July Goals –

Well, I tried to start Whiny Wednesday but as it turns out, I don’t have all that much to complain about! I am sure this is a good thing but it kind of foils my blogging plans. My complaints lately are minor: the cupcake shopped closed at 8 and I pulled in at 8:10; there is somehow a mosquito in my office; we’re having a hotter than usual summer. Other than that, things are good. So instead of complaining today, I am going to link up for this July goals linky, hosted by Karen and Miss Angie.

Monthly Goals

Since I didn’t do June with this link, we’ll revisit some of the to-do list items I had been talking about and let’s see if I got them done:

  • Put St. George Island sticker on car
  • Clean out car; Windex inside of windshield
  • Water kitchen windowsill cactus
  • Rinse off camp chairs – sand sticks to them
  • Order new ones of these
  • Get a pedicure
  • Book vet for boarding in June
  • Sort through Baby Girl clothes; some no longer fit
  • Change crib bedding
  • Vacuum hair on bathroom floor
  • Get a haircut
  • Have Elliot write thank you notes to people who did the Flat Stanley project
  • Experiment with some Pinterest recipes
  • Take a damn vacation! 

OK, so I didn’t do three of those. Not bad!


  • Finish reading Kingdom Come
  • Eat more salads
  • Find the patience to discover new music
  • Get to the beach at least two times
  • Get my boys registered for flag football
  • Keep up this excellent tan
  • General catching up

Random Tuesday – Summer, Storm, Shaun T



  • Like most of you, I can’t believe it’s July. My desk calendar yesterday said something to the effect that 1/3 of the summer and long lingering days were gone, so I should take advantage of every moment. Kind of puts things into perspective; how often do we really sit down and make a conscious effort to be in the moment and really appreciate the now? 7d384985ec56dd7cdbeda4f8c57c330e
  • I am going to make sure I do that today: appreciate what I have: the kids, a comfortable house, enough money, and a great husband.
  • Speaking of, I am trying to figure out a way to take him out Saturday night for his birthday. Nothing fancy, maybe just a quick dinner and Transformers. What I need to find, however, is a babysitter.
  • Do you know about these Derecho storms? I just learned that this was a thing yesterday. I mean, I understand sudden stormfronts  but never knew there was a term.6c568a01829b5239678c40cc559270f3
  • I swear that happened the other night: it rained for, like, 10 minutes then stopped and when I went outside, I could see a clear definition between clear sky and the storm. Crazy; nature is crazy.
  • Did I tell you that I finally figured out what that mystery plant is? Remember I was complaining that I kept seeing it around but didn’t know what it was called? Well, I emailed the director of FSU’s nurseries and they kindly replied with a whole bunch of info on what it is: “The plant is called Dyckia  ‘Cherry Coke’-it is a rare plant from Brazil with bronze-colored leaves. When grown in full sun, the leaves take on a striking burgundy or wine-red color that definitely looks like cherry cola!”  Problem solved!
  • You know how that huge company Monsanto is “bad” and people should supposedly boycott it? Yeah, though I agree with being anti- big corporations taking over, have you seen the list of foods not to buy? That’s, like, half my pantry/fridge. I just don’t have it in me to a.) fork over money to buy the other brands and b.) keep on top of the no-buy items. I mean, I’m pressed for time as it is; I’m going to put a Lean Cuisine in my bag just for the sheer ease of it. It’s like how I say I won’t shop at Wal-mart but I will… if I can’t find it anywhere else. I don’t make a point of going there but hell, if it’s there and cheap, I’m doing it. Morals be damned.
  • I lost another two pounds, I realized, as I weighed myself on Sunday. That nine down since I began T25. You have to imagine I have gained muscle; my legs are ridiculous and my obliques? They’re there! I mean, I still have baby flab in the front by there’s definitely muscle underneath now. Shaun T is kicking my ass into gear!744fae1ea56ce91265f236b0819bcd63


MMMM + Didn’t want to work today

For the most part, I am fine being at work but a tiny part of me just really enjoyed being off this weekend. With the exception of having to deal with Dakota being off on Friday, it still worked out fine. Ash and I got our workouts in then got the boys. He went out that night but I took them all to the mall where we ate Chik-fil-a and walked around. It was nice, except for when Isaac kicked Elliot’s drink out of his hand in Children’s Place and it spilled. I made them go to the lady at the counter and ask for paper towels. She was exceedingly kind and patient with them and they learned a good lesson. Took ‘em home and promised that if they took their bath while I put baby to bed, they could watch a movie. And ::shock:: they agreed on one and everyone was happy! It was a damn near miracle.

