FrIdAy FiVe – FuN EdItIoN

Five Thoughts:

  1. A “barcade” is opening in midtown and Ash and I are really excited. We both have fond memories of playing in arcades as kids/teenagers. His was more for competition; I liked to hang out in this one because boys went there. But it’s a nostalgia for us both and should be really fun to relive some of those games.
  2. Similarly, I feel like malls are quickly going the way of arcades; people just don’t need to go to brick and mortar places anymore. There are some things you can’t get online, right? I’m trying to think. Ok, you can’t get a tattoo online. She can’t eat in the food court online or get your ears pierced. You can’t meet your friends in person online. At least, not by my standards. I guess if you’re ok sending clothes back that don’t fit, you don’t *really* need to try things on in a store. But still; it makes me sad when I see malls fading away.
  3. I’m taking Ell and Isaac to a birthday party for Elliot’s friend tonight and it is at Beef O’Brady’s, a place I’d rather never eat but they do have beer… and games. The kids will play those and eat and I think it’ll be a blast. We actually haven’t been to a b-day party in some time. It seems like all the kids in Isaac’s class had huge fourth birthday parties but for their fifth, all the parents simply sent cake and goodie bags to school. Weird.
  4. My boss and I were talking about how inoften we, as adults, laugh. She says she watches The Voice because it actually does make her laugh. This is true; I find that I don’t really laugh that often. The other day, some site popped up in my facebook feed and I can’t even remember now what it was about but I remember laughing and thinking how I don’t do that enough.
  5. I wasn’t laughing when I burned my tongue on my coffee this morning; ouch. But I did treat myself to breakfast at Starbucks and that’s always fun.Ash and I are going for Mexican and beer at lunch then to see Chappie; fun!

Five Pictures:






I thought that was cool, seeing as how we’re entrenched in baseball season right now


Baby in a box


Isaac on a rock


Mine is “Rolling taco cafe”

Random Tuesday and a Confession

Stacy Uncorked
  • So yesterday, I left work a slight bit early and you know what I did? I got a pedicure. For a little while, I was the only one in there. And the sun was out (finally) and they had the door to the place open and my god, it was heaven.
  • Ash had to drive all yesterday so he was starving and decided to take us all out for pizza. Yay! We got home and I felt particularly productive. So while Elliot plugged away at extra work, I cleaned their bathroom and magic erasered the tub – which needed it like no one’s business – and then I swept in the kitchen and washed dishes.
  • Apparently, a guy caught a nine foot great white shark off the coast of Panama City. I don’t usually go that far west to hit the beach but think of all the Spring Breakers! We have it next week so tons of co-eds will be flocking!!
  • I have been so good about taking my breakfast and lunch this week (yeah, I know it’s only Tuesday) but I have planned out the whole week. I’m very proud of myself. I have been working out too, for the most part. I skipped last night but I have to tonight.
  • I really feel like going to the mall and just buying stuff but I am saving for Hawaii. I cannot possibly just go randomly spending, especially not if I am going to pay ahead for Elliot’s summer camp for four weeks. I pretty much hate money.

Today’s Coffee Chat prompt is a confession and it reminds me of forever ago and when I used to do a Friday Confessions meme. I’m going to dredge one up like Stacy because, well, I think I probably have some good ones back in the vaults. (Does ANYone get the RHPS reference??)


Here is one dated 9/20/2013. Sometimes it is funny for me to go back and see what  was confessing. This one amused me so here; I hope it does the same for you.



I confess… I am not feeling motivated this morning but my parents get here in about 6 hours so I have to: give the dogs baths, clean their blankets and crates, sweep, vacuum, and clean the guest room. I should also give Dakota ( AKA Stinky Milk Neck) a bath.

I confess… I went for my 6 week check up on Tuesday and though they prescribed my mini-pill for BC, the doc recommended being on it for a week to be safe. So for fun, we thought we’d buy some condoms. Haven’t done that in over a decade. So I went to CVS and find that they are all in a locked shelf, much like ipods and cameras at Best Buy. There’s a large red “Ask for help” button you have to press.  As the girl from the pharmacy ambled towards us, I made sure to tell her that it never used to be that embarrassing. Luckily, I don’t really care!

