A New Era + MMMM

Oh man, you guys. I have been SO busy lately that I haven’t even blogged since last Wednesday! That’s crazy talk. Thursday was busy at work, then Friday I stayed home with the kids because daycare was closed for teacher planning day.  I was busy then too: cleaning, lunch with a friend who’s leaving town, then Ell’s all-school orientation. Then I ran 6 miles and my parents got into town, the water slide was delivered and we got Chinese take-out. I actually skipped my Saturday morning run, we went out to breakfast, then got to work setting up for Elliot’s 5th birthday party. He did go to swim lessons then got home in time for everyone to show up. I have to say, I was worried because people kept backing out last minute, whether they were sick or stranded in an airport, I thought no one would show. But we had 8 total kids and it was a VERY manageable number. If everyone had come, we would have had 5-8 more and that would have been nuts. But the party was a total success. I think we were all totally exhausted too.

I woke up uber early Sunday to do my run but didn’t leave the house as early as I wanted; had some stomach issues. But the run itself was fine. Well, ok, I definitely experienced some weird and new things but I’ll talk about those tomorrow in my Tuesday post. I finished up, took  a shower, then we all went out to breakfast before my parents and aunt left, letting us get back to our normal lives. We all napped, I did laundry, we hit up the store, then the evening we just chilled.

This morning, I took Elliot to his first day of Kindergarten! I can’t even believe it. He was so excited too, right up until I had to leave and then he lost it a little bit. I said my goodbyes and walked out of the room. He looked at me through the rectangular window; that sad, whimpering face he gets, but then his teacher ushered him back to his seat and though he still looked forlorn, he didn’t look for back me, which made me feel a whole lot better. I didn’t even cry! I was glad I held it together; we couldn’t BOTH be crying, you know? I am sure he’s going to love it so there’s that. He’s getting big, I tell you that much.  But I am excited for this whole new thing. The morning routine is doable and I think everything’s going to work just fine.



It’s a Freebie week so here’s my contribution today:

Nothing special, nothing new but this is a song I used to sing to Elliot when he was a baby; the chorus anyway was perfect for that time of our lives. Think about it in non-sexual terms and it’s wonderful.

8 thoughts on “A New Era + MMMM

  1. So I think it was more hard on Mommy then the little guy! Believe me he’s going to come home & be motor mouth telling you what the fun time he had & naturally all Mommy’s are crazy about their babies no matter what age they are. Have a rockin’ week & thanks for sharing such a great choice for your perfect day!

  2. Phew, it’s crazy busy for all of us! We all can tee-totally relate and we’re so glad you made time to dance with us on Monday’s Music Moves Me. I just love Madonna’s old stuff!

  3. Wow, your boy has had a few big milestones…turning five and first day of Kindergarten within a couple of days! Hope he’s loving his first day 🙂

  4. The first day of Kindergarten, they grow up so quickly! Great music, and have a great day.

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