Friday Five – Day of Fall Festivals

Five Thoughts:

  1. At ten, the daycare is having their Fall Festivals, which includes a bounce house and little games and pumpkin painting. Isaac has been pumped up about this all week. The moment he woke up this morning, he put on his Bumblebee costume (Transformer, not insect). Baby is wearing a cute little Halloween themed outfit from Target but I was not able to complete her costume before today. I was feeling so awake and alive there for about a week but then I have gone back to feeling like I’m drowning under all this work.
  2. Elliot’s school’s “Croctoberfest” (they’re the Crocodiles) is right after work so we’ll also be going to that. The kids will bounce themselves silly; they also have games and a velcro wall, etc. Should be pretty fun! But I will also be exhausted when it’s over, I’m sure.
  3. I have four student conferences this morning and they are each a problem child in their own ways: slow, absent a lot, late to class, and confused, respectively. I’m not necessarily looking forward to speaking with them.
  4. I just purchased my first bit of Christmas goodies. I was on and saw some neat little things so I went ahead and got them. Three of the four items I got are really stocking stuffers but hey, I’m getting ahead. I like to buy things little at a time; this way I’m not freaking out in the second week of December. I’ll probably feel stressed as it is, with my parents coming up.
  5. OK, it’s about 30 minutes later and I have spoken to two of the four problem children. Oh, they had problems but the talks didn’t go as horribly as I expected. Not to toot my own horn (which, btw, is a phrase Elliot just learned and now overuses) but I think I am just becoming a veteran teacher now. I know this stuff like the back of my hand (to use another cliche.)

Five photos:

This morning’s sunrise (x2)



From the younger kids’ Fall Festival (x3)IMG_2253IMG_2251IMG_2287


Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. Elizabeth Lawrence is quoted as saying, “Even if something is left undone, everyone must take time to sit still and watch the leaves turn.” So have you done just that? And what did you leave undone in order to do so?

I have been eagerly looking for actual turned leaves… and I have found some, though it happens a bit later here. There are definitely some pretty trees around campus and I have had a few afternoon drive home car moments when I saw something that reminded me to take a second to appreciate Fall. There are a few household chores I’ve left undone because I am making sure to appreciate other things but other than that, I am getting everything done for now.

2. Since we’re talking turning…what is one thing you feel you’re doing ‘every time you turn around‘?

Reminding my kids to do something that they should already know to do! It’s like I constantly have to go behind them. One of these days, they’ll get it, I just know it!

3. How hard is it for you to ‘turn the other cheek‘?

Depends. With other people, not that hard. With my husband? LOL. I’d rather fight him until he admits I am right so that doesn’t usually turn out so well.

4. When did you last turn a drawer, your car, a room, or your entire house upside down in order to find something? Did you find it?

Oh geez, um… I couldn’t find this FSU chip/dip tray that I usually keep in this one cabinet. I looked through every possible cabinet in the kitchen and it is definitely not there. I don’t remember the last time I used it so this was totally baffling to me that it is missing!

5. ‘One good turn deserves another‘…were you most recently on the giving or receiving end of that sentiment?

I guess the last time anything like this happened was when a friend of mine got me some football tickets and when I asked about how to pay her, she said that was not necessary. I normally help her out a lot with work stuff so it is reciprocal.

6. Red, yellow, and orange are the colors of fall. And also fruit. If you were permitted only one color of fruit in your diet which would you choose? This question isn’t as easy as it sounds, at least not for me.

Man, that is a rough one. I’m going to go with green so I can include grapes and honeydew in this, though I love me a good banana.

7. The Hunt for Red October, October Sky, Halloween…which October film is your favorite?

OK so this is a reach but I’m going with Rudy. It’s set in the Fall and captures the football season so well.

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

I suddenly got nostalgic for Thanksgiving and my parents’ house. Good thing we’re going there this year. They came here last year so it’s our turn to go there and they’ll come here for Christmas. (Actually, they already booked their hotel and it has an indoor pool!) But yeah, I am really excited for that holiday this year. My sister and Justin will come and we’ll eat and drink and hang out and oh, it will be great.

