MMMM + Another weekend in the books

Ahh, the weather is giving us the briefest glimpse of Fall today: 72 and dry – for once! – so I have my kitchen’s glass door open to the screen and am drinking my latte while writing. It’s really nice! The weekend was warm but not sweltering; we even played outside both days. On Saturday, Elliot went to my boss’s house to hang out with her grandson, because they’re friends now and go to the same school. So they swam there then went back to his house (which is a lot closer to ours) and played there a while. We took Isaac to the playground before getting Ell; really trying to give Isaac some special attention since he’s finding himself a little lost in the new family dynamic. We watched GI Joe: Retaliation that night and it was pretty disappointing, considering the first movie was not bad at all. The second one was just a bunch of scenes shoddily strung together. Blah.

Ash ran Sunday morning and the boys attempted to play without fighting. In the afternoon we went to Lowe’s and then to Lofty Pursuits for ice cream. Since the kids were all hopped up on sugar, we went to the playground, then came home and took baths, had dinner, and they went to sleep a wee bit early, which allowed me to go pick up Bonefish. That place tastes the best when it’s free! (Had the gift card I won a few weeks back.)

Elliot has had a loose tooth for weeks now and I really thought he’d lose it yesterday. However, it hung on by a tiny thread until this morning. He’s thrilled of course and I’m nervous about possibly waking him up when I attempt to place this gold dollar under his pillow. How do parents do that, you know? You can kinda see the gaping space there at the bottom. Also, this pic makes his nose look really big. (Taken with Ash’s phone in a dark hallway; bad idea.)tooth

I’m not sure what I’ll do this week but I need a plan. Maybe if I make a list of all the things I want to do, I can begin crossing them off. As I have said before, being on maternity leave is all about being an opportunist. You have to see moments of free time, in between feedings and fussiness, to really start attacking projects. I swore I would repaint all the door jambs but uh, we’ll see. That involves one entire day of blue taping around them and another day painting multiple coats. It really would be an all-day affair, I think. And it won’t be tomorrow because Ash has to go to Orlando, which means he probably won’t be home until 8 or 9 and I’ll be solo-parenting three kids. Oh, I know I can handle it but the thought does irk me.


This week’s theme is “on your playlist” so I have two to share with you.

You all know I love Country music so I have been playing the heck out of this new Luke Bryan song. Plus, I am going to see him on October 11th! YAY!! I like this song because it goes hand in hand with the sentiment present in a lot of the romance novels I read.

And I recently discovered Capital Cities. Don’t know much about them but I dig this song.

Well, still here

After having an entire day of contractions – intense ones at that – on Tuesday, I was sure that Wednesday would be the day. I woke up feeling much like I did the day I went in and had Isaac. So, I took the boys to school/camp, went to work for a few hours, then went home, feeling so incredibly exhausted I could barely stand. I was also having a lot of pain. I slept a few hours, woke up, and felt great! So strange… I got up, went to Publix, started some laundry, and walked the dogs. Then I began making a lasagna. Napped a little again, cleaned here and there, and then the work day was over and everyone came home. It was kind of nice to be home and doing things not work related. I think I really needed an entire day just to think about things other than impending labor and the fact that each time I think it is coming, it doesn’t.

This morning, my entire back aches, everything up front is tight, and I am tired again. But I am at work, because I haven’t had a baby yet and don’t want to use up all my accrued time. My boss has a picnic every year for the grad students who come in in the summer so that’s also today. My plan is to go to that by 11, then leave around 12:20 for my one o’clock doctor appointment. Let’s hope the day of contractions actually made a difference!

And even if nothing is happening, my plan is to go get a pedicure. A lot of women claim the foot massage is helpful in speeding up labor, though I can tell you: none of those things that purportedly do it, ever have worked for me.  This child is being super stubborn!

