Friday Five – V-day, etc

Five Thoughts:

  1. I’m going to this brunch thing today; they’re calling it “Galentines”, which I think is kind of silly but also kind of fun. I’m so bad about being social and I know as I am driving to this thing I will be nervous then, once I get there, everything will be fine.
  2. I’m getting really excited about two things: Elliot’s Native American project and seeing these replica ships. For one, Elliot is getting interested in Native American history, which means a lot to me. If there’s one “minority” group that I really support, it’s them. My ancestors decided that even though those people were already living here, it was ok to oust them. This just burns me. And the ship thing is cool because my dad used to take me to do that kind of thing all the time and my boys are super excited. Also, we haven’t done any activities aside from eating out and soccer lately so that’s also cool.
  3. The daycare was doing a Valentine’s watch the kids kind of thing but not enough families signed up; it was canceled. Luckily, we have a babysitter and instead, Ash and I are going out tonight. This may actually work out better, because we won’t have to rush home after the ships. We’re going to the nicer/more expensive hibachi place because we hardly ever go there anymore. Should be fun!
  4. My grandfather seems to be doing well after the passing of my grandma. He’s the neighborhood sprinkler repair dude so that keeps him busy. A relative, Sam, and his neighbor, Craig, were taking him out to eat the other day. And then my mom told me about this cool thing he’s doing for the local WW2 veteran group. They’re all flying to D.C. for a day to visit the memorial and eat. How cool is that? He’d known about it for a while but didn’t want to commit. I know it’s horrible to say that he can go because he no longer needs to care for my grandmother but I am really glad he has all this going for him.
  5. Only two more soccer weekends! Early games this Saturday – ugh – but then next week are final games and trophy ceremonies. Then, the boys are going camping! Ash has wanted to take them for a while but needed someone to set things up. When it comes to activities he has never led before, he wants to participate with someone else at the helm first. A co-worker and his boss will be running the thing, providing sleeping bags and food. I’m glad the kids will have this opportunity. The few times I camped as a kid in the YMCA Indian Princesses, I really liked it.

Five Photos:






Wednesday Hodgepodge – Love and Tuna Fish


1. Have you ever written a love letter? Have you written one recently? Had one written to you? Did you keep it?

Yes. No. Yes. Yes. LOL. I have written many to my husband and he has written them to me. I know we have a folder of all that stuff somewhere. When I was in seventh grade, a boy named Kenneth wrote me one and I destroyed him because I corrected his spelling and grammar errors and gave it back. It was an awful thing to do, I know!

2. What’s a movie that ends in a way you especially love?

Oh so many of them! The first one that came to mind is An Affair to Remember, because it ends happily but not perfect, and that’s about all you can ask for in life.

3. Something that makes your heart sing? And for those of you who are parents, I mean something besides your children that makes your heart sing?

I’m going to go with one of those serendipitous moments when the sun is setting all orangey-red and a great song comes on the radio and I open the windows and enjoy being alone in my car.

4. What’s the last event you had to attend, phone call you had to make, routine task you needed to complete, or meal you had to prepare, that you did do, but only half-heartedly?

Ha, meals: I have been half-assing those for a week or more. Mostly because of soccer. We have practice on both Tuesday and Thursday and we basically come home, change, grab a snack, and go back out. So when we get home around seven, one of us starts on dinner and the other puts baby to bed. I have to say, I made a nice dinner both Saturday and Sunday, but my goal is to get better about weeknight meals.

5. Tuna fish salad-yay or blech? If you said yay, how do you like your tuna salad prepared? Hey, this is the Hodgepodge, right?

My parents made tuna a lot when I was a kid so I do like it. My mom puts in mayo, salt, pepper, green onions, chopped sweet pickles and just a wee bit of the pickle juice. I prefer it on toasted bread. 

6. What’s something you ‘know by heart’?

Every lyric to Fleetwood Mac’s Rumors, the alphabet backwards, and the lines to Groundhog Day.

7. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, what two or three word phrase would you write on a conversation heart for someone you love? That someone could be a spouse, child, parent, cousin, bestie…anyone at all whom you love.

