100 ways to know me

In progress…

  1. I am 36 but I pass for mid-20s all the time
  2. I used to play video games – RTS, RP, and FPS
  3. I have played: Dark Age of Camelot, WoW, and EQII. I also liked Starcraft, Diablo, and CounterStrike
  4. I own 2 Boston terriers – Todd and Zoey, but Zoey might be on her way out if she doesn’t shape up
  5. I used to rock climb, but only in the gym. I’m ok: V2+ was about my max.
  6. I’m passionate about cheese and pumpkins
  7. I love Autumn, October, gourds and Fall leaves. I mean, LOVE
  8. I have only seen snow one time, (ETA Chicago 2012)Β on vacation December 2004, when Ash proposed
  9. We were married October 15th, 2005, in a beautiful outdoor wedding
  10. My favorite red wine is La Crema pinot noir, white: Conundrum Sauvignon Blanc
  11. I like to drink a glass every now and then, especially in winter
  12. I have become more of a beer person over the last few years; IPAs for me!
  13. We also recently bought a kegerator and I love having beer on tap at home
  14. In the winter, I take a bath every night
  15. I actively collected Xmen from 1993 until about 1996, have always shipped Wolvie/Jubilee, and thought the 3rd movie was a travesty unto Xmen fans everywhere. But the first two were pretty good
  16. I think armadillos and sloths are cute
  17. I get pretty nostalgic about the past about once a month or so and try to write my “memoirs” to no avail
  18. My favorite time of day is sunset; I love driving at dusk
  19. I drive an ’07 Honda Element 2WD AT. I finally found a car that suits me
  20. Although I always thought I was a fiction person, it seems I’m more successful writing non-fiction these days
  21. I am related to Daniel Boone
  22. I love cooking but seldom make anything more complicated than spaghetti (but it’s my own sauce!)
  23. I have always loved dinosaurs
  24. I hate reverse osmosis bottled water
  25. I try to eat as healthy as possible; sometimes cake gets the best of me
  26. I’m a bit obsessive about the Weather Channel; the music for the Local on the 8s makes me feel nostalgic
  27. I’m particularly enthralled by all things Disney… World. I wouldn’t want you to picture me as one of those girls who wears a Mickey sweatshirt and buys everything Disney related. I just love being at Disney World and the way it makes me forget that there’s an outside world.
  28. I do not eat fast food.
  29. Or lima beans
  30. Most bugs do not bother me but those big lubber grasshoppers freak me the heck out.
  31. I relish in a really good spa pedicure
  32. Do you even know how much I LOVE sushi?
  33. I am a hardcore lurker; some of you I comment, some of you I just watch πŸ˜‰
  34. I would love to kiss the Blarney Stone
  35. I once snapped all but one tendon in my ankle trying to stop my beagle from eating a chicken bone
  36. I am deathly afraid of dying
  37. I’m a Scrabble freak!
  38. I used to call myself a Strabucks snob but Dunkin’ Donuts isn’t too shabby
  39. I take great pride in mowing and maintaining the yard
  40. I am rather dominant in Fantasy Football.
  41. I am easily bothered by the sound of any dog or small animal in pain
  42. I’m a pretty big 80’s/hair rock fan. Some of my favorites include: Def Leppard, Motorhead, Whitesnake, Great White, and Motley Crue
  43. I also love the classic metal bands like iron Maiden, Helloween, and Judas Priest
  44. I am a current Batman comic collector and pretty entrenched in the Batworld. Nightwing is my favorite, though I guess I can’t say that anymore because Dick is Batman now.
  45. I had an article published in Pregnancy Magazine
  46. I finally caved and started reading romance novels
  47. I have two sons and one daughter
  48. I have run a bunch of 5ks and three half-marathons and running continues to be a big part of my life.
  49. We recently completed a Tough Mudder, which is so much different than a foot race
  50. I have three tattoos; a fourth one is in the works
  51. I teach online
  52. I don’t watch a lot of shows on TV but I am adamant about Bones, InkMaster, and Game of Thrones
  53. Halloween is my favorite holiday, closely followed by Christmas. I love the music!
  54. I have an unhealthy obsession with the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings
  55. I am an avid Sherlock fan and can’t get enough of those consulting husbands!

22 thoughts on “100 ways to know me

  1. Hoot! I live for the weather channel during the construction season, but in the early morning, after I’ve waited 9 minutes for weather on the 8’s, that damn music puts me to sleep. So I wait another 9 minutes…

    And I hate Scrabble. Cat, Bat, At, Sat, Rat, Gnat and Mat are about all I can manage.

  2. I’m afraid my pride will not allow me to play for the years it would take to move beyond monosyllabic words.

    (See? I even had to break out “monosyllabic” just to make myself feel better!)

  3. You should totally change the one point about coming in second in fantasy football last season…or add the fact that you won this year. πŸ™‚

  4. In “creepy ways in which the internet connects you to very similar people” news: I also have a son named E(lliott), who was born a year and a day before your second baby.

    I also think “And Out Come the Wolves” is pretty awesome, though apparently Tim Armstrong is a Nazi now or something? That would make me sad.

    Once you get into the running stuff we have nothing in common, but the first few facts are pretty cool. πŸ™‚

  5. I love The Weather Channel! I used to like how the computer voice would say, “Your local forecast, accurate and dependable.” Then, apparently realizing they’re also forecasting in Minnesota where weather forecasting is anything but accurate and dependable, they dropped that part. I love Scrabble but I can’t play it because I get too panicky trying to think of words I know when I’m not playing Scrabble.

  6. Love Scrabble! Do you have an iPod, iPad, iPhone? Words with Friends? Super fun! and I can so relate to this: “I have two sons and no, we’re not sad about it and not trying for the girl. At least, not yet.” OMG I can go on and on and write a whole blog post about this! I have 1 son but my family (and husband’s family) is ALL male. Yeah, I hear stupid comments one too many times!

  7. I’d love to say that I’ve found “my blogger mate” in you, but boy, could we be more different! Really, this is probably the first time I’ve found a blogger whom I’ve found so different from me, and actually LIKE her :))!!! If you put NOT in all your DOs above and vice versa, that’s me!
    Ok, I better stop now. Starting to not make any sense. But anyhow, you’re awesome!

  8. You say cheese like its a bad thing…
    I love the fall as well. When I lived on top of my mountain in West Virginia I wouldnt even go across the state line into Maryland- family had to come visit me. We live in Ga now and I hate the lack of REAL seasons.
    I’m completely with you on the hair bands!

  9. Hey, I’ve kissed the Blarney Stone – it really is SO cool. And of course we bought the photos and the t-shirts to prove it. HaHa
    It was on our honeymoon so it made it all the more special. If you ever get to go to Ireland, you will really love it! =)

  10. I’m mid 30’s also and people always think I’m early 20’s! I guess it will come in handy when we’re 80, right? And armadillos ARE the cutest!

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