Random Tuesday – Can’t muster a good post

Stacy Uncorked
  • I’m writing this Monday afternoon so I don’t know just yet how the kids’ first day went. I just hope they didn’t get wet n the walk to the new aftercare. It’s about 3-4 blocks away and at the time school got out, it was looking pretty dark out there.
  • I admit to being nervous about them switching to the other after care but what made me happy was that both their teachers had a sheet that made me initial to verify how they were getting home/leaving school at the end of the day. I like that organization!
  • I feel fat today and all I have had was a tuna sub with a load of vegetables. I don’t get it!
  • ************* Now it’s Tuesday!******************
  • So the kids did great yesterday. Both were happy with their rooms and teachers and I have a good feeling about this year. They were a bit out of sorts though after that day. It’s so hard for me to put myself in their shoes sometimes and understand how they internalize everything. I mean, that first day must be such a weird thing for them to process.
  • There were no dumb sorority girls sitting in my way this morning, thankfully. I had it all planned out in my head too. if they were there, I was going to ask them for their supervisor’s number so I could complain. That would have really freaked them out.
  • It’s about that time… time to start running outside again. No more elliptical. Or… elliptical in the morning still and afternoon runs also. I cannot imagine how I will do with that but I know I have to do.
  • I’m sorry this isn’t very entertaining or random; it’s a very busy time of year for me!

Fleeting ideas

A brief run-down of things I’ve thought about this week.

(Because you care)

When I drive home from work, I sometimes really blast my music. I know it seems sort of silly and immature but I love to roll my windows down and crank that baby up to 18, 19. I roll my windows down and let it go: the day, the frustrations, whiny students, tiny annoyances. All right out those windows. I sometimes feel so open and free that I imagine my car’s doors open entirely, rocketing down the road, soothing everyone with my choice of aural stress reliever.


Not everyone’s is the same, I realize. When I get in and Ozzy’s Boneyard (on XM) is playing one of THE best AC/DC songs, I feel like you all need to hear it.


After observing one of the TA’s classes the other day, I realized that I do regret not getting my act together and teaching a class on Hair Metal and Gender. I watched this guy teach about racial identities and Japanese anime and the way he spoke so eloquently and knowledgeably about these topics made me sad that in the basic courses I teach, that isn’t an opportunity. Sure, I tell them about squeezing details out of boring sentences and analyzing themselves to get a higher meaning into an essay. But I would love to actually talk about things I know about. Not that I did a whole lot of research in the gender studies area but I would brush up if it meant I could slap down the cover of Poison’s first album and ask them if they thought those “women’ were pretty.Poison-Look-What-The-Cat-Dragged-In-2006-Frontal

Think of all the conversations! The 80s as a decade when this was becoming acceptable, the 90s as the death of the rock god, the 2000s as… hell, I don’t even know. But that class would be a hell of a lot of fun.


Dakota is the child who does that thing where she cries so hard she passes out. She’s my first to do this and it could be one of the scariest things I have ever witnessed. Both boys have passed out exactly once in their lives: Elliot was running in socks and fell in the kitchen. He cried, then stopped, then immediately went limp in Ash’s arms. (Funny that Ash doesn’t remember this instance.) Isaac passed out when he was knocked under water at the bottom of a huge water slide. He cried when the kid collided into him and as he took a breath, he went under and swallowed water. Obviously all my children are just fine but Dakota’s thing is different.

If she’s in a particularly clingy mood and I walk away from her, she might cry so hard she passes out then. The worst part is that she falls over and I may have left the room. After such an incident yesterday, I realize that we cannot just let her cry in that manner. If we sense she might cry harder than usual, she’s going to need to be supervised. The passing out will continue if it’s going to but at least we can stop her from falling over and hurting herself further. Just when you think you have the hang of parenting, something else happens!

Random Brain Bits

  • I’m already dreaming of summer and the beach
  • But I have to lose some weight before I go putting on a bathing suit
  • The neighbors who are moving seem to a.) smoke in their house and b.)put handicap type accessories all over that house so it’ll be interesting to see how quickly or to whom it sells
  • Can I just drink coffee all day?
  • Where the hell is the sun?
  • Why is it not summer yet?
  • I am going to – without fail – use the elliptical tonight. I feel pudgy and blah and I know it is partly just January but also, I have just not been doing enough, physically
  • Screw you, January
  • My parents, sister and Justin are at Disney today and keep sending me photos. Um, now I want to run away and take a vacation!
  • I took this essential oil blend this morning that is supposed to curb appetite but for some reason, I feel hungrier than normal. I have taken it before so I don’t know why today, it had this effect!
  • You’ll have to excuse me but I really don’t understand the appeal of Colin Firth
  • That said, I kind of want to see that Kingsmen movie
  • Has anyone seen Snowpiercer? Ash wants to watch it but every night, I am just too tired.

