Random Tuesday – New hires, beach days, and a little story

Stacy Uncorked
  • So they hired a person to replace my office manager, who is retiring. The previous person was named Carolyn, and we already have another Carolyn in the office. Now, before her, the manager’s name was Debra, and my direct boss is also Deborah. Care to guess the new girl’s name? Yeah it’s mine. There’s another me! Out of all the names this girl could have… sigh. The confusion will get very annoying, I tell you that.
  • Remember how I talked about THE busy week in May? Well, it’s here. We had baseball last night, he has his final game and end of year party tomorrow, VPK graduation and pool party on Thursday, Wild Adventures all day Friday, then beach all day Saturday.  Tonight is our only night to of nothing. And I am very excited about that. When did my life get SO busy? I think this is why they made beer.
  • Beer sounds good; yes it is only 8:30 but really, my day goes like this: coffee, water, water, beer, beer, water. Ok, maybe not EVERY day. But some!
  • The hotel we’re staying on for the first few nights in Hawaii is a mere two blocks from the Kona brewing company. This could be very dangerous! The tour is only 5 bucks so we’re definitely doing it.
  • I realize we don’t go to Hawaii until October but I can see myself become a little impatient after we hit the beach on Saturday. Though the gulf beaches are indeed beautiful, once you’ve seen Hawaii, it’s hard to beat that.

OK, let’s move onto Tuesday Chat:


The last photo you took with a cell phone, or a camera:  
Write a story about the picture in 10 sentences or less.

The coffee in her hand had yet to infused itself throughout her veins; the effects had not yet wakened her mind. She’d been startled awake by the alarm feeling exhausted still but immediately thinking about the day ahead and how much had been piled on her plate the day before: meetings, endless spreadsheets, and dealing with a co-worker she hated. Just another day in her otherwise empty life. As she slipped out of the car and tried to gather herself, she was momentarily stunned by the sight before her above the parking lot. The sun burned bright behind a sea of rippled clouds and it muted the light in such a fantastic way she could not help but stare and wonder. Nature truly had some force behind it to leave her so bereft of thought. The sky spread out vast before her and she temporarily forgot the annoyances and daily minutiae ; she was merely there, in that moment. She had never felt so present in one mere minute before and she was keenly aware that she may never see another sunrise like that again. Holding onto that image, taking a mental snapshot, she stood there for as long as she could, reveling in the first time in a long time that she felt truly alive.


That was the sky this morning but that definitely isn’t me! But I still like the idea. Ok, what’s on your blog today?

Random Tuesday – Misunderstanding, wasps, run in the heat

Stacy Uncorked
  • I keep forgetting I have to go to the doctor this afternoon; I hate when that happens and you keep having that moment of “oh yeah, I have to do that.” Why can’t I keep track of stuff anymore? Am I getting that old?
  • On Isaac’s Mother’s Day card thing where they asked him questions, he said I was 70. Then again, Elliot said I was taller than the Hulk, which is fairly amusing for an 8 year old. Like, really son? I get Isaac having no concept of age. Though Elliot’s friend thought Isaac was 3. He’s 5. So, you know…
  • A few weeks ago I opened my office window because it was too darn cold in here and was greeted by a gigantic wasp nest right up under the ledge. I immediately slammed the window shut and hadn’t opened it since. Yesterday, a guy finally came in and did away with it. So this morning, I have my window open and it is glorious… until it gets hotter anyway. This week we’re seeing mid 90s temps!
  • Speaking of that, I chose the worst day to go back to running. I was dying out there! I only did two miles but I felt pretty good overall. Aside from the fact that when I was getting ready, my sports bra broke. A plastic connector piece just snapped right off. It’s so hard to find reasonably priced sports bras for people with big boobs. Sigh.
  • OK, that’s all the random I have for you. I really need to do actual work. Well, after the Tuesday Chat prompt!

Since it is our host’s birthday on Wednesday, we have to surprise her! I chose a few fun pictures she might find interesting. ;)




How cool are those?


Oh Spidey…



Outfit swaps are funny

Random Tuesday – Every day is a lot of random over here

Stacy Uncorked
  • WELL, Baby woke up with Pink eye and Ash is sick. I guess it works out that the two can stay home together but really? Come on.
  • BUT, much like Stacy, we’re having such awesome weather here, I really cannot complain about life in general. I swear, if the sun is out and it’s not too hot, I am a very happy person. I could do without the mosquitoes though.
  • Oh, and I was swinging back by the house on my way to work and I look over on my arm and what do I see? A tick. Ugh. Damn things fall from the trees and there you go. So disgusting.
  • I didn’t even realize yesterday was a full moon, though it makes sense. My kids were entirely not themselves and super whiny. But we did something different in the evening to switch it up. We went to the mall for dinner – classy! – and walked around a bit. It made everyone happy though: three of us had Japanese and the others had Chik-fil-a. Since we NEVER do that, it was fun. I love doing random spontaneous things like that and I think the kids will someday look back and appreciate that too.
  • Also, you know I have a thing for malls. I hate that they’re dying out because I just really love them.
  • I’m thinking about doing a “things I have purchased recently” post; should I?

