Random Tuesday – Strategically placed belts, winks, life moments

Stacy Uncorked
  • I hate when I have a really random thing all thought up and then I totally forget it by the time I have my post going. How annoying is that?
  • Oh! I have one. Last night Ash and I were just watching TV and out of the blue, my sister texts me this photo:hbkp19
  • I could barely contain my laughter. That’s the former wrestler, Shawn Michaels, in his Playgirl spread from like, 1996. I love that my sister can dredge up the craziest stuff so we can reminisce. I had a similar moment the last time we were at my parents’ house. I went around to the far side of the guest bed to make sure we didn’t leave anything, and I spied an arm hanging out. It turned out to be The Undertaker’s arm, because we used to collect cardboard stand-ups of wrestlers. Yeah, we were weird. (Were? LOL. ;) )
  • I didn’t wake up yesterday to work out but I did today and I am so glad I did. Though my stomach is a bit wonky from not eating like normal all weekend, I am still glad I am getting back on track. I brought a nice healthy sandwich and fruit for lunch too. Look at me all conscious of my eating.
  • Is it the 9th of July YET? We get a teaser trailer for the Sherlock Xmas special. Watch, it’ll be 10 seconds long and not nearly enough. All of the fandom will scream in misery, GIVE US MORE!3b5d07982e3a6ccffa1fee94f0c4360d
  • Did  I mention what a cool moment it was out in the country? We were all in Adirondack chairs on the edge of a pasture, surrounded by trees, In the dark. Scott played an acoustic guitar and mostly just beginnings of songs: Hotel California, Nothing Else Matters, Sweet Home Alabama, and others. I was so at peace, watching my boys light incendiaries with pure joy on their faces. They got to do fun boyhood things that night, things I actually also did as a young girl. Though I was slightly nervous about firearms and fireworks, I knew this was an experience for them to shape their lives.
  • OK, my day’s crazy so I’m over and out. Have a good Tuesday!tumblr_inline_mgsv4dzFII1qeb8qt

Random Tuesday – So busy I don’t know what to do next

Stacy Uncorked
  • Honestly, I forgot about my daily blog post until now (9:30). I got into my office and hit the ground running. Finally taking a second to write.
  • SO, I started teaching yesterday and they seem like a good group. I usually have them do an icebreaker wherein they have to tell me interesting things about themselves. I don’t let them say stupid things like favorite color or number of pets. They moan and groan but it makes them think. Well one kid’s cool thing was that he has two moms and they just got legally married. As I congratulated him, the whole class broke out in applause. It was a really awesome moment!
  • This week is going to be insane because Ash will be out of commission from Wednesday on and I will have to do everything. The doc said if he wants to reduce swelling and/or risk of injury, he should literally sit on his ass for two days. I mean, I wanted this: I gestated and gave birth to three kids and that combined stress plus recovery time was a million times this, but still. Argh.
  • THEN, my parents are coming for the 4th. This is great and all but we have a few different invites for fireworks and I don’t know how it’s going to work. One option is family friendly and a good activity for my parents too because it’s an older guy my husband knows. So the age group will fit everyone. The other is a friend of my husband’s who is, like, 25. So yeah, not parent appropriate but my mom was not too keen on us running off when we invited them here. UGH. I hate making plans.

OK so I have been running all over this building putting out fires for my job so this post is NEVER seeming to get done! Let’s move onto Tuesday Chat.

“What’s on your Summer Fun List? Hey, if you want to get all fancy and make a poster, or beautiful journal; I’d be so thrilled and inspired.”


