More chicken babble

After today’s class, I’ll be one week down with five to go. Not too bad, considering that next week we have Wednesday off. Then the week after that I’ll have conferences and the week after that we have conferences (which cancel two days a week). Plus, when my sister comes up on the 13th, I’ll probably move that Friday’s lesson to Thursday and leave mid-day so she and I can go shopping. Wow, I’ll be 31 weeks by then. How crazy. Time really does fly by. It’s almost eerie.

My doctor’s appointment is at 10:30 so I’ll be leaving the office soon. We have a bunch of questions for the doctor today but I always feel so awkward asking them. It’s not that she makes me feel uncomfortable and I am sure she’s heard them all before but I still feel weird about asking if Ash can “catch” the baby (he read about it being possible in one of our books) or if the hospital robes are really that bad and should I buy my own? All the books say you’re best wearing your own robe to feel comfortable, to nurse, etc. I don’t own a bathrobe so this poses a problem.

I’ve developed a headache and I’m not sure if it’s from food or lack thereof. I could still go for some fried chicken today. With mashed potatoes and cole slaw, corn on the cob and buttermilk biscuits. Yeah, that sounds amazing.

Swinging on the moods

Blah. I suddenly feel terribly blue, down, depressed, woeful, etc. It is noon, lunchtime, and I am not sure what I want. Well, what I really wanted was to go out to lunch at the invitation of husband and friends but alas, I sacrifice my lunch to teach English to the youth of America. I know I know, I’m so selfless! I’m a fabulous person who deserves a pat on the back! Ok, not really. But you can see what kind of smart-ass sarcastic mood I am in. The question is: do I want to eat the shit Mexican on campus or take a little walk to the union to eat even crappier food? I DID get back into my office a bit early from class so – technically – I have 10 minutes to spare. Eh, I’ll probably just suck it up and eat a shitty burrito.

And soon because I think I’m cranky due to lack of food. I ate a bagel at 7:40 and a Special K 90 calorie breakfast bar at about 9:45.

What are you guys eating? I’m obsessed with food lately, what can I say?

Feed me, Seymour

I want a hamburger. Not just any burger. I want it to be huge and greasy and cheesy and maybe even have mayo or horseradish on it. I may have to get this for lunch. I don’t know where I will go for this though. Maybe I will call ahead an order to the LOOP. All I know is that my stomach and the bean concur: MUST HAVE MEAT.


gearing up for mid-day

Ahh work. How I do love you… when you keep me busy for hours. I just input the instructors for their classes. It’s a tedious job but only has to be done three times a year so should I be complaining? Not really. It’s almost 11, which means it will soon be 12 and I will take lunch. I need to hit the vet and the post office during my break and, hopefully, I can get that all done in a fairly quick manner. Sometimes I hate errands.

I can’t tell if that Frappuccino made me awake or sluggish; at times I feel fine and others, like right this second, I feel like I want to take a nap. Maybe it’s the danish that’s bringing about the sleepiness. For lunch I ought to get something very healthy. Maybe a Tropical Smoothie wrap. Although, my sister ate one with chicken once and found a bone in it. I wouldn’t believe it except that I was there and I saw it; how gross. I mean, I have found small bones in my tuna before but this was an all out bone. Any suggestions as to what’s good at Tropical Smoothie?

ETA: I actually ended up at the Pitaria and I had a plain ol’ basic gyro. it was quite yummy. I don’t eat those, well, ever but they remind me of my childhood. On the weekends, when my mother was working, my father and I would run errands about town and he always stopped at this little place – the kind where you walk up to the window and order, eating around the side on a concrete bench and table – and ordered a gyro. (He liked to get into it and say YEE-rrroh). I don’t think he eats them very often now but they’ll always remind me of my father.

Not long now; only two hours. I’m feeling compelled to write so I’ll probably set down here and try to pound something out. I need to focus more on my non-fiction. I may not have had any major trauma in my life but I know I have stories to tell.

Ring ring, Tokyo?

