I was sort of waiting for David to write up the details of our Saturday trip but I know he has been busy. So, you get the quick and dirty version. Around 10 AM, I showed up to Dave’s apartment, where I finally received my Christmas present from Chris and Lauren (thanks, you guys!). This was fortuitous as I shall show you later. Anyway, I also then realized that although I remembered to charge my camera battery, I left my memory card in the card reader at home. Luckily, Dave also uses a Canon and he had an extra 2 gigger lying around.

With that, we procured gas and coffee and were on our way to our first destination: Woodville Natural Bridge. By that time I must mention, the sun had come out, which was a surprise because it looked ridiculously gloomy all morning. We got some good shots here and reveled in the quiet a bit and then headed out.

Our next stop was Wakulla Springs where folks around here go for swimming and boat tours and the pole vaulting fish? Yes, they apparently tout one but we didn’t see it. We walked around the property, watched some mullet jump, explored the sitting room, gift shop, and “Old Joe”, who you can read about on the site.

Next, it was onto lunch, which was Hog Wild Barbecue in Carabelle. I would say it was very yummy (w/ the exception of Dave’s cole slaw) but not necessarily worth driving 100 miles for, as their sign indicates. (Please see my flickr). I felt all that pork and beans sort of sitting at the bottom of my gullet for a while as we drove onto our ultimate destination: The Cape San Blas lighthouse. By the time we got there, the sun had gone behind a bunch of clouds and the gift shop was closed, but the lighthouse ended up being open. Unfortunately, I didn’t have five bucks in cash. Dave went up alone and got some decent shots of the surrounding areas and then we sat on the beach a while, just watching a couple guys fish and the surf roll in (it was already pretty much high tide.) It was peaceful, which was exactly what I hoped to glean from the trip. Oh, and some fun, which it was.

Planned on being home a lot earlier but we made it back to his apartment by about 7:30 where I wasn’t sure if I’d need to then take his memory card and arrange to give it back as some point or what. But, one of the Christmas gifts was a couple of Mimobot thumbdrives. So I copied the pics and was on my way home.

All in all, I had a good weekend. I have a couple of three things to mention later so I my save them for another post. For now, how was y’all’s weekened? What exciting things did you do?

2 thoughts on “Trippin’

  1. Every day since Saturday I have said, “I am going to write about the photo trip today,” but alas my work schedule this week has been exhausting. I think I might just do it now.

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