Friday Five – Times past, Eating better, Scholarship

  1. This week went pretty quickly and I guess I can attribute that to being a.) motivated most of the days but then b.) unmotivated entirely two of them and basically, those were a blur; a wash.
  2. On Monday, I ate like total crap, but then I’ve been eating really healthy the rest of the week and it is insane how much better I feel. It’s fine – of course – to splurge when you feel you need to. And I needed to! But I also accept that I just feel like such a cleaner person when I don’t eat burgers and cheesecake and grease. Blech.
  3. Our weather has been awesome the last two days: cool in the morning, highs under 90, and clear blue skies.  I have been basking in the sun as much as possible; I realize that when I get at least 10-15 minutes of direct exposure, I am overall happier. I brought my tennis shoes and ipod today so I can walk on campus. Coincidentally, my 365 day calendar of random happy notes says this: Take a walk in the sunshine today. Ok, I will!
  4. I think – and this is completely random – it would be so cool to become a Tolkien scholar. Completely useless also but I get excited thinking about how much info is out there to discover if this were my path. If I chose to study the world of Tolkien, I could read and read forever – there’s just so much! For now, I am reading the annotated Hobbit and I’ll be good on that.
  5. Do you ever wake up and remember some random time in your life? The cool weather this morning – for some reason – reminds me of my grandparents’ screened porch in south Florida. I remember the camellia bushes right outside, the aloe plants in low planters on the ground, and these lizards that always got inside. There was such a peacefulness about it, looking out over their gently sloping yard out to the canal.

Five Photos:

I have gathered photos from #5’s recollection


Not their canal but similar








And now, a song I really identify with this week. When I can’t spend money, I always want to.

Wednesday Hodgepodge – My answers kind of suck this week

1. Have you ever had to wear a uniform? If yes, tell us more. Did you love it or hate it?

I never had to wear one for school, luckily. I guess the only time was for work: once for camp – which was just shorts and a camp shirt. The other was for my two year CompUSA job: khakis and a red polo. I kind of hated it but it was required. 

2. April 22nd is Earth Day. What is one thing you do personally to be a good steward of planet Earth.

Does recycling count? I always make sure I do that and throw trash away, even if it isn’t mine. I also try to turn off unnecessary lights and try not to waste anything. I think that’s pretty much all the average person can do.

3. Brown rice, quinoa, or couscous…your healthy grain of choice? How often are one of the three on your menu at home? Given a choice between white rice, brown rice, wild rice, and fried rice which would you go for?

I guess I will go with rice but black rice; it’s kind of the new trendy thing for health but it’s super tasty. (Make it with chicken broth; it’s even better!)

4. In your opinion, who has the best job ever?

Hmm, tough. I’m going to go with writer because I’d love to be one… and a mom at the same time.

5. What’s a situation in your life currently requiring patience?

Summer. I stop earning extra teacher income in mid-May and don’t start up again until late June. During this time, I make less overall so I just have to not stress and remember that every summer this happens and every summer, everything turns out just fine.

6. Do you live your life around the days of the week?

I will say that to an extent, yes. Mostly, though, it’s based on the baseball schedule or which days of the week Ash is going out or running or what days I am exercising, etc. Everyone loves the weekend and I just make sure I take them in stride and savor them.

7. In a nod to the A to Z challenge happening around town this month, what ‘R word’ best describes your April?

Rushed! I feel like it has gone exceedingly fast and I still have a lot of things I needed to get done. Time is passing so quickly, I cannot keep up! 

8. Insert your own random thought here.

I feel like we’re in a holding pattern these last few weeks. Lots of rain has canceled a few activities and kept us house-bound. But today, I want summer. I want the pool and the beach and the sprinkler and hot days and beer and popsicles. I want to be tan. I want to be relaxed. I need these things, desperately.

Random Tuesday – Dreams and the Big V and all kinds of junk

Oh do I have some random for you; my life has been a lot of random crap lately.