On Saturday morning we had a birthday party for Beau, one of my friend’s kids. He and Ell have been friend for a long time. They had a big bouncie/water slide, snacks, and pizza. One of the girl on Ell’s soccer team two years ago lives near my friend so their families became friends. Well, Jen (the mom) has four kids, her youngest being nine months, so she and Dakota had a little baby party. That wore everyone out so we took naps, which was excellent. It’s hot this year, seemingly hotter than normal in June, so it’s nice to lay around in the cool dark of our rooms in the middle of the day. We went to the grocery store in the afternoon and then before I made a big steak dinner, I mowed the backyard and cleaned up some. I felt really motivated to with the new neighbors and all but let me tell you about that:

When I got home on Friday, I noticed a lot of people in their backyard, then saw a little baby, maybe one, and a boy Isaac’s age. So I let the dogs out and used that as a way to break the ice. The woman I spoke to first is the daughter-in-law of the old folks who actually live there. So from what I can gather, the old people have two sons here with their families, that include kids and grandkids. They have two great grandchildren who are one and then the boy, who is four. The sons seemed pretty nice as well and we had a pleasant conversation about the neighborhood and the old neighbors, whom they never met. I feel a little better now about them, especially considering that the old old lady came over and did say hi, though she wasn’t that talkative. So the best I can hope for is that when they visit, Edward can play with Isaac. Also, the reason they were all outside is because they put up a fence. See, my old neighbors had a wooden fence on only three sides; they left our chain link between us so we could be neighborly. The only barrier they had was a fence around their little patio where the Jacuzzi was. Well, the new people ripped that up and put a wooden fence between us. To be honest, it looks nice and I actually kind of like it there. I can tan in my yard without anyone seeing me, so that’s a plus.

SO, Sunday. I felt the cleaning bug early so I got vacuuming and laundry going while Ash mowed. We had burgers for lunch and then attempted to go to the pool but it was apparently closed for an all day meet. I guess I should have checked their schedule but it was like, the only time they were closed. SIGH. But we made the best of it by going up to another one of the city pools. In all honesty, Forest Meadows’ pool is a joke but we still had a good time. The boys didn’t want to just go in a normal pool, after missing out on the fun activity pool but it turned out they had fun anyway. So we did that for a few hours then came home for tacos and started watching The Hobbit. These boys can watch those movies time and again, I tell you.

All in all, a good weekend. I am hoping to put something together with friends for Friday but I won’t hold out hope. We always try to get together and it’s just hard to do. Anyway, got to get working here but let’s tend to the theme this week, which is celebratory songs, in honor of Independence Day! (And then songs that describe you, which is pretty hard to do!)




You know me and Jimmy Buffett so here’s a good one in the vain of Prince’s 1999:

OK so now, songs that describe me. How about this one that exemplifies how I feel?

And this is cheesy – I KNOW – but I always consider myself loyal and, well, this song is perfect for that.

Friday Confessions – Don’t skip the coffee


I confess… I will never again make the mistake of skipping coffee in the morning. Yesterday, I woke up terribly thirsty so I had some water and on my way into work, stopped at Tropical Smoothie. It was refreshing but not what I really needed. By 10:30 I felt like a zombie: my head ached and I couldn’t even see straight. I reloaded my Dunkin’ card and walked over to get an iced latte. But I clearly didn’t hit the final submit on the reload because the money didn’t go in. I just figured something went wrong, as they slid my card and it still only had a dime on it. The manager came out and gave me a free drink and helped me set up the app. I then reloaded my card for real and bought a donut, thanking them profusely.