So, this was done a bit shoddily but it speaks for itself.Summer fun list

Random Tuesday – This, that, the other; you know the drill

Stacy Uncorked
  • Yesterday my calendar said to make a list of things I want to do this summer and do them. Is it awful that I have no plans? It’s hot and I feel so flagged by the end of every day that even thinking about the future is stressful. I guess I am kind of excited about the July 4th weekend… if my parents come. I want the cook-out and games in the yard and fireworks and fun. It’s never quite like in the pictures or movies though.
  • Do you know what I did this morning? Instead of going back to sleep when my husband woke up to shower, I worked out. I did a half hour on the elliptical. I had been making a half-assed attempt each night and only hitting 3 or 4 nights a week. I have only really lost weight before kids, in my mid-twenties. After, my weight loss efforts have all been in vain; I’ll lose maybe 5-10 pounds (not counting the stuff that comes off right after childbirth anyway.) So it’s been discouraging. We spent a good seven months last year eating better and doing T25 every day. Sure, I was stronger, but not that much thinner. I want to be a thinner person but it is actually quite hard. But I’m pretty motivated, with Hawaii and the Tough Mudder coming up.
  • Also coming up is Ash’s birthday, for which I have zero plans. He needs harddrives but I don’t know which ones so it’s not like I can just go buy them. It’s hard to get something for a person who just buys what they want/need anyway.
  • I don’t drink Corona but I saw a commercial the other day that actually made me feel like I could be at the beach drinking beer with friends. It was so compelling: images of a calming experience done in just the right way. Funny how ads can sometimes work in crazy ways. Here it s:
  • Be Back Later: off to the beach.

I wish!

Ok, Tuesday Chat time!

“Only 2 more chats before I take my summer break!!! Be Inspired!! Share something that inspired you this week: a quote, a photo, a story in the news. Let’s spread some positivity! “

Here are a couple photos I found this week that gave me some good vibes:


Sometimes it’s really nice to be reminded that you ARE changing and improving. Some days feel so stagnant and repetitive but you are always hurtling forward; scary sometimes, yes, but also sort of nice. I tell this to Elliot sometimes when he dwells on stuff. It’s a new day and a whole new chance to change.


tumblr_mhkcjjHzzh1r9812go1_540 (1)

I really loved this because I have been thinking my name tattoo might morph into names plus tree. Whenever I doodle, I draw trees. Maybe I can find a way to integrate their names into a tree with this quote? What do you think?

Random Tuesday and Tuesday Chat – C-c-c-combo breaker!

Stacy Uncorked
    • That’s from Killer Instinct, an old fighting game we played. I don’t know why that sound effect popped into my head but there you have it.
    • Isaac is in my office this morning because he has a doc appointment in a little bit. He has to get his Kindergarten/5 year shots. Kindergarten! Sometimes this shocks me. I don’t know how kids grow up so darn fast.
    • I am wearing my Sherlock shirt today. It is subtle so I highly doubt anyone is going to recognize it. You’d have to be deep in the streets to understand it anyway.
    • I am also wearing shorts because it is HOT this week. We’re talking high 90s all damn week long. There goes my afternoon running. I will be using the elliptical and the hangboard. I have GOT to get back in shape. I ate like garbage the past week!
    • Ok, let’s do the Tuesday Chat picture prompt:blanktagged_questions

      1. Nickname:  Well, people don’t usually call me by anything other than my name and/or mom/mommy. But in the past, I was Claire Bear. Because of the obvious rhyme. Every now and then my uncle still calls me that. Uh, I’m 36 dude. My other nickname, from middle school, was Clar, because, heck, I don’t know. Who knows why 13 year old girls do what they do.
      2. Eye Color: Hazel! I always sort of prided myself on my eye color, though I don’t like my eyes in general.
      3. Hair Color: Black. Boring old black. BUT, since I have grown it out pretty long, I notice when I am brushing it that the ends are brown. Weird, right?
      4. One Fact:  I have an extensive knowledge of song lyrics. I brag to my eldest that he’ll appreciate it some day and he vehemently denies it. Then the other day, after one of our longer drives, we get out somewhere and he asks, “Mom, do you know ALL the songs?” LOL, mostly.
      5. Fave Color: I honestly don’t know. I like maroon and cerulean and yellow. I don’t necessarily dislike colors like I used to; I used to hate pink.
      6. Favorite Place: Home? Nah. The Beach? Maybe. I don’t know. I know it’s hokey but I’m actually going to say Disney World. Even when I am with my children it still feels magical. The first time we took them I didn’t think I would feel the same way because there was that added level of responsibility that I like to leave at the door. But no, it is still awesome.
      7. Favorite Celebrity:  I am fickle so I flip flop a lot. Right now I am on a Martin Freeman kick because he’s funny and stylish and an excellent actor. I heard someone complaining that he said something racist. Yeah, you don’t think your favorite stars are flawed? Get over yourself.
      8. Freeman-Shot-7
        Favorite Animal: I have always held a soft spot for both giraffes and armadillos.
      9. Favorite Song: Ha, again, how can I choose just one? Most Jimmy Buffett songs don’t get old and I have a few favorite albums I could listen to over and over (Rumours, August and Eveyrthing After)  but I don’t know if I could pick just one.
      10. Favorite Book:  I’m going to copy our host on this one. I love romance but I can’t pick one book that is excellent.