Stacy Uncorked
  • I had a dream Friday night that has really stuck with me. There was more to Tallahassee; I took a highway to this place that had more hotels and shops and restaurants. There was a lot of traffic too but I remember the excitement in knowing there was more to explore. I have seen pretty much everything this town has. Granted, I haven’t eaten at every restaurant but the feeling of knowing I could GO somewhere else new was exhilarating.
  • My phone had a near catastrophe yesterday when I left it on the bumper of Ash’s car. It had been raining for a couple days so when we got home and it was dry and sunny, everyone went outside. As we were getting ready to go in, I put it on his car and took some things inside, figuring I’d go back out in a minute. Well, he left for Magic and I totally forgot. I remembered only as I heard the garage door closing so I ran out after him, flailing my arms as he turned the corner away from our home. My children heard some choice words as I thought about all I’d have to do if it was dead in the road somewhere. I grabbed my keys and wallet and told the kids I’d be right back, then went to my car to look in the neighborhood roads, in case it fell off there. But then, what did I see in the middle of the street right out from our driveway? Yup, it fell right off when he backed out. It was unharmed and I thanked the Powers That Be for saving my ass.
  • I was exceedingly tired yesterday and I know exactly why: I had a burger and fries for lunch and cheesecake in the afternoon. I tried the new Smashburger in town (it was SO GOOD) and my friend had some leftover cheesecake from our get-together on Thursday. I noticed the past few weeks that when I eat healthy, I am not as tired. So today I have grilled turkey and some light cheese for a wrap and then a container full of sauteed zucchini. That should do it!
  • This is the last week of classes! I am both excited and sad about this. I will get paid through the beginning of May for teaching but then not again until July. Summer kind of sucks that way.
  • SO ready for a beach day, you guys! I am hoping it will at least be dry and cool this weekend (it is today) so we can go out and do some hiking at Torreya. I’ll probably twist and ankle but hey, still fun.


This week’s prompt is about the last time you faced a fear. It’s actually kind of tough for me…


Ok, I know what I’ll discuss. And that is… discussions. I get nervous and scared when I have to bring up certain topics with my husband. These are usually things like money or ideas I have that I think he’ll shoot down. Thirty six years old and I still fear rejection.

Well, something I have been meaning to talk to him about is the Big V – getting a vasectomy. In the past, he’s been adamant about NOT having one EVER. He had “friends” at work who tell him such insanity like “you could die” or “it’s the worst pain in the entire world.” This makes me SO mad because we have good, close friends who have had it – like five men he knows well enough to talk to about sensitive subjects – who have said that it was fine and they felt better the next day. Super easy!

So, at my birthday gathering, my friend had a few too many drinks and when I took out my bc, she started getting on my husband about having not done the Big V yet and blah blah and he was really pretty mad about it. I told him that I’d meant to discuss it with him but not like that. I never wanted her to say anything.

So this past Friday, when we were drinking beer at lunch, I confided in him that I honestly worry about getting pregnant every day. I am on the pill but I still stress about it because my cycle hasn’t been normal since I quit breastfeeding back in June. He never realized I was actually stressed; he just figured I was complaining as usual. LOL. As we talked and I told him how I’d make  special man cave for him during his recovery, I could tell he was actually reconsidering it. The thing that might have actually sold him? I told him that I’d never make him wash dishes ever again. Haha ha! This cracks me up. If this is what cements it, this will make for a great story for many years to come.

I was ever so relieved that I was able to face the fear of bringing this up with him. It wasn’t as bad as I anticipated but that is part of the fear: I think it’s going to be the hardest thing. I am glad that I was able to conquer this and hope I can keep doing it in the future.

MMMM + Productive weekend

Considering I was in kind of a bad mood yesterday, this weekend was actually pretty good!

On Saturday, I felt motivated so I got everyone on board to take the Blairstone walk, a two mile hilly route we’ve walked many a time. It was a nice walk; the kids rode their scooters and though it was humid, I felt great. In fact, the back pain I’d been having was non-existent that day. When we got home, I started on some laundry and the kids played until we went out for lunch. Everyone ended up napping before we went to the book store, the playground, and Target. All in all, a pretty full day!

I was just feeling like poop yesterday; bad mood, exceptionally tired, and just irritable. By 2:30 I was done – luckily, I had a pedicure appointment and after that, I was feeling ten times better. The night ended with Game of Thrones and me feeling pretty good. This morning, all was well: kids behaved, I felt rested, and even though it is cloudy, I think it is supposed to be sunny later. Yay!






