My life in tweets

Not that I DID tweet these thoughts, but this is what I’d say if I did:download


My parents are taking the boys to Animal Kingdom today and I have to grade papers. Seems unfair.

My sister and her boyfriend were supposed to come hang with us at the hotel next Tuesday but he has to have a tooth pulled; poop.

One of Ell’s friend’s dad is this big guy, epic beard; feel like he’d be a mechanic. But he’s getting a PhD in… religion. I was way off.

I watched a video last night of these mobula rays flying out of the water; they looked like they were having the time of their lives. Rays!

If I take a photo of a nail design to my local salon, do you think they’ll do it? I have never asked for anything other than solid color. (OK, this one I actually did tweet. I gotta know…)

Watched a 20 min vid last night about the Barkley, the hardest ultra in America. It made me realize I will never run that far or that hard.

I’m revisiting ELO’s Eldorado album, whose cover scared the hell outta me when I was a child. Curse that Wicked Witch from Wizard of Oz!Front



A partial list of the innards of my brain as I work


  • Why does the 2nd floor smell like someone horked up hot dogs?
  • Shoes… I want to buy shoes.
  • Beach; let’s go there, even if the water is cold.
  • Remember that time we went and got all tan? There was a smell on my skin – “sun-kissed” – and it was sultry and wonderful and it reminds me of brushing the sand off my feet and the beer I drank once the kids went to bed.
  • Ugh; no more papers. Please, make these all just disappear.
  • Sometimes I just want to say, “Screw you guys, I’m goin’ home.”
  • God I am so busy; why am I blogging? Really, just waiting for that moment when I realize that thing I thought I forgot. And it’s going to be a total “oh shit” moment.
  • I’m eating salad in a minute; salad is good for me. It’s totally not going to fill me up.
  • Mmmm… Snickers calls to me.
  • Man, I am suddenly really tired. I’d kind of like to lay down.
  • I wish it were warmer today. I just want to lay in the sun. I’ve been cold all damned morning
  • Really? I’ve only graded 8 papers? It seems like so many!
  • I feel like I’m losing my mind.
  • “Y’all gon’ make me lose my mind; up in here, up in here.” Ah, DMX. Where did you go?
  • Dear students, please stop making lame excuses.
  • Dear weather, please pick a temperature and stay there.
  • I’m taking a mental vacation now. Claire out.

Just stuff

I don’t have it in me to do Spin Cycle or the Writer’s Workshop prompt this week; I’m actually feeling motivated to work today, which I haven’t since returning from vacation. So below are some tid-bits of my life as of late.


  • I desperately need a new phone; old Samsung Stratosphere is acting like a little bitch and August 13th (my eligibility date) cannot come soon enough. Galaxy S4, here I come!
  • My lawn needs to be mowed like whoa. I did it right before our vacation but it grows  insanely fast in the summertime. The back is worse but look!2013-06-19 16.35.24
  • 33 weeks seems to have brought out the really icky parts of pregnancy, all of a sudden. I honest to God went home yesterday and slept for three hours in the middle of the day because I could just not get it together. My legs and arms just plain hurt – I skipped yoga for that reason – and my brain was foggy.
  • Today, I am much better; eating better, drinking more water, stretching throughout the day. At my doc appt on Monday, they tested my hemoglobin and I was .5 lower than they wanted me to be. Their suggestion was to eat more red meat and dark leafy veggies. I did that! And apparently it took a few days to take effect in my body.
  • It’s been super hot and muggy here lately and bugs are out in full force. I watched a good size spider (about the size of a quarter) spin a web right outside my glass door the other night. In the morning, he was wrapping up some morsels he caught overnight. Then by the afternoon, was gone. I’m assuming one of the many birds I suddenly have flitting about my yard is to blame for his disappearance.
  • Even though this one online job is going away, I have been putting effort into the last few weeks of grading. It’s not without conflict though. I keep thinking how little I want to work for people who got rid of my job but then, I know if  do a good job, it can only help me get re-hired in another capacity.
  • My eyes are blurry and I read that is a product of week 33. Fun!
  • There is never enough water to be consumed – I am SO thirsty! – but when I drink, I feel full. Gross.


I’d like to say more profound things but my day has been exceedingly busy and my brain hurts.


I’m almost to 2000 posts written on this blog. I think Tuesday might do it, which would be cool, since it’s my favorite blogging day. I opted out of posting yesterday because I had a million and one things to do, though today is no different. Goal one: grade papers. Goal two: finish weekly plans for my Fall syllabus. Goal three: give mailboxes back to the three people I thought had graduated. Oops.

My run yesterday was 7 miles hills. But my watch got all messed up because I stopped it myself, instead of letting it auto pause, so I then forgot to restart it. Went a different route and it turned out to be close to only 6. I was kind of disappointed, especially because it took me roughly 80 minutes, but that included a bathroom stop and subsequent chat with the girl who works there. I think I could have done better. But I should also know not to take chances on new routes. Though it was interesting, I didn’t reach my goal and I was slow. That would be fine if I wasn’t training. I actually enjoyed going a different way. Oh well. It is what it is.

On my rest days, I tell myself not to think about running at all. And yet, when I sit at my desk doing work, I still subconsciously think about it. It’s a vague idea, barely even there, but it IS there and I kind of hate that.

We watched Lockout last night, the weird space convict movie with Guy Pearce. It was just OK; I drifted off during some of it for sure but it had some funny lines. I should let Ash pick the movies. (But then we would have watched Wanderlust, which I wasn’t in the mood for.)