I confess… I had a less than pleasant call at 3:45: daycare. The Florida rule is that more than one excessively watery (i.e. gross) diaper is grounds for being sent home. SO, Dakota had to go. I guarantee it’s only teething but since some other kid left earlier in the week with something viral, they were extra cautious. But I was PISSED. Couldn’t she do this on a Wednesday so the 24 hours would be over before Friday? Couldn’t she do this on a non-pay day Friday so one of us wouldn’t have to stay home, thereby ruining our date day? NOPE. Such is life. I was pretty damn mad about it yesterday but today, I know that I have no choice and I accept it.

I confess… I skipped T25 yesterday to rest my foot. Everything about my right foot hurts and those movements just exacerbate it. Feeling pretty good today so I might be able to get through the two workouts. Both will be mostly upper focus so it’ll be low impact on my foot anyway.

I confess… I realized yesterday that I have been very stressed all week. I think that is why I went to bed so early Wednesday night with an awful headache. And why last night I didn’t much feel like eating. I made dinner for everyone then went to Target because we were out of things that apparently people needed ASAP. Sigh. It was nice though because a hardcore storm had blown through and the sun shone sprightly on one side of my car while on the other, the leftover clouds of the storm lingered.20140626_191927


I confess… I needed AC/DC to get going today. Big Gun, Thunderstruck, For Those About to Rock…

I confess… I always wanted a necklace like the below but always hoped someone would buy me one. Well, I decided to just get it for myself; and I love it!



I confess… I have a ton of things to do today and I WILL get them done. I am feeling so motivated too; it’s a rare excellent feeling. I’ve noticed as I get older that very few things make me as excited as I remember being as a kid. This came up the other morning when Elliot and I heard on the radio that they apparently have this new niche market for adult summer camps. As far as I can tell, they pretty much do the same activities, just with adults. Sounds awesome if you ask me! Here’s one to check out, if you’re interested. If I was closer I would totally go!


That’s all for today; everyone enjoy your weekend!


Stolen from Kenzie; done before but needed blog fodder today. SO, Currently I am:


READING | Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. So far I like it. The 80s references are great but it’s depressing that I can imagine our world being this way.ready_player_one_by_sepiawolf-d5iw7bc

WATCHING | World Cup, mostly. When Game of Thrones ended, we haven’t’ picked anything else up.

LISTENING TO | If you know me at all, Jimmy Buffett.

LOVING | These “vintage” v-neck shirts I found at Old Navy. I needed a new one to replace my old brown shirt from there and though they haven’t a single bit of brown in their current line, these are super soft and wash great! They fit even better after the first wash.Old-Navy-Vintage-Tee-Product-Photo

WANTING | To do some fun things with the family but with the energy needed. I feel exhausted and blah every weekend so it’s hard to make plans. (OK, last week we made it to the beach so I should stop.)

NEEDING | Clarity. Simplicity. I have some possible new things on the horizon and they might bring this about for me.

GETTING READY FOR | class, and working on editing a manuscript.

EXCITED ABOUT | The fact that it’s summer and I do feel a sense of laid-back-ness. It was actually hard to think of something I’m truly excited about. All I could think about was how I might be getting some extra money soon and it’s like, should I be happy about that as much as I am? I kind of hate money, in principle.

THANKFUL FOR | The fact that I have a job and money and great kids and for the most part, stability in my life. Silly, I know, but I just feel grateful for those things.

Random Tuesday – Off my game



  • Yesterday I had to backtrack because I managed to forget my wallet. It wouldn’t have been a big deal – I somehow had my credit card in my bag – but my wallet contains my checkbook and camp fees are due on Mondays. Today, I had it at the forefront of my mind to grab Isaac’s scooter for bike day and I still somehow forgot it. I was three minutes late yesterday; thirteen today. This is totally unlike me. I am normally either on time or early!
  • I was kind of proud of myself last night. I started to drift off on the couch around 8 but when we rounded up the boys and got them in bed, I got up and did dishes, folded clothes, then stayed awake through an entire movie! We watched Delivery Man, which was actually pretty good. I’m a sucker for any movie about parents and children, I think.
  • I keep thinking today is Wednesday.
  • I already need more coffee.
  • I know this is short and I might wrote a long rambly thought-like post later but this first week is just busy!

