MMMM + Thanksgiving was good and too long

Sunday night notes:  I sound like such a whiner but I feel like I’ve been off work FOREVER. And though I am irritated by work and do not look at it as the refuge it once was for me, I do think I am ready to get back to it. I left work midday Tuesday and have been off ever since. Let’s see. Tuesday, we didn’t do much. The kids played their dumb xbox game and I cleaned. Wednesday, my first full day off, I did a bit of prep for Thursday. In the mid-morning, kids and I ran to Fresh Market for the last couple meal items and then Publix for lunch stuff. They ended up playing with the neighbors a while.

Thursday, we all got up at 6:30 and put on our race clothes. I ran with Dakota for her first official race – just the mile. My boys ran the 5k and Ash, the 15k. They all did very well, then we went home and I started on the meal. I think we ate a little after 3: turkey, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese and cornbread. Not all the traditionals but it’s what my family of five likes. And since we were alone, we could do what we wanted. I must say, I SAT – A LOT. I mean, I really did relax during these days off. However, I also got stuff done. I cleaned and got my inside Christmas stuff up. Ash put lights up outside and I feel good about all we accomplished.

I will say though, I feel like I have been with my kids a wee bit too much. They’re really irritating me. In fact, I am in a blah mood in general. Though that’s normal around this time. I am excited for Christmas but stressed too. I am weirded out by this warmish weather today and wanting cold but know when it is cold I will start hunkering down and feel lazy again. I want to get things done at the same time as I want to relax. I don’t know what I am feeling now. Maybe I’m thinking about the days off from December 21st until January 3rd and realizing how long that will be. LOL.

Monday morning – Is it actually Monday? Because campus is dead. And in fact, looks like two co-workers aren’t even in yet. At least, according to our internal chat program. I get it: it’s hard coming back after break. Funny how quickly we acclimate to that lifestyle: getting up when you feel like, not with the alarm. Leisurely cups of coffee, making general plans and going with the flow. Weather today is once again gray and depressing; the temp should drop throughout the hours and then it’ll be cold again. And as mentioned, I tend to be a bit lazy in the cold. I like to be active all the time but the cold makes me sit in my chair under a blanket and just stew about how I don’t want to get up and do anything.



Ahh freebie week. Trying to figure out what to share with you. I always gear up for Xmas with some Emmett Otter songs. Pretty sure I am the only person in the world who both remembers and loves this dumb old Jim Henson special.

and because I don’t think I’d yet shared this gem from the newest Metallica album:

OMG when James says ‘Light it up, oh light it up’, I sort of die a little inside. I love his voice so much. //heart eyes.


6 thoughts on “MMMM + Thanksgiving was good and too long

  1. Claire,

    Extended holiday weekends are hard to get back into your normal routine again but it won’t be long before Christmas break. DH has some time to take so we’ll be doing the staycation thing beginning Friday. It’ll be nice to have several days with him to take in some of the Christmas festivities. We might even get some snow toward the end of next week. I’m sure it won’t amount to anything other than some flurries in the air but it’ll make for a fun mood. 🙂

    Have a good week and thanks for boogieing with us today!

  2. Oh boy, totally agree about the after effects of Christmas break/holiday. Now your tunes I haven’t ever heard either one, but I’m afraid I have to agree with my friend John.. my favorite it definitely Emmett Otter song. ~hehehe~ Thanks for that introduction.

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