Always and forever

8. Insert your own random thought here.

I’ve railed about it before but I don’t care for Valentine’s Day. Since I have kids, I have to buy into the commercialism of it – they’re forced to give valentines to everyone in their classes. But if I had my druthers, Ash and I would show love all the time, not just when society tells me to. Of course, we DO, but the kids are already being brainwashed by it. Elliot said to me this morning, let’s put on a love song; it’s almost Valentine’s Day. And I told him how I am always playing love songs; he should pay attention more often! As long as I am being crotchety about things, let me remind everyone that my kid’s name is Dakota, for when the 50 Shades chick gets popular. And also, if you’re interested, I can give you a long list of 50 shades type books that are ten times better. Christian Grey is an ass and a really bad dom. Let me show you the way!

(If interested, Kresley Cole’s The Master comes out this coming Tuesday; buy The Professional first and then this one. SO GOOD.)the-master1

Random Tuesday – Drag a canoe, pressing on, Dog mom, Italian ban

Stacy Uncorked
  • Well, today has started off MUCH better than yesterday, that’s for sure! I think the sun may even shine today. Shocker!
  • Elliot has to do a project for school and he can choose a minority, woman, native american, etc. We’ve chosen Dragging Canoe, a Cherokee chieftain known for his extraordinary bravery. Ash is 1/8 Cherokee, which makes Ell 1/16. Pretty sure this is our obvious choice then. He can then learn his ancestry at the same time! I looked for books in the campus libraries and found all of… one. I’ll go get it later and let him pick and choose his info. These projects are always fun but also painstaking.
  • We had to have a Come to Jesus talk with him recently about supposed behavior issues and that C in English and I tell you, he’s doing better now. We can’t always get a great teacher and he has to learn that. I told him how my 5th grade teacher was so mean and she didn’t make learning fun at all. So to get past that, I worked on me. I put myself in direct competition with the smartest kid in the class, Michael Cruz. Granted, I was also an all-A student but he finished tests before me so the challenge was on. I had to beat him to the finish AND still get all As. It is what kept me going that year.
  • I have some reading and class prep to do this morning but I am feeling distracted. My brain is thinking about Indian war chiefs, abandoned malls, and old restaurants we no longer can visit.  Remember Steak and Ale? I used to love going there for special occasions; it was kind of dark and fancy-looking. Then again, when I was a kid, I thought Red Lobster was fancy.
  • We’re considering going to Carrabba’s for Valentine’s day. I actually don’t ever want to eat Italian, let alone eat it at a restaurant but I will, because Ash likes it. But I can’t figure out WHY I no longer like that kind of food. It could be because it makes me feel too full or maybe because most dishes are too rich. Maybe a nice chicken marsala wouldn’t be too bad.
  • I had to make a call to the vet and I realize that I never say who I am, but I introduce myself as “Todd’s mom”, because they all know Todd. How crazy.
  • It’s almost 9 AM and I haven’t finished my coffee; this is entirely unlike me. Maybe I am learning to temper myself, slow down, enjoy.

And the Tuesday chat prompt:

I think; therefore I have a headache. Suffer from over-thinking? Guilty of the thinking much? Or, just.. .meh.

Yes! I do over-think and I it causes me to second-guess my instincts and my confidence and this is not a good thing at all. I over-think how I am going to get everything done or what some random thing could possibly mean. I sometimes wish I were not so observant of everything because it drives me nuts!brain-gym-exercises


With that, I leave you. I have to go teach and then I’m going out to lunch. Have a good Tuesday!

MMMM + It’s been a day already

For one, my kids were in rotten moods. Neither wanted what the other was having for breakfast so I became short order cook just to quell the shouting and crying. (I realize I should have held strong here but you pick your battles at 6;30 in the morning.) Then I looked through Elliot’s folder and saw that he had had some behaviour issues last week. He claims he actually did not do what the teacher said and I’m inclined to believe him. I can usually break him down if he messed up. So there was all that, plus learning that he has to do some kind of project by the 21st. Sigh. So, once I got everyone eating, I went to get dressed after letting my dogs out into the yard. All ready, I went to get said dogs into the house and Zoey was nowhere to be found. I spent about five minutes outside calling her name, then the people from three houses down were driving by and let me know she was rooting around in their yard. Once I collected her stupid ass and put her back inside, we were good to go. Or were we?

It was rainy, I grabbed the wrong form for something I had to do for daycare, and we were running ten minutes late. All in all, my day got exponentially better when I got to my office and drank my latte and ate my breakfast. I don’t normally have bad Mondays so this is definitely the exception.

We actually had a pretty good weekend. Both their soccer teams lost, as per usual, but Elliot had some great saves as goalie AND… Isaac scored three goals! It was fairly awesome to see him out there dominating. It’s too bad they just can’t win one game. One; that’s all I am asking for.

