Weekend, off-kilter

This was yesterday evening:

Though it is 6:22, the boys are sleeping and for once, it’s actually pretty quiet around here. Elliot’s ear infection is definitely better but as far as I can tell, he’s milking this for all it’s worth. He is being a big-time brat and just crying and whining and wanting to be held and fed and it absolutely drives me mad to see that he’s figured out how to manipulate us. They learn so young…

Luckily, he was semi-well behaved for my friend who babysat him last night so Ash and I could head to Panacea for our dinner club. One of our friends deploys for Iraq soon so we figured we’d best go while everyone still could. And we had quite a good time. Thanks to our neighbours, we got the party started early. Ash went to their house to work on their computer and came back with margaritas. The night got interesting and I overate – a plate of various fried seafood – and felt bloated and gross when I crawled into bed with this graphic novel and promptly passed out.

And this is from today. I am just blogging SLOWLY.

Sunday was sucked into a vortex of despair as Elliot was still sick and I couldn’t get much done and oh, woe is me: I had to work out;  actually drag my ass onto the elliptical and work. I ate like total garbage all last week (and ingested a few too many beers which are calorie loaded) so I owed it to myself to work the hell out of that elliptical. And I feel better for it today, certainly. Though I still woke up feeling like a garbage truck ran me over. Ooooh, the grogginess. But I have a literal ton of papers to grade and if I don’t do it, I think I’ll feel possibly worse.

SO, What did you do this weekend? Please, entertain me – I really need it.

P.S. I updated my Showroom page.

Had that been real, I would be dead

The school did a fire drill this morning, since students are gone. We assumed it was just a test of the emergency fire alarm system so the few of us in the building simply stood on the front steps and waited. Then a guy came out of the building and told us that next time, we should stand across the street as not to die by flames. Well yeah, but come on: it’s about 40 degrees outside and we knew it was fake.

ANYway, the weekend was fairly uneventful: Elliot slept well, I got to watch a movie (American Gangster), and we went to eat a few times. Mostly, I got to relax. I’m still tired today though. Just a hazard of it being Monday, I suppose. And, somehow, I am still sore from yoga on Thursday. It’s ashtanga yoga which apparently a little more rugged than what I am used to. I can do most of the poses but I did feel the burn all weekend. I am also kind of glad there won’t be a class this Thursday, since I don’t want/need to be sore for this coming weekend’s 5k.

I feel like there’s something coming up this week that I am unprepared for. It’s kind of knocking at the back of my mind saying “hi, you’re going to remember me at the last minute.” I do have some stuff coming up like Easter weekend, when the Boy and I are going to see my grandparents.  Also, the same day as the 5k I have a Tupperware party to attend. (I know, SO domestic.) Time is passing ever so quickly and I can never catch up.

I’m going to try to catch up, though, on some things while I am here in the quiet of my office during Spring Break. I should really learn to utilize the time I am given. For those of you on break, hope you enjoy it. For those of you working, suck, eh?

My favorite pics that aren’t on Flickr (yet)

I’ve been taking a lot of pictures lately; it’s probably the only one of my 43 things that I’ve actually stuck to. I carry my camera with me to school and try to snap some interesting things along the way. Like this one of some clothes hung on a line, which I hardly ever see anymore:


I also found it kinda funny how this house peeks out at you:peeking-house.jpg

Here’s a couple Elliot pics that I just didn’t upload yet:foots.jpgdoleful.jpg

And here’s one from my Wreck This Journal project that I was hesitant to put in the Flickr pool due to content; my grandparents do check my pics often:moms-tell-all.jpg

So yes, it’s Friday and this week flew by in a blur of tooth pain and rain. That about sums up the entire week. Pepper it with some decent meals, a couple parent-like arguments, and some working out and there you have it. I’m definitely ready for the weekend; ready for some stress-free relaxing, some meals made by hands other than my own, and maybe an afternoon nap or two.

Happy Friday!

Losing the baby… er, baby weight

I must say, Elliot was a gem all last night. That is, until he only slept 3 hours at a time during the night. But I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t get as annoyed with it, just accustomed to it. You learn to live on fewer hours of sleep. And to love coffee with all your heart and soul.

This cold that is trying desperately to invade my body is losing its battle, slowly. I awoke feeling stuffier, shivery, more congested and afflicted with a headache. I ran home around 9 to get a jacket, take some Aleve and get a coffee. I’m feeling… OK, now, but I’m still raging this war with the germs; you’re not going to ruin my weekend, you fiend.