I confess… it’s been a bit disconcerting that every day, Elliot wakes up fine – gets dressed, eats breakfast, gets in the car no problem – but as we pull up to school, he’s fighting me on it. He claims he’s too tired and school is boring and he just doesn’t want to go. I never remember feeling like that so I hardly know what to tell him. I’ve said everything. Though today, he was fine. But I think it’s because he knows my parents will be here later. However, he didn’t have one single complaint. I hope everything is ok for him though; I always wonder if something is going on at school he’s not telling us.

I confess… I have felt a little stressed lately but not about any one particular thing. I guess it’s knowing I am going back to work on the first and getting all things ready. Baby Girl took a bottle yesterday so that’s good. I know she won’t have issues at daycare with that then. But I am a little worried about my lack of sleep when I am working. She wakes up twice a night but I don’t really feel exhausted.  When I am working, though, it may really catch up to me.

I confess… some days I can’t wait for her to get a little older, so we can skip through some of these crying for no reason times. I mean, she has been good this week. But sometimes that crying just wears on you!



I have juicier confessions but I can’t seem to muster any this morning. Maybe another day! ;)

Random Tuesday – Get up just to get knocked back down

Stacy Uncorked
  • The robins have migrated further south than they normally do and on Sunday, my yard and surrounding trees were a-buzz with their activity. I don’t know if I have ever witnessed anything like it. All day they flew above, sometimes descending to my grass to eat grubs and then suddenly, they’d all take flight and head to the trees again. Baby and I watched them for a long time; it was a natural wonder.
  • My Endoflex finally arrived so now I am more… balanced. It regulates hormones in a natural way and I definitely feel better when I take it. I’m not going to sit here and tell you that essential oils are a miracle but I am continuously surprised by the fact that they do work.
  • As I was walking out to get the kids yesterday (normally Ash’s job but he was home with a bum back/neck) I got THE CALL: Dakota had thrown up. Wee; 24 hours of banishment from school. I got her home and boy. she sure seemed fine but that piece of toast sat on her stomach a mere, oh, 15 seconds before it made a reappearance so we nixed food for the evening and tried to make the best of it. No one was “normal” last night; the boys couldn’t even sit through a movie – really rare for them – and it seemed like we were all off.
  • I made myself a grilled cheese, bacon, and avocado sandwich and had a glass of red wine. Not long after, I could not keep myself awake; the urge to sleep overtook me and as I walked into the bedroom, making my valiant attempt at folding clothes, I simply passed out. But only for about an hour. I was then awake until 11, reading. However, Ash was so uncomfortable that he tossed and turned and I was then awake from 3-4. Greeeeat.
  • So this morning, I was making lunches and breakfasts – Dakota gave toast another go and as of 7:35 when I left, it was still residing in her belly – and Isaac decided he also wanted toast because his stomach felt funny. Yup, well, he’s now also staying home with Ash and Baby. Stupid stomach bug.
  • Meanwhile, I feel fine but my stomach is definitely a little floppy. I pray to God I do not get this too. I have got to teach my class today and then I can head out. Would be pretty crappy to be sick AND have to stay home with the younger ones!

That’s all I can muster today; I have to prep for class then I need to relax. This week is already crazy!

Review Extravaganza – Last three months

I’m home with all three kids this week (which is both wonderful and entirely too stressful) and I tried to recreate my normal writing habit for this post; it is NOT working! Baby keeps coming over to the side table with my coffee mug, Elliot is blabbering about some game, and Isaac wants letter instruction, only now because I am busy. Sigh. I am way too used to working!


This month started off with the pondering of what to do with Todd’s eye condition.

I blogged about finding time for me (see #8).

Ash and I had an anniversary.

I mused about various things as Halloween approached.