OK, let’s move onto Tuesday Chat…


“By now I will have seen Avengers Age of Ultron and be trying to refrain from gushing about all things Super Hero. To distract my fangirling ways; tell me about something you think is Super!” 



I’m guessing this isn’t *actually* a distraction because something that is super is the fact that we have Superhero comics and movies. I think they really serve a purpose in this world. When kids (or hell, adults) see that character who is essentially good – who actually puts human life above their own – we have a renewed sense of hope. I think we need people to look up to in this world where, every day, we hear about terrorism or random shootings and senseless violence.  There’s something so refreshing about knowing someone can save us from ourselves. Sure, there are problems within that (see: the upcoming Batman vs. Superman movie) but the dynamic we explore within these comics and movies mirrors our own world in such true ways that we then identify.



Random Tuesday – Rain, oils, the usual

Stacy Uncorked


  • I’m over the rain. I know sometimes it’s nice to curl up on the couch under a blanket and sip a cup of tea while the raindrops pound the roof. But for the most part, we’ve been having crazy windy storms and they always seem to happen on baseball days. I hate for Elliot to miss games; it’s depressing for him and me – I paid money for him to play! Luckily, his Monday game did go through, now let’s hope for Wednesday.
  • Because every so often I talk about Young Living oils here, I want to sing the praises of Ortho-ease. It’s an oil blend for sore muscles. My right arm (mouse arm/hand) has been hurting a lot lately from all the grading I’ve been doing and this is really helping!
  • The cheeseburger I had last week was SO good… and now I want another. But didn’t I learn my lesson? I felt so awful afterwards. But I am getting just a wee bit tired of grilled chicken and black beans and low fat wheat wraps. You can eat healthy all day but if your body wants a certain food, the cravings are hard to ignore. At least they are for me!
  • Here’s a random stop motion film someone made; it was really well done! I sometimes wish I had time to do fun stuff.

Let’s move on to the Tuesday Chat prompt:

“Finish the Sentence:  Right now is the perfect time to _________.” 

Catch up!

I have blogged, in the past, about how I work at a University so my work schedule really ebbs and flows with the timing of each semester. This is finals week so by next Monday, everyone is gone. There’s a week in between and then both Summer A and B sessions begin. However, a mere fraction of the normal amount of students are even here. My department offers very few classes (none at all in my specific area).  My building basically shuts down, it is very quiet and I am literally left to my own devices. So, here’s a brief list of what I want to accomplish in the seven or so weeks of downtime I will have:

  1. Read! I have some JR Ward novels that need finishing
  2. Work out. It’s my plan to do arm and ab exercises every day; maybe even a little yoga
  3. Work on my novel; I have a couple in progress and there’s really no excuse not to write
  4. Stay on top of my online classes. No excuse not to have things graded by mid-week, each week.
  5. Watch Game of Thrones season two and three; we just watched last season but I can barely remember what happened before!

Random Tuesday – Dreams and the Big V and all kinds of junk

Oh do I have some random for you; my life has been a lot of random crap lately.

Stacy Uncorked
  • I had a dream Friday night that has really stuck with me. There was more to Tallahassee; I took a highway to this place that had more hotels and shops and restaurants. There was a lot of traffic too but I remember the excitement in knowing there was more to explore. I have seen pretty much everything this town has. Granted, I haven’t eaten at every restaurant but the feeling of knowing I could GO somewhere else new was exhilarating.
  • My phone had a near catastrophe yesterday when I left it on the bumper of Ash’s car. It had been raining for a couple days so when we got home and it was dry and sunny, everyone went outside. As we were getting ready to go in, I put it on his car and took some things inside, figuring I’d go back out in a minute. Well, he left for Magic and I totally forgot. I remembered only as I heard the garage door closing so I ran out after him, flailing my arms as he turned the corner away from our home. My children heard some choice words as I thought about all I’d have to do if it was dead in the road somewhere. I grabbed my keys and wallet and told the kids I’d be right back, then went to my car to look in the neighborhood roads, in case it fell off there. But then, what did I see in the middle of the street right out from our driveway? Yup, it fell right off when he backed out. It was unharmed and I thanked the Powers That Be for saving my ass.
  • I was exceedingly tired yesterday and I know exactly why: I had a burger and fries for lunch and cheesecake in the afternoon. I tried the new Smashburger in town (it was SO GOOD) and my friend had some leftover cheesecake from our get-together on Thursday. I noticed the past few weeks that when I eat healthy, I am not as tired. So today I have grilled turkey and some light cheese for a wrap and then a container full of sauteed zucchini. That should do it!
  • This is the last week of classes! I am both excited and sad about this. I will get paid through the beginning of May for teaching but then not again until July. Summer kind of sucks that way.
  • SO ready for a beach day, you guys! I am hoping it will at least be dry and cool this weekend (it is today) so we can go out and do some hiking at Torreya. I’ll probably twist and ankle but hey, still fun.


