MMMM + The headache from hell

No, really, I’ve had an on and off headache for days. Almost a full week, truth be told. It came back with a vengeance yesterday and bore migraine-like qualities: sensitivity to light, nausea. It was super fun! I blame the supermoon. You know, the moon cycle is really to blame for a quite a few things, if you believe in that. Sometimes I do. I’m going with the rain and the moon as the cause of my pain.

That said, our weekend wasn’t bad at all. Friday evening Ash and I got Chipotle, which was awesome. We rarely eat out or even pick up during the week so it was a nice treat. On Saturday, the boys both had flag football games. Isaac’s team won, Elliot’s lost. Ell played the dirtiest team I have ever seen. They coached their boys to trample and stomp and then pull flags. The refs never called penalties on dirty plays but oh, how they threw yellow flags for mild flag-guarding on our team. It was wholly unfair and I wasn’t the only one who saw it. Everyone on our sidelines was looking around at each other like, “You saw that too, right?” and “Why aren’t they calling things?” Look, our team made some mistakes but geez, they just played mean. Sigh. Oh well. I have to let it go.

We rested between that and Elliot’s skating rink party, which did work out just fine. They all had fun and when it was over, I had zero clean up. I made a clean break and went home. I was exhausted though and fell asleep almost at the very end of Masters of the Universe, the cheesy 1980s He-Man movie with Dolph Lundgren and Courtney Cox. Man, she looked SO young in 1987.

Sunday was dominated by a four mile run, lunch, laundry, and that awful headache. I powered through and took Elliot to buy books and shoes. And though I still harbor a bit of that headache, I am trying to get stuff done. It’s not the prettiest day here but I’m gonna make it!




Since we were talking about 80s cartoons, let’s do some fun themes from back then!



And the other day, Elliot asked if we were sure about something and Ash and I both remembered the deodorant commercial:

Someone at work said something about driving lately and I remembered this oldie:

MMMM + Finding my zen

Well, it’s officially fall now. Do I feel any difference? No, not really. I did put out some of my fall decor this weekend, though none of the yard Halloween stuff, even though Isaac begged me to. It’s just a wee bit too early for that, methinks.

Anywho, not a bad weekend. Ash and I had Mexican and beer (yay) and then saw the 2nd Maze Runner, which was a bust, in my opinion. Oh well. On our next date day, we’re doing the local museum/zoo’s tree to tree zipline obstacle course. So that is way more fun than seeing a bad movie. Our theater recently got new fancy reclining chairs. And they were comfy but if you bail for the bathroom without putting the footrest down, when you come back, you blast your shin and it hurts all weekend. Just FYI.

Saturday was for football practices and naps (nope, that’s a lie; I couldn’t sleep so I went to the store instead.) I did hill repeats (oh so fun!) and then we watched Spaceballs because it finally came on Blu-ray. I haven’t laughed – genuinely laughed – in a long time, I realized. Until we watched that movie again. I watched it a ton as a kid; it’s good to see some things pass the test of time. Still funny! The dancing alien especially.The-Alien-Dance_010115


Yesterday I tried to be a little less uptight; I realized Saturday I was exasperated by every little thing. Just driving across town to the store, I wanted to hurt people. So many bad drivers! Then the kids were at each others’ throats and I just couldn’t take it. But yesterday I was better. I had too much to do to waste time agonizing about piddly crap.

So this morning, I didn’t once yell at the boys, even when they were starting trouble at the breakfast table. However, they were both good about getting up and ready for school. So yeah, a nice morning.

On my way into work, the XM Lithium channel was playing an interview with one of my favorite front men, Chris Cornell. So for today’s freebie, we’ll begin with one my favorite Soundgarden songs. Then, speaking of great front men, let’s do some Van Halen!





MMMM + Present! (raises hand eagerly)

I just got into my office; not as late as I expected but I actually didn’t fit onto the  courtesy shuttle from Honda. It was full immediately. Luckily,  my husband is awesome and he came and got me.

We had a really full weekend. We left early Saturday morning to make it to campus. We had breakfast in Athletics and then we watched the recruitment video (in 3D!) and then went on field for warmups. Unfortunately, it was rainy so we did not get a pic with Jimbo. Boooo. But we still had fun. Our seats weren’t bad and the kids got to eat junk food. It also stopped raining for most of the game. We left at the start of the 4th because FSU was up by enough. Plus, I wanted to relieve the babysitter. It’s not bad to have to only watch Dakota though. Everyone napped that afternoon except me (someone had to stay awake with Baby, who had already napped.) I made them spaghetti but wasn’t hungry so once it was on the table, I ran away. LOL. No really, I went to Target and leisurely walked around and talked to my mom. When you have three kids and a busy schedule, there’s little time to even talk on the dang phone! It was exactly what I needed after that long exhausting day.

