Random Tuesday – Rain, rain

It’s a horribly rainy day but let’s get random!



  • I went ahead and canceled lass this morning; it’s not until 9:30 but I had three student emails about this storm and at some point, it’s not worth fighting.
  • Today is Isaac’s birthday! I’m in denial that he is four. Before BG came along, he was my little baby and I was positive that he’d always be my baby. But he’s a boy now and I have to let him grow up. Despite being a terrible infant (crying all the damn time) he’s actually been a lot easier to handle than Elliot. He is super sweet and squishy and thinks he’s Legolas and he loves to build things and work on outdoor projects. He’s the polar opposite of his big brother and I love him to pieces.12707484725_fd8311a4df_b
  • I have this sinking feeling like I have pissed some people off but I cannot fathom what I did. You’d think by the age of 35 I would have learned to forget that petty stuff but it still picks away at me.
  • I guess I have had a few open mouth/insert foot moments. My brain is fried, people. I cannot think logically anymore.
  • My back is still giving me fits; it has to be the sciatic nerve but I just cannot figure out what will make it better.
  • I’ve been kind of curmudgeonly lately and I think I am unbalanced. I need to find a way to bring balance to my life. The jobs and that stress is unhinging my ability to parent and enjoy life.
  • But I’ve been whiny long enough; happy Tuesday!

Random Tuesday – Aaaahhh!!!!!

I despise you, Tuesday, but let’s get random!




  • You know when you’re about to hit the wall and can’t find any way to stop? Yeah, I’m right there. BUT, I have to say that I feel pretty good this morning, even in the face of the millions of things on my plate.too-much-my-plate-18158079
  • When I searched for “full plate”, I got images of knights in armor. And that makes me want to play Diablo and NOT do all this damned work.
  • Elliot’s baseball game was canceled yesterday because it was storming like the dickens and I tell you what; we all needed that night of nothing. Ash was going to go out and decided against it. We watched part of Return of the King and I washed some dishes but all in all, I did nothing else and it was magical.
  • My brother-in-law, who only eats fruits and vegetables, left a bunch of lettuce and tomatoes this weekend (can’t take those on a plane!) so now I have salads for days.
  • This is exceptionally good since I can’t do T25 with a bad backache. I’m kind of upset about this, honestly. I was feeling very good. It sucks getting old.
  • So our baseball coach has bailed on our team. I don’t think he wanted to but he’s apparently having some kind of major family emergency. The mom who is taking over is good but she’s not ever been a baseball coach so she is trying very hard to learn techniques. A couple of the dads are helping too so it’s not like the season is just over for us. And I do hope the original coach is OK. But I also kind of hope he sends some sort of explanatory email at some point. I just kind of think he owes us that much.
  • I’ve been so busy that I was still thinking it was March. No no, it’s 8 days into April. My life is insane! Who’s ready for a weekend beach getaway? This mom!

Random Tuesday – Oh it’s random all right

I despise you, Tuesday, but let’s get random!




  • I ordered that new eggs Benedict sammich from Dunkin Donuts this morning and I am shocked I don’t like it. Eggs Benedict is one of my all-time favorite breakfast foods. But this sandwich is just so-so. Also, their latte machine was broken so I had to go to Starbucks anyway. Oh, hello Tuesday, you sick bastard.
  • Elliot went back to school after 10 days. I remember being a kid and loving breaks but being ready to go back. As a parent, I think that’s just too long. LOL. I don’t think that makes me bad; I just know how my kids thrive on routine and how they react to being off of it.
  • Though it is Tuesday, I have a confession: I didn’t work out yesterday. Having Elliot here and a looong busy day at work, by the time it was, oh, 8:30, I’d drifted off on the couch while watching Bones. (Dammit, that makes two weeks in a row I have missed the majority of.)
  • I also slept funky so my right shoulder and side of my neck are all jacked up.
  • I always found it funny how people say they have a crick in their neck. But to me, this is a crick:Toshiba Exif JPEG
  • I think it might be a northern thing. The people I knew in western New York state always called the water near the country farmhouse a crick. I spent a lot of vacations with my feet in that cool water, searching for smooth stones and finding crawfish hear and there. Also, some people call those crawdads or crayfish. Language is so cool, isn’t it?
  • Sorry, that was my English nerd speaking there.
  • I know four people who have birthdays today and, as I have mentioned, mine is right around the corner. Are we doing anything special? Probably not. Elliot has baseball practice on Thursday and of course, I have to work out.
  • I secretly hope Ash at least plans to take care of dinner that night.
  • BG has been “talking” a lot lately. When she’s in a really babbly mood, she’ll say “da da”, “ba ba”, and a version of
    “ma”. But the word she says a lot is something like, “Ah da” but she ALWAYS looks right at Ash when she says it so, there you go; first word =  dada.
  • As I lay down in bed last night, I had this sudden realization that I have a MILLION things to do and my heart started beating rapidly and I kind of freaked out for maybe three seconds. Then I just took it in stride and said to myself, “Self, you got this. It’ll all get done.” And I didn’t even really have to force that. Maybe I am getting the hang of this adult/parenting thing. Only took me until 35 but hey, at least I’m improving!