This week’s prompt is about the last time you faced a fear. It’s actually kind of tough for me…


Ok, I know what I’ll discuss. And that is… discussions. I get nervous and scared when I have to bring up certain topics with my husband. These are usually things like money or ideas I have that I think he’ll shoot down. Thirty six years old and I still fear rejection.

Well, something I have been meaning to talk to him about is the Big V – getting a vasectomy. In the past, he’s been adamant about NOT having one EVER. He had “friends” at work who tell him such insanity like “you could die” or “it’s the worst pain in the entire world.” This makes me SO mad because we have good, close friends who have had it – like five men he knows well enough to talk to about sensitive subjects – who have said that it was fine and they felt better the next day. Super easy!

So, at my birthday gathering, my friend had a few too many drinks and when I took out my bc, she started getting on my husband about having not done the Big V yet and blah blah and he was really pretty mad about it. I told him that I’d meant to discuss it with him but not like that. I never wanted her to say anything.

So this past Friday, when we were drinking beer at lunch, I confided in him that I honestly worry about getting pregnant every day. I am on the pill but I still stress about it because my cycle hasn’t been normal since I quit breastfeeding back in June. He never realized I was actually stressed; he just figured I was complaining as usual. LOL. As we talked and I told him how I’d make  special man cave for him during his recovery, I could tell he was actually reconsidering it. The thing that might have actually sold him? I told him that I’d never make him wash dishes ever again. Haha ha! This cracks me up. If this is what cements it, this will make for a great story for many years to come.

I was ever so relieved that I was able to face the fear of bringing this up with him. It wasn’t as bad as I anticipated but that is part of the fear: I think it’s going to be the hardest thing. I am glad that I was able to conquer this and hope I can keep doing it in the future.

Random Tuesday – Assassins, Avengers, and beer – all of my favorite things

Stacy Uncorked
  • Let’s start today off with a video, shall we?
  • I heart them all; cannot wait for Age of Ultron! (Thor – ::swoon::; Hawkeye – ::swoon::)
  • Man, that was a lot of punctuation in that last part there huh? It was necessary; they’re adorbs.
  • I am overloaded today: work, meetings, have to go across town for things for Isaac’s birthday tomorrow. And on top of that, my sciatic nerve is acting up. Argh.
  • Oh, and those awful allergies are still here, making me miserable.
  • I meet with the principal of Elliot’s school today to talk about 3rd grade. It’s going to be hard not to just rant about everything his teacher did wrong this year but as I explain the kind of teacher he and I need for next year, well, that stuff is going to come out. I mean, this morning, he told me not to bother packing a snack because she took  away snack time… because they get too loud. Um… what? The kids need a snack. It’s not my fault you can’t control your classroom. She’s a seasoned teacher too!
  • One last really random video clip: my kids love The Last Dragon and go around saying “Sho’ nuff!” all the time. LOL.

Time for Tuesday Chat!


The prompt today is:

“Favourite things. What are we loving these days?” 

Alright alright, let’s see. Hmm, ok well, I am loving that Game of Thrones is back! I’m super excited to see Arya go to Braavos and the House of Black and White. I haven’t read the books so no spoilers, y’all. I just want her to become the most badass assassin to ever live.tumblr_ndnd4mRaMD1r3r6iao9_500


I am also totally shipping these two!2BHOX2l


It’s too bad that exchange hasn’t *actually* happened. We all know Jaime feels it but you know, Cersei and all. Ugh. I’m super excited to see where this season leads us. Oh, and I want the Mountain to die a horrible death. He’s already dead, you say? I highly doubt it.


Let’s see… what else? I’m really digging these Perdue grilled chicken Shortcuts. They have made it easy to pack healthy lunches… and I have lost three pounds.download



My favorite beer lately has been Sierra Nevada’s Beer Camp Hoppy Lager, which is their spring seasonal. It has the bite that I’m looking for in any beer.beercamp201512oz


I ought to go ahead and just buy the variety pack and get it over with. I’m sure I’ll like them and it’s not like I won’t drink them. ::wink wink::

(I am SO not a drunk, I promise.)