Here’s a pic of us in ’09; my parents, grandparents, aunt, and obvs we only had the one boy.4143356961_07d41b8fde_z

Random Tuesday – Evil packaging, eating better, not with it


Another day, another dollar/blog post

  • The main theme of this week is: mad dash towards Halloween. The boys have had their costumes for weeks but I need to construct Baby Girl’s (sushi) and make sure we’re all ready. I am trying to get them to the pumpkin patch after school on Thursday. It might be the only time we have.
  • Thinking about Halloween reminds me that Ash and Ell go to Arizona in a few weeks and I will need to get them all packed up. It’ll be Elliot’s first time on a plane so we have to make sure he has enough to keep him busy/enough gum to pop his ears.
  • The other night, I decided to treat myself by eating one of Dannon’s new yogurt deserts. I ran my finger along the underside of the lid to open it and sliced the hell out of myself with the foil that is under there. It was a deep cut too! To boot, the yogurt was not all that good. :(evilyogurt
  • I did not have nearly enough coffee today; my brain is still fuzzy. You know those days? When you just aren’t quite with it? I hate feeling so unproductive but I just cannot seem to get on the ball.
  • When I was having those stomach issues, I stopped drinking Coke Zero. I wasn’t having many anyway – maybe three a week if that – but I cut it out for about a month. I had one yesterday and had the WORST headache. Guess I can’t go back to that!
  • I went to Target and bought their special Noosa yogurt, even though it was like, 290 calories and a gazillion grams of fat. But it was ten time better than the Dannon junk.noosamain1-696x308
  • Ash has been on this “diet” for two or so weeks now and it has been good for me in that it makes me try harder not to just snack on say, a cookie. He’s gone hardcore though: no cheese, mostly chicken and vegetables and fruit. But it has also made dinner time annoying in that I end up making two, three, maybe even four different meals. The kids DID eat roasted asparagus last night and liked it. So that was pretty amazing.
  • I have a 10 o’clock meeting and my plan is to run to Joanne’s on my lunch break for supplies for BG’s Halloween costume, and then I have conferences with my students all afternoon. Another busy day! (Oh yeah, then flag practice at 5:30.) I gotta just keep on keepin’ on.

MMMM + Where did the weekend go?

Oh yeah, I know why it’s been a blur: my parents were here from Thursday evening until Saturday afternoon and it was a huge rush of events. I taught in the morning on Friday and then came home to meet up with Ash to have our anniversary lunch at Bonefish. Unfortunately, they didn’t have half the normal items on the menu so he was annoyed by that. Then we saw Fury, which was good but also annoyed him for some reason. Then he got mad at me for expressing concern about him having a layover in Dallas because Ebola, and so the whole day, I felt like he was just mad. But we had a good time at the bowling thing for work. Well, until our lane had tech issues in our third game and we had to start over. Argh. I was tired, and had a headache, and felt like total garbage by the time we got home.

Saturday was good; we divided and conquered two flag games at the same time, different fields. Had a break then went to Sonny’s before my parents went home. Ash was, again, mad about some game he was about to win but baby turned off the system. Not my fault! Then later, he was mad about our server/router having issues. Luckily, Sunday was a lot better. Just a generally happier day for everyone, though I felt slightly unmotivated. We walked in the evening and watched a movie and overall, things just felt nicer. I fully believe it has to do with moon/tide cycles.

It’s a teacher work day so Elliot is here in my office. Everything was fine until we couldn’t log into this one game he wanted to play, then it locked me out of my account too. So I am pretty annoyed but trying to let it go. The air is cool and I have coffee and I will make it through this day.





Ahh freebie week, again. I honestly am blanking so I will just pull something totally random out of my bag o’ music.

I’m feeling nostalgic for Disney so you get this.

Friday Five – How does anyone manage it all?