I don’t know why btu I have recently gotten back into this song. Random, I know.

And because I think it’s my job to show people that Jimmy Buffett is so much more than Maragaritaville, here’s a random song.

Friday Five – Angry female rock groups; rain; birthdays and more!

Five Thoughts:

  1. I just realized it’s been raining for, like, six days. If there’s one thing I really don’t like about where I live it’s that these kinds of rainy days seem to drag on forever.
  2. I feel a lot better after yesterday; I feel like I am more vigilant about my children. So easy to pull back and let them start to do more on their own but then you remember that as a parent, your job is truly never “done”; you still have to be watching out.
  3. On an entirely different note, I have been writing a lot lately. My tentative title for this one piece is “Love in an elevator.” Cheesy, I know, but I heard it on the radio the other day and got inspired. My problem is that I always feel motivated to write around 4:30, just before leaving work. That just won’t do!
  4. I’ve been really digging Halestorm lately. They’re like if Lita Ford ever got a little more risque. They’re pretty much awesome.
  5. I cannot believe my little Isaac is five now. His birthday was nice; I sent goodie bags and mini cupcakes to school on Wednesday and in the evening, we went out for dinner to hibachi. They sang happy birthday and we got a Polaroid. All in all, a good time and again, how is this kid five?

Five Photos:


I’m taking notes…







Because this is obvs true. Thorin is a rock star.

This last one slayed me.500d56c0eeeb4ff2b450ea518838130e

Every day is a new adventure when you have kids

Day to day, as a parent, you hold the belief that you’re doing everything you can to keep your kids free from harm. Sure, there will be cuts and scrapes but for the most part, things hold themselves together fine. But when they aren’t fine and a kid is hurt on your watch, something happens inside that is more horrible than you could ever imagine.

This morning, Dakota was in her little highchair, the kind that attaches to a regular chair, and as she reached for something Isaac had, one of the supporting legs pieces buckled and the whole thing tipped over. She was on the ground, pinned under her chair, and blood was EVERYWHERE. I had literally just stepped out of view when it happened and I rushed back to right her and saw the immense amount of blood. Naturally, I panicked.

I tend to shriek in this horrible high-pitched way when things like this occur and I hate it about myself. Ash looked me straight in the eye and sternly told me to calm down. But we both thought we saw the same thing: a mangled tongue, split from biting down on it. We evaluated the situation quickly and he started buckling her into the car and I rounded up the boys and followed. I was hysterical on the very short drive to the ER. What if she needed surgery? Oh My God, she’s going to be a mute! We pulled into the ER and started checking in and she was… quiet. I figured shocked or just overwhelmed. I held her in my lap as the desk guy evaluated her but he also looked in her mouth, telling us that no, it was not split. In fact, it was just fine. It was the inside of her lip she bit.

I had to write this out because ever since then, my stomach has been in knots and I’ve been on the verge of tears every time I think about it. This child has, in her 2o months, proven that she is going to be the one to give me heart palpitations. She frequently jumps off of things or climbs on stuff with little regard for her own safety. This was clearly an accident but what if…? I had to write this to get past it. Something happens inside a parent’s body when their child seems to be in grave danger; it’s like nothing I have ever felt before. I tense up, hold stress in areas of my body, and once the danger passes, my body feels like it’s been through a gauntlet. My calves ache and my stomach is churning. I still imagine her there, helpless and injured. It’s those moments that show you how vulnerable kids can be. It’s no wonder some parents want to keep their kids in a bubble; it’s freaking scary. But I keep telling myself that she’s ok; she was happily playing by the time we got home.

Months from now, we’ll look back and remember this but it won’t strike the same chord. It will, however, serve as a reminder to be vigilant; things can happen in the blink of an eye. And these little ones are so very precious.

Wednesday Hodgepodge – Just random today

1. Speaking of April 15…what’s the most ‘taxing‘ thing you’ve done recently?

LOL I guess I would say the 5k I ran a few weeks ago, but only because I hurt my knee. In terms of mentally taxing, that would be the tedious task of creating English courses for my job. It’s tedious and boring.

2. When did you last take a taxi somewhere and where was that somewhere?

Oh man, I can’t really remember. I guess in 2012 when we were in Chicago, we took one once, when my BIL didn’t want to move his car. Where I live, you only take a taxi if you’re really drunk!