I don’t want to say too much but I just had a weird experience. Apparently someone in the dept. is in Japan on conference and he’s missing. I don’t know the details but it seems serious. Creepy. I shared and office with this guy too.

I’ve officially been staring at the computer too long; my eyes are blurry and my head is going to explode. Brain matter grey anyone?

It’s still 69 (hee hee) out and there’s a breeze about 7 mph. How beautiful! And if I think about it this way: I have been here about 3.5 hours. I have about 4 to go. Not so bad, considering one will be spent eating and not at my desk.

Ash’s flag football game ended last night at about 7:30 and he decided we needed to hit the gym. I felt so good about those 400 calories gone, burned into oblivion. I kicked my ass too. But it was really worth it. We treated ourselves to Boston Market afterwards and that made the night complete. Well, with a little together time, it was nearly perfect.

I am craving a corndog. One of our freind’s kids was chewing on one last night (I say chewing because she took about 1.5 bites but just sort of flung it around the entire game) and it just looked tasty. There’s a place down the road a piece named Dog et Al, which serves really humongous corndogs. And the North FLorida Fair serves some awesome buttermilk batter dipped ones. Mmmm, I need a corndog, bad!

Anyway, doesn’t look like anyone’s around today. I hope you are out enjoying nice weather, unlike myself.

Know when to bend

I crave Dr. Pepper and dark chocolate. I may have to splurge before classtime. I am always so worn out by the time I get there. I also ate a huge lunch. For $3.64 I got:  1/4 chicken, white rice, black beans, a roll, and fried plantains. Yes, I went to pollo Tropical (chee-ken on the greel, cha cha cha). Am I the only one who remembers their old radio jingle?

ANYway, I want to comment on something about my job. I don’t normally do this but the best piece of advice the former person in this job gave me was: be firm and set boundaries. I didn’t know what she meant until now. It’s not easy but I’ve been good so far.

I have about 2 hours until I teach. We’re being introduced to the research paper today so that should be… fun. They are always freaked out by the research aspect but it’s really not that bad. The book we read makes it pretty fun.

Visions of Dr. Pepper dance in my head… I must go… to… the Circle K….

Thursday – 4/5 of the way to the weekend

Happy Thursday everyone. Welcome to payday, those of you who work for the state. At least, here in Tallahassee. I wonder if state employees all over Florida get paid tonight, at midnight. Either way, Ash and I do and that makes me very happy.

In traditional Tallahassee summer fashion, it has rained a lot lately. Yesterday was an all day affair, the rain pausing only briefly around one o’clock, which was convenient for me to head out to lunch. Once again I did the Suwannee Room, but I ventured into the faculty/staff private dining area. The chairs are comfortably squishy and it is much quieter in there. Although I don’t mind eating with the students, this special room made for a relaxing lunch and also allowed me to grade some papers.

Ash’s flag football game was called on account of the storms so we finally made it to the store. Does this happen to you? You depserately need to go grocery shopping; you’re eating the last of the canned vegetables, there’s no milk, no fruit, no lunchmeat, no nothing. And yet, you somehow put it off. We probably should have gone on Monday, the milk ran out on Tuesday morning. I wanted the night to be beautiful like Tuesday – breezy and clear – so David and I (and the wives of other players) could enjoy a game of football at Tom Brown Park. But it worked out for the best: today I have a yummy sandwich.

I have been here for almost an hour – I don’t think today is going to be all that great. It’s just a feeling, I don’t know this for sure.  But I am tired, even though I think I slept for about seven straight hours, dreamlessly. I am contemplating coffee but I think I need a day to detox my body. I was not feeling so hot after coffee yesterday and then, once I got home and had fallen asleep for almost five whole minutes before Ash woke me to tell me about the football cancellation, my stomach was raging war against my body. It felt swollen and bubbly, like it was doing backflips within my abdominal cavity. Ugh. I thought maybe it was some slight heartburn, possibly from the garlic in the pasta at lunch. But the thought of eating food – which was probably the issue since it was around ten at night when I tried forcing anything down – made me think I would going to hurl. Finally, and with much mental preparation, I managed to down a bowl of Frosted Mini-Wheats. And then a piece of toast. And one slice of turkey. And a swig of milk. And then I felt ok. Dinner of champions right there.