On Sunday I ran early errands and then ran a hilly 2.2. miles. I made a pretty big lunch for week one of NFL games and the afternoon was all football and beer and laundry. We played a lot of front yard football this weekend and the boys are totally convinced they’re going to play tackle at some point. LOL. It’s going to take A LOT of convincing for me, boys!

This week is all student conferences for my face-to-face class. I’m catching up on other things too – like my car and I’m going to the dentist tomorrow. I will feel really good if I can get all this stuff done this week!



OK so this week’s theme is songs that tell a story. Strangely enough, this Billy Joel song came to mind first, and I’m not even all that fond f the sound of it. I do like that it tells an interesting story though.


Here’s another one that tells a story of a boy growing up and never fails to make me cry!



MMMM + Dragging on this Monday

I’m not necessarily dragging but my kids were. They both bemoaned the fact that they had school today and that they couldn’t stay home and be with my parents, who visited over the weekend. Ell had his first flag football practice at 8:30 Saturday morning and my parents got in around 11:30. Soon after, we went out for lunch at Sonny’s. Ell was in kind of a mood; he was very hung up on it being his birthday so he could “do whatever he wanted”. Which, ok, I get it but being a jerk is not included in that. After lunch we gave him his big present: a basketball hoop and my dad and Ash got to work building it. We sojourned back out for dinner (unlike us but it WAS Elliot’s birthday) and that was nice. I was tired that night though and fell asleep pretty early.

On Sunday we made a big breakfast and Ell and Ash ran four miles and we finished putting the basketball hoop together. My mom and I went to Target and we had sandwiches and soon after they left, my boys went down the street to play with friends. It was a good weekend but over too soon.

I’ve already had to run a number of places on campus and I can’t seem to sit down for a moment before being interrupted again. So let’s get on with the music.




This week’s theme is about school, education, or a certain subject.

Here’s one of my favorite funny Jimmy Buffett songs:

and I can’t pass up this theme without posting Van Halen!

MMMM + New semester starts… now

So apparently, I registered with WordPress nine years ago today. This is scary. Have I been blogging here that long?

Last week was super busy housework-wise and it all culminated in our party this past Saturday. I think it turned out really well. Everyone had fun, I think, and some people came who said they originally weren’t. I know I had a good time and the food was tasty. I managed to clean some that night so Sunday wasn’t all recovery. Though I didn’t do much of anything else. I did get a pedicure, which was amazing and a nice way to ease into this week: college began today!

It’s funny: the first hour of the day is always sort of calm. But as the day goes on, the lost kids and frantic “I don’t have a class” kids, and the straight up freak out kids all show up. Sometimes it’s not as bad and other semesters, it’s insane. Let’s hope today is not so bad.

Since it’s starting to pick up, I’m out but here’s my freebie week contribution:



I have always liked Adam Lambert and this song does not disappoint. However, the video is pretty funky.


MMMM + Kids are back in school!

Man, I felt great about this morning until I remembered about Rush week. Those dumb girls just sit in all the public walking areas and even on the building steps and I can’t get through! I see red when this happens and I never ask nicely. I mean, how stupid do you have to be to block people from walking? OK, I’m letting this go now because you know what? My kids started school today!

Dakota moved up to the 2 year old room, Isaac started kindergarten, and Elliot is in 3rd now. It’s insane how quickly time passes. They all did great this morning. Dakota I wasn’t worried about but Isaac I was. He was quiet but he didn’t cry and he even smiled before I left. I call that a win. Ell was fine, of course. He just wants a good teacher and I do have high hopes for this woman. I’m pretty excited to hear from them at the end of the day!

SO. Weekend. We just a literal ton of work on Saturday in the yard: mowing, weed whacking, weeding by hand, moving old deck concrete supports, and hedge pruning. I was exhausted by noon but we still went out to lunch. Every single one of us napped then later, we did some more yard work – nitpicky stuff – and Elliot played with Matthew for a bit. Ash picked up the keg and we finagled that thing into working. It wasn’t as easy as you’d think! But finally, we had beer flowing’ in our own garage and all was right with the world.

Yesterday was less work intensive. I ran to target EARLY to avoid every other mom shopping for school supplies. In fact, I got everything I needed to do done in a timely manner. It was odd to be on the couch at 9:30 and NOT have laundry still in the dryer or things to fold. I had all the kids’ school supplies organized and in bags by the door. I was at peace with day one of school. Now I can do my work work at the pace I set. And I am!





