over the top. The characters seemed real, though, and their emotional baggage very real.  If nothing else, it was realistic in how they came about making their threesome work.

WWTK Wednesday – Becoming my favorite day edition


Hosted by (the above and): Impulsive Addict, Seriously Shawn, and Janette. Go there!

{1} What was the last thing you searched for online?

I’m pretty sure it was “What does the GSH on the Bears jersey mean? And the answer is that it’s in honor of George Stanley Halas, who represented the Bears (then the Decatur Staleys) at the meeting which formed the American Professional Football Association in 1920, later to be known as the National Football League. Halas coached the team to 6 NFL championships and took control of the team in 1921.

{2} If we visit your home state, what is one MUST we should do before leaving?

Oh man, you know what I am obligated to say, right?

But honestly, there are a lot more exciting things to do here, in my opinion. You have the Marianna caverns, the St. Johns River, the Jacksonville Zoo… the list goes on. Florida is way more than Disney. In fact, a lot of it looks like this:

{3} What do you think pharmaceutical companies should invent a pill for that isn’t on the market yet?

I agree with Mamarazzi: a weight loss pill that works but doesn’t have all these awful side effects.

{4} When was your first kiss? Was it good or bad?

Oh, probably sometime in high school and I recall it not being good… at all. Uncomfortable.

{5} What is your guilty pleasure TV show that you can not miss?

Honestly, there’s no show I could not  miss but I really like watching those Pawn shows like Pawn Stars and Hardcore Pawn, because those people are insane!

Random Tuesday – Skimming under the surface edition

I still feel relatively lost lately. Like I’m not quite cognizant of what is going on around me. Sigh. Maybe after that good night’s sleep I had, I can get it together. Oh, and after my weekly spew o’ random thanks to Stacy.


  • So I’ve been grinding my teeth at night because of this sore thing on my gum. In the same evening, both Iggy and Isaac managed to flail into my face and hit the same spot on my lower canine tooth. It became this irritating thing that hurt so my mouth decided to grind my teeth, leading to horrible headaches and neck pain.
  • I ate a sausage from this country store yesterday, knowing full well I’d regret it later. I was… totally right about that. Luckily, me and Tums became quite acquainted during pregnancy and I had a lot left over.
  • I have to speak in front of about 35 people today and though I do it every summer, it still makes me slightly nervous.
  • You know what we’ve been dominating lately? Raspberries. I can’t seem to get enough of them.
  • I put raspberries in that Jell-O, as previously mentioned, and now all Elliot wants to eat is said Jell-O.
  • I wasn’t going to mention it but I got a raise! Sure, it’s only 5% and since we’re getting a 3% cut on the first it’s more like 2% but hey, it’s something and it’s even more awesome to get that little nod from the higher-ups. Like, yeah, we see what you’re doing and appreciate it.
  • I am not good with numbers but if the raise gives me even 15 bucks more per paycheck, I am totally taking a hot yoga class. That or the easier, slower flow class.
  • I haven’t taken a yoga class since I was pregnant.
  • I’m gonna be the person with the spare tire but oh well; it’s still baby weight.
  • That’s all I can muster this morning; I’m sure you understand.

Man Candy. Well, I have no info on this guy other than I found him on some modeling site and his eyes are so sexy and smoldering, I couldn’t resist. This is Jacob Krecioch. Enjoy!

Where the hell am I?

Man, something just felt off about my weekend, though I can’t put my finger on it. We tumbled towards the end of the one child week and before I knew it, we hovered on the edge of going back to normality. But not before Friday night when Ash held a LAN party.  I only partook in one game (Unreal Tournament) before heading to my room to read. Saturday morning I took Isaac out a few places so Ash could sleep some and by about 1, 1:30, my parents arrived, bringing Elliot home. We got some boiled peanuts and went to their hotel to swim before coming back to my place and having “Taco-ageddon” as I called it.

