Random Tuesday – Torn between so many things

Stacy Uncorked
  • The Master by Kresley Cole is out today and, having read the first seven chapters that she spoiled earlier, I cannot stop reading now.
  • But I have student conferences from nine to ten and about sixty papers to grade, as well as two letters of recommendation to get through. Ugh! Why can’t I just read all day? It’s dark and rainy and the perfect condition for couch lounging, blankets, tea, and this here book.
  • Since this is RANDOM Tuesday, I want to hearken back to Friday, where the younger kids had their V-Day parties. Isaac’s valentines never made it home. He said he ‘”lost them” but I’m guessing he ate all the candy and threw the paper away. Meanwhile, the majority of kids in Dakota’s class are only children so their gifts were straight off Pinterest: printed little tags with pun-ny statements. I taped rubber bracelets to hologram pet valentines that Isaac picked out. Welcome to three kids everyone!
  • A bunch of people I know and one of my good friends all went and saw stupid Fifty Shades on Sunday. I saw it on Facebook. I am not mad I didn’t get an invite; I have probably been so vocal over my hatred of it they figured I wasn’t going. But what it reminded me is how repressed some of them are. They’ll giggle and chatter on about BDSM and what little they know of it and probably wish their husbands paid them that much attention. Ok, that was mean. But still… UGH.
  • I bit my lip the other day at lunch and now it is all irritated. I used to get mouth sores from stress all the time but the multivitamin has quelled that. But if I bite the inside of my mouth, I will get some kind of sore. It’s super irritating!
  • There’s this cool thing our local “museum” (i.e. natural preserve type zoo) does where you register to go at night and see the animals then. It sounds awesome but it’s this Saturday and the menfolk will be camping. Since I will be alone (save Baby, asleep) I’d like to do something for me. Like, something selfish and guilt-pleasure-ish. Secretly hoping Magic Mike is on TV and I can watch it on mute. LOL. I don’t care if it’s bad; they’re so pretty.
  • Well, let’s move onto the Tuesday Chat prompt

Dance like no one is watching. Who are you when no one is watching?




Funny that this should be the prompt, as I kind of already mentioned. I’m a geek when I’m alone. I want to watch something on TV that I love, like Batman or Bones or Hobbit and nerd out over it. I’m a bookworm and a romantic and a cup of hot coffee under the blankets type. But I’m also the crank up Luke Bryan and get my house clean type. I’m introspective; I’ll write in my journal and try to analyze what is going on in my life and how I feel about it. When I find myself alone, I like to stop and really think about my life. With three kids and a very busy schedule, it’s really nice sometimes to slow down and be quiet… and think. coffee-and-writing

Random Tuesday – Drag a canoe, pressing on, Dog mom, Italian ban

Stacy Uncorked
  • Well, today has started off MUCH better than yesterday, that’s for sure! I think the sun may even shine today. Shocker!
  • Elliot has to do a project for school and he can choose a minority, woman, native american, etc. We’ve chosen Dragging Canoe, a Cherokee chieftain known for his extraordinary bravery. Ash is 1/8 Cherokee, which makes Ell 1/16. Pretty sure this is our obvious choice then. He can then learn his ancestry at the same time! I looked for books in the campus libraries and found all of… one. I’ll go get it later and let him pick and choose his info. These projects are always fun but also painstaking.
  • We had to have a Come to Jesus talk with him recently about supposed behavior issues and that C in English and I tell you, he’s doing better now. We can’t always get a great teacher and he has to learn that. I told him how my 5th grade teacher was so mean and she didn’t make learning fun at all. So to get past that, I worked on me. I put myself in direct competition with the smartest kid in the class, Michael Cruz. Granted, I was also an all-A student but he finished tests before me so the challenge was on. I had to beat him to the finish AND still get all As. It is what kept me going that year.
  • I have some reading and class prep to do this morning but I am feeling distracted. My brain is thinking about Indian war chiefs, abandoned malls, and old restaurants we no longer can visit.  Remember Steak and Ale? I used to love going there for special occasions; it was kind of dark and fancy-looking. Then again, when I was a kid, I thought Red Lobster was fancy.
  • We’re considering going to Carrabba’s for Valentine’s day. I actually don’t ever want to eat Italian, let alone eat it at a restaurant but I will, because Ash likes it. But I can’t figure out WHY I no longer like that kind of food. It could be because it makes me feel too full or maybe because most dishes are too rich. Maybe a nice chicken marsala wouldn’t be too bad.
  • I had to make a call to the vet and I realize that I never say who I am, but I introduce myself as “Todd’s mom”, because they all know Todd. How crazy.
  • It’s almost 9 AM and I haven’t finished my coffee; this is entirely unlike me. Maybe I am learning to temper myself, slow down, enjoy.