Random Tuesday – Voting, etc


Random it up!

  • Well, I did my part and got out there to vote. I was actually not as late to work as I thought I would be. Instead of spending 10 minutes in the Starbucks drive thru, I made food at home and used the time to get to my polling place. I was, admittedly, a bit worried because the number on my voter card was different than on the sign at the church but it was indeed my precinct still. Whew. Crisis averted.
  • I am not usually affected by DST that much but I have been sleeping like garbage. It is partly due to Ash being gone (i.e. I have to be on alert at all times) and then the time change. Saturday night, I was woken up around 2 am by the sound of fighting cats. It’s one thing for my neighbors to leave plates of food out for these stray beasts but entirely another to leave the bag of food on their porch so the cats can drag it between our homes and squabble in the wee morning hours. UGH. Might be time to call the city to set traps again.
  • I just talked to someone who had their dog’s eye removed and I feel a lot better. I mean, I don’t know if that is what will happen for Todd but it is not looking good. I pushed his appointment up to tomorrow because it is so red and weird looking. Even moreso than when he went last week. One thing after another!
  •  My husband and son come home today! They are at my parent’s house now and I hear that Ash is actually still sleeping. Jet lag is the worst! Elliot slept in too and reportedly ate a gigantic meal for breakfast. There’s a certain good feeling knowing that they are recovering from travel.
  • I kind of hate that I am now looking towards Christmas. On the other hand, I have gotten some shopping done and that puts my mind at ease. Little at a time, bit by bit, and it won’t be a huge money suck all at once. Have you begun shopping yet?


I have a lot going on at work today and so, I must leave you now. :(

Weather, career choices, cooking dilemmas, trending

What a weird day; it began dark but then lightened up, as it does. But around 10 it got cloudy and gray; dreary and cold. The rain came through about noon and now, it is clear, blue skies, and a bit of sun. As time has passed, the day is muted now; the air has a soft quality to it and though it is not cloudy, it is also not sunny and bright. It’s as if that rain cleared everything out but left a light haze of Fall/Winter color.

The cold front blew through in a rush but now it is here. As I walked to my car, it felt like a tea and warm blankets kind of day. After I took care of Todd (he has more meds because he somehow scratched the bad eye), I wanted to stay home. But instead, I made tea and brought it back to my office. (That pic is obviously not MY tea.)4aabfd19f163834063211ce6d2ea7f1c


This weekend is supposed to get colder: mid 30s in the AM and only low 60s at the height of day. On par for this time of year and oh-so nice. I want to take Isaac and Baby to the zoo on Sunday but it’ll be quite chilly. I guess we can bundle and still enjoy it. But will the animals be active?


Do you think I’m a “terrible person” for saying that I would not like to be a therapist because my clients’ burdens would weigh too heavily on me? A co-worker of mine told me I am such because I said that. I know someone who is a trauma therapist and just talking to her made me realize that I could never do that. It isn’t that I would not want to help people but I tend to stew over things, even when they don’t directly affect me. On my anniversary a few weeks ago, I found out about 3 different people I know who are either divorcing or currently separated. I don’t know any of them closely; we are acquaintances. But I thought about this for days and days and just felt sad. I think we all make choices about our careers/jobs for specific reasons. My job DOES involve helping people but not through the super difficult things in life. I field questions about grading and student issues and navigating life/teaching/being a student. But I don’t think therapy would be for me. Still I contend, that does NOT make me a bad person, right?


I want to be the mom who makes a well-rounded nutritious meal but this week? While 2/5 of my family is away? I don’t know. I asked Isaac what he REALLY wanted yesterday, what would taste awesome, and all he could said was “I don’t know.” He reluctantly ate Publix chicken tenders and not much else. Maybe some grapes later on. But he’s going through that funky 4-5 year old eating phase; Elliot did it too. I’m going to propose Chinese take-out tonight and see if he bites. It’s easy, and I made breakfast and lunch today so paying for dinner is alright. My goal is to make something Saturday and then get ingredients to use the crockpot on Sunday. I also want to be the mom who utilizes Pinterest more and takes recipes from it then dominates in the kitchen. Maybe one day!