This was the song that came to m first and well, I think it speak volumes to the theme.

MMMM + Didn’t see that coming

We had a very nice Ethan Allen cherry wood queen bed frame for years; it had been Ash’s parents’. Then we upgraded to a king and it sat disassembled in Dakota’s room. I tried to sell it for way less than its worth on local garage sale sites but no one would bite. Finally, a friend of ours traded it for a loft bed for Elliot. So Saturday, after a run and a trip to the flea market and Sonny’s, we took her the frame and we brought back the loft bed. That spurred an entire relocation of items in each of the kid’s rooms. Dakota’s crib got moved after the big pieces of wood vacated her room, Isaac traded one of his bookshelves for Elliot’s dresser – since the loft bed has a ton of extra storage – and then there was all the set up and vacuuming and organizing books and board games and all the junk we’ve acquired. I even posted to Facebook that we own too much stuff and I felt like throwing it all away and moving to the woods with nothing!

I didn’t realize all the moving around that would follow the acquisition of this new piece of furniture.PhotoGrid_1439122663908_resized


That photo was taken in the midst of it all; I got it cleaned up now for the most part. Elliot needs a chair for his new desk area and I have to work on the corner by the crib for baby because my FIL plans to buy her a play kitchen. Ugh. I know she’ll love it but just another big piece of play equipment we don’t need! I remember my play kitchen very fondly; I loved that thing. Even more so, I loved the fake food. I have a feeling I will buy her some. ;)

That activity pretty much dominated our weekend. I mowed and did laundry yesterday and by 9 PM I was exhausted. I struggled through grading papers and folding clothes even though I had a headache.

This morning, I have already had a work phone, graded a few papers, and cleaned up my office. Happy Monday!




I know you’re tired of me always posting Culture Club songs so since it’s a freebie, let’s go in an entirely other direction.


I don’t normally listen to pop music but here are a couple songs my 8 year old loves and keeps playing over and over!



MMMM + Made it through the weekend

Crazy busy weekend in the books! As I mentioned last week, Ash went to a birthday get-together down at the coast. I couldn’t go, of course, so I picked up the younger kids and the original plan was to head to Target then get Elliot from his day trip to a water park. Except they didn’t come back at 6 as planned. No, they didn’t get home until 7:30. So I got him and his friend, Addy, then a pizza. It was a looong evening. They all played together really well and then after Isaac was in bed, the other boys watched a movie. Elliot was exhausted so he was done by 11 but his friend couldn’t sleep. I stayed up with him until 12 but then he just couldn’t get to sleep and started crying for his parents so I had to wake up his dad. Sigh. I know this happens to kids but I was just so tired.

In the end, it worked out for the best that he wasn’t there the next day; I got quite a bit of cleaning done. It’s been a while since I really tackled the house. By 11:30, we were taking Ell out to my boss’s house for her grandson’s birthday. Luckily, Ash got back a bit earlier than anticipated so I got a break; though the younger kids did nap so it was quiet for a little while anyway. I went back out to get Elliot, hung around for maybe 30 mins, then we went to our friends’ (Addy’s parents) going away party at the arcade. We didn’t stay all that long though; all the activity was taking its toll on Elliot and he was melting down. So that evening was all baths and parking it on the couch.

We were up early Sunday so Ash and Ell could run and then by 9, we were on our way to Mashes Sands beach. We hadn’t been before but it was great! Even though it was overcast most of the time, the temp was wonderful and the kids had fun. The afternoon was all laundry and beer and cooking dinner and not much else. I was happy to just relax for the most part. Later, I reflected on some things. I hate when friends move away but that’s the peril of working at a university and with graduate students. In this case, their kids and my kids also must deal with separation. It’s a fact of life, I know. But I feel badly for Elliot. It’s not the last friend he’ll have to say good bye to, that’s for sure. Anywho, let’s get to the music, eh?




The theme is funny or work songs but I like work songs better. This first one – I warn you – has a “bad” word in it but it’s a great punk song. The other is from one of my all-time favorite 80s bands!



MMMM + Sometimes you need to party hard

And my weekend was non-stop craziness. Ok, not as crazy as it could be but for a 36 year old mom of three it was. Friday was busy from the get-go: grading papers and student conferences. When I left, I met Ash for lunch (yummy Mexican and beer!) and then we saw Ant-man, which was a lot better than the preview would lead you to believe. As soon as it was done, I had to make dinner because I’d promised them spaghetti. But I had a 5:45 meet up time with my friends so it was rush rush. I got to BJ’s brewhouse right on time and we had a great meal. They do a weekday happy hour until seven with half off appetizers and dollar off draft beer. Um, yes! I even ordered a flight to sample their brews. Excellent.