3. What’s something you can do today that you couldn’t do a year ago?

Hmm, I cannot really think of anything here other than… drink more? Ha ha. I mean, a year ago I was still breastfeeding Dakota so I had to watch my intake but now, she’s fully on normal food and has a gazillion teeth. Crazy how quickly things can change!

4. How often is chicken (in some form or fashion) on your menu at home? Which of the following would you most like to see on your table tonight….a chicken salad sandwich, your mom’s fried chicken, a Chick-fil-A meal, Cracker Barrel’s chicken n’ dumplings, a roast chicken dinner with all the trimmings, or ‘hold the chicken, I’m a vegetarian’...?

I’d say I make something with chicken two or three times a week. I make great chicken tacos and Ash is keen on grilled chicken. If I had to pick something to eat tonight, hands down, Cracker Barrel’s chicken and dumplings. It’s the only thing I ever order there!

5. What was your favorite television program when you were a kid? What characters do you remember the most?

I don’t think I could pick just one. I used to love watching Full House (obvs I was not kid like 6-7) but some other faves were: Reading Rainbow, Alf, Golden Girls, Ghostbusters cartoon, and Saved by the Bell.  

6. What was the last piece of ‘art‘ you made?

I haven’t worked on my bullet journal lately but this tribute to my grandmother was something I did a few months ago. My grandfather was so touched by it he printed the photo and framed it.grandma


7. What frustrates you most about the Internet?

People who argue incessantly over things that don’t matter!!

8. Insert your own random thought here.

I’m pretty sure the guy behind the pharmacy counter at Walgreens hit on me the other day. I was literally dying from allergies when I stumbled my way up there with my card for Zyrtec-D. I put my keys on the counter and he commented, “Those are some righteous keys”. Yes, I have about seven work keys and I hadn’t detached them from my car keys so it was a big mess. I stuttered out a “Thanks,  I guess.” And he said, “You must be the key master. Have you found your gate keeper?” I realized he was making a Ghostbusters reference and chuckled and we agreed I got what he meant. As I walked to my car I thought, was that a line he just sued on me? I think it was. These days, getting carded and even hit on by the nerdy pharmacy guy are little boons for someone my age and with as many kids as I have. LOL. Little things I never suspect.


Random Tuesday – Assassins, Avengers, and beer – all of my favorite things

Stacy Uncorked
  • Let’s start today off with a video, shall we?
  • I heart them all; cannot wait for Age of Ultron! (Thor – ::swoon::; Hawkeye – ::swoon::)
  • Man, that was a lot of punctuation in that last part there huh? It was necessary; they’re adorbs.
  • I am overloaded today: work, meetings, have to go across town for things for Isaac’s birthday tomorrow. And on top of that, my sciatic nerve is acting up. Argh.
  • Oh, and those awful allergies are still here, making me miserable.
  • I meet with the principal of Elliot’s school today to talk about 3rd grade. It’s going to be hard not to just rant about everything his teacher did wrong this year but as I explain the kind of teacher he and I need for next year, well, that stuff is going to come out. I mean, this morning, he told me not to bother packing a snack because she took  away snack time… because they get too loud. Um… what? The kids need a snack. It’s not my fault you can’t control your classroom. She’s a seasoned teacher too!
  • One last really random video clip: my kids love The Last Dragon and go around saying “Sho’ nuff!” all the time. LOL.

Time for Tuesday Chat!


The prompt today is:

“Favourite things. What are we loving these days?” 

Alright alright, let’s see. Hmm, ok well, I am loving that Game of Thrones is back! I’m super excited to see Arya go to Braavos and the House of Black and White. I haven’t read the books so no spoilers, y’all. I just want her to become the most badass assassin to ever live.tumblr_ndnd4mRaMD1r3r6iao9_500


I am also totally shipping these two!2BHOX2l


It’s too bad that exchange hasn’t *actually* happened. We all know Jaime feels it but you know, Cersei and all. Ugh. I’m super excited to see where this season leads us. Oh, and I want the Mountain to die a horrible death. He’s already dead, you say? I highly doubt it.