Ok there you have it. This prompt made me want to resurrect my old Wednesday get to Know Me Meme that  I used to do. It was fun but also difficult to keep up with.

Random Tuesday – Getting out and trying to have fun

Stacy Uncorked
  • I’m a bit scatter-brained today because we leave in the afternoon and I both hate and love packing up. I like being organized and all but the soul-crushing fear of forgetting something important is just awful.
  • I was flying solo yesterday and I realized that it’s HARD being with my kid all day. It’s draining. He was in my office all day, then we had to get the other kids, and dinner, and I had to pack and by the time they were all in bed, I just felt like I’d been ON non-stop forever. So when I felt like I had done enough to prepare for our trip, I sat my butt on the couch and watched The Sign of Three – the Sherlock wedding episode. No shame here; I drank a beer and indulged myself in the subtext. I ship #Johnlock for life, y’all.
  • In fact, I even ordered a shirt. I may be getting out of control.
  • I guess everyone has their form of escape.
  • Mine used to be running and it better be again here soon because, as I may have mentioned, we’re doing a Tough Mudder in November. It’s going to SUCK… but be fun. I was talking to some of the people on our team this past weekend and they all seem so nonchalant about 15 foot drops into icy water and you know – electricity! Ugh. Maybe in the moment I will feel it too. Here’s a video about the new 2015 obstacles.
  • The “Fire in your hole” one sounds god-awful!
  • I will probably feel pretty badass once I’ve accomplished it though.
  • Before we get to Hawaii, I plan on getting my next tattoo and after the Mudder, I might get another!
  • Ok this is all I have time for this week – can’t really bring myself to do the Tuesday Chat because my grading is top priority. Anywho, y’all have a good Tuesday!

Random Tuesday – DIY, Summer, and kid out of school

Stacy Uncorked
  • I keep having images of summer flash through my brain: backyard grilling, summer light shining on the kids’ swings, the fireflies that start  popping up – here, there, between those branches – as the sun is setting, though it is nearing nine o’clock. I love summer even as I hate feeling hot sometimes. For the most part, even though summer brings many annoying things, I love it so.
  • It also makes me feel less inclined to work. I sit here and try to keep up my normal multitasking fervor. I usually write, blog, work, and read all day every day. but I steal a glance out my window and see the bright sun and really, all I want is my lawn chair, bathing suit, and beer. Or to hit the beach again but we’ve got too many busy weekends coming up.
  • But Elliot is here today so he’s sitting across from me watching a movie. So I have a limited amount of time to get stuff done before he needs to be directed again. And I can’t seem to log him into his account for this one game. I’m waiting on my husband to tell me the security answer. Sometimes the internet is annoying.
  • If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, holy crap! They wasted the first three episodes of this season but it’s been awesome since then and Sunday’s episodes was crazy. I cannot wait to see how this wraps up.
  • Can you believe it is June? I say it every month, I guess, that I can’t believe another has passed. Funny how time moves.
  • Time to move onto the Tuesday Chat prompt!

Do you DIY??
Uh… some? We have done some projects around the house since we moved in but nothing huge. First, we installed a fence in our yard.435523508_fd83c33432_z
And we also built a rock climbing wall. This photo is obviously of it unfinished.3759544029_0b50254044_z
It used to be a lot easier to do projects before we had kids. You know, they didn’t get in the way.
My husband put shelves up once:2224601700_610cd67649_z
And each time a kid was born, we put down carpet and painted:470527476_63e5794583_z
But aside from some minor sanding and painting of small furniture, we’re not huge DIYers like you see on TV who tackles  big projects. We knocked down our deck but haven’t built a new one. We’ve replaced faucets and fixtures and Ash has built things (arcade control panels) but we just leave our house as is. I think mostly because  with kids, it’s best not to make anything too nice, lest they mess it up!

