These are not the droids you’re looking for

I’ve been mysteriously absent the last few days and it feels so odd for me to NOT visit regular sites or even check twitter or Pinterest. I thought I might actually craft a Random Tuesday post but then I got sidetracked. Not only is work very busy, but we have Isaac’s party coming up and each evening – when we don’t have baseball games for Elliot – is filled to the brim with party prep. Add onto this a possible new opportunity I am working on and I am just so overwhelmed.

I liked that t-ball was on Saturday mornings, though if I wanted to get stuff done, that was a kink in the chain. Now, either Monday, Wednesday, or Friday evening is dominated by a game. Dinner is all wonky and I am forced to plan ahead. This was the first week so I am still getting the hang of it. Wednesday I made BBQ pulled chicken in my crockpot. The only reason it worked out was because I was home around 11 so I set it for 6 hours on low. Elliot and I loved it but Isaac was not having any part of it, which is odd because that is what he orders at Sonny’s. But I am going to need to plan ahead a whole lot more; he has seven more weeks!

I thought I might break Wednesday night; after we finally got the kids in bed, I got on the couch and started thinking about all the things that still have to get done, then the back pain I am having (think it’s a pinched nerve), then the stuff I had to do that night alone like wash bottles and finish laundry… and I was ready to crawl in a hole and hide forever.

Then yesterday was insane at work – hardly a moment to sit still – and when we got home, we then immediately left for dinner. Ash won some gift cards to our favorite pizza place in his 10k last weekend so we got a nice treat. I had a beer, so that was also excellent. BG gave me the gift of silence: she slept almost the entire time we were there. As soon as we got home, I put her to bed, the menfolk kept working on deck deconstruction, and then Ash and I worked more on Isaac’s party stuff. THEN, we started working to build our new entertainment center for below the TV. Ash went to Party City the other night and when we didn’t really see what he needed for the party, wandered next door to HH Gregg (where we hardly ever shop) and ended up finding a table he liked. We are almost done but by 11:15, we were so tired we had to quit.

It’s been nice though, being busy. But it has to end at some point here. I need just a bit of a breather to collect myself; to reboot.  You can only go go go so much before you crash and burn. I went out to talk to Carrie (she runs the hot dog stand on campus) and I said, “You know what I’d like to be doing right now?” And she guessed my exact answer: “Laying by the pool drinking a beer.” That about sums it up.9061609600_2de80e418c_c


Last summer, vacation

MMMM + Super busy crazy tiring weekend!

I’m not even kidding; I was DONE by 9 PM last night. Let’s see, on Friday afternoon, I left a little early to run some of the myriad errands I had to do, even though it was raining. I first went to World Market to use my 10 dollars off 30 coupon. I got everything for Easter! I know that is way ahead but the coupon was going to expire and I love getting Easter things there. I then went to Academy to procure: a hula hoop and a bicycle for Isaac’s birthday, and a baseball belt.  That done, I gave myself a break and a much much needed pedicure. By the time I got home, so did everyone else. I made spaghetti and we started watching the third LOTR. My kids are really into those movies. In fact, I caught them pretending to be characters from it on Sunday. Isaac was an orc and Elliot was Gandalf and he kept telling Isaac, “You shall not pass!”

On Saturday, I knew I had to start cleaning. The house had become so cluttered that it was beginning to bother me. Plus, with people coming into town at the end of this week, it made sense. It was slated to rain pretty much all day so the three things we planned to do: baseball opening day for city sports, the Springtime parade, and baseball practice (which actually got canceled) were off the table. Ash still ran his 10k and the funny thing is that by 10:30, when the parade was set to begin, the sun came out and it turned out to be a lovely day. The stupid weather dice-rollers failed again. I’m convinced it’s not actually a science but a huge hoax. I think I may be a weather person. Easiest job ever; just guess! Oh, but so we ran errands and then went to Sonny’s. We all took an excellent nap that afternoon and then I mowed the lawn, made dinner, and watched more Lord of the…