Do you ever take a second to read what’s trending on Facebook? You know, that column on the top right? Some of the things they post are so useless. Today, “Soap opera star takes moment to thank fans.” Who gives a crap? I say I want useful news, not depressing stuff, but I am looking for something in the middle of straight up sad and completely trivial.

Random… Thursday?

Since it’s been a crazy week, my brain is disheveled and pretty much looks like this room:a-messy-room

If you wanted to say it’s messy, it’s messy like this room is. Things everywhere! No order at all! So here’s some random crap floating around in there, just to keep me going because in about, oh, 15 or so minutes, there will be students in here, I guarantee it.

  • Two bands I’ve been listening to a lot this week: AC/DC and Alice Cooper. Some of their more unknown songs are actually really good. Plus, I just love Alice. He’s an awesome guy.
  • Ash and I saw Sin City 2 last Friday and I am always sad when a second movie comes after the first too many years later. This would have been excellent, like, six years ago. It wasn’t BAD, per se, but it wasn’t that good either. For starters, I HATE Eva Green. I hate her face. Ok, I did sort of like her as Vesper but I think Daniel Craig made her less awful by being so amazing. But anyway, she’s a heartless bitch in this movie which made me really like Josh Brolin’s character. I didn’t realize he was still in such good shape. Also, I have a soft spot for characters named Dwight so that part of the movie I liked. But otherwise, blech.
  • Fall needs to stop knocking at my mental door. I really DO want to hold on to summer a little bit longer.
  • Tomorrow is Elliot’s 7th birthday. I got him a couple Lego sets and Ash got him a DS and Mario kart. My FIL got him a microscope and my BIL got him a giant toy axe. LOL. I’m sending mini cupcakes to school and I think we might take him to dinner. Nothing fancy but his choice nevertheless.
  • OK, I lied. I started looking at Fall boards on Pinterest. Bring on leaves and cool temps, and pumpkin everything.
  • Damn, I didn’t realize it was 69 degrees this morning. This is amazing for late August. This might be a promise of a great Fall.
  • I’m anxiously awaiting the flag football emails. Sometimes coaches are ahead of the game so they send them out before the deadline (next Tuesday). I just really want to know who their coaches will be, when practices are, etc. I love flag season!
  • I’m desperately trying to write more but every time I sit down, I am more enamored by the idea of writing rather than the actual work. I’m really good at researching it though. For example, my hero looks like this:tumblr_n10cv0wPZt1r9ow28o1_500
  • So instead of writing, I just look up bearded tattooed guys. It’s fun but not necessarily productive.
  • But, work has been busy and I look at that as an accomplishment, right?

Random Tuesday –



  • Is this the week/month of unexpected expenses? Why Summer? It’s already seemingly more expensive and with school starting again soon? I’m being bled dry!
  • That said, I am totally joining a money fantasy football league this year. Why not? What if I win?
  • People on twitter are firing up the zone about the trailer for 50 Shades. Let’s just get this out of the way. The book is a gigantic piece of trash. I mean, the fact that she’s made money writing that makes me sad. Not because of the content but because of a.) how poorly it is written and b.) The Christian character is BAD at being a dom. OMG, he could be the worst in all of BDSM history! Also, she’s the worst kind of heroine: no experience, kind of lame, jumps right into whatever. Not believable. SO, I don’t want to see it, I don’t care. And when the name Dakota becomes popular again because of that actress, you all better remember my daughter’s name now. Just sayin’.
  • I have to mail some books today which means I have to go upstairs, which I pretty much don’t want to do. Sigh. Life is tough, you know?
  • I went to a going away thingie last night at a place called Sidecar and it was pretty awesome. Their food was tasty – the grilled cheese to die for – and I had a nice time talking to folks. Stayed an hour longer than anticipated but hey, it happens. Drove home in the rain and promptly fell asleep on the couch.
  • My coffee is really good today.
  • I saw today that the mother of a guy in our department died and he was left to pay her final expenses. When he first came in, he was, well, not so nice to use here in FYC but he has been kind to me ever since. Someone started a fundraiser for him and I did donate. Good deed for day done.
  • I feel like I keep getting sidetracked so I am going to be on my way. Happy Tuesday!