I recapped Halloween and pined for my hubs and oldest to come home.

I got a little too excited about buying a new home, even though we are not… yet.

Three out of five of us got sick, very sick. Oh, it was just me who was VERY sick.

A gunman opened fire at the library on campus where I work.


I recapped Thanksgiving and shared some Xmas songs.

I did “almost nice” Portable North Pole videos for my kids and it backfired!

Then I skipped a week between recaps because we’ve been super busy!

Now the Photos:










Friday Five – On not stressing and getting through it

Five thoughts:

      1. I have to admit that I am juuust about done with this class this semester. They deceived me; I thought they were studious and on the ball but so many of them are not and now, they’re all clamoring to get “the answer” to completing their final assignment on time. The answer is, you should have begun weeks ago when I told you about it.
      2. I’m simultaneously looking forward to Thanksgiving and dreading it. Not “it” exactly but the shopping before-hand – because I must bring all ingredients to Orlando for the dishes I am in charge of – and the packing and planning. We got the email about Isaac’s first soccer practice and it is apparently on Tuesday… when we were going to leave. So I need to clarify all that and just get into my zen state of mind.
      3. We’re going to the game tomorrow and I am kind of excited, kind of nervous. Ash wants to leave earlier than I had planned so we can tailgate with some people from his work, whom I do know and like. But that means: more $$ to the babysitter and it messes with the timing of her daily events, like nap and food. BUT, the girl I hired (a grad student in our dept whom I do trust) was a nanny in undergrad so I think she’s got this just fine.
      4. After Sundry posted on Instagram about her SAD lamp, I have been thinking about getting one. I have entertained the idea in the past but I am thinking ahead to January. Sure, we live in Florida but the early sunsets and cold temps tend to depress me right after the holidays. It’s a combination of those things that gets me down so I put one on my Amazon wishlist, the one she had recommended. Has anyone had luck with these before?
      5. On Wednesday I included lyrics from a Bing Crosby Thanksgiving related song. I want to share it with you here because though I am listening to Christmas music right now, I don’t want to gloss over my favorite holiday either.


Five Pictures:


You can see Todd’s bad eye here; it’ll be coming out after Thanksgiving and that brings me a great deal of relief.


When I go to get bagels on Sunday mornings, the sky is always amazing.


Here are my guys on Veteran’s Day


An example of what we’ll be eating next week, at my parents’ house!


We’re so bad at photos! (2011)

Dreams and homes and sleeplessness and the future

Sunday night, we watched Vanilla Sky for the first time since it came out in 2001. I don’t remember it being  so insanely confusing before, though maybe I just didn’t catch any of those intricacies so it just wasn’t confusing. Anyway, it really made Ash think so we were in bed that night, talking, and it came up that I lie awake many nights just thinking about things. Usually things that stress me out, but I always find a way to get back to sleep. One of the tricks I have is thinking about my dream home. Truthfully, not even a dream home – just a new home that hits even 5/10 things I’d love to have. These include: a laundry room, larger living areas, larger driveway, to be situated on a street with little traffic, and a grassy back yard. When Ash found this out, he really broke down. He was all, “If this really makes you happy, we’ll get you a house. I didn’t realize it meant so much to you.”

Two things about this statement: for one, I feel like it doesn’t mean THAT much because I know we have it good with our super low mortgage for the starter home. I want it but that doesn’t mean I get it, you know? The other thing about this is that we HAVE been thinking about moving for years but it has always come down to some of the disagreements he and I have: he won’t settle for a smaller yard, I won’t settle for a house that is out a very trafficky road, etc. But now we think we might be able to meet in the middle.

So we started talking about what we can actually afford, which is much more than we thought but for years, we’ve been allowing our low housing cost as a reason to do other things. It was a smart move we made early on, before kids. We’ve been able to get other things and do other things like vacation. With Isaac soon to be in kindergarten, we can draft up a reasonable plan for what we can afford. I’ve been scouring zillow and it’s always the same homes I end up looking at. They sit there, taunting me with their brick facades and cute porches and perfectly fenced in yards. Sure, some of them hit all but one thing and it’s a deal breaker. I found one I loved but it didn’t have a garage. Sigh. But it doesn’t matter now because we aren’t moving NOW. But it does give me something to check each day.