On Sunday, I made it a point to do the two things my kids had been bugging me about: planting peanuts and start building the Lego Delorean. Mission accomplished! My neighbor, the one who’s moving, asked to do some laundry so I was here, there, and everywhere doing chores while she was in and out with clothes, and Ash and the boys did more work on the deck. We honest to God worked almost every moment of yesterday. When Isaac went down for a nap, Ell kept hauling long deck boards to me where I was sawing them in half. Directly after that, we went out to buy things for Isaac’s party. It’s a superhero theme so we needed to get items for the games and all that. We left at 3 and got home at 5:30! I quickly cleaned up then picked up pizza and my neighbor came over for dinner. She stayed until nearly 9 and I STILL had 10 papers to grade! I got all that done and finally ate some kind of cake. I was lamenting the fact I didn’t get a cake or sweets on my birthday so I bought a little parfait thing at the store. It was my reward for all that hard work!



It’s another freebie week so let’s pick some songs that dominated our weekend. As I was sawing boards, I would saw one side, then the other then flip the board and do the same. When it was weakened, I heel-kicked it to break it. For some reason, I got this following song in my head:

It makes sense; meet in the middle.

Then, Ash couldn’t stop singing this song and then, neither could the kids!

And this one, well, it’s a commercial but this will get stuck in your head!

Friday confessions –

I confess… I have gotten a venti coffee two days in a row, which is unlike me. I had a free birthday drink and then my aunt sent me a five dollar gift on facebook. So hey, why not?

I confess… I had a driveway moment yesterday when I caught Fresh Air’s interview with Bryan Cranston. I love that guy. I wish Malcolm in the Middle would release all the seasons on DVD. I’m dying to see the roller skating episode.tumblr_luxcwhB0xg1qbvaudo3_250

I confess… I have had two other driveway moments with NPR this week. I’m not much for their political views but  I love Fresh Air and Ask Me Another. I also think I am in love with Jonathan Coulton. He’s awesome.

I confess... I did not eat any kind of cake or ice cream on my birthday. I had the opportunity to have dessert at lunch but I opted for 10% off instead.

I confess… I have one million errands to run and very little time. I am pretty much thinking about leaving early and going to a bunch of different places to bang out a few of them. Even though it’s going to rain today, I have got to get shit done!

I confess… I may also get a pedicure because my god, my toes are in serious need. I also confess that that’s going to be really nice: relaxing a little amidst all this other chaos.

Get off of my cloud

I find myself in an exceptionally good mood today, which feels odd. I am normally neutral or a little less than; I’d say on any given day my attitude and overall contentedness with the world sits anywhere from 40-70%. I always pride myself on maintaining status quo; so as long as everything is going smoothly and my obligations are getting taken care of, I am perfectly happy not assessing how I actually feel.  But as I said, I feel GOOD today.

BG slept all night so that always helps. We worked out last night and it was difficult but satisfying. ( I love the 13 minute mark of T25; Shaun T looks right at you and tells you that you’ve got this; just 12 more minutes and you’re done!) We also took a long walk down a different trail than normal. It’s the Fern Trail at Governor’s park. Ash used to mountain bike through there and now he runs a portion of it. We walked roughly 3 miles and didn’t even have too much complaining from the boys. They like it but eventually, get tired. At mile marker 48, there was an area where rock encroached on the little gulley below and make the water narrow but created a landing. The boys got down there and explored for a bit while I stayed above, since I had BG in the carrier. I also had the dogs. While they were down there, my two Bostons encountered another whose name was Kudzu; cute!20140325_17535320140325_175424


What is even more strange about my unusual good mood is that the past two days have found me being rather snippy and quick to easy annoyance. Little things got on my nerves: Ash not cleaning up the hair after shaving, dishes in the sink I failed to wash, the kids messing around at dinner. Maybe somewhere in the night, my subconscious decided to say “screw it, be happy.”

Tomorrow, at 12:31 PM, I will turn 35 years old. What is it about those kinds of numbers that make it seem much more important? 31? Not anything to mention. 23, just a random number in between 20 and 30. But count by 5s or 10s and it’s a huge deal. I don’t feel 35 so I guess that is what matters. I have a free Starbucks drink coming to me, a 10 dollar off coupon from World Market, and a free cone at Bruster’s.  I have my eye on a new pair of shoes and I plan to buy BG a bathing suit for when the pool opens. There’s a lot of stuff on my horizon and it’s almost all good. Sure, we have to do our taxes and chances are, that money is going towards replacing the pipes in our house; a huge job but one that desperately needs to get done. But that’s 35. That’s having a house and kids and living the domestic life. I wouldn’t trade it for being single or making a million dollars or being famous. Not for one second.