Last night, we purchased an elliptical machine for our home. After our terrible Gold’s gym experience (lied to, broken machines, etc.) this is the only way we will be able to get ourselves into shape. We have the willpower and the fortitude to stick to a routine but not if we have to join another gym. It simply won’t happen. So, hopefully, by next Friday we’ll be on the high road to pounds lost and muscle gained. And if nothing else, we’ll have a really fancy coat rack.

Anyway, it’s Friday, I have a latte, and I’m about to play a game of Scrabble. Happy TGIF!

Go me

I hope this entry doesn’t come off sounding like bragging but damn, I am good. This morning, I finally fulfilled my self-promise from a week ago to walk the dogs in the morning. I had three main reasons for doing this: 1.) the poor pups won’t overheat in the wee morning hours 2.) I need all the exercise I can get (will not be a fat mom will not be a fat mom) and 3.) since I go to work at 8 now, I have way too much extra morning time during which I can never seem to actually sleep. So yes, we took a nice little jaunt around the ‘hood and they didn’t strain or drag me too much. The power of the food compelled them I think; I waited until after the walk to feed.

The other reason I’m so damn good is that we started childbirth classes last night. As expected, Ash and I are way ahead of the rest of those folks in terms of preparedness and general knowledge. Now I know not everyone gives a flying crap about reading and maybe it’s best to just let pregnancy happen. But I have felt a lot better about everything having read and educated myself on at least some little things like random nosebleeds or why my feet hurt and how an eight pound baby actually can come out of that teeny tiny area down there OMG.  I also rocked the squats we did, since we do full out squats in yoga every week and the woman last night only had us in half squats with husband’s support. Ash was quite impressed with my skills. Yeah, you heard me: mad skillz.

So today, I have conferences again but thankfully, no class. We do, however, have our one night two hour breastfeeding class at 6:30. I won’t excel in this area; I know pretty much nothing about it other than what I have read. I think it’s more of a hands-on thing too.

Happy Tuesday!

Oh my neck, oh my back, oh my neck and my back

The past two nights, Ash and I have walked the dogs. Normally we go about 3-4 blocks in our neighbourhood but we ventured outside our realm on these trips. It’s probably a little over two miles, this walk, and is uphill a lot of the way. I feel really good for doing this and better in general. the past two or three weeks I have been in a general slump, feeling lousy, feeling lazy, and definitely feeling fatter. I am amazed at what a little bit of extra work can do for the body. Plus we went to the rock gym and I was much better than last week even, proving that if you’ve been away from something you did regularly for a while, it doesn’t take too long to get back into it.

Took my students to the library this morning, and I have high hopes that they’ll actually use the databases to do their research. I feel like each semester, we learn about good research and they still try to cheat their way by using half-assed internet sources that hint at books, instead of actual journals, magazines, newspapers and – gasp – real bound books. But we’ll see; I have expressed before my worries about this bunch. They seem to slack pretty hard in comparison to previous classes I have taught. And this is twelfth class I have taught in my short career as a Grad Assistant.

Today seems to be going fairly quickly and I feel motivated to get stuff done. This makes me very very happy. In fact, I am in one of the best moods that I can recall… the past week has seemed incredibly down, at least while I’ve been at work. When I get home, I always feel good about life.

So happy Thursday, y’all. How’s everyone doing today?

Slowly losing my mind

I guess it is only fitting that my word of the day from Dictionary.com is “malaise”. That’s pretty much how I feel about work. I have resigned myself to the fact that at about noon, I will write a terribly self-depricating email to my sorta boss and tell her there’s no reason for me to be here and that I’m losing my mind doing nothing. I must do this only because about a month ago she had a total break-down about me taking time off this week. But that was when we were minus a person at the front desk. We have one now and she’s capable. I plan on working as much as I can to finish this one project but after that,  I am just wasting brain cells.

We went climbing last evening and, as expected, there wasn’t a soul there. It is, afterall, the week after school ended. I got in a little over an hour of climbing before my injury resurfaced. Sometimes I know it’s still there when I staple or try to pinch and pull something; this sharp biting pain that resonates throughout my wrist and sometimes, even up as far as my shoulder. My friend, Wayne, says that pain is temporary, to push through it. (Wayne is also crazy).

So yes, I have a shit-ton of things to do before going away tomorrow and I am really stressing. Instead of being calm, making a list, and attacking things one at a time and in an orderly manner, I am freaking out. I’m not kidding; I imagine this is what manic feels like – if that were it. Ash totally got me stressed out last night when his father called to find out what I want for Christmas. I told him, “Look at my Amazon wishlist.” But his dad’s looking to spend more, buy me something larger than books. But you know, I don’t have a running mental lsit of things that I am lusting after these days. I used to. Oh how I used to. When I was working at Comp I walked in almost every day thinking, “What can I buy today?” But these days, I am pretty simple. I have moved beyond a lot of materialism that I once had. I don’t need some fancy gadget (I have a digi cam and an ipod). I don’t need computer stuff, mine works just fine. I don’t need a gaming system, Ash has them all. If I had 150 bucks right now, you know what I would do? Well, first I’d get a pedicure. Then I’d buy a new shirt or two – because I really need them – and then the rest would go towards my student loan. I know I know, it’s not normal.

