Random Tuesday – Verge of sick, soccer, things I like

Stacy Uncorked
  • I’m trying to ward off the ick by drinking my Young Living thieves tea today. The entirety of the FSU campus has some kind of plague and I hope to God I don’t get anything they have. I simply have congestion and a semi-sore throat.
  • Isaac had a weeknight soccer game last night and his team finally got a win! The best parts were a.) Isaac scored two of their three goals and b.) this was the first team they played who crushed them; they also have a kid who – no kidding – has to be at least 8. This is a 4-6 league. But either way, a nice way to kick off our week. (They tied their Saturday game.)
  • So I have Bruce Dickinson as my phone background (ok, lock screen; I have the kids as my background) and my husband is like, “I have never heard you listen to Iron Maiden before.” Wow, he really is clueless. I have always listened; I have just rediscovered them. Don’t you do that? Go back to bands years later? I asked him a few months ago to find a specific Ozzy album and he didn’t question that. I’ve been listening to Ozzy since like, 1992. But I highly doubt he knew that. Either way, I don’t know why he even cares. We often have the discussion that he has all kinds of hobbies but I don’t. I have plenty! If you count fleeting obsessions.
  • I think there’s a time for everything. Movies and music and TV shows always exist out there in the ether for you to digest but when you get into them has to come when it comes – naturally. That’s how I feel about it. Whether you watched Game of Thrones from the beginning or you picked up in season three, you can still really love it and be a fan. I think we argue too much about being into something from the beginning and I think half of that is just happenstance. And those are the things that comprise who you are; your little bits and pieces that bring substance to your life aside from the main things like parenting, work, etc.


Ok, Tuesday Chat time!


“New Month – time to shed the old and make a fresh start. Let’s start with One Good Thing.”

Hmm, I’m going to say that moment when I walk out of my office in the afternoon. I slowly pack up my things: my work bag, my lunch box.  I make sure to put my phone in my bag and close out all my computer programs. I turn the light off, shut the door, then close the copy machine room.

My walk is not far but if it’s a sunny afternoon, I can feel the weight of the day slowly leaving me. As I get to my car and situate my stuff, I prepare music and roll down the windows. I’ve never been very good at listening to music at a “reasonable” volume so I don’t. It’s my time there and I play what I want, at the volume I want, and everything becomes easier. The guitar riffs are a salve on my stresses and by the time I get home, I am capable of switching hats from program admin to mom/wife and I can be that person they need me to be.



2 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Verge of sick, soccer, things I like

  1. Oh I hope you don’t catch that plague!! The kids bring home so much sickie stuff from school, I often think I will either be immune… or dead by the time they graduate.
    I enjoy all different kinds of art and fandoms. Some think it’s weird to like both Star Wars and Marvel and by god you better not get an obscure trivia question wrong, or else you’re not a “real” fan. Pshaw. It’s all there to be enjoyed in whatever capacity you can. No one is a better fan just because they know the name of the creature who sang on Jabba the Huts sail barge in Return of the Jedi. That’s why Google exists. 🙂
    And I really like your end of day practice to transition from work to home!! Maybe I should play music about 20 minutes before the kids are due home too! Even though I am home, I still find I am not quite ready for them when they arrive. Always trying to finish up one more thing. Maybe I should have a “quitting time” and do something relaxing so that I can be better prepared. Great idea!!

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