Random Tuesday – Long hiatus; I’m sorry

Stacy Uncorked
  • Sorry for the lack of posting; I don’t normally blog on Thursday, Friday we went to Wild Adventures, Saturday was beach day, then the last two we spent relaxing. I had no interest in being on my computer, to be honest.
  • I will admit I used my laptop a bit… but only to watch Sherlock episodes. I only have one more before I am caught up and then ::sobbing:: it won’t be back until early 2016!c1d948bc5daababf8970b000bbd9bdd8
  • So yeah, we had a super long four days. We had a great time at the theme park, even if it is in South Georgia. It is really not a bad place. I will say, I got on a ride with Isaac and had no idea what I was getting myself into. I’m not big on “thrill rides” so the below was a little bit of a shock to me.
  • Yeah, not good for people who are a little iffy on these types of rides.
  • But in general, a great time and I got a lot of sun. My tan is looking excellent, people!
  • We then went to the beach on Saturday and spent basically all day. I wish we had been able to stay with the rest of our friends and eat down there but we left around 6 and got into town at 8, then hit up Sonny’s. Needless to say, baby had a lot  of late night, from Thursday until Sunday. But I made her go to bed on time last night… except she didn’t fall asleep until an hour later. Ahh, third children. Everything is a little more slack.
  • I tell you, I made it a point to do very little on Sunday. I ran to Target and Costco and otherwise, I sat around. In fact, I didn’t even feel my normal weekend push to accomplish all the things. It was… refreshing.

OK, Tuesday Chat prompt:

I love music!!  I have not shared any music around here lately. 
I found a great song for the Summer!  
Do you have a go to Summer Song?  
Do you find a new one each Season?

As I have said before, my go-to is Jimmy Buffett, but I also love some country songs that cater to the fun of summer. Here are a few I just love. I don’t usually go looking for new ones but I am down for some suggestions!



and now, a Jimmy song:


Random Tuesday – New hires, beach days, and a little story

Stacy Uncorked
  • So they hired a person to replace my office manager, who is retiring. The previous person was named Carolyn, and we already have another Carolyn in the office. Now, before her, the manager’s name was Debra, and my direct boss is also Deborah. Care to guess the new girl’s name? Yeah it’s mine. There’s another me! Out of all the names this girl could have… sigh. The confusion will get very annoying, I tell you that.
  • Remember how I talked about THE busy week in May? Well, it’s here. We had baseball last night, he has his final game and end of year party tomorrow, VPK graduation and pool party on Thursday, Wild Adventures all day Friday, then beach all day Saturday.  Tonight is our only night to of nothing. And I am very excited about that. When did my life get SO busy? I think this is why they made beer.
  • Beer sounds good; yes it is only 8:30 but really, my day goes like this: coffee, water, water, beer, beer, water. Ok, maybe not EVERY day. But some!
  • The hotel we’re staying on for the first few nights in Hawaii is a mere two blocks from the Kona brewing company. This could be very dangerous! The tour is only 5 bucks so we’re definitely doing it.
  • I realize we don’t go to Hawaii until October but I can see myself become a little impatient after we hit the beach on Saturday. Though the gulf beaches are indeed beautiful, once you’ve seen Hawaii, it’s hard to beat that.

OK, let’s move onto Tuesday Chat:


The last photo you took with a cell phone, or a camera:  
Write a story about the picture in 10 sentences or less.