So I have been here but half an hour and already, I want to stab my eyes with this here pencil.

Smile and you feel happy

It’s 57 but the winds are gusting to 22 mph. It even smells like a cold day out and in the brief time it took me to walk from my building to the Circle K to procure hot tea, I managed to revive myself by seeing the beauty in the world. I am still mad about certain job related garbage but I know that the only way to make this day better is to change my attitude. So I’ve been reading my favorite sites, trying to organize my desk a bit, and now, I am formulating a plot. I will try writing some fiction and see how far I get. I have only written poetry lately so perhaps the break I have taken from the fictional world will grant me the good fortune of producing something today.

On another happy point, climbing was really fun last night. We play this simple little game called “add-ons”, which is basically this: one person starts and adds one hold to the route we’ll create. This person must show control on said hold before setting it. Each person follows and adds one more move. This is a great workout since you climb this route so many times until someone (probably with more skill) kills the route with a hard move or you eventually tire out. We played about 3 rounds of this and it was more interesting than climbing the same routes over and over. It even made me feel no so guilty for that slice of pizza afterwards!

I’m going to go now and think thoughts of places I’d rather be and maybe, just maybe, I can get through this day.

Mondays happen more often

Or so it seems that way. I’m feeling sort of tired, even though I got up at 6:15 wide awake and made msyelf some oatmeal. I just knew it would be better than going back to sleep for all of 10 minutes.

Since it was actually 6:15 when I left – as in, when we aren’t doing stupid Daylight Savings – it was quite cold outside. I wish we were like Arizona or Hawaii: smart enough to not participate in Daylight Savings.

My weekend was eventful and tiring. I wouldn’t go so far as to say “fun”, but that’s because I haven’t gottten good enough at biking yet to look forward to the rides. On Friday night Ash accompanied me to the department Halloween party. No pics: I wasn’t that fond of my costume. But it was a good time nevertheless. Woke up feeling horrible the next morning: sick to my stomach but not hungover because I only had two glasses of wine. It was weird. Anyway, Ash and I got out around noon and biked about four miles to On the Border for lunch. Then we went a longer way back to Sports Authority where I found some 10 dollar exercise pants and we bought a bag for carrying crap we buy while on the bikes. We hit up Best Buy next (I purchased Batman Begins) and then we finally headed home. It was almost four PM by this time. We went to Longhorn for dinner and then to see The Departed. It was pretty good, even though I wasn’t all that pumped to see it.

On Sunday, Ash convinced me to ride to the sports bar where we always go to watch football. It was five miles. But of course, it was all uphill. Most of our ride are; there’s no avoiding it in Tallahassee. So we probably went between twenty and twenty-five miles total this weekend. My legs are slightly sore but it’s not so bad. I know it’s better for me in general. It really makes you feel good about everything.

So far, I don’t seen any work to be done so I may spend my time writing or preparing for class, or maybe even studying French. But for now, it’s site surfing time. Happy Monday!

Little to no sleep

Iggy whined a lot last night and got himself all worked up – snorting, breathing heavily – and we don’t know why. But it kept us up most of the night. At best, I got about 3.5 hours of sleep. Ugh.

But I’ve had coffee – at the expense of my stomach – so most all is good right now. The weather is beautiful: not yet above 51 and the high is only 65 – winds NNE at 17 mph. I am thankful for the change, especially if we keep up the biking.

This weekend, I rode about 5 miles each day. Sure that sounds like a small amount but on the hills of Tallahassee, it’s rugged. In fact, Tallahassee means “seven hills”, in, I think, Seminole. Anyway, we rode to lunch on Saturday, which was very rewarding. Ash seems to want to have a destination; we can’t just ride to ride, which is what I want to do. But he’s right: if we don’t set a goal, we are likely to turn back and not push ourselves. Definitely true for me.

I’ve recovered from “hormonal week” so I am starting to see the upside of things. I was feeling pretty bad about life for some reason, even in light of getting a new car. I even read some Dale Carnegie (How to stop worrying and start living) and even that didn’t help, even though it usually does. But it’s a new week and it can only get better from here. Anyway, here’s a pic of the pups in the new car for your viewing pleasure. Happy Monday.