Got to admit it’s getting better

A recap: after having felt like crud yesterday, going home for four hours, then returning to work, then only to teach, climb at the rock gym for 1.5 hours, run on the elliptical for .5 hours and then make dinner and do laundry, I was feeling… ok. Although extremely exhausted.

So when I awoke this morning, the plan was to feel well. But I didn’t. I knew as soon as the alarm went off that I was going to call in. It was almost subconscious; I just did it then went back to sleep until about 9:45 when I naturally awoke. I have a confession: I made pancakes. I have been craving pancakes for about two weeks now. They were yummy but probably not what a semi-sick person ought to eat. I got up and ready and parked at abnbout 11:05. So I made decent time and now I am in my office, window open, working on a grad assistant database. I’m feeling alright; my head is pretty stuffy and my body aches but I don’t feel completely out of it.

I’m sort of surprised that it’s thursday already. The week is going by pretty quickly. Soon it will be lovely Saturday and I can have some fun – hopefully I will be well by then.

Ring ring, Tokyo?

I don’t want to say too much but I just had a weird experience. Apparently someone in the dept. is in Japan on conference and he’s missing. I don’t know the details but it seems serious. Creepy. I shared and office with this guy too.

I’ve officially been staring at the computer too long; my eyes are blurry and my head is going to explode. Brain matter grey anyone?

It’s still 69 (hee hee) out and there’s a breeze about 7 mph. How beautiful! And if I think about it this way: I have been here about 3.5 hours. I have about 4 to go. Not so bad, considering one will be spent eating and not at my desk.

Ash’s flag football game ended last night at about 7:30 and he decided we needed to hit the gym. I felt so good about those 400 calories gone, burned into oblivion. I kicked my ass too. But it was really worth it. We treated ourselves to Boston Market afterwards and that made the night complete. Well, with a little together time, it was nearly perfect.

I am craving a corndog. One of our freind’s kids was chewing on one last night (I say chewing because she took about 1.5 bites but just sort of flung it around the entire game) and it just looked tasty. There’s a place down the road a piece named Dog et Al, which serves really humongous corndogs. And the North FLorida Fair serves some awesome buttermilk batter dipped ones. Mmmm, I need a corndog, bad!

Anyway, doesn’t look like anyone’s around today. I hope you are out enjoying nice weather, unlike myself.

My morning has started off very healthy so far. I awoke about 9 and did some basic exercises for back, abs, and legs. Then I ran for about half an hour, only stopping once to walk, which I only did for about half a block. I was proud of that. I returned home to have a bowl of oatmeal and now I am drinking my Emer-gen-C vitamins. When we go to Pockets for Football, I will either get the celery and carrots that normally come with wings or I will get half a sub. I want to keep up the healthiness; I realize that even though I have gained only a few pounds since my lowest point, I have lost muscle mass and the general shape I was in after our strict regimen. We’ve not been as good about our eating so at least we need to exercise more.

I haven’t much thought about this week yet. In the class I am teaching, we begin talking about the research paper. In the class I am taking, she’s going to give back the practice test. For work, I have a few loose ends to tie up but nothing more. All in all, I am looking forward to:

  • October 1 – when I will start putting up Halloween/Fall decorations
  • October 12 – when the paycheck will allow for some fun spending
  • October 15 – our first year anniversary
  • October 21 – when my parents might come up for an FSU game
  • November 12 – Jaguars game!
  • November 22 – the day we leave to visit my parents for Turkey Day

One month after Thanksgiving, Ash and I fly out to Tucson, Arizona to visit his dad. I look forward to it because the one and only time I have been out west, I fell in love with it. I wasn’t too keen on the fact that green grass is hard to come by but after a few days, I really loved the weather and the atmosphere and just maybe, there’s a certain romanticism about the stars over the desert. I look forward to the trip but also know there will be down time. I’m going to need a few good books while out there.

Happy Sunday, readers. Enjoy the time while you can. Use it for all it’s worth.

quelle heure est-il?

At 10:36, I left my office and went for my 30 minute walk. I booked it too. However, as soon as I got outside, the temperature, which was 73 according to, spiked probably 10 degrees as the sun came out. I’m wearing a shirt that it 85% polyester. What is wrong with me? But I got my walk in and also picked up a non-fat low cal smoothie. I opted for the “Mango Majesty” today. But it wasn’t as tasty as I thought it would be. I got the “slim down” supplement so that’s a plus.

This day could not possibly go any slower. Class is at 3:35 and sometime before then I need to study French. She’s giving a practice kind of test today to see if we’re catching on.  I feel like I’m learning it pretty well. She’s walking us through it fairly quickly but still helping a great deal. Wish me luck.

This smoothie is making me cold; I’m going to put on a sweater and find something to do other than burn out my eyes staring at this monitor.

Fad diet?

Probably not, actually. I am doing a Good Housekeeping “diet” in which step one is to walk for 30 minutes each day. I plan on doing this during my lunch break, since I never seem to take my hour – or even leave my office – most days. This morning worked out perfectly because a couple TAs had to cancel class. They just so happen to teach across campus (MON, RBB, & BEL respectively) so I walked – at a brisk pace mind you – all the way there, stopped into Zia to get a juice, and walked back. I got a non-fat 108 calorie strawberry thing with 10 juices and an energy supplement. I am feeling good about life right now.

Step two, of course, is to eat healthy. They give some options for meals but I already know how to eat so that I lose weight; I believe it differs for everyone. So step two is to keep eating the way I am, just maybe stop stealing a soda or candy bar here and there. When I am at work and feeling drowsy, I have been known to slip in this category.

Step 3 is to do these exercises that they map out. I think it’s 20 minutes 3 days a week. This is very do-able, especially if this is supposed to work in only 2 weeks. And then, if I am successful, I can do it for another couple weeks. I don’t know where I got the idea that since I lost fourty pounds I had become invincible to gaining it back. Sure, from my lowest I have only put on 5, but that just goes to show that you can’t let it slide, you have to keep up with it.

For some people, weight is not a battle. At least not yet. There are some people who are skinny now and eat Nutter Butters all day long but there’s a good chance that when they hit fourty, they’re going to blow up. Although there are those lucky few, like my grandfather, who will stay thin their whole lives. It’s too bad my grandmother passed her weight genes on to me and my mother got my grandfather’s. They do say some traits skip a generation.