MMMM + What a weekend

Though I feel pretty good this Monday morning, I had a weekend full of ups and downs.

Ash and I did our Friday half day but argued about where to eat. I wanted Mexican and he wanted steak. I did want steak but then it didn’t sound that great. We eventually ended up at Mexican and had a good time, though their guac was not as good as it normally is. Sad clown. We then saw Superman V Batman, which I have to give some credit to. It was not THAT bad. However, I had such low expectations, it could have been a total pile and still been decent. There were certain things they did that were canon-correct and I get pretty excited about those type of things. I read Batman for a long time and even spent time reading the Batman/Superman comic, as well as Trinity (with Wonder Woman). So yeah, it was not bad.

That evening, we got the kids in a rain storm then had to go to Publix. We then made ceviche for our Saturday party. I’d never made it so that was an interesting experience. It did turn out well and if you’re interested, we made it with bay scallops.

Saturday we got up early and took Ash down to his race. Went home to make breakfast then went back to see him finish. It only rained on us a little, thankfully. It was an awfully misty and foggy morning but I will say, the day turned out to be beautiful. Ash left around noon, Dakota took a nap and I sat outside for a little while. When naptime was over, I dragged the kids to two Goodwills and Ross in hopes of finding the right jean vest for my battle jacket. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. I got close: found one that fit and had the right look – almost. It also had a weird faux suede on the collar and some weird cowboy-esque jingly stuff. Sigh. There are two other Goodwills I will be trying at some point. Man, we have a lot of Goodwills in this town.

Anyway, the kids were not happy about having to run errands with me. When I was a kid, I went so many places with my dad and don’t remember ever complaining. I mean, it isn’t like I had a choice. Somehow my kids have become so spoiled that they DO think they have a choice. Ha!

Ash didn’t win his card tournament so he was home by 6. But we had to clean and get ready for his friends to come over for our White Trash Beer Tasting 2016. What a bad idea that was! In theory, a fun idea. In practice, I tapped out around 11:30 and haven’t felt that bad in a LOOONG time. Ash didn’t feel good either so Sunday morning was a bit rough. I felt like shit, I was tired, and didn’t want to do anything. And yet, I had a ton to do! I managed to drag myself up and clean around the house, take some Alleve, and then we decided to go out to eat. What a debacle that was. We got to Cracker Barrel before 11 but it was totally packed. Strike one. Since it had turned 11, we went to Boston market, since our only one is on that side of town. Well, here’s when it got interesting. They didn’t open the doors until 11:05. Then, once inside, they told us ant the other six people waiting, that sides would be another ten minutes and chicken 15. Um, you opened five minutes late and nothing is ready? As we waited, and Ash logged a complaint on their site, the kids got crazier and I got crankier. After ten minutes, I went back to secure a spot in line and the girl said it was still 25 minutes until chicken. Are you kidding?? At this point, I was losing my mind. I was hungover and starving and not having that at all. Oh, and Elliot had to be back to the house by 12:30 to get picked up for a baseball clinic.

We ended up at Texas Roadhouse and had a very good meal and pleasant experience. Finally! It took three tries. How hard is it to get a meal on a Sunday? I mean, it’s not like we were the only people out there. The churchin’ folk were out in full force at that time of day. And we made it home in time for Ell to make baseball and then oh, sweet nap time. Of course, we then had to attack our yard, which was out of control from all the rain. I mowed and Ash weed whacked and Isaac pulled weeds. Success! I was straight up exhausted by the end of the day but Ash and I eked out a game of Age of Empires 3, which we had not played in a long time but it was fun!



Since it’s a freebie week, I am playing the two songs I woke up singing. And you know me: 80s for life, yo.


Though live, this sounds pretty amazing. Sometimes you catch a live version at the end of a tour and Bruce’s voice is shot. Understandable so.

4 thoughts on “MMMM + What a weekend

  1. I had like the opposite restaurant experience on Saturday evening… My mom, sister & I were killing time while my niece was at a birthday party and went for dinner at East Side Mario’s located in a nearby mall. The restaurant was a big and busy, but they got us seated quickly. The waiter told us a party of 30 had just been seated and we might have to wait longer than usual for food. We opted out of the appetizers we were going to get and went with just our meals, because we were in a bit of a time crunch with having to go pick up my niece on time… and then we had our food in 10 minutes. lol We were in and out in less than an hour! Glad you guys finally found somewhere that could serve you in a timely manner on Sunday 🙂

  2. Definitely sounds like a fun weekend, and your tunes have ROCKED THE HOUSE!!! Great choices, and thanks for sharing and joining us again this week. You’re DUH best!!!! hugs……….

  3. I want to see that batman/superman movie. I think it might be on tv.

    And yes I remember loving to go out when I was a child. I wanted to see everything. Nothing was boring to me. Weird kids these days eh.

    Thanks for sharing. YOu definitely had some ups and downs!

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