Sunday morning we met them for breakfast and then my parents – uncharacteristically – left town early. I was actually sort of thankful for it because I was in a horrible horrible mood. I typically don’t care for Sundays anyway but I was just not feeling like myself. Emotions are dumb; pulling myself from a slump sucks. I managed though. The boys had lunch then we went to Target. Elliot took his nap and Isaac slept for about 45 minutes, which allowed me to suspend my fruit in Jell-O to create my Talbot in a jar from True Blood. I had to bring a themed dish to a party so I sunk fruit into raspberry Jell-O to simulate liquefied vampire. I even had a cool sign! Anyway, while the kids slept, I went out to my car and cleaned it. I wiped it down with Armor-All cleaning wipes and felt so much better about myself! Ash drove it a week or so ago and said it looked kind of junky. I was offended until I realized just how dirty the inside had gotten in the past almost 5 years. It DID looks pretty bad! But after all, it is a vehicle meant to cart kids around.

The clean car coupled with a new case for my phone (17 cents on Amazon!) really brought my mood up. Then the power went out. Sigh. The boys were restless, it was dark as night at only 4:30, the storm was fierce, and Ash ended up having to pick food up for the kids because I couldn’t cook in time to leave for my True Blood affair. But that was really awesome and it was nice to get out of the house.

But all those things we did this weekend that veered from the norm helped me feel like I was lost in my own life. I forgot to do some laundry, I was just discombobulated. Though I am happy to be back here at work, where I can hopefully get back on track, mentally anyway. It’s the first day of Summer C classes, which means a lot more people will be around. It’s the first time I haven’t  taught during this session. I need to make a to-do list, I tell you what. That’s where my workday begins. Right now.

How was your weekend?


Friday Confessional – Angel edition


I haven’t committed too many transgressions this week but let’s see what I can dredge up.

I confess… I somehow thought the next summer session started two weeks from this past Monday. Then I looked at a calendar and realized the 27th is THIS Monday. Then I freaked out because time is progressing at an alarming rate.

I confess…  I’m sort of enthralled by the capture of that mob guy. I always loved the mafia and the romanticized lifestyle of the gangster ways.

I confess… I HATE the guy on the new Taco Bell commercials. There’s something about the strain in his voice that makes me want to slap him in the face.

I confess… I got a little giddy when I saw (on the Logo channel) that the second season of The A-List: New York is coming back on July 25th. That show is so good!

I confess… I keep saying I am going to drink less coffee. Alas, that has not happened.

I confess… I don’t exactly miss Elliot. I mean, I think about him a lot and hope he’s having fun. When I walk past his room I remember he’s gone and bemoan his absence in a way. I liked having this extra time but in some ways I was actually kind of… bored. (He comes home tomorrow though.)

I confess… I have to go clean out a closet and send boxes to be shredded. I’d rather just put them in the Dumpster and be done with it!

OK, not very exciting this week, I know. I was a saint!

Tip the scales

As my friend, Scott, pointed out, yes, having only one kid is indeed easier. I think I was just in awe of how much easier I’m finding it. Once you get into the routine of dealing with two needy creatures, the shock of having one removed from daily life is just so amazing. We were watching TV at 6 PM yesterday – something NOT Spongebob or Ben 10 – and watching Isaac putter around, playing with various toys, we realized why we decided to have that second child: “This is a breeze; so pleasant!”, we must have said. And then that second kid came along and Elliot turned 3.5 and all hell. broke. loose.

No, I’m not going to rant about my kids again. This time away from Elliot (and the issues my dogs are going through with ticks; oh, and Todd puked a ton last night) has made me realize some things I need to address in my life. I guess I thought I was balancing my life just fine. Trying to find that happy place between working and the must-dos of the household and spending time with the kids while forming them into decent people, and of course, being a wife as well. But really, I think I nag Elliot too much and I don’t pet the dogs enough or spend enough time outside the house doing friend things or hell, things by myself. My idea of “me time” is reading a romance novel after the kids are asleep. But maybe I’d be happier if I took more time while the kids are awake. (As an aside, I AM going to a True Blood premier party this Sunday!)