Random Tuesday – Cars, shanks, medals and rebellion

Stacy Uncorked
  • I just dropped my car off to have the fan and tire taken care of. Another chunk of money out of my ass but eh, you know how this stuff goes, right? At least I will have a car with no issues again.
  • Elliot had his first baseball game last night. The teams tied but he had a run so I was pretty proud. I think his team was a little nervous and had to ease into things but overall, pretty proud of them. Go Marlins!
  • Did you happen to catch the Justin Beiber roast on Comedy Central? I thought it was pretty damn funny but funniest of all was Martha Stewart. She slaughtered him and she made it hilarious. I found it highly amusing that she recalled her time in prison as well with some shank jokes. Oh Martha, Homemaker Especial and raunchy comedian. I heart her.tumblr_nm26ntwBBB1qz8x31o1_500
  • When Elliot and I finished our 5k on Saturday and were checking out the vendors, food, etc, we stopped by the medal table because we heard everyone would receive a medal. The volunteer told us they had run out of 5k medals. I was a little shocked that that many people could have finished before us; we were at about a 10 minute mile pace and most of the people who sign up for those, well, they are slightly slower. That’s just truth. So the old lady volunteer said they were giving kids old medals from the year before. This really pissed me off because it basically said that the kids don’t matter. I think Elliot beating me is a huge deal. I think any little kid who goes out there and busts his ass deserves a medal. So when she wasn’t looking, I snagged a 10k one!
  • Later, on the FB page for our track club, another mom complained about something similar and I said I found it odd that they’d run out. The conversation got way crazy because some people got mad at the organizers – who actually didn’t even order 5k medals, as it turns out – and some were offering to donate their medals. But some were really mad that others would complain. My guess is that they didn’t have kids. I didn’t partake in that fight once I saw that the medals simply never existed. But I am glad I got one for him.
  • I think my above story is a good segue into the Tuesday Coffee Chat prompt!

Are you a Rebel, or a by-the-book kinda person? 

Ok ok, I know a lot of people want to say they are rebels but to be completely honest, I am in a lot of ways. But in a lot of ways, I am VERY by the book. I believe some things have to be a certain way. You should act a certain way towards people and in traffic and at work. But I rebel in other ways. On Fridays, I wear fun shirts to work. Even if it’s not really “acceptable” I wear AC/DC, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, etc. Because that’s fun.

I tend to break rules if I think I can get away with it and no one will get hurt. I don’t want to fall into the boring lame mom category ever so I guess you could say I rebel by bucking tradition.IMG_20140411_164322

Random Tuesday – Weight loss, reminiscing

Hey everyone, time for some Random; you ready?

Stacy Uncorked


  • I was down two pounds this morning; yay! I may have jump started my body into losing weight so now, if I keep it up, maybe this will work. I’m really hopeful about it. And not really hating this healthy food. Not yet anyway.
  • I know it’s sad to say but I had a dream the other night that I didn’t have all this flab on my belly. I saw something on facebook that was by a mom who wore a bikini proudly because her stomach fat was her battle scar from three kids. Though I feel this way too, I also don’t think people want to be subjected to that. People are, for the most part, really shallow and I figure, it’s a common courtesy. Besides, I think I’d feel a little more confident and proud if I lost the weight because I ate better and worked out. It isn’t JUST about “being skinny”. Hell, I am pretty sure I will never be “skinny”.
  • Stacy, our host, talked about the guy with the accidental wedding invite in her post today so along the lines of weddings… I am wondering if I’m going to get invited to an old’s friend’s upcoming wedding. She’s talking about it on FB a lot and I am only about 4 hours from where she lives. We were out of touch for a long time but speak and comment fairly regularly through fb. It will be interesting! I think I’d go if she asked.
  • I need to make a list today; things keep popping up then immediately disappearing and I know I am going to drop the ball somewhere. Do you write on paper to remind yourself of things or do you use some other form?

Now onto the Tuesday chat prompt below:

17 Again!  If you could be any age again, for one week, what age would you be?

I think I would pick… 26. Ash and I had been married about a year, I was the thinnest I had been in years, and we had no children yet. Our days consisted of working, then coming home and eating dinner while watching basketball or football. We went out often – just to stores or friends’ houses – and we were big into rock climbing. I LOVED those days of ours. We had so much time and energy and our days were for US. I don’t regret kids for one moment and they fill my life so much more than before; I was sometimes bored before. But it would be interesting to go back and live like that and actually appreciate it. I didn’t then; I only do now because of how much busier we are!431876889_eceab06af9_z

We were so young!