Thankful doesn’t even begin to suffice

Last night wasn’t as rough as the one before. Sure, I woke up at 2 AM, after a few hours of sleep here and there, and felt wide awake. I sat on the couch and watched silent television, drifting off sitting straight up for another hour and a half. The combination of the humidifier, Breathe Right strips, and Tylenol sinus congestion and pain (nighttime) helped a lot. I nearly started going down the spaz out path, though. I managed to hold it together until this morning. I was in the shower and Ash said how proud he was of me for being positive in trying new tactics for sleep and not losing my mind, like I had before. And that is when I lost it. I had to cry; it had been too long and the weight of all these extra jobs and this third, final, and most daunting pregnancy has been breaking me down. I try very hard to be stoic and hide all of this; I have to stay strong for so many people: my myriad of students, my husband, the children.

I get into this mode where I feel so put out and unfairly attacked by so many things, when in fact, I should just shut the hell up and realize how damn good I have it. So I have a little irritability brought on by hormones… could be worse. I could be terminally ill. Or one of the kids could be. Or we could be flat out poor or in debt up to our eyeballs. But we’re so not. We’ve planned and worked hard and to be honesty, we’ve been so damn lucky. We have constructed this life wherein we’re awfully comfortable and sometimes, though it feels staid, I should really take that proverbial step back and look at all that we have. Lordy, my kids are so freaking awesome. Isaac is practically potty training himself, Elliot is finally reading at the level I’d expect him to be at, and they both just light up when they come home to me. There’s just nothing like that feeling, I tell you.

And my husband, well, let’s not get all mushy but I don’t know how I ever even managed to land one so great. We make things work and that’s ridiculously important when you have jobs and kids and dogs and a mortgage and all that jazz. In fact, one good example is this afternoon, when I will go to prenatal yoga and he’ll rearrange his evening run and make dinner for the kids, get them all ready for bed. Typically I do this because it still gets dark early enough that he has to head out soon after work if he wants to get in any good trail runs. We have a balance (though, it’s definitely not 50/50; he has never once touched a broom or the vacuum).

Sometimes I just get so caught up in the little things and not the good ones. I need to find joy in the right little things; the little purple flowers that grow in my yard, the way light filters into my kitchen, eggs, lattes, date days, hugs. I’ve been clouded by pregnancy side effects but I’m getting better. Always getting better.

Random (Talk to Us) Tuesday – Just… stuff. Bits, pieces, fluff


Seriously Shawn

This will be my last Tuesday post for a week; this time next week I’ll be doing various Holiday things, as I am sure you will be as well!

  • Good God but it is taking me a long time to get this post started. I have plenty to talk about, but it won’t seem to come out of my brain.
  • Oooh! I know! I actually used the elliptical last night. I had not worked out since ::gasp!:: Thanksgiving. I was feeling SO cranky! I was reading the newest Runner’s World and I snapped. It was actually dinner time and I told Ash to make something for the kids. My ipod was dead so I grabbed my laptop, plugged in my ipod and connected that to me and went at it for 30 minutes. Felt SO much better!
  • But I am kind of cranky today. It’s either Tuesday or the pressure of holidays and travel, or it’s a myriad of other annoyances.
  • I am also really distracted. When I am driving, I feel like I am on auto-pilot and I have to remind myself that this is the worst time of year for traffic so I’d better get it together.
  • Have you seen the Old Navy commercials with all the Vacation characters? I can’t believe they got all the old people! That is pretty darn funny, to me.
  • Strange; as I was sitting here writing, I actually became quite happy. Weird ass mood swings.
  • For as long as I can remember, I have had odd shooting pains in the left side of my ribcage. Well, apparently, there’s actually a name for that. It also has no cause or cure and is harmless, except it hurts. Really annoying!
  • Since I’m struggling here I’ll admit to you that I bought a replica of Thorin’s key (from The Hobbit) and it’s also a pen! How cool is that?? Yeah, I know. I’m a dork. But look… look how pretty he is!tumblr_mf5qmjAH1z1qhp6yitumblr_m9r2jcn6d51qemcbw




Friday Confessional – Still in the haze of semi-sick


I confess… I went home at 3 yesterday because this cold I’ve been trying to get finally caught up to me. I took a steaming hot bath then passed out for an hour. Still felt like trash but managed to drag my ass to the grocery store; we had nothing!

