Random Tuesday – Long hiatus; I’m sorry

Stacy Uncorked
  • Sorry for the lack of posting; I don’t normally blog on Thursday, Friday we went to Wild Adventures, Saturday was beach day, then the last two we spent relaxing. I had no interest in being on my computer, to be honest.
  • I will admit I used my laptop a bit… but only to watch Sherlock episodes. I only have one more before I am caught up and then ::sobbing:: it won’t be back until early 2016!c1d948bc5daababf8970b000bbd9bdd8
  • So yeah, we had a super long four days. We had a great time at the theme park, even if it is in South Georgia. It is really not a bad place. I will say, I got on a ride with Isaac and had no idea what I was getting myself into. I’m not big on “thrill rides” so the below was a little bit of a shock to me.
  • Yeah, not good for people who are a little iffy on these types of rides.
  • But in general, a great time and I got a lot of sun. My tan is looking excellent, people!
  • We then went to the beach on Saturday and spent basically all day. I wish we had been able to stay with the rest of our friends and eat down there but we left around 6 and got into town at 8, then hit up Sonny’s. Needless to say, baby had a lot  of late night, from Thursday until Sunday. But I made her go to bed on time last night… except she didn’t fall asleep until an hour later. Ahh, third children. Everything is a little more slack.
  • I tell you, I made it a point to do very little on Sunday. I ran to Target and Costco and otherwise, I sat around. In fact, I didn’t even feel my normal weekend push to accomplish all the things. It was… refreshing.

OK, Tuesday Chat prompt:

I love music!!  I have not shared any music around here lately. 
I found a great song for the Summer!  
Do you have a go to Summer Song?  
Do you find a new one each Season?

As I have said before, my go-to is Jimmy Buffett, but I also love some country songs that cater to the fun of summer. Here are a few I just love. I don’t usually go looking for new ones but I am down for some suggestions!



and now, a Jimmy song:


Wednesday Hodgepodge – Check


1. Did you make someone laugh yesterday? Was it intentional?

Yes, Baby Girl. She was NOT happy at all and daycare called to tell me she wouldn’t sleep. She didn’t HAVE to go home but they gave me the preemptive call so she could go back (24 hour rule). SO, I retrieved her and brought her back to my office. I have an arsenal of little toys in here already and I tried my hardest to get a smile out of her.

2. What’s a simple question with a complicated answer?

Who are you?

3. Rhododendrons or azaleas…you have to choose. Are any currently blooming in your yard?

We have azaleas in our yard and all over town. I love them but our big bush didn’t bloom as much this year. I think the spring sort of fizzled and we didn’t get much of a flowering season.

4.  May 21st is National Waitstaff Day. Have you ever worked as a waiter/waitress? How would you rate the experience? What was the best/worst part of the job?

No, I have actually never worked that job. I did scoop ice cream for about two weeks and I was a cashier in a grocery store for about six months but I just never wanted to be a waitress. However, I agree with my husband that we’d both be pretty good at it. I feel like I’d have a knack for the right amount of times to go by a table and the right questions to ask. We’ve had a lot of really bad ones in our time eating out – which doesn’t happen that often anymore! Now I just wait my own table at home. My kids certainly think I am their waitress.

5.  What fashion trend for women should be outlawed? How about one for men?

For women, rompers for sure. My infant wore rompers but 21 year old women should NOT. I want to also remind people that leggings belong UNDER something else like a long shirt; not worn by themselves.

For men, tight jeans. Like, super tight hipster style where I can see your junk. No, just no.

6. Name a writer who inspires you…now tell us why.

Anne Lamott because she is a wealth of common sense knowledge. And Bailey White because she was a second grade teacher in rural Georgia and then wrote a book.
7.  What well known quote or saying sums up your plans for today or this week?

“Don’t put the cart before the horse.” I have a lot to do and getting it all right this week will make everything a lot smoother.

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

I’m just plowing through work today and it’s a wonderful feeling. Don’t you love days when you feel motivated and… alive? They don’t happen to me but maybe once or twice each week and I have come to realize this is just fact. It’s not to say I don’t get stuff done on the other days but it’s like torture, drudgery. I slog through tasks and have to give myself mental pep talks throughout. But not today! Nope, I’m accomplished today.