The truth of the matter is that we have to wait until we know it is feasible. We also want to rent out our current home so we need to find a management company and do that whole thing. I am nervous and excited and hopeful. Our current home has been a good one but we need larger living areas. With the kids getting older, it’s absolutely necessary. So in the meantime, as we near the time when we’ll enact a plan, I will think about my dream home in the wee small hours of the morning.

Random Tuesday – Of Fall and football and back aches



  • As I mentioned yesterday, less than stellar weekend. Isaac isn’t spazzing out about the splinter anymore and we’re getting Ash’s car fixed but man, I am due for some good news here. Do you ever get like that? Where you feel like you’re waiting for something great to happen?
  • I am truly in a funk. When I get like this, I usually want to escape; have a drink or go out with other adults. But I don’t even want that. I don’t know what I want!
  • I will say, we had a nice night last night. We got home and worked out then took everyone to Isaac’s football practice. Isaac did really well, baby girl was happy, and Elliot got over his nervousness and played with this other little girl that was hanging around. We missed practice the last two weeks due to rain so maybe this is the change. At one point, it clouded up like it might pour but instead, it just got super windy. We were bombarded by pine needles – it was some serious wind – but it never did rain.
  • It’s the first day of Autumn! I am eager to do some cleaning up around the house and outside. I did take down quite a bit of the overgrowth in the backyard and some of the front area’s weeds. If I can find some time this weekend, I will get rid of the rest of the weeds and buy some damn mulch, do my best to keep the weeds and vines away.
  • Not that I have become a hardcore geocacher now but I am considering buying a handheld gps. Does anyone have one/recommend one? My phone works fine but I have a feeling the actual dedicated device will be a lot better.
  • Did I tell you that we’re probably going to an FSU game? I asked a friend of mine in Athletics about tickets in general and she offered to gather some for me for the Boston College game. I am pretty stoked and so is Isaac. Though I took Elliot a couple years ago, Isaac has not been. I got him all hyped up on Osceola:
  • My mother got all sad yesterday about me not being able to compelte today’s them for #our_everyday_moments on Instagram, which is “grandparents”. I want to tell her she can come visit but we are inundated with football and birthday parties and I don’t want her to feel like she’s getting the way, though I doubt it would be like that. Sometimes dealing with family is hard. :(
  • My back is hurting a lot today (probably from 21 Day Fix) so I put on this Thermacare thing. thermacareWhen I bought it, I didn’t realize that size small wasn’t referring to the size of the actual area of the heating stones, as it used to. It used to come with adhesive but now it comes as a wrap that goes around your entire abdomen. Small is snug, as it should be, but it squishes out my post baby belly fat in gross ways. Ugh.
  • I’m off to listen to more James Taylor – I’m on a kick – and work on the Spring schedule. Hope everyone has a great Tuesday!

Random Tuesday – Throw away the donuts, Stretch more, Revisit running, Enjoy summer