Random Tuesday – Any time the sun wants to come out…

Despite a rainy weekend, we’re having a great week and it’s an excellent time to get random!




  • A wee bit late to work today because dropping Elliot off at the Y requires going clear across town. If I wanted it to be convenient, I would have just put him at the other kids’ daycare. But seeing as how he’s in first grade and almost seven, I thought it wise not to put him with all the four year olds.
  • He seemed to like the first day; they do so many different activities that he’s never bored, which is key for kids. Some of you know exactly what I mean!
  • So I weighed myself on Sunday and I am five pounds lighter than the last time I weighed sometime early last week. I highly doubt all of that is from being sick so it must mean that the combination of running/eating better/T25 are beginning to work! Like I said to Ash and in my last post about this workout: I don’t need to look like a model. Hell, I don’t even need to be super thin. I just need to lose the majority of the baby fat in my midsection and I want to get stronger, which is going to happen no matter what. This program works your abs like a beast!
  • I can barely remember what it feels like to put on a bathing suit and not feel self-conscious.
  • My wedding rings are loose now though, which is kind of like a small victory but also, annoying when I type.
  • SO, as my oldest son pointed out this morning, my birthday is in nine days. I’ll be 35. I want to get some of my friends together and hang out at Level 8 but I’ve been slack on finding out how much it costs to reserve a couch. I JUST sent an email trying to figure out when everyone’s free. The self-conscious introvert in me just had a slight panic attack as I hit send. What if they don’t WANT to hang out with me? It’s silly, I know. But I have always second-guessed myself.
  • Maybe, as I round the bend here on mid-30s, I should throw that crap out the window and focus on being more confident. In so many ways, I have. I don’t worry nearly as much about what other people think. My choices are mine and I almost always feel justified. But I need to go whole-hog and just be me. Be proud of who I am.
  • Wow, that sounded super cheesy!
  • Mmmm, cheese.30d68e5b30f76af57531b85491556906

Random Tuesday – One step forward, two steps back

Well, I think Stacy is back today so we’ll be randoming it up in the usual fashion; yay!


  • I gave Baby Girl avocado this weekend. That makes 3/3 kids who completely hated it. I, for one, LOVE it. And when I was pregnant with her, I had a major avocado craving at the end of my first trimester so I have no idea why she doesn’t love it too. ;)
  • I’m going to start watching True Detective, because everyone tells me how great it is. You’d better all not be wrong!
  • I gave myself Monday to do literally nothing productive in my office. It’s Spring Break and although no students are here, I certainly have enough I could be doing. But for one day, I mentally checked out.
  • Actually, I feel pretty happy this week. It’s been a while since I haven’t felt beaten down. I have some extra money and I’ve lost a little weight and yeah, things are good.
  • Last night, Ash and I started T25. It’s pretty rugged but I can tell it’s going to work and I am excited. I mean, it’s going to be hard, no doubt. But oh how I would like to lose this weight.
  • I am already dreaming about the beach. We’ve had a brief glimpse of Spring, which then makes me think about Summer and going to St. George. Who knows… my mom may end up in Pensacola permanently and when we go to visit, BEACH!
  • I wouldn’t say I am obsessed but I am really digging Ricki Hall. I may have mentioned that I am starting a new romance so I am doing research for my hero. He will be bearded and tattooed and yeah, he’s going to be awesome. I love the power of imagination: I can create whatever kind of man I want!ba1880463e70ed8ecda0bb31fe4bea9f3740f6f54fbda8ccb889e8af7cce6b83
  • Ok that’s it for my welcome back to Random Tuesday post. I am glad it’s here again!