I feel like even though we had fun there and at home, everyone was kind of grouchy. I think we finally overcame that Sunday afternoon when we took a long walk on the Fern Trail. I put baby in the Beco carrier and carried her backpack style. I have to say, my back didn’t hurt at the time but it does now! Rooty trails plus twenty pound baby equals pain. But it was still really nice. We found a geocache along the way and the boys ran a lot. We topped off the night with a hearty steak dinner and I feel like Sunday was a very accomplished day.



To be honest, I have not been listening to much music lately. I don’t know any new bands and I haven’t even been much into old stuff. But I’ll set my ipod to random and see what comes up. First two songs win.

Wednesday Hodgepodge – Is it tomorrow yet?

1.  Do you wear your heart on your sleeve, or keep your emotions tucked in tight?

Most of the time I’m pretty locked up but certain people can pull it out of me.

2.  How did you meet your closest friend?

College, because if I had to choose a best friend, it’d be my husband. As cliche as that is. But I just have never clicked enough with another woman to be best friends.

3. Pink lemonade, grilled salmon, cotton candy, pink grapefruit, a strawberry milkshake, or raspberry sorbet…of the pink foods listed, which one is your favorite? Least favorite? Which one have you most recently consumed?

Tough question. Favorite? Probably the sorbet; I get this craving for something cold and fruity all the time. I’m putting cotton candy at the bottom. Not that it isn’t good, it just isn’t something I ever want to eat.

4. When were you last ‘tickled pink’ over something? Explain.

Yesterday. Isaac was shooting this little rubber disc down the hallway and Dakota loved running to get it and bringing it back to him. She still runs all stiff legged because she’s only 18 months; it was adorable.

5. Are you a fan of television talk shows? Daytime, nighttime, or both? What’s your favorite?

Talk shows? No. I mean, we tune into Jimmy Fallon from time to time but there’s nothing I HAVE to watch. And every time I have to stay home sick, I realize just how AWFUL daytime TV is.

6.  When was the last time you wanted to ask a question, but felt too foolish to do so?

I know this came up recently but I cannot think what the circumstance was!

7.  My favorite ____________________right now is ____________________.

Why am I struggling with this? Ok ok, here goes: My favorite SNACK right now is: Chex Mix cookies and cream muddy buddys. OMG they are a blessing and a curse!

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

Whether it is last night’s full moon or “that time of the month” or this rainy gray day, I feel sub-par today. I am looking forward to later this month when I will receive my Young Living Endoflex, which is a hormone balancer. My friend swears it has literally changed her life. I definitely need something; I don’t ever quite feel like myself, whatever that is…68ce3aa45081de9d949a36139b284758

Random Tuesday – Superbowl awesomeness, beds, vaccines, and more!

Stacy Uncorked
Time to do that random thang
  • Man, what a Superbowl!  I said this yesterday: I don’t normally favor a side but I did want the Pats to win this time. But really, all I ever want is a good game. If the SB is a blow-out, I feel cheated. The commercials were pretty good too, though that Allstate ad about the kid dying is like, really? What a buzzkill.
  • I thought Katy Perry’s halftime show was awesome, to be honest. It was entertaining and silly and the sharks rocked! I don’t understand why people are hating on it so much. I think the halftime show is normally a steaming pile; this was ten times better.
  • It just occurred to me this morning that since we got our new bed, I have had only one night where I woke up in the middle of said night. I sleep from the time I get into bed until the alarm goes off. That’s not to say I’m not still tired; but at least I am staying asleep. Win!
  • My mom called last night and the deal is sealed: she and my dad will move to Pensacola so she can start teaching at a private school in August. This is kind of huge because she’s been out of teaching for about a year and my dad has not been able to find work for much longer. (No one wants to hire guys over 60!) This is an even bigger deal because my sister has lived close to my parents, well, forever. If you don’t count when she lived here for a year and Brooklyn for eight months. I kind of wonder if it’s the kick in the pants she needs to make herself totally independent.  This move is good for us because: a.) one hour closer than before, b.) A straighter drive and no tolls, and c.) the beach! I am pumped about it.
  • I’m feeling super out of shape and though I keep meaning to make a point to work out, I just don’t. I got on the elliptical last Thursday but it feels like forever ago. Maybe audio-books are the thing that will get me out the door. I feel like that might be the solution.
  • Did you all hear about that new laundromat in Portland named Spin? It’s not just a place to wash your clothes but a bar and cafe AND they have pinball machines. Howcome no one has thought of this before? Not that I do my laundry anywhere other than home but in large cities, this totally makes sense. I am all about the multitasking.
  • Does anyone take probiotics? If so, please tell me what brand you use and if you like it. I’m buying the basic Sundown ones but think I may need more. More active cultures!
  • Did you guys hear about the kid in Texas who got suspended for bringing a ring to class and, as he was pretending it was the One Ring (as in, Lord of the…), he told a kid it could make him disappear? I mean, since when do we live in a world where words are so powerful? The admins claim they won’t tolerate threats of any kind and I guess this also means of the imaginary, magical kind. What bullshit. It’s stuff like this that makes me stabby. Don’t we want kids to use their imagination??
  • Speaking of things that make me stabby – and this goes along with the Tuesday chat theme: anti-vaxxers … Let me tell you how selfish and ridiculous those folks are. Yes, I know there is gray space, for people whose kids are ill and cannot receive vaccines, but if your kid is healthy enough to receive one then it is your worldly responsibility to get them that vaccine. How dare you put an entire population at risk because you’re “scared” or you “didn’t do your research” or “you abstain for religious reasons.” I interpret that as “I use religion to keep from using logic.” If we have a full-scale measles outbreak, I am gunning for you. Be forewarned.
  • That said, I am putting down my pen, so to speak, and moving on. I hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday!