I confess… I had more work to do so while the boys started watching Tarzan, I worked through my stuffed nose, headache, and chills.

I confess… once I finished said work, I parked it on the couch and watched both college and pro football with the hubs. And it was a great night for FSU!

I confess… I sometimes really hate dropping Ell off at school. The drop-off line is particularly annoying: people simply park instead of kick their kids out (tuck and roll!) and then you have the a-holes who turn left into the line, which is forbidden, hence the big ass sign in the middle of the road. But they still do it and that makes me SO ANGRY.

I confess… I’d actually like to start Xmas shopping now, though since we’re going out of town, I don’t *really* need to buy anything for my parents until we see them in January.

I confess… we’re looking at getting Elliot a tablet for Christmas and now we both want one too. I kind of want the Kindle Fire hd.

I confess… it’s time to do a couple student conferences and then I have beaucoup de grading left. Le sigh. (And apparently, I am French today!)

Peace out, dearest readers!

Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – If the phone doesn’t ring it’s me


Seriously Shawn

Ok guys, get yer random on today and tell us what’s on your mind. Don’t hold back!

  • SO, I somehow bit the side of my tongue and, since I am prone to mouth sores anyway, it turned into this horrible affliction. I can barely swallow, eating is painful as hell, and the worst part is that it hurts too much to blow my nose. I have been miserable since Friday! See also: swallowing issues lead to ear pain and everything sucks right now.
  • Pile onto that pain the soreness on the top of my foot and I am just a mess today.
  • BUT, no more complaining. Because overall, I am in a pretty good mood. Today is my mom’s birthday (I ended up getting her this other version of the Magic Bullet [a brand named Bella] and it was just in time because she broke her 30 year old Cuisinart last week!) and the month of July is practically over, which means only one more month of less than stellar pay, and it also means one month closer to cooler weather. Because this heat and the HUMIDITY are seriously doing me in.
  • I’m STARVING this week. It most definitely has to do with training but seriously, I want to eat everything all the time. It’s insane. I mean, I caught myself looking at photos of food online. That’s bad!
  • A bunch of my close friends are now moving away because they got jobs. It’s not like I don’t know this is coming but it’s always a little depressing. Bye bye spur of the moment lunches.
  • I have been watching Olympics like whoa and I have decided that aside from swimming, the archery is coolest. Those guys are redic far from the target but still spot on. I also like how our team looks like a bunch of hillbillies from Tennessee, which totally makes sense! However, it’s too bad that USA isn’t really dominating this year. We’re just so-so on most things. I am looking forward to watching the marathon though.
  • In case you cared, Isaac is going through a particularly annoying phase of his early 2s right now: he is loud and obnoxious one moment then cuddly and sweet the next. Angel, meet demon. Now, get along.
  • Is it bad I am still daydreaming about the beach from a few weeks ago? I could go for another vaycay, honestly.

Today’s hottie is Leo Peixoto. He just seems like an average sort of guy, even though he’s built like a machine. Happy Tuesday indeed.

Why I missed Wednesday Blogging:

Because my week has been insane so far! I’m going to detail it in (hopefully) Thirteen things that were bad/crazy/good. Here goes:

To start off the week, I got an (1) email that could severely impact our household. I spent the entire evening worried, even though I knew/know it will all work out. I created scenarios in my head where I could make something else happen. And then the next day, it was all OK; I think the problem has resolved itself. Whew. So then Tuesday began on that note and I felt good about things.