And the Tuesday chat prompt:

I think; therefore I have a headache. Suffer from over-thinking? Guilty of the thinking much? Or, just.. .meh.

Yes! I do over-think and I it causes me to second-guess my instincts and my confidence and this is not a good thing at all. I over-think how I am going to get everything done or what some random thing could possibly mean. I sometimes wish I were not so observant of everything because it drives me nuts!brain-gym-exercises


With that, I leave you. I have to go teach and then I’m going out to lunch. Have a good Tuesday!

Random Tuesday – Superbowl awesomeness, beds, vaccines, and more!

Stacy Uncorked
Time to do that random thang
  • Man, what a Superbowl!  I said this yesterday: I don’t normally favor a side but I did want the Pats to win this time. But really, all I ever want is a good game. If the SB is a blow-out, I feel cheated. The commercials were pretty good too, though that Allstate ad about the kid dying is like, really? What a buzzkill.
  • I thought Katy Perry’s halftime show was awesome, to be honest. It was entertaining and silly and the sharks rocked! I don’t understand why people are hating on it so much. I think the halftime show is normally a steaming pile; this was ten times better.
  • It just occurred to me this morning that since we got our new bed, I have had only one night where I woke up in the middle of said night. I sleep from the time I get into bed until the alarm goes off. That’s not to say I’m not still tired; but at least I am staying asleep. Win!
  • My mom called last night and the deal is sealed: she and my dad will move to Pensacola so she can start teaching at a private school in August. This is kind of huge because she’s been out of teaching for about a year and my dad has not been able to find work for much longer. (No one wants to hire guys over 60!) This is an even bigger deal because my sister has lived close to my parents, well, forever. If you don’t count when she lived here for a year and Brooklyn for eight months. I kind of wonder if it’s the kick in the pants she needs to make herself totally independent.  This move is good for us because: a.) one hour closer than before, b.) A straighter drive and no tolls, and c.) the beach! I am pumped about it.
  • I’m feeling super out of shape and though I keep meaning to make a point to work out, I just don’t. I got on the elliptical last Thursday but it feels like forever ago. Maybe audio-books are the thing that will get me out the door. I feel like that might be the solution.
  • Did you all hear about that new laundromat in Portland named Spin? It’s not just a place to wash your clothes but a bar and cafe AND they have pinball machines. Howcome no one has thought of this before? Not that I do my laundry anywhere other than home but in large cities, this totally makes sense. I am all about the multitasking.
  • Does anyone take probiotics? If so, please tell me what brand you use and if you like it. I’m buying the basic Sundown ones but think I may need more. More active cultures!
  • Did you guys hear about the kid in Texas who got suspended for bringing a ring to class and, as he was pretending it was the One Ring (as in, Lord of the…), he told a kid it could make him disappear? I mean, since when do we live in a world where words are so powerful? The admins claim they won’t tolerate threats of any kind and I guess this also means of the imaginary, magical kind. What bullshit. It’s stuff like this that makes me stabby. Don’t we want kids to use their imagination??
  • Speaking of things that make me stabby – and this goes along with the Tuesday chat theme: anti-vaxxers … Let me tell you how selfish and ridiculous those folks are. Yes, I know there is gray space, for people whose kids are ill and cannot receive vaccines, but if your kid is healthy enough to receive one then it is your worldly responsibility to get them that vaccine. How dare you put an entire population at risk because you’re “scared” or you “didn’t do your research” or “you abstain for religious reasons.” I interpret that as “I use religion to keep from using logic.” If we have a full-scale measles outbreak, I am gunning for you. Be forewarned.
  • That said, I am putting down my pen, so to speak, and moving on. I hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday!