Five Thoughts:


  1. Seriously, how does you keep everything straight? My parents got into town yesterday afternoon and I have been struggling this morning. I got everyone ready and off to school but now that I am at work, I am finding it difficult to get everything done. Sure, you could say, “stop blogging and do your work”, but I look at this as part of what needs to be accomplished. What really stresses me out is looking at the day ahead: teach, grade papers, go home, meet Ash for lunch/movie, go home and be with parents/kids for a few hours then go back out for charity bowling event. It just feels like a very long day ahead.
  2. Elliot gets his report card today, as well as he finds out who his reading buddy is. This is the first year where he gets to be the older buddy instead of being read to. He’s way excited about it because he is an excellent reader and he likes to teach. Awww, like his mama.
  3. There have been some daytime break-ins in my neighborhood lately. Apparently they bring a truck and load up. If my old neighbors were still around, we’d have some kind of plan. The word is that they only targeted homes with no cars in the driveway so I know we could have finagled that. It’s disconcerting for sure; I don’t think we live in a “bad” area but thieves will look anywhere, won’t they? I really miss my nieghbours, that’s for sure. I feel very disconnected from the neighborhood now, especially knowing that there ARE other young families out there. What we need to do is have another block party. We did one years ago and it was nice to get to know people. Overall, I think people are just so distrusting these days that they don’t even want to know their neighbors.
  4. I am excited that Ash and I get to go to lunch today and then a movie. Though I am finally recovering  -but not just yet – from this illness, I can’t taste a thing. Blah!
  5. The weather is cool again and I feel so renewed in it. Sure, the afternoons are warm but mornings feel so crisp and clean; I feel alive.


Five Photos:

Because Ash and I had an anniversary this week, let’s do some throwback pics, eh?



Labor Day ’06 with my parents and grandparents


Christmas ’07 with Ash’s dad, brother and his then gf


Celebrating our two year anniversary in the B&B where we had our reception


Father’s Day 2011


Last Halloween



“A happy marriage is the union of two good forgivers.”

So, nine years ago this happened:431872364_931eac81e7_o


For a long time in my twenties I didn’t think I would ever get married, that anyone would want to marry me. I wasn’t emotionally stable and I had no clear idea of what I brought to the table. Through dating Ash and then marrying him, I discovered all my strong suits. I also figured out where I was weak and where he stepped in. This manifested itself more and more as this happened:1287904184_52754e6168_z

And that baby was a game changer for us. But it also made us stronger. So we decided to make another one:4528779707_fe486b3df8_z

I got really used to our family of four. It was perfect. And as the boys grew, things got so much easier. 





We grew as a family and learned how to coexist in (mostly) peace. But then, my wonderful, loving husband convinced me that we needed just one more. Just ONE more…9650026136_8a46a8e50b_z


So here we are, nine years later. We have done so much in this period of time, it would take days, maybe weeks for me to recount it all. But it’s been magical and I can’t wait to see what keeps coming. Next year, at 10, we’re going back to Hawaii and it is going to be amazing!431876630_7bde303926_z


Random Tuesday – Rainy rainy day


  • Can I just take a moment to let you know just how much I HATE rainy mornings? I was soaked just walking from the car into the daycare because it’s just far enough away you get wet but not so far away that it warrants the umbrella. Sigh. Luckily, I am now safe and sound in my office, nice and dry.
  • This cold seems to be hanging on; I slept ok last night but the crud is still in my nose and throat. I’m waiting on the meds to kick in but I am very very happy I don’t have to teach today.
  • I got a flu shot yesterday since I was already at the doc and she recommended it due to my three kids. My arm’s a bit sore but I am hoping this does help me avoid any problems. When I had it last (January of 13) I was so sick I could barely get out of bed. It was horrible!
  • Ash and I will be celebrating our nine year anniversary tomorrow. My plan was to go to Bed, Bath, and Beyond today and buy him a new pillow but the rain kinda halts that. We’ll see. We’re thinking we might go to Bonefish on Friday for lunch before the movie. That place is one of our traditions for special occasions.
  • This rain is supposed to bring with it some cooler weather and I am ready. We got a glimpse of it not long ago and it was so nice. Also, I just bought these pjs for baby girl on ebay:$(KGrHqN,!rkFGVYQjLwqBRu7!Q1Q9g~~60_35
  • Cute, right?
  • I may have resigned myself to pink everything but I won’t go down without a fight.
  • We’re currently under a flash flood warning until 11:30 and man, it is bad out there! With that, I leave you. I have a million things to get done today, of course.

