MMMM + Super productive weekend

That’s right: we got a lot done on our room switch-around project. We’re in the process of turning our office/junk room into the new baby’s room. In the end, we’ll have a play room that holds ALL the toys and a mere desk in the kitchen corner for a monitor/scanner/printer. We moved bookshelves and toys and art supplies. We cleaned out an entire filing cabinet and organized all of our important documents. It was a serious task but we got that stuff all completed.  Somewhere amidst all this we had a tee ball game, though it was cool, windy, and overcast, so, uncomfortable. And we ate at Sonny’s (apparently kids eat free on Saturday.)

On Sunday I was still feeling motivated to work but the kids – oy – they were in one heck of a mood. I’m talking emotional sobbing for God knows what reasons, etc. I think we were all a little annoyed by each other, for some reason. After nap though, they seemed to be ok. I weeded in the front planter, the boys helped Ash wash his car, and then we went to the playground. Elliot threw a fit about going to one park over another but as it turns, out, one of his tee ball teammates was there so he had someone to play with. It was a good lesson for him in that you never know when a situation could turn out differently than planned.

The weekend ended with finishing up a few small tidying things and then watching The Hobbit. All in all, I felt really satisfied with all our work but it wasn’t exactly relaxing.





In honor of Earth day we’re doing song about the world, plants, animals, people (nationality, cultures, etc). Or anything along this line of thinking.  My offering is about coming together as one world and living in peace. I think it works.

7 thoughts on “MMMM + Super productive weekend

  1. I’m luvin’ me some reggae music, and this one is a perfect Earth Day song! Great choice my friend! Moving around your rooms really is kind of in honor of Earth Day. I’m sure you got rid of things you really don’t need too and put everything in its place! Good girl! I really need to start working on our office. It’s screaming at me to remodel it. It’s a sad story for sure! Maybe some pictures first to show y’all the disaster area I’m sitting in, and hopefully I can follow your good example! 🙂 Thanks for joining us! YOU ROCK!

  2. Unfortunately this one wasn’t available to watch in the UK damn it Reggae is one of my favourite choices of music I will look it up and have a listen 🙂

    Have a reggaetastic week ::-)

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