Random Tuesday – Clover, bagpipes, tattoos, yeah!

Stacy Uncorked
  • It’s been a weird morning already: Isaac didn’t seem hungry, we were super early to daycare, traffic was moving slower than normal, my normal parking lot is closed off for an event, and as I got into the elevator at work, the lights flickered and it failed to understand I pressed a button. I walked three flights up instead.
  • But it’s St. Patty’s Day so I am playing various Dropkick Murphys songs in my office. In 2003? 2004? Ash and I saw them at a little dive bar on the West side of town. The opener was Lars Fredericksen (of Rancid fame) and it was one of the best shows… ever. It was also my birthday. Go Irish!
  • SO. I have figured out my next tattoo. It’ll be the kids’ names… in their handwriting. I am so stoked too. I’m probably going to put it on the inside of my right ankle. I’ll be even then: one on my left ankle, left calf, right calf, and then that. I may go back to Elliot’s kindergarten things and get his name at age five, then as soon as Isaac turns five, grab his. I’ll leave space for Dakota in the future. :) Here’s an example of someone who did the same:d92862376a7c21d3c9d98a0342790853
  • I get all giddy when I think about getting it. Not only am I excited to have them a permanent part of me (not like they aren’t already; kids sort of brand themselves on you regardless ;) ) but I love getting tattooed. At first, it hurts. And this script will certainly hurt because of the finer needle used but after a little while, you enter this weird space. It’s sort of like subspace (which I’m not going into because, well, look it up!) and then it’s a great feeling. So, yay!
  • In about thirty minutes, I have to run off to Isaac’s field trip so I’ll move on. ttyl!

Random Tuesday – I’m going to bore you with the details of my workout regimen

Stacy Uncorked
  • I just got Elliot and myself registered for the upcoming Springtime 5K. I know it’s a fairly hilly course but we’re actively training and should be fine. It’s kind of sad to be stressing about a mere 3 miles when I’ve done half marathons but those were pre-third baby! I’ve been out of it for a while.
  • Ell and I did a good three miler on trails the other day and I’m feeling it. The trail we run is fairly technical – roots and downhill, curvy too. My sides are hating me! The planks and push ups I’ve been doing in my office contribute to that pain as well. But I am tired of being flabby and I have to fit into a bathing suit in October!
  • I’ve been looking at these vintage style bathing suits on Pinterest and I think I might get one for our trip. What do you think? Too old-lady-ish?296d89de2c4aaeca1724435383721dcf
  • My Loseit! app says that if I stick to my goal of roughly 1550 calories a day, I will meet my goal (15 pounds lost) by October but we will see. That doesn’t really take into account working out but I will definitely be running from here on out. I have this plan to bring my 3 pound weights back to my office (they lived here forever!) and do arm exercises like crazy. My poor family genes: we’re destined for flabby upper arms but generally thin bodies. Ugh.
  • Did you hear about the petition to get rid of the ‘feeling fat” emotion option on Facebook? That’s just plain ridiculous, in my opinion. if I want to express that I feel fat, how does that hurt someone? That’s my opinion and it isn’t aimed at anyone. This world has gotten way out of control with words. Since when do words have so much power? Absolutely insane.

Ok, let’s move onto the Tuesday chat prompt:

Would You Rather?   Pose a question in your post, such as:  “Would you rather sleep in a 5 Star Hotel, or, camp out under the stars?”   It can be any question.   Provide your answer in your post, and invite readers to answer in the comments.

My question for you is: Would you rather live in the middle states, near beautiful forests and mountain ranges or would you rather live near the ocean,; close to the beach or within driving distance?

For me, it’s near the ocean. I heard a random song on the radio about someone never having seen an ocean and it made me sad; it was an instant and uncontrollable feeling – to think someone had never set their eyes on that vast and awesome sight. I am so much happier when I am on the beach; the way the sun touches your skin is different than when you’re spending time outdoors at your house. The sand, though some may argue is annoying and messy, feels right on my feet. The sound of the waves lapping the shore alone is a kind of therapy you couldn’t pay for. I may not be in “bathing suit shape” and I’m not some pretty person who can walk confidently down the beach but I still love it. I hate gray days and I need sun and that’s the perfect place to soak it up. Below: last summer when about seven families met up for the day:13982080100_49d64549aa_z

That’s not to say I wouldn’t love to hike in the woods but it feels more isolated there and that scares me. I’m a happier person near the ocean and some day, I hope to own a house near it.

How about you? Where would you rather live?