Random Tuesday – Baby snot, on-going sports, need to get away

Stacy Uncorked
  • Is it… almost February? Already? I guess good riddance, January. I mean, my grandma died, people I know are having some issues, and I am beat down by all the stuff we have to do. Maybe February is going to be a whole lot better.
  • I just realized I have baby snot on the front of this sweater. Just a testament to the fact that I have small kids, it’s winter, and our mornings are harried.
  • We made a fire in the pit last night and made s’mores. It was nice; not too cold but a little windy. When the kids got tired of it, we sent them inside to take a bath and just Ash and I sat there. I love firelight and we  could see a lot of stars.
  • Tonight is soccer and truthfully, I am over this sport. Just a few more games though. The boys are enjoying it so I’ll stick it out but I am kind of ready to move on to baseball.
  • Elliot will be going to a major league game during his Spring break, actually. He’s excited and even more so, my dad is excited to take him.
  • UGH in twenty minutes, I have four student conferences, possibly six. There are two people who have not shown for their times on other days so I am guessing they think they are today. If not, well then…
  • One of my 2015 goals was to keep up with my friends better. So far, we have tentative plans to make a standing dinner night with my friend and her family. We’re thinking Sundays at Momo’s, which is awesome; pizza and beer! Almost everyone I know is married and/or has kids so it is really difficult to make time. I’m going to try.
  • We watched Maze Runner the other day and though I know of the books but had not read them, I was pleasantly surprised. I… I actually like it more than the Hunger Games movies, which bored me to tears, even though I adored those books. At the suggestion of a friend, I began reading Wool last night; also dystopian and so far, pretty interesting!
  • It’s getting to be about that time of the year when I yearn to walk in the woods. I think wee’re due for a good hike.13414920193_f7ef259663_z

Going to address this prompt this week; why not?

Would you feel ill at ease going to a movie alone?   
Or to eat at a restaurant?  A concert?

I have gone to a movie by myself exactly twice: once to see Almost Famous and the other time, to see Thor, because when Ash and I went together, I wasn’t feeling well and spent a good bit of that movie in the bathroom. I kind of like the idea of a movie by myself because no one will talk at me but the image it projects is that you have no friends. Though I don’t really care, it still strikes a chord.

I do not mind eating alone and I think people do it far more often now. Sometimes it is nice.

Now a concert? Nah. That’s a group thing. :)

Random Tuesday – Blah blah blah, blah blah

Stacy Uncorked
  • Back to work after what feels like an eternity. I’m not really on the ball just yet; coffee still trying to work.
  • Was actually five minutes late today because although I put all the kids’ blankets and extra jackets, etc for daycare right by the door, I STILL left them right there… and had to go back.
  • North Florida is back to doing that thing where it’s 35 in the morning and 70 by the afternoon. I kind of hate that. It’s hard to get up in the morning and get all bundled and by the time I leave for work, it’s hot. And let me tell you where it was hot: South Florida. Holy Jeebus, it was disgusting. Humid and icky. And by God if  didn’t have a mosquito land on me at the cemetery. Not sorry I moved away from there, that’s for sure.
  • I really don’t have a ton of random for you today; I’m happy that I am back in my office where I can think and take care of both boring and necessary things.
  • I also got the writing bug yesterday and picked up where I left off in my Clint/Lila story. You know some day, I am going to complete an actual novel and though no one may ever read it, that’ll be amazing.
  • When I was working on that story, I decided to check in on my last published Batman fanfic. Out of curiosity, I thought I might peruse what people have been writing lately. I am always amazed at the amount of time people put into writing fanfic. I should never underestimate it though; you know what (stupid piece of crap) book was based on fanfic right? That dumb 50 Shades. And now she’s an effing millionaire!
  • Look, I like romance and all but I just don’t buy into that story. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again.
  • I’m going through a Jimmy Johns phase, born out of sheer laziness. I keep forgetting my lunch and I have no interest in leaving campus so, JJ’s to the rescue!
  • I realize this is incredibly boring but I had to publish SOMETHING. I’m out!