Random Tuesday – Oh it’s random all right

I despise you, Tuesday, but let’s get random!




  • I ordered that new eggs Benedict sammich from Dunkin Donuts this morning and I am shocked I don’t like it. Eggs Benedict is one of my all-time favorite breakfast foods. But this sandwich is just so-so. Also, their latte machine was broken so I had to go to Starbucks anyway. Oh, hello Tuesday, you sick bastard.
  • Elliot went back to school after 10 days. I remember being a kid and loving breaks but being ready to go back. As a parent, I think that’s just too long. LOL. I don’t think that makes me bad; I just know how my kids thrive on routine and how they react to being off of it.
  • Though it is Tuesday, I have a confession: I didn’t work out yesterday. Having Elliot here and a looong busy day at work, by the time it was, oh, 8:30, I’d drifted off on the couch while watching Bones. (Dammit, that makes two weeks in a row I have missed the majority of.)
  • I also slept funky so my right shoulder and side of my neck are all jacked up.
  • I always found it funny how people say they have a crick in their neck. But to me, this is a crick:Toshiba Exif JPEG
  • I think it might be a northern thing. The people I knew in western New York state always called the water near the country farmhouse a crick. I spent a lot of vacations with my feet in that cool water, searching for smooth stones and finding crawfish hear and there. Also, some people call those crawdads or crayfish. Language is so cool, isn’t it?
  • Sorry, that was my English nerd speaking there.
  • I know four people who have birthdays today and, as I have mentioned, mine is right around the corner. Are we doing anything special? Probably not. Elliot has baseball practice on Thursday and of course, I have to work out.
  • I secretly hope Ash at least plans to take care of dinner that night.
  • BG has been “talking” a lot lately. When she’s in a really babbly mood, she’ll say “da da”, “ba ba”, and a version of
    “ma”. But the word she says a lot is something like, “Ah da” but she ALWAYS looks right at Ash when she says it so, there you go; first word =  dada.
  • As I lay down in bed last night, I had this sudden realization that I have a MILLION things to do and my heart started beating rapidly and I kind of freaked out for maybe three seconds. Then I just took it in stride and said to myself, “Self, you got this. It’ll all get done.” And I didn’t even really have to force that. Maybe I am getting the hang of this adult/parenting thing. Only took me until 35 but hey, at least I’m improving!

MMMM +Not ready to begin the day

Uuurrrggghhh. Not really ready to begin the day. Coffee has yet to begin flowing through my veins. I also have my oldest boy in the office because Spring Break isn’t long enough for teachers; they need just ONE more day to get stuff done. Meanwhile, all working parents are screwed. So yeah, he’s coloring and trying to be a good kid. My friend’s kid will be here later so they can entertain each other.

ANYWAY, my Friday wasn’t bad: we had a potluck breakfast at work, I finished up some things, then went home to meet Ash. We had Texas Roadhouse and walked around the mall before seeing Non-Stop, which was alright. We didn’t see the last two minutes because daycare called and Isaac had a stomach plague relapse. Sigh. Luckily, he handles all that pretty well. Though, Ash did put him to bed in the bathroom like last time. I don’t think he threw up anymore. Around 7:30, I went out. My friend, Dave, and I went right down the road to the Miccosukee Root Cellar, which I have been wanting to go to for a long time. They don’t do call-aheads or reservations so I expected to wait, which we did but for only about 20 minutes. Dave and I ordered drinks at the bar (Big Nose IPA for me) and were escorted to our table shortly thereafter. I found it to be pretty reasonably priced. We got the bread plate, which had two slices of both white and wheat from a local bakery – Au Peche Mignon – and some awesome butters. I ordered the shrimp and grits, even though it was technically an appetizer. I thought it was enough: six large shrimp and a nice helping of grits. It was all amazing but when I got home, my dream of working out was just going to happen; I basically fell asleep on the couch soon after.