I’d kill for one day without rain.

I’m slightly worried about West Nile Virus. Like, do I really need another thing to worry about?

The rain makes me sleepy. So sleeeepy.

There are loud sorority girls in my building and I want to kick them.


B vs G

I grade a paper and submit it, looking down the roster for a student who I know will have written something halfway decent. I choose that one and swap tabs, looking for some other distraction.

I sip water, eat salt water taffy. I stand, stretch, look out the window at the trees, empty sidewalk, construction machinery.

My mind wanders and I think about being a kid and something Elliot said. I told him I used to play with dinosaurs and he said girls don’t like dinosaurs. I always saw them as a very neutral toy. The more I thought about it, the more I couldn’t really think of any specifically girl toys I owned. I liked Legos and Ghostbusters and that Monster Lab where you covered a skeleton in weird green goo that then dissolved in a vat of “chemicals”. I read a lot and I read girl-like books. But I didn’t do Barbies or Strawberry Shortcake or My Little Pony. I did own a pink Skip-it, until it broke. I guess I only really got into actual girl stuff when I became a teenager and started plastering my walls with only the cutest boys: Joe Macintyre from NKOTB, Edward Furlong, John Stamos. I had an extensive collection of Tiger Beat and BOP magazines. In early high school, I moved onto music magazines and anything that had photos of Pearl Jam or Guns and Roses.

Things haven’t changed that much; I still don’t really girly things, though I get pedicures a lot. Though not as often as I’d like.

I painted that for Elliot last week at a place called Firefly pottery. It was fun and he’s gonna flip when he sees it.

I still like dinosaurs and monsters and Matchbox cars. It’s a good thing I had boys.


I’ve been wearing my Vibrams to work this week, since no one’s around. I feel sort of like a combo of weird loser/fringy-cool/barefoot runner. It’s strangely satisfying.

About ten minutes ago, I moved money from my savings to my checking and registered for the Savannah Rock ‘n Roll marathon. Though I had already mentally committed, this step made me physically shake. This is a huge step. It’s saying, “Yes, I am going to do this training that will surely kick my ass and make me cry.” I am fairly certain I will cry. The first week of training alone is 25 miles. I’m logging maybe 12 right now. And while I know that once I’m a few weeks in and notice my endurance building and six, seven, eight miles becoming increasingly easier and almost laughable – ha! – in the face of say, a long 18 miler, I am still really scared. Terrified.

We’re also considering a Tough Mudder, but it’s up in the air. I’d love to do it to see if I could. It’s one month out from the marathon so all I would need to do is train up on upper body strength. They don’t give you a medal though and that’s a huge detractor.

I am eight chapters into 50 Shades of Grey and after having read some arguments on Twitter about good and bad BDSM writing, I am worried this is going to disappoint me. I may have to suspend my disbelief for a bit to push through. I have read some authors who do a really fabulous job at writing the exchange of power and the trust that goes on in those types of relationships. Christian Grey? I’m not so sure he gets it.

Here’s a picture of me throwing a frisbee:


Let’s say you’re planning a beach vacation. You find a really great B&B but it’s about a mile from the beach. You found some beachside hotels but they aren’t as nice and reviews are so-so. Do you opt for the farther walk to have a nicer stay or for the proximity to the beach and sac the comfort? Last year, we went to Daytona. The hotel was pretty cruddy but we were on the beach all the damn time. I’m conflicted!

And some other random memories I’ve been having: bike rides along the inter-coastal, gardenias in a bowl, Hamm’s beer, dragonflies so thick they overtook our backyard, slugs after a rain, blanket forts, the boys down the street who teased us yet still rode bikes down to the country club so we could get air off the hills.

Mt grandma is in a PT home after a recent fall. I’m getting oddly nostalgic for time spent in Palm Beach with my grandparents as a kid. I’m scared that one of these days I will have to go down there to speak at a funeral. But there’s so many other things on my plate right now. This is only one small portion. Later today: make Summer B weekly plans, write a letter of rec, grade final FSU student papers, and run 4 miles. And that’s all I can fit into my Thursday.


  • 11.5 miles is a long way to run. Around mile 10, I started to get bored. But mostly because I lost my mental zone and the pain in my hip took over my brain. It took a lot to get back on track and mold my attitude into the correct one in order to finish. I take solace in the fact that maybe the super hilly routes I’ve been running will make the flat half-marathon course that much easier.
  • I am getting a massage this afternoon; one I feel I whole-heartedly deserve after my run. And even though I have had multiple massages in my time, I am always slightly nervous. They’ll know I carry extra belly fat and I feel the need to explain that it’s sort of like a battle scar. I’ve carried two kidlets in there and though I have lost almost all of my pregnancy weight, the skin is stretched and excess fat fill it. My appointment is with someone named Cody, who I am hoping is a guy. I have had massages from women but they never are hard enough. I won’t break; my muscles need the extra pressure.
  • We saw True Grit on Friday and man was that good. I saw the original a couple weeks back and though it was compelling and John Wayne is amazing, the newer version was far better. I didn’t even realize the Coen brothers did it. I think the chick who played Mattie is going to have a good career; amazing actress. We also saw Iron Man 2 that night, though Ash had seen it. I thought it was good but nothing beats the first Iron Man when he emerges from the desert cave and blasts the insurgents to hell. I get chills every. damn. time.