Random Tuesday – And you press on

Stacy Uncorked
  • My plans are in place for southward travel; I’ll head down Wednesday after work and drive with my dad and sister Thursday morning to my grandmother’s funeral. We’ll probably come back in the evening and I will drive back home some time Friday. This works out for the best because I actually get two days of admin leave for this. Plus, Ash won’t have to drop out of his race Saturday morning.
  • I am fairly surprised things are coming together so well; I even found someone to cover my Thursday class. Because I am superstitious, I am waiting for the bad to show up. LOL. I guess the “bad’ will be having to attend the actual funeral. I HATE funerals and don’t handle them very well. I’ve always freaked out about them. I remember my grandfather’s funeral in December ’07; I managed to stay very detached but it was not a fun time.
  • On a happier note, my newish neighbors – the ones who moved into my awesome former neighbours’ house – put the home up for sale, already! I think what happened was that their family moved them here but it turns out that they are just too old to maintain it. The weird thing to me is that the story goes that the family moved them here to be closer but their family NEVER visits. They were all there the first week, putting up a fence and fixing the yard, but then we haven’t seen them since. Eh, good riddance. They are apparently huge smokers and when we play outside in our front yard, it stinks. Crazy, right?
  • I bought a pair of Maui Island loafers about a year ago on ebay. They were brand new, just not the right size for this woman’s daughter, so the story goes. Well, I didn’t look too closely at all the details because when I got them, though new, they also reeked of smoke. So badly that I could not even wear them. So, I put them out in my garage on top of the dryer and never looked back. The other day, I was cleaning off the top of the dryer and decided to smell them. Sure enough, they now smell like new-ish shoes and leather. Magical!20150113_120408
  • Because I have so much stuff to do soon, I am trying to pace myself and just sort of be in the now. If I start planning too much, I think I might have a breakdown.
  • I have to get some work done now but happy Tuesday!

Random Tuesday – Sleep, eat, read, draw

Stacy Uncorked
  • So I did a thing last night, an amazing thing. Instead of falling asleep on the couch for a couple hours then waking for one, then trying to fall back to sleep, we got in bed at 10 and were asleep by 10:30. And you know what? I feel amazing today!
  • We both felt so good that we made eggs and bacon and I got everything together and we left on time and oh, what a morning!
  • Ok, I realize I may sound a wee bit chipper this morning and you might resent me. To balance all this glee, I’ll tell you that I have to get up in front of about 150 people today. I am sure some of you are quaking in fear now.
  • It’s cold today and supposed to be colder; welcome, Winter! Tomorrow it is supposed to be 23 in the AM; brrrr. Thankfully I am teaching in this building this semester. A year ago, I was across campus in Spring and it was a very brisk walk for this Florida girl each day.
  • Let me ask your opinion on something: I have a group of friends I have known a long time. Over the years, we have drifted here and there, had more kids, added activities, etc, but we always manage to get together. Well, I got an invite on FB for – let’s call her T – T’s birthday/Girls’ Night Out a couple days before New Years. Cool cool; join. NYE came and went and I saw photos on Facebook of all of them together. And I have to wonder why Ash and I did not get invited. (This is a somewhat moot point because we actually already had plans with a different set of friends.) I get the GNO invites but I have this feeling that they all surmise that because we still have a baby/young child, we cannot go out together. But I can’t help but be hurt by it; they could at least ASK. Especially given that we actually did find a babysitter so we could have gone. Do you have experience in this kind of thing?
  • I guess I should just be thankful they still invite me to Girls’ night, right? Sigh. /endrant.
  • I am really finding a lot of joy in this creative journaling I have gotten back into. It is reminding me of how much art I used to do when I was younger. I was good at drawing and I enjoyed it but at some point, I just couldn’t seem to get anything on the paper. I’ve taken to looking up drawings of items so I can copy them. I wonder if I copy long enough, I will regain that ability to recreate an image.
  • I am also – finally – back to reading (I hope.) It had been a while and I actually left in the middle of a book! I took a bath last night and started up again. I thought I might lose the will but no, it was there: that desire to read and jump feet first into a story.
  • The big TA meeting is in an hour so I have to go and prep. I wish you all a wonderful Tuesday!