  • This morning, I heated up my Jimmy Dean Deelights sandwich and when I pulled it from the microwave, it fell to the floor – sausage down, egg side, right on the floor. I threw it back in the microwave and hit it for another 50 seconds. I figure that killed anything. But let’s not assume this unfortunate event relates to how my day might go.
  • It’s day two of Fall semester, which is really like day one all over again because of Tuesday/Thursday classes. So far, it’s nice and quiet.
  • My dad bought those Entenman’s donuts on Sunday and they were BOGO so we had ALL these damn donuts sitting around and I am really torn between just eating them or throwing them away. I mean, I really don’t need them. Though I was so good yesterday: a small salad and some baked crispy things for lunch. Then a granola bar. I had a bowl of cereal for dinner with a banana. Oh, but I ate a donut too. And one chicken nugget. It MAY be time to get my eating back on track.
  • My legs hurt from 21 Day Fix lower workout. My quads burn when I take stairs or bend down. It’s really uncomfortable but a nice reminder that I WORKED. But this kind of reminds me that I have felt like running again lately. If we drive down Blairstone, all I can think about are all those runs I did down that road, on that blacktop path by the trees. The water fountain reward at the intersection, the taller shady trees after the bend. The mornings have been so much cooler the past two days and that little bit of break makes me yearn for Fall and running weather.
  • I was just thinking this morning that though it is getting cooler, I might want one more beach day; I’m not necessarily ready to give up on summer. And then, my desk calendar said this:20140826_075607
  • Ok calendar, you win.
  • This article popped up from a facebook friend today and I think it is really interesting. I am a sucker for comparing the past to the present so I have to share it. I am pretty sure that a lot of parents are doing these things today and I admit to being a  little feel-proud that I have managed to steer clear.
  • I took a looong break from writing this post because I got a call about vandalism down in our first year TA office space. We share it with Classics so I went down there to see. It kind of looked like maybe two different people. One wrote some nazi stuff and a note to lock the door. The other wrote this stuff about pain and suffering and some girl’s name who apparently broke his heart. Awwww.
  • The creepy thing was a student came in to add a class just as I was getting wind of this and her name? The exact same as the one written down there! I gave her a head’s up that campus police might be contacting her.
  • And with that, I leave you because I am buried under work!

MMMM + Another weekend in the books

Ahh, the weather is giving us the briefest glimpse of Fall today: 72 and dry – for once! – so I have my kitchen’s glass door open to the screen and am drinking my latte while writing. It’s really nice! The weekend was warm but not sweltering; we even played outside both days. On Saturday, Elliot went to my boss’s house to hang out with her grandson, because they’re friends now and go to the same school. So they swam there then went back to his house (which is a lot closer to ours) and played there a while. We took Isaac to the playground before getting Ell; really trying to give Isaac some special attention since he’s finding himself a little lost in the new family dynamic. We watched GI Joe: Retaliation that night and it was pretty disappointing, considering the first movie was not bad at all. The second one was just a bunch of scenes shoddily strung together. Blah.

Ash ran Sunday morning and the boys attempted to play without fighting. In the afternoon we went to Lowe’s and then to Lofty Pursuits for ice cream. Since the kids were all hopped up on sugar, we went to the playground, then came home and took baths, had dinner, and they went to sleep a wee bit early, which allowed me to go pick up Bonefish. That place tastes the best when it’s free! (Had the gift card I won a few weeks back.)

Elliot has had a loose tooth for weeks now and I really thought he’d lose it yesterday. However, it hung on by a tiny thread until this morning. He’s thrilled of course and I’m nervous about possibly waking him up when I attempt to place this gold dollar under his pillow. How do parents do that, you know? You can kinda see the gaping space there at the bottom. Also, this pic makes his nose look really big. (Taken with Ash’s phone in a dark hallway; bad idea.)tooth

I’m not sure what I’ll do this week but I need a plan. Maybe if I make a list of all the things I want to do, I can begin crossing them off. As I have said before, being on maternity leave is all about being an opportunist. You have to see moments of free time, in between feedings and fussiness, to really start attacking projects. I swore I would repaint all the door jambs but uh, we’ll see. That involves one entire day of blue taping around them and another day painting multiple coats. It really would be an all-day affair, I think. And it won’t be tomorrow because Ash has to go to Orlando, which means he probably won’t be home until 8 or 9 and I’ll be solo-parenting three kids. Oh, I know I can handle it but the thought does irk me.


This week’s theme is “on your playlist” so I have two to share with you.

You all know I love Country music so I have been playing the heck out of this new Luke Bryan song. Plus, I am going to see him on October 11th! YAY!! I like this song because it goes hand in hand with the sentiment present in a lot of the romance novels I read.

And I recently discovered Capital Cities. Don’t know much about them but I dig this song.