MMMM + Once one gets it, the others go down

I.E. I am now sick. Baby ran a fever last Monday, had Hand, Foot, and Mouth by Thursday. Ash took her some of the time and I did the rest but now, I am done for. The funny part is that I felt fine Saturday. I guess looking back I felt a little run down but with our life, there is no time for that. We got up and ate and got to the flag field by about 9:15. Isaac had his game – they lost terribly – and then right after, Elliot had his game, which they lost terribly. Their teams are not used to that so it was quite a blow. About an hour after that, we had some friends over to watch the game. My food turned out well; I spent a good bit of time last week coming up with the perfect hot food item and settled on buying Aidell’s teriyaki pineapple meatballs from Costco then I mixed one jar of Heinz chili sauce with about 14 ounces of grape jelly then threw it in the crockpot on low for 2.5 hours with the meatballs. They were so good that my children ate them for dinner too! Soon after dinner was when I realized I was probably sick.

And I knew it for sure Sunday. I woke feeling like total battered crap. I managed to schlep myself to the store because we needed a bunch of stuff and of course, some kind of cold medicine, which I took as soon as I got home then crawled into bed. When I awoke, I still felt bad but and the day went on, I was able to do a few things. But of course, nighttime is always worse. I feel slightly better today but I had to be at work, at least until my doctor’s appointment later. It’s funny; I made this appointment weeks ago because I’m out of refills on an Rx and sometimes they make you come in for stuff like that. I thought it would be good so I could ask her about this itching I have on one of my hands. Then I had that stomach issue to add on and now, this sickness! I am falling apart! There is a reason why 35 is such a milestone age.

I have to teach this morning and I had a dream I wasn’t prepared. Well, I’m actually not. They are going to utilize that time to keep researching and writing their annotated bibliography. I am also going to show them a video fro, Homestar Runner because in my dream, that is what I did. It has no bearing on anything for class but it’ll be fun.


This is one of the new songs I have found and really like. So good.

And this one is in honor of how I feel right now:

Happy Friday indeed

I have a confession to make: I was clicking about in Spotify and while listening to the complete James Taylor songbook, I ended up on one of his Christmas songs. And well, now, I am listening to that album. It’s way too early, I KNOW. I don’t even want to think past Monday let alone into December! But it’s just so… soothing. Holiday music makes me feel at peace and with the busy life I lead, I need that.  I really do.

Turns out that baby managed to get hand, foot, and mouth disease at school. It’s very mild and everything I read and what the daycare said is that once the rash shows up, they are no longer contagious. I took her to the doc yesterday to make sure that is what it is and MY doc said not to send her today because she still could be contagious. SO, I am here to teach but then going home and Ash will go into work. It sucks too because it’s not like she’s actually sick. She’s not going to sleep a lot or want to cuddle on me. No, she’s going to get into things and be all over the house.But she will take a nap at some point and that is when I am going to dust and sweep and put up more indoor Halloween decorations and be ready for tomorrow.

We’re having Ell’s friend Addy and his parents over to watch the game. Back in the day – before kids –  we used to have parties all the time. I’d gather party food items and make up the house and make sure the deck was ready. But these days, I am not used to hosting anymore than my parents. (If you don’t count holiday meals). But I am not good at figuring out small gathering/football foods. I am going with chips and salsa, a fruit tray with caramel sauce, and mini chicken meatballs. I got the teriyaki pineapple ones from Cotsco and chose a recipe that essentially mixes grape jelly and chili sauce and they simmer in the crockpot. My friend, Courtney, make a similar recipe and I always love those little things!

Speaking of her, we’re going out tonight. Sushi! I have to make sure I don’t overeat. With this stomach issue I have been having, it seem the apple cider vinegar is keeping things in check but I can only really eat smaller meals. I may only have one beer also, just to be safe. If it is indeed a stomach ulcer, alcohol can irritate it. I have a doctor’s appointment Monday and hopefully I can get answers. I actually really like my doctor; I never feel like she just blows me off. I mean, when I went in with that abdominal pain and she promised me that the ER was my next stop, she wasn’t kidding. That was when I had to get my appendix removed. But in general, I get the feeling like most doctors don’t try to diagnose your issues, they just send you off to a (more expensive) specialist. What good is a GP if they just send you elsewhere? ?

Anyway, this is what I have for you today. I actually have quite a bit of work to do after I teach but I will need to do it at home and boy, won’t that be fun with a baby? Yup! have a good weekend!


Wednesday Hodgepodge – Feeling Renewed edition

1. Do you manage your own money or do you have a financial planner who helps in some way? Do those kinds of conversations stress you out? A lot or a little?