After that was when I started making bad decisions though. We had planned to see the 7:30 showing of Magic Mike but one of my friends thought cheap wine from CVS was a good idea. In theory, it was. The movie – drunk – was a riot. I’m not sure if it would have been as good sober. I was feeling pretty done after the movie. But I have the kind of friends who like to dance so that is what we did. We went to Tap Room and the only time I ever dance is when I’ve been drinking. Not going to say I didn’t have a blast but I had a rough time getting started on Saturday. I normally mow on that day but I definitely did not. In fact, I did very little until 4 when we went to another get-together. This was a woman Ash knows from work, hosting a family-oriented end of summer party – with a fajita bar! We had fun, for sure. But I wasn’t feeling all that chatty.

Sunday was all errands and mowing the lawn and fixing up the kegerator and water balloons and rest. Though I didn’t actually take a nap. I started to drift off around 5 but made myself get up and finish laundry. It was a looong weekend but a good one. I am ready for some kind of break but that’s not happening soon. Busy at work, busy the next few weeks with Elliot not being in camp and getting ready for Fall semester. And in two and a half months, I’ll be on a beach in Hawaii and it’ll be magical.




Freebie week!! Let’s keep playing Culture Club, as I did last week. I’m sorry but they’re good, y’all!


MMMM + Weekend was pretty awesome

After I recovered from my food poisoning, I definitely had a nice weekend. I will say, I bailed on Friday and took myself to get a pedicure. While I waited – because that’s apparently a busy day for the salon – I went next door to the Chinese place and got a pint of white rice, which was amazing. It’s funny how good plain food can be when you’re nursing your stomach back to normal. My pedi was amazing and everything I wanted. When I got home, I parked it on the couch and watched a Bones rerun before napping. Again, rest and bland food was everything I apparently needed. Slowly, I got back to regular food. Made the kids some pineapple teriyaki meatballs and mac and cheese for dinner and I had a few bites of each. Tested the waters and did OK. Later in the evening, I had a toaster strudel so I was in the clear.

Saturday was errand/yard work day of course. I mowed the back and side while Ash tackled the front. I was feeling motivated so I found the right tool and took to the area where that old BBQ grill  had been; the one we knocked down a few weeks ago. For reference, here’s an after and before – I placed them wrong in the grid but eh, you get the point.PhotoGrid_1437245142050_resized


I was BEAT after that but still didn’t really get a nap. Puttered around before having to make dinner for the kids and get them set for the babysitter.  Ash predrank before we went out but I didn’t mean to; I got him a mixed six pack so he could try some other beers and unfortunately – or fortunately depending on how you look at it – I had to drink the ones he didn’t care for. LOL. By  the time 6 rolled around, we were headed downtown to Harry’s for dinner for our friend, Robert’s, birthday. Courtney set the meet time for 6:30 but we weren’t slated to be seated until 7 so we got to indulge in 30 minutes of happy hour. There were about 18 of us and we had a great time. I got the shrimp and grits and by some miracle of God, it didn’t upset my stomach.

We headed to Brass Tap afterwards and drank some more and played cornhole. It was about quarter to 11 when they decided to head back to the neighborhood (most of Courtney’s friends are from their neck of the woods, which is a good 25 mins from my house and where Brass Tap is.) Well, we didn’t have it in us to go all the way out there to swim, as was their plan. So we went with Tiffanie and Kenny over to Fire Betty’s, the new barcade, for about 30 minutes before heading home. We had a great time! Ash and I played a few games there and decided it’ll be a lot better when we go for a friend’s going away thing on the first, which will be in the afternoon and thereby, not so crowded. At 11 at night, it’s insane in there. Home by midnight and I don’t remember the last time I went to bed at 1 AM!

Sunday was a lot more relaxed. Elliot and I went to Whole Foods and Publix and we had filet for lunch. SO good. Had not had steak in quite a while. I’m getting back to healthy eating; brought cauliflower and some healthy yogurt dip, fruit, and a protein bar for lunch along with a whole thing of green tea. Sigh. I can do this! And now here I am, back at work and with a load of crap to get done ASAP. BUT, let’s do Music Monday!




So on Friday I mentioned that I recently got back into Culture Club, so I will play a song I think is “serious” and then one that is kind of funny, but it’s only funny because on an episode of Beavis and Butthead a long long time ago, they made fun of it. So in my memory, it IS funny.

This one is a great beat!

And this one is just plain funny. What IS going on here??