We got a lot of things done both Saturday and Sunday: random errands, grocery shopping, moving junk to the corner to be taken in the trash. We napped and watched movies; it was quite relaxing. We made some nice meals too so all in all, a great weekend.




Yay for freebie weeks! I decided I’ll pick some songs I liked in the 90s, because I just saw a list of them that was particularly interesting.

Writer’s Workshop – You thought you were busy before…

workshop-button-15.) Something that is a challenge for you

As a mom of three, keeping up with everything is a challenge for me and here’s something I wrote about it:


It has been a scant 20 seconds since I gave at least three hugs and kisses to each boy, tucking them back in after they got up to close the closet or move a shoe or something of that sort. The door creaks open and one is now thirsty; the other is, therefore, also dying of extreme thirst and they both pad into the kitchen. I tell them goodnight one more time and sit on the couch, holding my breath. What other stalling tactic will I see next? How long before I hear the door again? I don’t, but then my seven month old remembers it is still evening hours which means she should scream her lungs out for absolutely no justifiable reason. It is her job as a baby – who does little else – to exercise those new lungs so I’m up again, cradling a tiny warm body in hopes she stays quiet for a little while, because after a nine hour work day where my office is a revolving door of grad student with their own set of problems, the last thing my fragile psyche can handle is more senseless crying.

A friend once told me that the hardest thing is going from zero kids to one. That first kid is a doozy but as you add more, it’s never so bad. You’re more prepped, they explained. You’ve done it before and at least know what to expect. Ok, I’ll give my friend that: as I had my second and third children, I went into it knowing how the kid thing works. But I don’t know if it’s “not as bad” so much as it is just entirely different. One to two seemed like my problems enhanced exponentially. They didn’t just double but intensified based solely on each individual issue that arose. The thing I had going for me that second time was that I had another boy so I felt comfortable in doing boy things. No new clothes needed to be purchased. The nursery stayed as it was; all the toys were good to go as boy #2 aged. Sure, having two boys amplified the sound in our household tenfold and there were a lot of pretend guns and cars and dinosaurs. But it was also pretty magical. Still, I don’t think zero to one was harder than two to three. Dividing my attention amongst everyone is by far the most difficult part. I’m pulled in so many directions: the boys, husband, jobs, my own basic desires like, you know, going to the bathroom.

There are days when 24 hours is enough. I get work done, the kitchen cleaned, dinner made, kids in bed, AND find time to work out and watch an episode of Inkmaster. Still, there are days when you’d think I hadn’t the slightest idea how to be a mom. Jeans didn’t get washed or we’re out of apple sauce and the dogs are jumping on kids and kids are crying and this mom has had it. There have probably been times when my neighbors thought they should call the Child Services because I’m ranting about my kids’ lack of sense. I would kill for just one or two more hours to wash dishes and maybe – just maybe – I could even read a book.

I chatted briefly with a guy who works at a downtown eatery I’ve been frequenting for years. I knew he was getting married over Spring Break so we talked about it and he beamed happily explaining his honeymoon in Paris and Rome. Then he said, “Well, back to the grind. That’s the way it is.” And he’s right. This is life; the good stuff presents itself here and there and sometimes you get a break but day to day this is what we do. We’re busy, we have to get stuff done, we give ourselves over to inevitability of responsibility. You could go crazy thinking about what the point of it all is but then, when my oldest son comes out of his room again, even after the second glass of water, and gives me a sweet kiss on the cheek and a tired “I love you”, then I know why I do all this. I know.

Random Tuesday – Any time the sun wants to come out…

Despite a rainy weekend, we’re having a great week and it’s an excellent time to get random!