Friday Confessional – let’s get to the weekend already


I confess… I’m normally a little irritated when wayward students come to my office looking for a room – well, annoyed when they give me attitude about it. I helped some transfers find the bottom floor this morning and was surprised by how willing to help them I was. I must be in a good mood!

I confess… some days I don’t know how I’m going to feel. The test is the first person I have to speak to once I get to work.

I confess… More and more I realize that I work best under pressure/a deadline. Take Fridays, for instance. I know I have a limited amount of time to catch up on the stuff I didn’t quite complete the rest of the week. This makes me extra productive on the last day of the week, which then ends me on a high note for the weekend.

I confess… I am not looking forward to moving onto the Gamma portion of T25 next week. It looks hard as hell and I have to admit, I didn’t make as much progress in Beta as I did in Alpha. Some of the harder Alpha moves I had down pat by the end of five weeks but in Beta, I still struggle with a couple ab things. For example, there’s a portion of dynamic core where you do this sitting bicycle move then transition to a v-hold (think pilates) and it is SO hard, especially since it’s nearly 20 minutes into the workout so you’re body is already screaming to let it rest. It won’t all be as easy as the warm-up moves!472992858_640



I confess… I’m going home at noon and my plan? Sweep and dust and clean up. I might even take a nap. A novel idea…

Second son

There were about two years, right after Isaac was first born, that I liked him more than Elliot. Parents always love their children but it’s true that we sometimes favor one over the other. He was my baby and at the time, I thought I was done having children so I held onto his sweet innocence for a long time. As he’s entered his fourth year, some of his less desirable traits have come to the forefront. He’s always been a rogue, sometimes stealing food right off your plate if you’re not looking, but lately, he’s just mean. He’ll push his brother to the absolute limit and he’s not afraid to hit him if need be. He gets frustrated when Ell talks over him, which anyone would since that boy can talk and talk. But what is really irritating lately is the fact that he’s holding onto the feeling of being a baby – THE baby.


He cries and moans over so many things. And perhaps I have vaulted him forward, ahead of where he may actually be, emotionally and maturity-wise.  Every child outgrows things at their own pace, I know this. He still wants to carry his little doggie in the mornings and as soon as he gets home from school and his major concern lately is that he’ll one day have to leave the house and be on his own. He says he doesn’t want to leave us and even though we can visit, he’s scared. I don’t ever remember worrying about this as a kid, just as I noticed Elliot is worried about having to be an adult, Isaac has similar worries.8133276423_f014f0ab70_z



I hope he can let go of that fear and just enjoy his childhood. I sometimes wonder if we’re doing this to him; if in telling him we want him to be responsible and independent he mistakes that for us pushing him out and away. I have no idea how to explain to such a young child that I both want him to understand that the world is a harsh unfair place AND that he needs to enjoy being a kid for as long as possible. I felt like a free and easy child for most of my youth and I so very much want mine to enjoy and appreciate that time. Lord knows it’s not getting any easier!14394167381_0f34dfb5d8_z