I used to be a lot more stressed about money but now I am finally in control of spending and understanding how much needs to be attributed where. We manage it all ourselves and after having had some credit card debt, Ash is very good and aware of his money and I know how to budget mine. We have separate checking accounts and one credit card. I pay my portion of bills and he pays his and in the end, it balances out. So we finally have this down pat.

2. The second week of October is Pet Peeve week. Off the top of your head share TWO of your current pet peeves.

Easy! 1.) People who throw lit cigarettes out their car windows or on the ground as they enter a store. Have some common courtesy! 2.) Super liberals who want to change the world… with everyone else’s money. Get a job, hippie!

3. What is one thing you’d like to learn right now, this very week if you could?

I would love to learn how to drive stick. I have never been taught but feel it might come in handy one day. Or allow me to drive some fancy fast car.

4. How concerned are you about the health related news concerning Ebola? How about Enterovirus D68?

Ebola, nil. I have not touched any personal fluids from a person infected and don’t plan to!

As for the other one, only a bit worried. More like, cautious. There have been no reported cases in my state but my mother is convinced we’re somehow going to be the first. I just watch my kids when they get sick.

5. Garfield, Nemo, or Tigger…your favorite orange cartoon character?

Oooh, tough one. I’m going with Nemo because I really do love that movie. It makes me cry.
6. I’m going to see Gone Girl with my neighborhood book club this week. So often books made into film are disappointing. What’s a book turned film you thought was well done, in that the casting was ‘like you pictured’ when you read the book, and the film plot remains mostly true to the book plot?

I’m also going to see it this Friday and I did not read the book so I know I will be kind of lost. But in terms of good movies based on books, the first one that comes to mind is The Perks of Being a Wallflower. I thought they did a great job with casting and representing all the very difficult themes present in the text.

7. What is one story your family always tells about you?

Stories about me abound, lol. There was the time when I was maybe 4 and I somehow opened the car door while driving on vacation. We were pulling into this gravel semicricle of a restaurant in Maine somewhere – this was before seatbelts  -and we were in a ’56 Lincoln anyway so I fell out but my mom grabbed me. I swung out but then right back in.

Now if you mean my extended family, like my husband, he likes to recount the time I did a u-turn and didn’t quite clear the curb but instead of reversing, I panicked and went forward. He thinks it’s hilarious but it still makes my heart palpitate.

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

Was it last week they asked what thing(s) we were looking forward to in October? When I wrote it, I will be completely honest: I wasn’t looking forward to anything. In fact, upon realizing this, I was plunged into depression at the fact that I didn’t care or desire a thing. BUT, my brief reprieve yesterday REALLY helped. I didn’t get to do all the things I wanted to. Instead of driving out into the country and getting a sausage and a root beer, I opted to go home and have salad and in the interest of saving time, I stayed in town. I went and got some storage stuff for the kitchen and then I went into Target and browsed. Perused. I moseyed. I didn’t have to be home at a certain time. So it was a success. I felt ten times better after that. When I got home, I put all the coloring books and art supplies that were junking up this area in my kitchen into the storage drawers. Then I cleaned up our peninsula area.11115442426_f7688e877f_z

Here it is when we’re all ready to sit down to Thanksgiving dinner but typically, this is a gathering place for mail and keys and junk. You can see at the end how things get pushed away. I didn’t get all the crap gone but the majority of it. We’re having friends over to watch the FSU game Saturday so I’ll feel decent about allowing them in my kitchen now.

We also put up Halloween decorations (look at pics to the right) so that has lifted my spirits as well. SO now, I am looking forward to: going to the pumpkin patch, possibly getting to do this charity bowling thing Ash’s work does (if my mom comes up to watch the kids), and going out this Friday. We saw Courtney on the way into daycare and she mentioned it but I took Ell to that party last Friday so Ash couldn’t go play his card game. BUT, he worked a deal wherein he’d skip Friday so I can go out so long as he can go Monday. Which means I will have to take all three kids with me to Isaac’s practice. I make out way better here because I have no qualms about taking them all. Ash thinks this is a negative but that’s just because he’s overwhelmed with all three. In the end, I make out better. I am excited about having some drinks with friends and seeing a movie.