I think this sums up just about everything. You go through your day, doing all this mundane stuff; there are things that just have to get done. And you do them. And somewhere in there, you have little moments where the world seems a little clearer and you really see things, understand things. Take a moment to reflect and appreciate and enjoy. It took my son being away for a week and the dogs having this affliction to see all this. And I don’t like that I was so oblivious to these things. But I will cut myself some slack. I have a full plate.

How do you keep the balance in your life?

WWTK – Sharing it up


Hosted by (the above and): Impulsive Addict, Seriously Shawn, and Janette. Go there!

{1} What is the best or worst pick up line you have ever been given?
I’m lame because I can’t really think of one. I’m sure Ash has said many enticing things to me over the years but I can’t think of a-one.

{2} What is your most and least favorite day of the week?
Easy one! I actually really love Mondays. I get a lot done and I am thankful for the quiet of my office. And I really really really hate Tuesdays. If something is going to go wrong in my life, it’s gonna happen on a Tuesday. No kidding.
{3} How many hours of sleep do you require each night?
I’d do well on 5-6. If I get any more, I still wake up tired.
{4} Is there a song that takes you back in time? What song is it & what’s the memory attached?
The one that first came to mind is this song by the Ataris. It’s a band Ash was listening to when I first met him and it really speaks to our relationship starting up and all. It’s all angsty.
{5} What is your biggest guilty pleasure?
I’d say Starbucks but hey, we all have little vices. I’d say eating a spoonful of peanut butter followed by a spoonful of jelly but that’s me being too lazy to slather them on bread. I DO have a list of my top ten guilty pleasures up there at the top of my blog. See it? You’re reading me through your reader? Oh, well, then go look at my real site. I should really say that sometimes, I go get some kind of drink like tea (I normally only drink water) and then browse the romance section of Borders. THAT’S my treat to myself and my big guilty pleasure. :)

Random Tuesday – One kidlet, Lots of free time edition


Let’s face it: your weekend went way too quickly. Mine did too and I am still trying to cobble together some semblance of a work week. Luckily, we have this Random Tuesday to tide us over. All hail Stacy!

  • Why is it I only crave cupcakes on Mondays, which is the day our awesome cupcake shop is closed? Argh.
  • I got some sun this weekend; I’m totally tanned up for the summer now and I’m kind of proud. I’m usually so… pasty.
  • I’ve decided that I don’t really “want” a pool but if, say, our next house had one, I would be happy. BUT, I also want to be making enough money to justify a pool boy. Upkeep on those things is a bitch.
  • Ash says pools are the ultimate “thing you really want until you have it and then you don’t use it” thing. I disagree.
  • I just drank huckleberry soda from Wyoming that my parents picked up on their vacation. I really can’t decide how I feel about it. Kind of blueberry-ish but not too soda-y. It was sweet and good at first but then sort of got overly sugary at the end.
  • Since my parents have HBO, we watched some of Game of Thrones. I don’t think I could watch it all though. I have no empathy for any of the characters and hence, don’t care who wins. The books (according to people who have read them) are more political in nature but since this is HBO, it seems like it’s all about sex instead. It obviously worked for True Blood but not sure for this.
  • Have I told you how I have this thing about old malls? Like, abandoned malls or buildings that used to be malls but house other things really creep me out but I am endlessly fascinated by them. I think it’s because I spent so much of my childhood in malls. My mom worked in one for a long time.
  • I’m having trouble focusing on my work lately. All I can think about is going home because there’s so much to be done there. But I don’t get paid for that work.
  • The on-going battle against ticks this summer continues. The dogs are on meds, the yard has been sprayed, and I’m trying not to overreact about it.
  • It is so WEIRD not having Elliot at home. It’s quieter, I can think straight, and well, at times, it can be a little boring. I’m not used to having that kind of free time. I tell you what though: going to the store with just one kid was considerably easier.
  • Ok, I’m off to eat my Glorious Morning muffin, which is oh-so tasty. Happy Tuesday!