Random Tuesday – New hires, beach days, and a little story

Stacy Uncorked
  • So they hired a person to replace my office manager, who is retiring. The previous person was named Carolyn, and we already have another Carolyn in the office. Now, before her, the manager’s name was Debra, and my direct boss is also Deborah. Care to guess the new girl’s name? Yeah it’s mine. There’s another me! Out of all the names this girl could have… sigh. The confusion will get very annoying, I tell you that.
  • Remember how I talked about THE busy week in May? Well, it’s here. We had baseball last night, he has his final game and end of year party tomorrow, VPK graduation and pool party on Thursday, Wild Adventures all day Friday, then beach all day Saturday.  Tonight is our only night to of nothing. And I am very excited about that. When did my life get SO busy? I think this is why they made beer.
  • Beer sounds good; yes it is only 8:30 but really, my day goes like this: coffee, water, water, beer, beer, water. Ok, maybe not EVERY day. But some!
  • The hotel we’re staying on for the first few nights in Hawaii is a mere two blocks from the Kona brewing company. This could be very dangerous! The tour is only 5 bucks so we’re definitely doing it.
  • I realize we don’t go to Hawaii until October but I can see myself become a little impatient after we hit the beach on Saturday. Though the gulf beaches are indeed beautiful, once you’ve seen Hawaii, it’s hard to beat that.

OK, let’s move onto Tuesday Chat:


The last photo you took with a cell phone, or a camera:  
Write a story about the picture in 10 sentences or less.

The coffee in her hand had yet to infused itself throughout her veins; the effects had not yet wakened her mind. She’d been startled awake by the alarm feeling exhausted still but immediately thinking about the day ahead and how much had been piled on her plate the day before: meetings, endless spreadsheets, and dealing with a co-worker she hated. Just another day in her otherwise empty life. As she slipped out of the car and tried to gather herself, she was momentarily stunned by the sight before her above the parking lot. The sun burned bright behind a sea of rippled clouds and it muted the light in such a fantastic way she could not help but stare and wonder. Nature truly had some force behind it to leave her so bereft of thought. The sky spread out vast before her and she temporarily forgot the annoyances and daily minutiae ; she was merely there, in that moment. She had never felt so present in one mere minute before and she was keenly aware that she may never see another sunrise like that again. Holding onto that image, taking a mental snapshot, she stood there for as long as she could, reveling in the first time in a long time that she felt truly alive.


That was the sky this morning but that definitely isn’t me! But I still like the idea. Ok, what’s on your blog today?

MMMM + Fun in the sun weekend

It’s a miracle I got to work today; people are driving like utter crap out there! I feel like this happens every so often: one morning is just insanely bad. I’d blame the moon but it is 0% illuminated, according to my moon phases app.

So yes, our weekend. Well, Ash decided to be a benevolent husband and take us out for burgers on Friday. He just doesn’t eat them that often but my idea of a good time is a beer and a huge cheeseburger – which is exactly what we had at Midtown Caboose. So good. We then went to see Mad Max. I haven’t seen a movie that crazy and action packed in a really long time. I actually appreciate the fact they didn’t spend a lot of time on plot and story; it worked well the way it was. Also, Tom Hardy is a huge puppy dog. Amiright?



Anyway, Ell had an evening game and they did really well. We played a hard team too.

Saturday, Isaac had a birthday party so he and Ash went there and I stayed home with the others and made lunch and did some cleaning. Didn’t do a lot in the afternoon; the kids wanted to go to the pool but neither of us really wanted to. What we did end up doing – since it started raining – was go to Target and buy a new inflatable pool. We didn’t use it until Sunday but we did inflate it. Finally – a reason to use the compressor Ash begged for!

That night, I watched the last episode of Sherlock, season one, while the boys watched a Jackie Chan movie. It was relaxing, I’d say.

Sunday, Ash ran early and then Elliot had a birthday party at the arcade so Ash took both boys and baby and I did stuff. I put a little more air in the pool (big deal; I don’t like compressors) and filled it with water, then we went to the grocery store. She’s teething so she’s tired and full of drool; it’s not a happy time for her. But when she woke up and joined the boys in the pool, she was pretty pleased. We were out there all afternoon; at some point I sat out in the sun and she laid next to me in the shade; it was adorable. At another point, Elliot’s friend who lives around the corner came by so he left to play basketball for a bit. It was a very relaxing afternoon. We finished it off with a big steak dinner, a little Sherlock for me, and Game of Thrones. And now, here we are: Monday morning. And sigh.