I’m feeling anxious today and bored at the same time. Talk to me, leave me comments. I need a diversion from this desperate plea inside for the weekend to come.

Some unrelated things

The aforementioned book is very good so far and if you are at all interested in history and/or beverages, then you will probably enjoy this book. I really like to learn about the origins of things and how they became what we know today. I’m endlessly fascinated by this. Especially if they involve social customs or rituals.

I once again journeyed to the Suwannee Room for lunch. I must say, my second visit was better than my first. Today I had a piece of baked chicken, mixed veggies, and mashed potatoes with a white gravy. All very tasty. I should not, however, have eaten that cookie because I now feel sort of full and my stomach is slightly gurgly.

Yesterday I managed to injure myself twice. The first was partly Todd’s fault, partly my own, and partly Ash’s. Todd ran to the full extent – 16 feet – of his retractable leash and came up behind me, where the tether rubbed against the back of my knee, right where it bends. This resulted in quite a nasty burn, which is hurting today each and every time I bend my leg. The second was definitely my fault for not looking but my aunt’s dog’s fault for chewing on the rug. I accidentally stepped on a few exposed carpet tacks as I walked from the kitchen to the hallway. I didn’t think it hurt at first but I looked down to find two small punctures that were bleeding. It hurts to put pressure on my right heel. And I just realized that I tried to place blame on both of these wounds, even if it was me. Why must we always point a finger when something goes wrong? Human nature, I guess.

I have French in a little over an hour. This makes me happy because I am so excited to be understanding and learning this language. I am more motivated this semester also, which makes a huge difference.  Then I get to go home and relax.


I was contemplating an entry on food, since I have already eaten a banana, a cup of key lime yogurt (low fat light) and my 8 ounces of vitamins (they mix with water!) And it seems lately, I cannot get enough food. This usually occurs about once a month; I crave everything and I can’t seem to get full. Typically, I eat a lot of small meals during these week long crave-fests, which means I burn more calories and have more energy.

What solidified my actual writing about this was getting into the elevator with Prof. Moore, who, when asked how he was doing, replied, “Ask me after one more cup of coffee.” So we spoke of how coffee, unlike the vehicles of most other addictions (cigarette smoking, alcohol) actually has good flavor and more depth as a food product. And then I wanted coffee like never before. Now, I know a lot of people who boycott Starbucks because it’s a subsidiary of “The Man” and blah blah blah. I’ve had coffee from small shops and in a lot of cases, it’s just not as good as Starbucks… or Barnie’s, but if you’ve heard the news, they got bought out by “The Man”. So I’ll just have to settle for something from the Boca Cafe, which is actually owned by Circle K.

After I left the elevator and headed to the English office, I somehow got into a conversation with the front desk girl about how french fries are her favorite food. She says she’ll eat McDonalds or make them herself, it doesn’t matter so long as she can eat them every day. Wow. That’s love. She said they better have them in heaven or else. I wish I had a food that I was that passionate about. There are a few things in this world that delight my palate more than words can express but I would have to think long and hard about it. Give me twenty minutes.

ETA: Ok, I lied about twenty minutes. I got busy. Anyway, I ventured over to one of the campus’s new food establishments, The Suwannee Room. It is in the east wing of the William Johnston Building and is the flat rate, (almost) all you can eat type. It’s basically Golden Corral but it always changes every day. Well, I guess they have some staples like sandwiches and the bakery items. I had a taco with spanish rice. The rice was cold but still tasty. The taco shell was slightly stale but the beef was good. I then had some cold sunomono noodles – yum – and a small slice of pizza. Sounds like a lot but I really only had a little of all. The pizza tasted like frozen but it was still good. All in all, it was about $7.25 for everything I wanted, it’s big and open and they have a special room for faculty and staff. I see myself frequenting this place.