Random Tuesday – Big birds, naughty devices, weird neighbors, etc


  • I think I blogged about this bird that sounded super high pitched outside my window and I thought it was a regular old bird but it turns out it’s huge – some kind of hawk I thought. Well today I checked it out and I am pretty sure it’s a pair of osprey. I know now that the sound is accurate for one because we went to that Birds of Prey center. You learn something new every day!
  • Since when did Spencer’s turn into a porn store? You know that shop in the mall? The one with all that kitchy stuff – shot glasses and pop cultures tees, etc? I used to love going in there when I was young and hadn’t gone in in a while. When Ash and I walked the mall a few weeks ago we popped in and the whole back wall is comprised of vibrators, etc. Kind of crazy, if you ask me. I started thinking about my daughter being, like, 16 and walking in there. ::shudder:: I know they have to grow up sometime, but still. Kind of reminds me of when I was a college freshmen and we’d go to the porn store, the one where you had to show ID and they had frosted windows. I’d always buy a Playgirl because my roommates thought it was super risque and I loved shock value. LOL. Oh, adolescence.
  •  I facebooked about this yesterday but I finally got around to watching a Rainbow Loom youtube tutorial because I can’t fricken’ figure that thing out. I was unnerved by the fact that the girl doing it might have been eight years old. Funny how we lose certain abilities as we get older, right? I used to be so artsy and crafty!
  • I love the Spurs and have for some time so I find it weird and amusing that the fanfare for their win is kind of hush hush. I mean, usually people go nuts about the winner of the NBA championship. It could be because the people who go nuts are usually the kind of fans that like the Heat: fairweather and frontrunners. I don’t mean every fan, but a good deal of them. I also think it’s a lot less because they didn’t drag it out to seven games. It wasn’t a nail biter; the Spurs handled the Heat. But I am glad for them. I don’t like teams that always win so this was a nice way to end the season.
  • Speaking of seasons ending, the season finale of Game of Thrones was insane! But this is a spoiler-free zone so I will leave it at that.
  • Speaking of Game of Thrones, we saw someone at Epcot on Saturday who looks almost identical to Sansa Stark. It was uncanny.
  • I am completely baffled by these new neighbors. Last weekend, before we went on vacation, I said hello to the old guy in the backyard and he finally greeted me, though did not seem interested in having any further conversation. He and his son got out the lawn mower, cut one swatch of grass diagonally in the yard, and gave up. When we got home yesterday, it appears they have moved nothing else in and neither have they cut their grass. Weird, right?
  • And for you GoT people, here’s a funny. d84043f4da92e4edd066809c38128092

MMMM + Vacation recap; glad to be home

Man, I tell you what: I have never been so thankful to be back in my own home. Though I was gone only a week, it felt a lot longer. I’m not sure we can do this vacation anymore. It’s kind of stressful with Ash having to work long days and I have to take care of the kids alone all day. Granted, we’re at a hotel that is paid for and all, but it would be better if we could all enjoy time off together. BUT, let’s backtrack. (Bear with me; these details are as much for my records as they are simple blogging)

Ash, the baby, and I left last Sunday for my parents’ house around 10 AM. Uneventful drive; she somewhat behaved. Got into town and she took a nap while we reacquainted ourselves with those boys. I really did miss them that week! We all went swimming before having tacos for dinner and relaxing. That first night, the baby did NOT sleep well and it was kind of rough on us. The next morning, we left there about 10:30 to check into our hotel. I was pretty stressed that day, not gonna lie. BG’s eyes had flared back up with the pink eye and wouldn’t you know; I forgot her drops. So while we traveled and checked in and moved bags, I was going back and forth with the doc trying to get them to call a local CVS. I looked them up online and they all said CVS/Pharmacy, except I went to two locations that had NO pharmacy at all. SO, by the time that was even straightened out and they called, it was 3 PM and I said screw it and went the next morning. Ash had meetings and set-up until 6 and then we went to Chevy’s, which was ok. We waited for our food a long time but my veggie quesadillas were damn good.

BG didn’t sleep well that night either so the deprivation was beginning to mount. The second morning – Tuesday – Ash left early to tend to his conference and the kids and I set out for the CVS and a grocery store. Smallest in-room fridge EVER, but we had to have snacks. After that, we went ahead and walked to Downtown Disney, because it was only about half a block from our hotel. That worked out pretty well: we rode a carousel and walked in the shops. The boys played at the T-Rex store and with other little toys and we had a slushie before heading home to nap. They were not too keen on hanging out in the room while the baby slept or while I did some work but it had to be done. They weren’t always impatient about it but a lot of times they were, and that also stressed me out. Plus, we had a lot of rain so the pool was out.

On Day 3, they played ok in the AM but then got to the end of their rope JUST before my sister and Justin got there so that was a close call. We decided to go back to Downtown Disney and it was just as good: went in different stores and on a train and ate just before getting rained on. But it worked; the boys were passed out soon after everyone left. We went out to a local pizza place that night – which was actually really good – and had ice cream afterwards. BG was still waking up on average three times a night and her normally tame cough had mounted due to, well, hotel air. I always sleep like crap in hotels and she’s apparently the same way.