Random Tuesday – A brief reprieve

  • I actually turned down some grading work because I have just been so overwhelmed that when I dropped off finished stuff, I was so damned relieved to be done. I just couldn’t bear to take on any more.
  • I feel like a huge burden has been lifted from my shoulders; I still have work to do tomorrow before 5 but for now, I can take a breather.
  • I’m writing this on Monday night and Bugsy is on.  I have a.) always been into the mob and mobsters and b.) been fascinated by Warren Beatty and Annette Benning.  He was such a player until he met her. You have to give props to a woman who can put an end to a man’s gallivanting ways.
  • I have decided that I could go the rest of my life only eating breakfast… for all meals.  I’m in love with it.
  • Seeing as how it is Fat Tuesday, I should be eating pancakes today.
  • But we’re eating pizza tonight.
  • I’m taking the next few days in stride; Ash is gone all tomorrow for work (will be home later at night), then my neighbors head out Wednesday (moving), then my boys and hubs leave Thursday. A week full of upheaval.
  • But on that note, I will have Thursday all to myself. Granted, I will be cleaning for my mom’s arrival Friday but still. Whatever will I do with myself?
  • Who am I kidding? I’ll spend the night watching dumb TV and browsing the web.
  • So I have been coerced into being the alternate for an on-going Bunco game. I know very little about how the actual game works; I know it’s about women getting together to gossip and drink more than anything. A woman Ash works with has a group but with any largish group of people, there’s usually one person who can’t make it. So that’s where I come in. At least this time – as opposed to last time – I have about a week’s notice.
  • You see, I am truly an introvert (though I can be very chatty) so I need time to get used to the idea of being forced to socialize. I only know the one woman so I’ll need to be in the right frame of mind to enter into a situation with some unknowns.
  • I didn’t have class last week because we did individual conferences and then we have no class Thursday or next week for Spring Break. Today is the only day I have to go teach amidst all that. Do I want to? Hell no. But I must. Off to prepare; see y’all on Wednesday!

Here, have some yummy. I am undone by beards and tattoos lately.a267908b9485f21fffdc8fc5fd0ee78284d9fb9e0ee42beaeed54bb326771cb78edfb034db21b21d88db32c269dfa69e96ba86db05edca7b611869979f8e1f4183170c49e74422be4d220b1da0d30995

Keeping the Random Alive

  • It would honestly be a miracle if I felt rested at any given time
  • That said, Baby Girl might be rounding the bend on her sickness, THANK GOD.
  • Ok, let me throw something actually random: yesterday, Ash and I were watching the 3D channel and it was a show about NASCAR. And for about 30 minutes, I dwelled on what I thought to be an original idea: a romance novel about a pit crew guy. I was SO excited until I looked it up and of course, it’s been done. BUT, I think I may try to break into this niche realm.
  • I shared this on Facebook but check this out. My mind was seriously blown. Pixar movies all take place in same realm
  • Elliot has decided that he wants to eat breakfast at school. Can I tell you just how much this helps our mornings? Usually, it goes something like this: I tell him he needs to eat, he complains he’s not hungry, I harp on him, he says he can’t decide what to eat, we’re almost ready to leave and he goes on about how starving he is but has yet to pick something. Usually then I end up shoving a cereal bar in his hand and he chokes it down against his will. This way he has a different mind-set about breakfast. Plus, he goes in there with a friend and he’ll eat anything if his mind is on other stuff.
  • When we met that couple on Valentine’s Day, we found out that the girl had been stuck on the same level of Candy Crush as I am: 245. But now she’s beaten it and I am still stuck! The annoying thing is how close I keep getting and still failing. Kind of demoralizing.
  • I left my coffee travel mug in the office yesterday so I was forced to get Starbucks. I am working my way through a venti, which I normally don’t do. I am a little jittery already; lol. And I have eight student conferences back to back for the next 3 hours!!!
  • I just said yes to more grading. Am I insane?
  • Ok since this is going downhill fast, I’ll throw you some Man Candy because, well, why not?tumblr_muf5ljit4j1rpe379o2_250

Nick Youngquest


And now, some baby platypi wearing hats:tumblr_mtzujjrLFa1sn75h6o1_500

Random Tuesday – Finding time to blog

I actually never thought I’d see a day come when I was pressed for time to write here. I’m not giving up; not every week will be like this. I am just over-committed on various tasks right now. I pace myself fairly well when it comes to being super busy but sometimes, I just have to stop and play a mindless game for five minutes instead of use my brain. But otherwise, every minute of my day is full.

Last night, I made the kids and I dinner while Ash went out and then we went to Costco for essentials; you know, toilet paper, paper plates, and Goldfish. Got home, put the baby to bed then started the boys down that road. We read books and gave hugs, said our goodnights, then I got on the couch to watch me some Olympics. I was feeling fine,  not even all that tired. But right around 9 PM, a horrible dizziness came upon me, accompanied by a gurgling stomach and nausea. It was so odd; I didn’t eat anything that may have triggered it. And today, I feel absolutely normal. My guess is that I had a touch of Elliot’s 24 hour affliction. Thank GOD I feel better today; I ain’t got time for that.