Let’s see… what else? I’m really digging these Perdue grilled chicken Shortcuts. They have made it easy to pack healthy lunches… and I have lost three



My favorite beer lately has been Sierra Nevada’s Beer Camp Hoppy Lager, which is their spring seasonal. It has the bite that I’m looking for in any beer.beercamp201512oz


I ought to go ahead and just buy the variety pack and get it over with. I’m sure I’ll like them and it’s not like I won’t drink them. ::wink wink::

(I am SO not a drunk, I promise.)



MMMM + Long weekend

WOW, what a long weekend! I took off on Friday and went straight to the store, then came home to start cooking. I get a text from Ash saying his brother’s flight got canceled! We went back and forth forever and finally, he was able to get another similarly timed flight and still get in around 11:30, which was close to his original arrival time. Geez though, it was sketchy there for a bit. We went to Elliot’s baseball game where his team was apparently sandbagging: they were getting beaten by a team who only had 5 kids show up until the bottom of the 6th (and final) inning. Then they won by one point. Crazy! Ash and I machine-gunned GoTs episodes until he had to get his bro and they pretty much went to sleep soon as they got home… they had a race to be to in the morning!

They were out of the house by 5:45 to drive out to Torreya state park for a 7 AM race start time. Meanwhile, kids and I had breakfast etc before driving out there ourselves. We ended up waiting a lot longer for Ash because he reinjured his ankle. Around 12, I took Baby home and the boys stayed to watch Uncle Elliot finish. Once everyone was back in town, we went for a late lunch/early dinner at La Fiesta. After that, we only had a couple hours to mess around before the babysitter came for Dakota and the rest of us went to Monster Jam! I love those bigass trucks, I tell you what. My country side comes through when we go to those kinds of events. I am super glad I bought earphones to drown out the sound though. We learned our lesson a few years ago. We were home by 9:15 and that long day was put to rest.

Sunday was pretty relaxed but rainy so we couldn’t do much outside. We walked around Costco and had lunch and watch more Game of Thrones eps. Uncle Ell’s plane left at 6 so we all drove him out there around 4:30 and the kids cried, of course. Though little Elliot was a hot mess all weekend. I mean, downright AWFUL. He and I had it out last night and today, I think he has righted himself. Kids are allowed to be emotional and moody but My God, that was too much. If you had boys between 7 and 8, please tell me they have issues too. My friends’ kids apparently do but it’s only a small consolation when we’re dealing with this behaviour at home.

So yes, much better morning for all of us. Rainy here though so that kind of sucks, because I have errands to run on my lunch break. Oh well; I’ll have to gut it out.



We’re dealing with songs about cars and/or specific names of cars/trucks. Here are my picks; pretty varied!



Friday Five – Glad this week is mostly over

Five Thoughts:

  1. It’s dark and foggy this morning and all I really want to do is go to the beach! There’s a closer place than where we usually go called Mashes Sands and the reason why people love it is because the water is only ankle deep for about a mile out. I think the kids would really love it.
  2. Last night, while the kids and Ash watched Turner and Hooch (which I’ve seen a ton) I watched Jeopardy AND Bones. Win for mom!
  3. Ever since I got back to the land of the living – AKA took allergy meds that work – I have been very motivated and productive. It’s pretty exciting; some days at work it is torture to accomplish stuff and other days, I breeze through it. Those days are the best.
  4. We have a baseball game tonight for Ell and at some point, I have to go to the store and make spaghetti and get a room ready for Uncle Elliot. It’s pretty insane how busy and jam-packed this weekend is going to be.
  5. I have been really good about food this week and when I got on the scale this morning, I am down three whole pounds! That is super exciting. I haven’t run since the 28th of March so I guess it’s good to see those results. I’ll be back to running this next week though; think the knee is back to normal.

Five Photos:

Mashes Sands:131017-3668-MashesSands-E-email


Happy Yoda:180ff93db909d41c58bf535779d55f7b


I MUST get this shirt!809456a16ce7f15624599ef7c7a43df8

Spring in my front yard:




Sharing this because Elliot had to come up with a folktale idea for school today and it’s foggy out so we devised a story about a town that was always foggy so a brave little boy climbed to the top of a peak, above the fog, to beg the god/spirit to lift it so the villagers could grow food and, well, see each other.ebc7f8dfbb4a057ecded0ce2eed7c8c9