Man Candy is model Steven Boyd, who’s been making the rounds on model sites lately. I thought he had a good body and an OK face but you get two pics, one to prove what glasses can do. Oh my…

Returning to the norm

We got into our own bed last night and I think both of us relaxed a little. It was a nice three and a half days but there’s a certain comfort that comes along with being back home.

We left Thursday evening around 7:30 (we always drive at night so the boys sleep) but Isaac didn’t sleep. He tried, but just couldn’t get comfortable. He cried on and off, fussed, then felt wide awake. After we switched jobs at Payne’s Prairie – I started driving and Ash got in the back with the kids – the two did alright. Elliot ended up sitting in Ash’s lap so he could fall asleep and with the two back with Isaac, he calmed down a bit. Got to my parents’ house about 11:30 and the boys went right to sleep once they hit their beds. Ash and I ate some leftover lasagna and headed to sleep ourselves.

Friday was filled with some shopping, and swimming and well, that phone call from the vet. ::Groan:: Ash and I were at JC Pennys buying him some new work pants when they called to report that the dogs had a tick infestation. If you’ll recall, we had a day about two weeks ago when that happened but after that, we didn’t see any more. Well, when they called, they’d picked about 35 off of one dog alone. It was looking like it might cost an extra 50+ bucks but the vet is a good person and she found some samples of Advantix. So all we had to pay for was meds for their ears, which apparently had eggs in them. Which also meant the possibility of said eggs being in our house somewhere. Kind of a wrench in our day; Ash and I both felt stressed and demoralized by the whole affair. BUT, I pulled us through and we salvaged our vacation.

That night, we all headed up to the neighbourhood Mexican place after we’d been swimming. Two for one margaritas meant that we were feeling pretty good and the annoyance of our pets was long put out of our minds. Though it was pouring rain, Ash and I went to a 10 PM showing of Green Lantern. Good thing I wasn’t totally sober because man, what a crappy movie. I knew it would be but still… it was the thing to see.

Saturday included more swimming and some outings to stores, and then a family dinner at Bonefish, which was really our Father’s Day celebration. It was quite tasty and the kids went right to bed after. We played Uno and Trivial Pursuit with my parents, which was fun but Lordy, they need to update their version of that game. My dad always dominates us but it isn’t fair that they bought it in 1981. Next time, I’m bringing my pop culture version I got in about 2004. At least Ash and I will know SOME of the questions.

On Sunday, my sister and her boyfriend came over for lunch and then the three of us went home, leaving Elliot with my parents for the entire week. I am really glad they’ll take him for that long. I think it’s good for all three parties: they get to spend time with him, he gets to see what it’s like to be away from us, and we get a slight reprieve.

It was really weird last night not having him nor the dogs around. (They’re still at the vet.) I got a ton of laundry done (hoping to kill any tick eggs that may have gotten on things) and I unpacked and vacuumed and put my life back together. Then this morning, I had so very little to do without Ell and the dogs needing food/attention, etc. I’m definitely thankful for the break from the insanity of two kids. The main difference is not having to divide my attention into so many small compartments. With Isaac careening all over the house like a drunken sailor – and running into anything and everything – and Elliot being generally obnoxious, I can’t keep track of anything sometimes. Just having to keep an eye on the wee one is a whole lot easier.

I feel like I’m supposed to do something extra this week since I’ll have this time that is normally devoted to Elliot. But what? I’m definitely going to get back to running (it’s been an entire week! Though, to my credit, I swam some laps yesterday morning in my parents’ pool.) I’m going to take advantage of the extra hour and a half I have after Isaac goes to sleep. I’ll miss him but not terribly. I like that we can be apart and enrich our lives away from each other. Better start now; at some point, it’ll all be different anyway. Sigh.

I’m glad to be back at work, with my computer and Pandora, and my solitude for eight hours. I really needed that little break.

How was your weekend?