That day went well except for the exceedingly awkward conference with the student (2) I mentioned in my Random Tuesday post; the one who randomly wanted to hug me. Look, some students form a bond with their instructor after a semester… if they came into the office for a lot of help or confided in them, etc. This student is not one of those. We barely speak. She’s just one of that crowd. THAT’s why it was weird. The day wore on, I had a meeting and then cut out around quarter to 5, realizing I had not taken a lunch and was starving! (3) I proceeded to my car where I realized it had warmed up significantly. Opening the windows about halfway, I pulled towards the lot gate arm. As I waited for said arm to lift, I noticed that my passenger side window was lower than I put it. Groan. My first instinct was to stop the car and pull it up; I’ve had window issues on older cars before and quickly realized the deal. Alas, one milisecond later, the window dropped down into the door. (4) Le sigh.

I called my father to ask where to take it – I was distraught and not thinking clearly – but he didn’t answer. I drove home, parked in the driveway and as I reached down to hit the garage door opener, I found that the Toy Story water bottle that has been in my car for weeks in a cup holder was on its side and water had filled the third cup holder, wherein sat the opener. (5) Fail! I picked it up and water mixed with some sort of whitish stuff spewed out all over my Eddie Bauer pants and the car interior! (6) And of course, it did not open the garage. (7) By this time, I had gotten ahold of my mother who suggested taking it to the car service place we’d once gone to when her car over-heated. I went inside and washed the white stuff off my hands and then drove to the car place.

They couldn’t do anything about it right then so I made an appointment for 7:30 the next morning and drove home. At this point, Ash and I were talking it out and he remembered that we’d gotten the Honda 5 yr/60,000 mile warranty. I’d never had to use it so I couldn’t remember at all so I called Honda. The man let me know that yes, we had purchased it. And yes, it had expired ON THE 18TH OF OCTOBER. A mere 7 days earlier. (8) I wanted to scream. I wanted to cry. I was in denial and just hoping the window was off the track and would go back up and stay. The Honda dude suggested that it was probably a regulator arm and quoted me at nearly 300 dollars! (9) [Heart palpitations, headache to ensue.] I managed to calm down and take it with stride. Nothing was going to get done at that point so I made dinner, worked out, and fell asleep.

Wednesday morning I drove the kids to school – window down and all with it being 50 degrees – and then headed to the repair shop. Sadly, they found that it was the regulator but quoted me 100 dollars more! I told them Honda’s quote and Don, the manager, promised to match and/or beat it. I explained to him my warranty deal and, since he knew the manager at Honda, called to see if there was wiggle room. Sadly, they can’t budge on the date but the other manager suggested I give Honda Care a call. 286 dollars later, I call Honda Care’s 800 number and speak to a man who said they could reimburse me if I took it to Honda. Of course, the local dealer manager had said get it fixed where I was then call Honda. Sigh. BUT, this nice man said to go ahead and fax him the receipt and they’d try to reimburse me what they would pay the dealer, since I am only at 46k miles. (10) I faxed my info in as soon as I got to the office but I haven’t heard from them yet. At least there’s hope!

So after being pushed and pulled in so many emotional directions, I decided to leave work early and go to Joanne Fabrics to buy some Halloween stuff. I need to embellish some things on Isaac’s Thor costume. I found the perfect cape fabric (11) but it was unraveled and not labeled with a price so to be sure, I waited for 30 minutes at the fabric counter, only to have them tell me I could have used one of the other 1.99 squares to check out. How would I have known it was the same! BUT, I got home and – without much hope at it working – gave the garage door opener a push. Huzzah! It opened! (12) On that note, I ran and then we played in the yard with the kids and things are looking pretty darn decent now. (13)

What I realized is that I was looking at life as either in neutral or bad. You go about your day to day with things being status quo. Nothing amazing or horrific happens; just your average stuff. Then something like a broken window comes along and you get all pissed like, “Why is this happening to me?” But you suddenly become thankful for the mundane because at least it isn’t that. It could be worse. I have a whole different outlook now and feel happier for it.