There has been a guy missing from town for about two weeks. It’s a sketchy situation in that he told people he was a college kid but he wasn’t enrolled. And his mother said he recently graduated. Anyway, he went missing and today, they’ve found a body. It’s not looking good for that guy.

Motivation evades me; deadlines push me to keep plugging away but really, my mind is just not in it this week. I stare down stacks of papers to be graded and then I turn back to another computer window. I play a quick game of Candy Crush, I write a paragraph in my blog. I look at photos of my kids, then go back to grading, slightly energized by my brief respite.

Cookies. I want cookies. And cakes. Chocolate and strawberry and the kind with fluffy lemon frosting. I want key lime pie and boston cream pie donuts. And I don’t know why I want so many sweets. That’s not really like me. Perhaps this is my way of dealing with the overwhelming amount of work. And with that, I am off to do it, but will be dreaming about huge custard filled donuts.


The Centrifuge of Random Thoughts

  • SO, I had one of those bad mommy mornings. I couldn’t remember if Isaac was going to eat at his field trip to Wakulla Springs (as they always have done in the past) or if he needed a lunch. So I packed something that could sit in the room at daycare until tomorrow in case he was eating there. Well, turns out he had to bring something and I didn’t pack a drink. So I had to bum one from the daycare and he’ll have to eat room temperature spaghetti-Os. I guess it could be worse but I am usually way more on the ball.
  • I blame this fail on being sick. I had my typical sore throat yesterday but it never went away. And as the day wore on, I got worse and worse: body aches, headache, etc. I left a little early and took a long bath, reading Wild on my kindle and just trying not to feel like battered crap. I still managed to make everyone’s dinners and get them in bed, though I was pretty cranky. You know, moms can’t get sick.
  • The boys are at the stage where they can play just fine together and generally get along but they bicker over stupid crap. And will randomly pick at each other and I had had enough around 8:15 last night. I sent them to bed with no book or bath, which greatly upset Isaac. I hope I have sent the message loud and clear this time.
  • I want to believe I did, but they were at it again this morning over their dinosaur egg oatmeal. Le sigh.
  • As I was getting Isaac’s Valentines stuff together last night, I realized I have to make a return trip to Target: I told Ell to pick out the bag of candy he wanted for his V-Day party and he chose conversation hearts… in Spanish! I can either take them back or have him tell his teacher he wanted to be diverse…. YEAH, I’ll take them back.
  • I have deep-seated moral issues with this holiday anyway so don’t even get me started.
  • Due to my less-than-stellar feeling today, I have no interest in teaching. But my students will be happy I am canceling Thursday. Well, maybe. They still have work to do.
  • I have a coupon for a dollar off a Starbucks latte after 2 PM; I have that on my to-do list today. Ok, gotta prep for class. Here, have a dude:638d6ed42806ac46b12150fff963cbb0

Randomizer set to: ON

  • You know what time I got in bed last night? 8:30! Ash was super tired so I finished folding clothes, took the dogs out, and got under the covers. I didn’t actually sleep until about 10 but still; that’s a good night’s rest.
  • Before falling asleep, I finished reading a novel in three parts by Kresley Cole, who normally writes paranormal romance but this, THIS… Lordy. She wrote about this Russian enforcer and dear God, it was intense.
  • Now I am back to reading Wild and though it’s good, I don’t get through much at a time.
  • I drank a St. Pauli Girl last night because my grandpa always drank that. It wasn’t very good; in fact, it lacked any sort of bite or… weight. I like to feel my beer, if that makes sense. It was almost like drinking slightly alcoholic water. This makes me sad because… Grandpa.
  • The weather got all funky here. It is gray, as it has been for almost an entire month, but it’s not cold. Today is 63/78. Florida, you’re drunk. Go home.
  • A Ziggy Marley song came onto my SiruisXM Jimmy Buffet radio station this morning and I had an instant reaction: I yearned to be on a sunny beach. It was a little shocking how immediate my response was: my brain flashed me an image of St. George Island and I felt that undeniable happiness I get from being on a chair in the sun, the gulf’s waves lapping the shore, birds calling overhead. Only a few more months perhaps. We went for the first time last April – April 13th looks like:8648630730_01194a972e_cIt was clearly very sunny because look at Elliot’s face; lol.
  • I don’t know BG (Baby Girl) will do on that drive, which is about an hour and a half. Last time we took a longer drive, she was unhappy to say the least.
  • I have to go teach now, because that’s what I do. But then I get to come back and do other things. Having multiple jobs is stressful. I need a cookie. Or more coffee. BUT, they’re putting a Dunkin Donuts right by my building. So there’s that!