MMMM + Thank God it is February

Yeah… I didn’t like January so here’s to a new beginning. Even though Punxatawney Phil says six more weeks of winter; OF COURSE.

Our weekend though? It was ok. Both boys’ soccer teams lost but it wasn’t from a lack of trying. In fact, Isaac scored a goal! It was awesome and I’m super proud. His goal actually gave that team a much needed kick in the pants so maybe Tuesday (his one weeknight game) they’ll try harder. Ell’s team lost also but it was a hard-fought match. Halfway through the season already; kind of glad and looking forward to baseball. Elliot was pretty good at it and it signifies things to me like the time change, the weather getting warmer, and a slowness to Spring creeping in that I just love.

The rest of the weekend was fine; I got things done and the kids played well. In fact, Baby was in a particularly good mood so hoorah for that.

This week brings with it a lot of work but also, a need to save money. In some ways, it is nice to have myself on a tight budget because I do well with having that as a goal. It keeps me thinking about that and making myself be good, like by going home for lunch and not randomly eating Chik-fil-a. LOL


This week’s theme is “duets” so here are a few of my favorite:

OK I know it is cheesy but I love this duet from the movie Duets.

Friday Five – It is what it is

Five Thoughts:

  1. I was in an exceptionally good mood yesterday and I’ll tell you why: I’ve let go of the trouble my sister is having. Without telling all her business, she is in a bind but it’s her business. She’s acting very immature but doesn’t want to hear what we all have to say. BUT she is very interested in telling us how we’ve abandoned her. Whatever. I’ve put it behind me. I have a life that’s full up at the moment and I cannot worry for her, nor can I fix any of her problems. Sometimes, we have to fix them ourselves and just know that our family is still there. I wish she’d hear me on that one.
  2. I woke up this morning worried about money, which I haven’t done in a long time. I have to start planning for summer (yes, this early) and start saving for Hawaii (yes, this early.) To get those nagging thoughts to go away, I did yoga in the dim light from under the bathroom door as Ash took his shower. It was… refreshing.
  3. BUT I forgot to take my oils for cleansing/appetite curbing and I also meant to put some pain cream on my back so there’s that…
  4. BUT I did work out last night! I got on the elliptical and did the hill route, which is not easy! But it felt amazing.
  5. I plan to eat a literal ton when we go to Hawaii but I need to eat a whole lot less if I think I’m getting into a bathing suit!

Five Pictures:

This first one is the page in my creative journal that I dedicated to my Grandmother; these are all the things I remember about her.grandma


That’s the fire we had Monday night. Turned out really nice!

And now, some random ones from Pinterest:

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Fleeting ideas

A brief run-down of things I’ve thought about this week.

(Because you care)

When I drive home from work, I sometimes really blast my music. I know it seems sort of silly and immature but I love to roll my windows down and crank that baby up to 18, 19. I roll my windows down and let it go: the day, the frustrations, whiny students, tiny annoyances. All right out those windows. I sometimes feel so open and free that I imagine my car’s doors open entirely, rocketing down the road, soothing everyone with my choice of aural stress reliever.