My life in tweets

Not that I DID tweet these thoughts, but this is what I’d say if I did:download


My parents are taking the boys to Animal Kingdom today and I have to grade papers. Seems unfair.

My sister and her boyfriend were supposed to come hang with us at the hotel next Tuesday but he has to have a tooth pulled; poop.

One of Ell’s friend’s dad is this big guy, epic beard; feel like he’d be a mechanic. But he’s getting a PhD in… religion. I was way off.

I watched a video last night of these mobula rays flying out of the water; they looked like they were having the time of their lives. Rays!

If I take a photo of a nail design to my local salon, do you think they’ll do it? I have never asked for anything other than solid color. (OK, this one I actually did tweet. I gotta know…)

Watched a 20 min vid last night about the Barkley, the hardest ultra in America. It made me realize I will never run that far or that hard.

I’m revisiting ELO’s Eldorado album, whose cover scared the hell outta me when I was a child. Curse that Wicked Witch from Wizard of Oz!Front



A partial list of the innards of my brain as I work


  • Why does the 2nd floor smell like someone horked up hot dogs?
  • Shoes… I want to buy shoes.
  • Beach; let’s go there, even if the water is cold.
  • Remember that time we went and got all tan? There was a smell on my skin – “sun-kissed” – and it was sultry and wonderful and it reminds me of brushing the sand off my feet and the beer I drank once the kids went to bed.
  • Ugh; no more papers. Please, make these all just disappear.
  • Sometimes I just want to say, “Screw you guys, I’m goin’ home.”
  • God I am so busy; why am I blogging? Really, just waiting for that moment when I realize that thing I thought I forgot. And it’s going to be a total “oh shit” moment.
  • I’m eating salad in a minute; salad is good for me. It’s totally not going to fill me up.
  • Mmmm… Snickers calls to me.
  • Man, I am suddenly really tired. I’d kind of like to lay down.
  • I wish it were warmer today. I just want to lay in the sun. I’ve been cold all damned morning
  • Really? I’ve only graded 8 papers? It seems like so many!
  • I feel like I’m losing my mind.
  • “Y’all gon’ make me lose my mind; up in here, up in here.” Ah, DMX. Where did you go?
  • Dear students, please stop making lame excuses.
  • Dear weather, please pick a temperature and stay there.
  • I’m taking a mental vacation now. Claire out.

Just stuff

I don’t have it in me to do Spin Cycle or the Writer’s Workshop prompt this week; I’m actually feeling motivated to work today, which I haven’t since returning from vacation. So below are some tid-bits of my life as of late.


  • I desperately need a new phone; old Samsung Stratosphere is acting like a little bitch and August 13th (my eligibility date) cannot come soon enough. Galaxy S4, here I come!
  • My lawn needs to be mowed like whoa. I did it right before our vacation but it grows  insanely fast in the summertime. The back is worse but look!2013-06-19 16.35.24
  • 33 weeks seems to have brought out the really icky parts of pregnancy, all of a sudden. I honest to God went home yesterday and slept for three hours in the middle of the day because I could just not get it together. My legs and arms just plain hurt – I skipped yoga for that reason – and my brain was foggy.
  • Today, I am much better; eating better, drinking more water, stretching throughout the day. At my doc appt on Monday, they tested my hemoglobin and I was .5 lower than they wanted me to be. Their suggestion was to eat more red meat and dark leafy veggies. I did that! And apparently it took a few days to take effect in my body.
  • It’s been super hot and muggy here lately and bugs are out in full force. I watched a good size spider (about the size of a quarter) spin a web right outside my glass door the other night. In the morning, he was wrapping up some morsels he caught overnight. Then by the afternoon, was gone. I’m assuming one of the many birds I suddenly have flitting about my yard is to blame for his disappearance.
  • Even though this one online job is going away, I have been putting effort into the last few weeks of grading. It’s not without conflict though. I keep thinking how little I want to work for people who got rid of my job but then, I know if  do a good job, it can only help me get re-hired in another capacity.
  • My eyes are blurry and I read that is a product of week 33. Fun!
  • There is never enough water to be consumed – I am SO thirsty! – but when I drink, I feel full. Gross.


I’d like to say more profound things but my day has been exceedingly busy and my brain hurts.