Thursday was starting to feel like we’d been there just too long. We tried to go to the pool early on because the rain was coming but Isaac was cold and wouldn’t get in the hot tub and then it got too crowded for Elliot so we went back in. Ash stopped by the room on his lunch break and that is when it hit me: I had to get those kids out of there. Ash and I conferred and I decided to call in a favor with my dad. I debated it, sure. He and my mom spent all the week before caring for my feral children and then the week we were in the hotel, caring for my dogs. I called and he said it was no problem at all. By 4, he was at the hotel and we were loading all things not Ash’s and going back the 40 minutes to their house. In all honesty, it was for the best. Ash got to go out with some friends from work and relax after a ten hour day; I watched the Heat/Spurs game with my dad and the boys got a good home-cooked meal. My mom was at the beach with friends so it was actually kind of relaxed. BG slept really well that night and I flat out passed out.

Day five, Ash had to work a half day so in the AM, my dad and I took the boys to the Audubon Birds of Prey center in Maitland, which was pretty cool. We tried to ride the Sun Rail but the next one wasn’t coming for an hour from when we arrived and well, I didn’t want to wait with three nutty kids. It worked out though: Ash got home a bit after noon, we ate while the kids slept, then Ash slept, and we all went swimming. My mom got back around 4 and by 6, we were all out eating yummy Mexican food.

At this point, I was really starting to feel like it was time to go home. My boys were good for the most part but if they started to melt down, the end result was an emphatic, “I want to go home, mommy!” But they held in there long enough to go to EPCOT on Saturday. I knew my dad wasn’t coming with but then he offered to stay with Baby Girl while we went, which was a total lifesaver! We got there a little after 9, bought our one kid’s ticket (my mom can get three people in only) and we were on our way. The coolest thing is that we got to see quite a few characters, which is what Isaac missed out on last year at Magic Kingdom and last week at Animal Kingdom. We got to see Pluto, Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, and Chip and Dale. I was stressed about getting in line for long rides but Ash reminded me that we were there for them and it all worked out fine. We hit Spaceship Earth and then that character spot and The Land, then got in line for Test Track. It was an hour wait (fast passes were already for 6 PM and we didn’t want to stay that long). We were almost to the front when it had technical difficulties, setting us back another 20 or so but it was worth it; kids had a blast. At that point we headed to Mexico and ate at the Cantina. It started to rain so we dove into Mexico and did the boat ride. Still raining, we headed into Norway then made our way around the World Showcase. We had frozen thingies at the little trading outpost area, pastries in France, and drinks in England. Then we did Imagination and then hit the Soarin’ line. We had fast passes for six but waited the 50 minutes anyway. I liked it but felt like the movie could have been longer. We headed to Nemo and that was when the kids were DONE. In fact, they didn’t even care to go into any shops!

Though a bit wet, we made it home just fine, had sandwiches, and the kids got in bed by 8:30. The last night there, we all slept pretty well, knowing our time was limited. We left on Sunday at 10 and when we got home, I was just so thankful. I went straight to the grocery store and I just felt comfortable there; MY Publix. Started laundry and the kids played with their toys. Shocking, right? They even offered to help do things. Elliot vacuumed out Ash’s car and Isaac helped me with laundry. What a great evening. By the time the baby was in bed, I’d cleaned and washed and ordered Bonefish for Ash’s father’s day meal. He and I watched Game of Thrones (OMG!) and then end of the game: GO SPURS! I drifted off to sleep as they celebrated their win and when I awoke, I was honestly so disoriented that I wasn’t sure if I was in the hotel or my parents’ living room or what. I think this was an indication that I’d been away far too long.

I am ever so thankful for today: took the younger ones to daycare and Elliot to camp and now I am blissfully in my desk chair, back to my Jimmy Buffett playlists and answering emails. Vacation is nice but I love my routine.



Today’s theme is Rock and Roll legends so here are a few timeless rock songs that I think everyone should hear: