Why I missed Wednesday Blogging:

Because my week has been insane so far! I’m going to detail it in (hopefully) Thirteen things that were bad/crazy/good. Here goes:

To start off the week, I got an (1) email that could severely impact our household. I spent the entire evening worried, even though I knew/know it will all work out. I created scenarios in my head where I could make something else happen. And then the next day, it was all OK; I think the problem has resolved itself. Whew. So then Tuesday began on that note and I felt good about things.

That day went well except for the exceedingly awkward conference with the student (2) I mentioned in my Random Tuesday post; the one who randomly wanted to hug me. Look, some students form a bond with their instructor after a semester… if they came into the office for a lot of help or confided in them, etc. This student is not one of those. We barely speak. She’s just one of that crowd. THAT’s why it was weird. The day wore on, I had a meeting and then cut out around quarter to 5, realizing I had not taken a lunch and was starving! (3) I proceeded to my car where I realized it had warmed up significantly. Opening the windows about halfway, I pulled towards the lot gate arm. As I waited for said arm to lift, I noticed that my passenger side window was lower than I put it. Groan. My first instinct was to stop the car and pull it up; I’ve had window issues on older cars before and quickly realized the deal. Alas, one milisecond later, the window dropped down into the door. (4) Le sigh.

I called my father to ask where to take it – I was distraught and not thinking clearly – but he didn’t answer. I drove home, parked in the driveway and as I reached down to hit the garage door opener, I found that the Toy Story water bottle that has been in my car for weeks in a cup holder was on its side and water had filled the third cup holder, wherein sat the opener. (5) Fail! I picked it up and water mixed with some sort of whitish stuff spewed out all over my Eddie Bauer pants and the car interior! (6) And of course, it did not open the garage. (7) By this time, I had gotten ahold of my mother who suggested taking it to the car service place we’d once gone to when her car over-heated. I went inside and washed the white stuff off my hands and then drove to the car place.

They couldn’t do anything about it right then so I made an appointment for 7:30 the next morning and drove home. At this point, Ash and I were talking it out and he remembered that we’d gotten the Honda 5 yr/60,000 mile warranty. I’d never had to use it so I couldn’t remember at all so I called Honda. The man let me know that yes, we had purchased it. And yes, it had expired ON THE 18TH OF OCTOBER. A mere 7 days earlier. (8) I wanted to scream. I wanted to cry. I was in denial and just hoping the window was off the track and would go back up and stay. The Honda dude suggested that it was probably a regulator arm and quoted me at nearly 300 dollars! (9) [Heart palpitations, headache to ensue.] I managed to calm down and take it with stride. Nothing was going to get done at that point so I made dinner, worked out, and fell asleep.

Wednesday morning I drove the kids to school – window down and all with it being 50 degrees – and then headed to the repair shop. Sadly, they found that it was the regulator but quoted me 100 dollars more! I told them Honda’s quote and Don, the manager, promised to match and/or beat it. I explained to him my warranty deal and, since he knew the manager at Honda, called to see if there was wiggle room. Sadly, they can’t budge on the date but the other manager suggested I give Honda Care a call. 286 dollars later, I call Honda Care’s 800 number and speak to a man who said they could reimburse me if I took it to Honda. Of course, the local dealer manager had said get it fixed where I was then call Honda. Sigh. BUT, this nice man said to go ahead and fax him the receipt and they’d try to reimburse me what they would pay the dealer, since I am only at 46k miles. (10) I faxed my info in as soon as I got to the office but I haven’t heard from them yet. At least there’s hope!

So after being pushed and pulled in so many emotional directions, I decided to leave work early and go to Joanne Fabrics to buy some Halloween stuff. I need to embellish some things on Isaac’s Thor costume. I found the perfect cape fabric (11) but it was unraveled and not labeled with a price so to be sure, I waited for 30 minutes at the fabric counter, only to have them tell me I could have used one of the other 1.99 squares to check out. How would I have known it was the same! BUT, I got home and – without much hope at it working – gave the garage door opener a push. Huzzah! It opened! (12) On that note, I ran and then we played in the yard with the kids and things are looking pretty darn decent now. (13)

What I realized is that I was looking at life as either in neutral or bad. You go about your day to day with things being status quo. Nothing amazing or horrific happens; just your average stuff. Then something like a broken window comes along and you get all pissed like, “Why is this happening to me?” But you suddenly become thankful for the mundane because at least it isn’t that. It could be worse. I have a whole different outlook now and feel happier for it.


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