It’s a freebie week and after last week’s video I posted, I have been listening to Ozzy a lot. Here’s some more!

(Like all hard rock vids, I suppose some advisory is necessary?)

There’s one from his 90s work but now let’s take it way back to the 80s:



Friday Five – Thank God for the Weekend!

Five Thoughts:

  1. Last week, I kept starting posts and never finishing them. It’s funny: this session in summer is usually REALLY slow. But stuff has been coming up left and right. I’m not complaining about being busy, no sir. I appreciate it. But still. I’d like a little bit of calm.
  2. I stepped in gum in my new shoes. You know why this bothers me? I’m not really a gum person, for the most part, but I hate that it reminds me of an aspect of our society/culture that I hate: when we’re done with something, we just get rid of it, no matter what. So long as it is out of our sight, we’re happy. So, done with gum, thrown on ground. Like, who does that? How irresponsible are you to just thrown it wherever you feel like? I guarantee those are the same people who chuck a still-lit cigarette out the window of their car – another pet peeve of mine.
  3. Sorry for the negativity this morning. It’s cloudy and chances are it will rain and I’m greedy and I want SUN. I want it to be hot and sunny and I’ll accept the sweat if it means the sun is out. I know that may sound crazy but I am overall happier in the sun.
  4. Next week is our crazy busy week and I am just trying NOT to think about it. If I take it one day I might retain some of my sanity.
  5. I’ve been listening to Ozzy all week. What are some bands you go back to time and again?

Five Photos:




A woman at the shelter trying to sell my kids on a puppy. Hell no.


Taking a looong walk.


Save the bees! They pollinate.

PUBLISHED by catsmob.com

PUBLISHED by catsmob.com

A sarlac pit in your toilet? That’s genius!



My son knows this all too well.

Writer’s workshop – Guilty (pleasure)


2. Write a blog post inspired by the word: guilty

I chose to take this prompt one step further because guilty pleasure was the first thing to come to mind when I read it. And speaking of reading, that’s where this is headed.

SO, I like reading fan fiction. More specifically, I really love getting involved in a new fandom. There’s so much fun involved in finding out what pairings people are into and then, what fics they write that go beyond the surface storyline. Here, let me give you an example.


or, Bagginshield, if you like.

A ridiculous name but the fandom term for the Thorin and Bilbo pairing. It’s quite popular, within most fandoms, for slash pairings and this one is out there in abundance And once you see it, you can’t unsee it. Type either one of those words into Google image search and you’ll see what I mean. (Or don’t, if you fear ruining the Hobbit forever for yourself, but I’m going to show you something anyway.)


Now go watch The Hobbit and you know, there’s a subtext, just below the surface. Those two are totally in love. Hence, the word “ship”, as in, I ship them. As in, I see them being in a relationship. But I’m getting off topic. It’s a total guilty pleasure to immerse yourself in this subculture. Every time I discover a new fandom to read about, I feel like I’ve been granted access to a secret underground society where everyone understands. They write these stories from head cannon (things they imagine are real within that world) and mostly, I love stumbling upon GOOD writers. There’s a lot of it that’s pure crap. Not everyone is a great writer but I still commend them for trying.

I made the mistake of delving into the fandom for Sherlock, which I just started watching. Do a quick search for Johnlock. Go ahead. It’s fun! See? Aww, adorable. And entirely accurate.30c9578678ec1fd9668b538ce2096b52

Some may think it’s a gigantic waste of time to sit around reading this but let me remind you that stupid 50 Shades began as Twilight fanfic. So even if it’s not your thing, lend some credence to it; that author is a gazillionaire now. And it will continue to be one of my favorite guilty pleasures.

Wednesday Hodgepodge – Deadlines, summer stuff

1. When is your next big deadline? What’s it for? 

BIG deadline? I guess this data collection I have to do for my boss because she is in Florence. It won’t take me too long but it’s kind of important. I have one week from yesterday to add up a lot of numbers.
2. May is National Barbecue Month  Do you prefer cooking indoors or out? What’s the best thing about a barbecue? What was the last thing you cooked on an outdoor grill?