Not everyone’s is the same, I realize. When I get in and Ozzy’s Boneyard (on XM) is playing one of THE best AC/DC songs, I feel like you all need to hear it.


After observing one of the TA’s classes the other day, I realized that I do regret not getting my act together and teaching a class on Hair Metal and Gender. I watched this guy teach about racial identities and Japanese anime and the way he spoke so eloquently and knowledgeably about these topics made me sad that in the basic courses I teach, that isn’t an opportunity. Sure, I tell them about squeezing details out of boring sentences and analyzing themselves to get a higher meaning into an essay. But I would love to actually talk about things I know about. Not that I did a whole lot of research in the gender studies area but I would brush up if it meant I could slap down the cover of Poison’s first album and ask them if they thought those “women’ were pretty.Poison-Look-What-The-Cat-Dragged-In-2006-Frontal

Think of all the conversations! The 80s as a decade when this was becoming acceptable, the 90s as the death of the rock god, the 2000s as… hell, I don’t even know. But that class would be a hell of a lot of fun.


Dakota is the child who does that thing where she cries so hard she passes out. She’s my first to do this and it could be one of the scariest things I have ever witnessed. Both boys have passed out exactly once in their lives: Elliot was running in socks and fell in the kitchen. He cried, then stopped, then immediately went limp in Ash’s arms. (Funny that Ash doesn’t remember this instance.) Isaac passed out when he was knocked under water at the bottom of a huge water slide. He cried when the kid collided into him and as he took a breath, he went under and swallowed water. Obviously all my children are just fine but Dakota’s thing is different.

If she’s in a particularly clingy mood and I walk away from her, she might cry so hard she passes out then. The worst part is that she falls over and I may have left the room. After such an incident yesterday, I realize that we cannot just let her cry in that manner. If we sense she might cry harder than usual, she’s going to need to be supervised. The passing out will continue if it’s going to but at least we can stop her from falling over and hurting herself further. Just when you think you have the hang of parenting, something else happens!

Wednesday Hodgepodge – I’m done with you, Winter

1. When did someone last suggest you ‘chill out’? Or, when did you last tell someone (or want to tell someone) to ‘chill out’? Or, when did you last tell yourself to ‘chill out’?

Pretty sure it was my husband, reminding me to be patient with the kids. But I tend to tell them to chill out also.

2. What most recently caused your heart to melt?

See now, this is actually a difficult question. Things have been shaky around here this January and I can’t think of anything that has done this. Maybe when I caught Elliot reading to Baby.

3. “An adventure is only an inconvenience rightly considered. An inconvenience is only an adventure wrongly considered.” G.K. Chesterton

Your thoughts? When did you last experience either an adventure or an inconvenience? How did you see it at first, as an adventure or an inconvenience?  Does it feel the same in hindsight?

The traveling for my grandmother’s funeral included a lot of inconveniences: had to find a sub for my class, had to get an oil change ASAP, drove four hours at night to sleep at my parents’ freezing house (it is always cold!). Then the drive down again was riddled with stops due to bathroom and various other issues. The drive back to my parents’ after the whole affair was dark and rainy and ended with a car that wouldn’t start. yes, looking back, I actually really enjoyed spending the time with my family through the experience but it was crappy at the time.

4. A Wendy’s Frosty, root beer in a frosty mug, or a frosted chocolate cupcake…of these three, which one is your favorite ‘frosty’ treat?

Can I choose root beer float? If not, then just the root beer. I’m not a soda drinker normally but that one… oooh, the best!

5. Would you say your life so far this year has been more like a circus or a symphony? Explain why.

Ha! I think you can surmise this one: circus for sure. I’m hoping February will find more of our symphony vibe.

6. Since it’s a ‘snow day’ here, what’s your favorite song containing the word ‘white’?

White Lightning – Def Leppard. Sure, I could have picked a lot of “white” songs btu this one is just an excellent example of 80s guitar.

7. If you had to leave the city you currently live in, what would you find hardest to leave behind?

May I combine my answer? LOL. I would miss my friends but most of all, the small town/big town feel that it manages to balance very well.A-28

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

Dear February, I see you there, looming in on me. but I welcome you. Please, come and alleviate some of this crap that January has left me. My heart aches at how difficult it has been to recover from the holiday, start a new year, and deal with the sundry things life has thrown at me. I want calm, collected, organized, happy. I need things to make me content with life and no more of this cold weather or family arguing or worry that comes with it all. Please, come with warmer temps and pleasant gifts so that I may move forward.