Random Tuesday – Imminent, picnics, new plans

Stacy Uncorked
  • In about an hour, I’m taking the kids to the park and we’re meeting my friend and her kids to eat and play. I am trying to do enough things this week so that they stay entertained and I don’t lose my mind!
  • This morning I put away all Christmas things with the exception of the tree. I always intend to leave stuff up until the 6th but I don’t have it in me. If I hadn’t done it, my living room would have stayed a mess and again, mind = lost. I hate a mess! Besides, I never did truly capture the holiday spirit this year so it’s just as well that stuff is back to normal. Maybe I won’t be as depressed because there’s nothing to let go of.
  • Speaking of, my grandmother – who has been ailing for years now – is supposedly down to her last few hours. We’ll see. I have heard that before. In some ways, I think we’d all rather she be at peace; it’s no way to live, on oxygen and having little strokes and seizures all the time. My grandfather could use a break as well. She has lived a long, full life so you know…
  • I went into the post office yesterday with a couple boxes and they refused to mail them with duct tape, claiming the airlines won’t ship them. As soon as she told me that, she quickly informed me that I could buy their tape. Yeah, I’m sure I can! I told her “bullshit” and stormed out.  I was already in a bad mood and it was raining, I’d left my kids in the car assuming it’d be a quick send. Well, screw her. I went into the UPS store this morning and he thought they were nuts! Especially because they offer USPS service! So, package shipped, no muss no fuss. Just an example of our government trying to squeeze every cent from us.
  • I put this on Facebook the other day but things I want to try in 2015: washi tape, bullet journaling, the skinny jeans/fuzzy boot look, and I am going to throw in there more organized eating. I have to get on a schedule of balancing food items throughout the day. I need more leans meats, carbs, and fruits.  What are you going to do differently this year?

Random Tuesday – Break week

Stacy Uncorked
  • Alright. I sat on this little dot for a while now; time to get started. SO, I thought I had to finish grading FSU papers AND grade two courses’ worth of research papers online but they apparently changed how this one works so it is NEXT week that I grade. This is good and bad; this week I get a slight break but next week, well, I am a bit busy. It’ll be interesting trying to squeeze so much into that week.
  • Last night, I showed the boys their Portable North Pole videos. Now, I had originally not planned to do them this year but Elliot was randomly pondering out loud why Santa hadn’t sent them the video of whether or not they were on the nice list. Sigh. So I went ahead and made one for each kid and I chose the ‘almost nice’ option, thinking this is something they needed to hear; they haven’t exactly been stellar lately. Instead of making them say, “Aww man, I better try extra hard to make it onto that list!”, it made them both cry and pout. Once Elliot cried it out, he did start acting right; he was polite and loving even. This morning, he was sort of still good; caught himself being bad and righted his course. We’ll see if it works for Isaac. The plan is to remake nice videos and let them watch in a few days.
  • The daycare is doing a little Xmas pageant on Friday, which is nice but then they are having a spaghetti lunch. I’d stick around but – and I know this is weird – I hate spaghetti!
  • Ash’s office has now decided to have a Christmas party but now I don’t think I can find a babysitter for Saturday. Kind of sucks; I really would like to go out!
  • Since I have a little extra time now, I think I might walk down to this geocache I couldn’t find before. The last few finds were successful so it has to be there. And now, with less students around, I don’t have to worry about people looking at me like I’m crazy.
  • I want more coffee.
  • I think I’ll go ahead and take that walk now. I have been running on Wednesdays only and it’s definitely not enough. I must start exercising!
  • I hope you are all enjoying your Tuesday!

Random Tuesday – Note to self: do some yoga and shut up already

Stacy Uncorked
  • I have just SO much to do that I am procrastinating in any way possible. I play a twitch game on Facebook, read a blog, inventory the Christmas gifts I have and the ones I still want to buy, think about money, worry about money, then have a momentary breakdown. I need to get past that hump and get stuff done!
  • Last night, I actually found some peace and calm. Zoey had eaten something in the yard in the morning and so she had been throwing up. When I got home, she wasn’t much better; it was running its course and for a bit, I was worried she was going in the same fashion as Iggy had. But as we watched her, she seemed to be doing alright: just the typical post pukes shakes. I made mac and cheese and broccoli for the kids (Dakota didn’t eat again; she is just not hungry AND teething) and I was very patient during all this, considering every single thing was secretly stressing me out. We had to go up to the used sports equipment place for shin guards for Isaac and it went well, actually. Everyone behaved. Since it was dark already, I took them through this park with lots of lights and then we drove through a familiar neighborhood and pointed out all the trees in windows and the huge inflatable Santas. It was most excellent and no one argued and I wasn’t annoyed or upset.
  • I found myself annoyed again later at night but I went into my room, closed my eyes, and tried to focus on my breathing. I have taken a lot of yoga so I employed some mindfulness techniques. It actually DID work. I just have to be aware of my stress levels and work towards calming them.
  • My friend gave me a satsuma; I love satsuma season!
  • I also love tea season and warm fuzzy sock season and cozy blanket season. I had some chunky socks like the ones in the below photo when I was little. I want some now!
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  • Alright, I have got to get down to business but I hope everyone is having a fantastic Tuesday.