The coffee in her hand had yet to infused itself throughout her veins; the effects had not yet wakened her mind. She’d been startled awake by the alarm feeling exhausted still but immediately thinking about the day ahead and how much had been piled on her plate the day before: meetings, endless spreadsheets, and dealing with a co-worker she hated. Just another day in her otherwise empty life. As she slipped out of the car and tried to gather herself, she was momentarily stunned by the sight before her above the parking lot. The sun burned bright behind a sea of rippled clouds and it muted the light in such a fantastic way she could not help but stare and wonder. Nature truly had some force behind it to leave her so bereft of thought. The sky spread out vast before her and she temporarily forgot the annoyances and daily minutiae ; she was merely there, in that moment. She had never felt so present in one mere minute before and she was keenly aware that she may never see another sunrise like that again. Holding onto that image, taking a mental snapshot, she stood there for as long as she could, reveling in the first time in a long time that she felt truly alive.


That was the sky this morning but that definitely isn’t me! But I still like the idea. Ok, what’s on your blog today?

Random Tuesday – Misunderstanding, wasps, run in the heat

Stacy Uncorked
  • I keep forgetting I have to go to the doctor this afternoon; I hate when that happens and you keep having that moment of “oh yeah, I have to do that.” Why can’t I keep track of stuff anymore? Am I getting that old?
  • On Isaac’s Mother’s Day card thing where they asked him questions, he said I was 70. Then again, Elliot said I was taller than the Hulk, which is fairly amusing for an 8 year old. Like, really son? I get Isaac having no concept of age. Though Elliot’s friend thought Isaac was 3. He’s 5. So, you know…
  • A few weeks ago I opened my office window because it was too darn cold in here and was greeted by a gigantic wasp nest right up under the ledge. I immediately slammed the window shut and hadn’t opened it since. Yesterday, a guy finally came in and did away with it. So this morning, I have my window open and it is glorious… until it gets hotter anyway. This week we’re seeing mid 90s temps!
  • Speaking of that, I chose the worst day to go back to running. I was dying out there! I only did two miles but I felt pretty good overall. Aside from the fact that when I was getting ready, my sports bra broke. A plastic connector piece just snapped right off. It’s so hard to find reasonably priced sports bras for people with big boobs. Sigh.
  • OK, that’s all the random I have for you. I really need to do actual work. Well, after the Tuesday Chat prompt!

Since it is our host’s birthday on Wednesday, we have to surprise her! I chose a few fun pictures she might find interesting. ;)




How cool are those?


Oh Spidey…



Outfit swaps are funny

Random Tuesday – Every day is a lot of random over here

Stacy Uncorked
  • WELL, Baby woke up with Pink eye and Ash is sick. I guess it works out that the two can stay home together but really? Come on.
  • BUT, much like Stacy, we’re having such awesome weather here, I really cannot complain about life in general. I swear, if the sun is out and it’s not too hot, I am a very happy person. I could do without the mosquitoes though.
  • Oh, and I was swinging back by the house on my way to work and I look over on my arm and what do I see? A tick. Ugh. Damn things fall from the trees and there you go. So disgusting.
  • I didn’t even realize yesterday was a full moon, though it makes sense. My kids were entirely not themselves and super whiny. But we did something different in the evening to switch it up. We went to the mall for dinner – classy! – and walked around a bit. It made everyone happy though: three of us had Japanese and the others had Chik-fil-a. Since we NEVER do that, it was fun. I love doing random spontaneous things like that and I think the kids will someday look back and appreciate that too.
  • Also, you know I have a thing for malls. I hate that they’re dying out because I just really love them.
  • I’m thinking about doing a “things I have purchased recently” post; should I?

OK, let’s move onto Tuesday Chat…


“By now I will have seen Avengers Age of Ultron and be trying to refrain from gushing about all things Super Hero. To distract my fangirling ways; tell me about something you think is Super!” 



I’m guessing this isn’t *actually* a distraction because something that is super is the fact that we have Superhero comics and movies. I think they really serve a purpose in this world. When kids (or hell, adults) see that character who is essentially good – who actually puts human life above their own – we have a renewed sense of hope. I think we need people to look up to in this world where, every day, we hear about terrorism or random shootings and senseless violence.  There’s something so refreshing about knowing someone can save us from ourselves. Sure, there are problems within that (see: the upcoming Batman vs. Superman movie) but the dynamic we explore within these comics and movies mirrors our own world in such true ways that we then identify.