  • A wee bit late to work today because dropping Elliot off at the Y requires going clear across town. If I wanted it to be convenient, I would have just put him at the other kids’ daycare. But seeing as how he’s in first grade and almost seven, I thought it wise not to put him with all the four year olds.
  • He seemed to like the first day; they do so many different activities that he’s never bored, which is key for kids. Some of you know exactly what I mean!
  • So I weighed myself on Sunday and I am five pounds lighter than the last time I weighed sometime early last week. I highly doubt all of that is from being sick so it must mean that the combination of running/eating better/T25 are beginning to work! Like I said to Ash and in my last post about this workout: I don’t need to look like a model. Hell, I don’t even need to be super thin. I just need to lose the majority of the baby fat in my midsection and I want to get stronger, which is going to happen no matter what. This program works your abs like a beast!
  • I can barely remember what it feels like to put on a bathing suit and not feel self-conscious.
  • My wedding rings are loose now though, which is kind of like a small victory but also, annoying when I type.
  • SO, as my oldest son pointed out this morning, my birthday is in nine days. I’ll be 35. I want to get some of my friends together and hang out at Level 8 but I’ve been slack on finding out how much it costs to reserve a couch. I JUST sent an email trying to figure out when everyone’s free. The self-conscious introvert in me just had a slight panic attack as I hit send. What if they don’t WANT to hang out with me? It’s silly, I know. But I have always second-guessed myself.
  • Maybe, as I round the bend here on mid-30s, I should throw that crap out the window and focus on being more confident. In so many ways, I have. I don’t worry nearly as much about what other people think. My choices are mine and I almost always feel justified. But I need to go whole-hog and just be me. Be proud of who I am.
  • Wow, that sounded super cheesy!
  • Mmmm, cheese.30d68e5b30f76af57531b85491556906

Back from the dead + MMMM

Late Friday evening, a work friend of mine started a new game of Words with Friends with me and asked where I’d been. My answer was, “Dead. Mostly. Until tonight really.” Yes, I was out cold from about 11:30 PM Wednesday until 5 or so. I even still felt a little bad on Saturday. We did our workout on Wednesday night and I opened my early birthday present: a new vacuum. I vacuumed the living room then went into the bedroom around 10:30 to read. Around 11, my stomach started cramping and  then for the next five hours, I was in the bathroom, wrecked. My whole body hurt so much that in between bouts, all I could do was collapse back onto the floor. I pulled a large comforter in there and tried feebly to wrap it around myself as I lay down but I barely cared; so long as it was semi-comfy, I was ok. It was god-awful, people. This is a new bug going around that presents like food poisoning but then leaves you with flu-like aches and chills. I barely got out of bed Thursday and even Friday, I didn’t go to work and I got three things done throughout the entire day.

I was happy to be feeling somewhat like myself on Saturday. And able to eat normal food again. The two days before I ate five small containers of apple sauce and half a piece of toast. Anyway, Ell had baseball practice in the morning and we went to Sonnys after. I couldn’t eat as much as normal but maybe that’s a good thing. We napped and played outside and had spaghetti. I even went to Target by myself that evening, which was quite nice. OH, I forgot to mention that around noon on Friday, Dakota had to be sent home with a fever. Luckily, that was all she had. She was cranky all weekend but I think she fought it off.

It rained the majority of Sunday so we mostly cleaned and watched movies. We showed the boys the original Superman movie and we also finished Stargate, which we’d started watching nearly a month ago. It rained All. Night. Long. And it is still raining today. It didn’t help my Sunday mood. I found myself to be anxious and annoyed for the first time in a while; with three kids and so much going on, I barely have time to sit back and really be worried about stuff but there it was. I think my big fear was Elliot going to Spring Break camp at the Y. He does swim lessons there but other than that, I don’t know a lot about it. I mean, we’ve been inside obviously but after I signed up, there wasn’t any kind of day one instructions, etc. BUT, after I took him today, I feel a lot better. The guy running sign in obviously knows what he is doing and has done this before. Plus, other kids being dropped off had that same worried and apprehensive look on their faces as their parents let them go, and for some reason, that made me feel just fine. I know he’ll be good. The Y is a long-time trusted institution!

My mother is coming through town today on her way home from the Pensacola job. She might pick Ell up early and then she’ll leave tomorrow. I’m thinking Chinese food tonight because I don’t feel like cooking. I’m still a little put off food, even though it wasn’t actually food poisoning. I wish I hadn’t gotten sick over Spring Break; I took a break all right but it sure wasn’t fun!




Well, for St. Patrick’s Day, I guess I will pick some songs about luck, what say ye?