I like when Ash makes steak or hamburgers or even corn on the grill but I’d prefer indoor cooking. I’d say we do a lot of it in the Fall because we have friends over to watch NFL games. The last thing we had was hamburgers a few weeks ago. The best thing about it – to me – is the idea of summertime and getting together outdoor for fun.

3. What is one thing on your ‘never again’ list?

LOL I 100% agree with our host: I’d be ok to avoid roller coasters, though some of the smaller ones are alright. I hate big drops. And I also agree that never is a strong word but I probably won’t have any more kids.

4. What’s something that annoys you about people your age? Something you love about your generation?

That is hard to say. I’m going to go with the fact that a lot of parents my age want to be friends with their kids instead of parents. They worry too much about their children “not liking them” when in truth, that’s only half of the role you play as bearer to them. Your job – our job – is to raise them right, not just pander to them so we feel validated by them. Their whims cannot decide your feelings. Something I love, though, is that we’ve lived a lot of our lives pre-9/11 so we understand what it was like before and see how it is now. I think most people my age kind of use that to our advantage.

5. Lilac, iris, hyacinth, pansy…your favorite purple flower?

I like those irises quite a bit but I’d take a purple orchid over all of them.33481_756102625_gallery_image_thumb_large
6. Whats a song that always calms you down?

I don’t know if I really have any one song that does it but the past few years, this one has really worked.
7. What’s the last thing you donated?

Clothes, for sure. I gave a bunch of stuff Baby Girl outgrew to the woman down the road whose daughter is about to give birth to a girl. I was going to try to sell it at the kids’ second hand place but this was a better use of it.
8. Insert your own random thought here.   
Guys, guys, let me tell you something: I finally started watching Sherlock – because everyone told me to – and I GET it. I really understand now why everyone’s so nuts about it. I am not the biggest Cumberbatch fan out there but I love this character. And Martin Freeman is ridiculously adorable and well, yeah. I’m fully entrenched now.tumblr_mhy12oBsr61rig4yqo1_1280

Random Tuesday – Misunderstanding, wasps, run in the heat

Stacy Uncorked
  • I keep forgetting I have to go to the doctor this afternoon; I hate when that happens and you keep having that moment of “oh yeah, I have to do that.” Why can’t I keep track of stuff anymore? Am I getting that old?
  • On Isaac’s Mother’s Day card thing where they asked him questions, he said I was 70. Then again, Elliot said I was taller than the Hulk, which is fairly amusing for an 8 year old. Like, really son? I get Isaac having no concept of age. Though Elliot’s friend thought Isaac was 3. He’s 5. So, you know…
  • A few weeks ago I opened my office window because it was too darn cold in here and was greeted by a gigantic wasp nest right up under the ledge. I immediately slammed the window shut and hadn’t opened it since. Yesterday, a guy finally came in and did away with it. So this morning, I have my window open and it is glorious… until it gets hotter anyway. This week we’re seeing mid 90s temps!
  • Speaking of that, I chose the worst day to go back to running. I was dying out there! I only did two miles but I felt pretty good overall. Aside from the fact that when I was getting ready, my sports bra broke. A plastic connector piece just snapped right off. It’s so hard to find reasonably priced sports bras for people with big boobs. Sigh.
  • OK, that’s all the random I have for you. I really need to do actual work. Well, after the Tuesday Chat prompt!

Since it is our host’s birthday on Wednesday, we have to surprise her! I chose a few fun pictures she might find interesting. ;)




How cool are those?


Oh Spidey…



Outfit swaps are funny

MMMM + Somewhat back to normal work week

There are students once again on campus, but not many!

Anyway, we had a long busy weekend! I feel like we keep making plans and then finish out the weekend feeling like it was great but would have also been nice to just relax and do nothing.

Friday morning I took Isaac to the Kindergarten preview thing at school and then in the afternoon, I went to a little presentation for Mother’s Day that Elliot’s class and one other put on. They sang a few little songs and then served us lemon water and cupcakes. It was cute!

He and I got home early so I was able to catch up on dishes and whatnot before baseball. He didn’t play so well but his team won. Afterwards, the coaches wanted us to get together so we all headed to Beef O’Brady’s. Not a place I prefer to eat but it was still fun to go and hang out. Kids got in bed pretty late though!

Saturday morning we took a long walk – a little over 3 miles – before lunch and some errands like Home Depot. Ash finished the swing set – for the most part. It’s up, positioned, and has two swings. He’s planning a third and a hookup for a tire swing. It also needs crossbar supports but it’s usable for now. The kids are happy!

Elliot’s friend came over around 3 and ended up staying over so there was that and them staying up late, of course. Luckily though, his family was planning mother’s day stuff so he was out by 8:30 the next morning. We went to breakfast, which was nice. I wanted to go to The Egg for fancy breakfast food but it was too crowded. Ended up at good old Jenny’s, which is a family favorite anyway. The day was spent doing laundry and cleaning and grocery shopping until 3:30 when we went to the pool. Nice as always. My tan is coming along nicely. I feel so much better when I spend time in the sun.


Of course this week’s them has to do with moms!


I don’t care that it’s overplayed, I love Ozzy and I have always loved this song.

Wednesday Hodgepodge – Mom memories


1. What’s a phrase your mother often said to you? If you’re a parent, is this something you now say to your own children?

I have to second our host’s mother in that mine said “Be careful” all. the. time. It got annoying but I certainly understand it.

Now I, as a mother, tend to say “use your brain!” a lot. I want them to realize that things don’t just happen or get better unless they are in charge of it.

2. What is a scent you associate with your mother or your childhood home?

I’m going to say oranges; we had a couple trees in our backyard and citrus is a big part of south Florida life. I feel like that smell embodies a tropical lifestyle.

However, if I had to pick a smell to associate to my mom, I’d say Jean Naté. She put it on after her shower all the time and if I smelled it today, I guarantee that is what I would remember.jeannate

3. What’s an activity you remember always doing with your mother (or someone who was a mother figure in your life)?

Hmm, let’s go with watching soap operas. When I was four I did half day pre-k and she’d pick me up, make bologna and cheese sandwiches, then she would let me watch Days of Our Lives on her bed until I fell asleep.

When I got older, I liked to go to the grocery store with her (heck, still do) and we could be totally happy sitting in a cafe drinking beer and hanging out.

4. Flared jeans, maxi dresses, and jumpsuits are 70’s fashion trends back this spring. Are you on board? Which trend would you be most inclined to try? For the men…flared corduroys, wide-collared shirts, and floral prints…what say you?

Flared jeans are fine, just not too big. Some of the stuff my mom wore were awful. She used to wear these strapless terry cloth rompers on hot afternoons and man, that was a bad look.0614c9d1f6e48c654ffcfd9bddafb49b

5. May 6th is Teacher Appreciation Day and also Nurse Appreciation Day. Is there a nurse or teacher you have especially appreciated along the way? Tell us why?

I will go with Elliot’s kindergarten teacher. She was so enthusiastic (but not in an annoying way) and she really helped him a lot. He was the youngest in his class and she said she was always the youngest so she identified with him. In fact, she told us how she got in way more trouble than Elliot ever did. So however she handled him in the classroom really worked. It’s too bad his teacher this year is completely opposite, especially now that he’s acting up. I’d give anything for Mrs. McHaffee to be his teacher again!

6. If I came by your house, what would I find on your frig door?

Oh geez, ok: ranch dressing, four kinds of pickles, mustard, ketchup, tartar sauce, mayo, minced garlic, baking powder, Jimmy Buffet Mango iced tea, Famous Sauce, Soy sauce from way too long ago, a tube of crescent rolls, some barbecue sauces my neighbor gave me when she moved, and half a bottle of steak marinade. As you can see, we use the door for condiments.

7. Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana made her royal entrance on Saturday, May 2nd. On a scale of 1-10, how much attention did you give to all the news coverage? 1=Who’s Charlotte? 10=sat glued to the telly, cuppa in hand.

Maybe a 2-3. I certainly read one article about it and approved of the name but beyond that, I can’t bring myself to be interested in the royal family. It’s just not my thing.

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

I finally remembered my sweater today! Between terms, the campus cuts the steam so it gets FREEZING in my office. Kind of mean, if you ask me. I mean, staff members have to be here and I can’t be the only one with a cold office. They send out an email about the outage so they want us to know about it. “FYI: going to be cold this week!