Random Tuesday – The day before the day before the…

Stacy Uncorked
  • Somehow I managed not to blog yesterday and I think it was because my brain is starting to go into holiday mode. I work today and half of tomorrow and then I’m outta here. My parents get into town Wednesday afternoon so between now and then, I have some cleaning and prepping to do. Not to mention, we have a race Thursday morning and then an entire day of cooking!
  • I’ve finally decided on a design for my tattoo. Originally I wanted to draw an oak tree and somehow get the kids’ names there and look like they were carved by that would take up too much space and I’m really only aiming for an ankle placement. So I found this:bare-tree-circle-md
  • And I plan to put the kids’ names – in their writing – around it like the pendant I have, which looks like this:il_570xN.495870196_5cg0
  • I think it’ll turn out great, truth be told. Now I just have to walk in there. Funny thing is that I have no nervousness about the actual tattoo process. The pain does not bother me. It’s the actual walking into the shop and asking for it.
  • I’m trying to get my friend Courtney to go with me. She wants one but is scared. I’m trying to convince her that if she can complete the Tough Mudder (and I mean complete, not flake out like half the people who do these) then she can handle the pain.
  • As it turns out, my friend Tiffanie might be going with because she’s been wanting her dad’s initials after he died not that long ago. She’s all gung-ho; she wants to do it Friday!

OK time for the chat, as I drink my coffee!

November 24th, 2015  – This or That?


Here we go!

Heels or sneakers  — Um, do you not know me at all? If I had to pick between those, sneakers. But you can find me wearing either Reefs of knock-off Sperrys most days.

Coke or Pepsi   – definitely Coke, even though I drink maybe 1-5 sodas a year. If that.

Instagram or Flickr  –  I have both. I started on Flickr years ago and I keep it for family.

Tomboy or Girlie Girl  – This is fairly obvs; I am a total tomboy. I can be girly… at times.

Nap or Read  – I love to read until I fall asleep

Karaoke or Bowling  –   Bowling, though I’d do karaoke with enough beer in me.

Pizza or Sushi – I go hot and cold on pizza but I ALWAYS want sushi

rain or shine  – Sunny days, any day! I hate rainy days. One now and then is fine but day after day makes me super sad.

single or taken – Taken times ten. My hubs is the best.

dress or jeans  – definitely jeans
winter or summer  — Summer! But can I say fall?

Exercise or Couch  – exercise!!  Sure, I like to sit around but I feel lazy.

Library or Cafe  –   I’m not one for sitting around either. If I was meeting someone, cafe.

Jocks or Nerds  –  A mix of both. Ash can be nerdy but he is a runner and knows a lot about sports.

Piano or Guitar   – I prefer the melodious sounds of the electric guitar,

And the big one:  Marvel or DC –

Well, I have to say, I LOVE Avengers and Thor’s my fave but I’m a Batfamily girl through and through.download


Random Tuesday – Flying solo, loyal, end of year approaches

Well, I somehow managed to skip posting on Monday so I guess I’d better try to for today, eh?

Stacy Uncorked
  • Well, solo parenting is… tiring. I’m only two days in and it’s stressful. Maybe I’m making it out to be worse than it is. Truth be told, my kids are being very good. I also think my husband put the fear of God in them before he left.
  • I really thought I was getting Dakota’s illness last night. She was sick all weekend and is still harboring one of those gross wet coughs. But now that she’s basically better, you know someone is bound to get it. Chances are me, as she coughed all over me.
  • I love how my FB feed has been so bipolar lately. I have friends who believe we need to take control of this overseas situation and others who welcome all refugees with open arms. I want to say so many things but I also want to stay out of it because I don’t want to invite that kind of conversation and confrontation into my life. Maybe it’s irresponsible of me to want to ignore current events but I am a happier person when I do.
  • Can you believe this time of year? The audacity it has to spiral out of control and stumble towards year’s end all so quickly! I have already begun buying things here and there; I like to slowly accumulate gifts and then take inventory.
  • I’m getting REALLY close to buying my gift to myself: new tattoo. I am actually contemplating going to the shop on my lunch break one day and just seeing what they can do and for how much. I want it; I NEED it.
  • OK, onto the Tuesday chat!


“What do you hope to be remembered for?”

Funny, I was just thinking in the car the other morning that I didn’t feel like I had done anything to make my kids really proud of me. Elliot said something to Isaac about how mom doesn’t make a lot of money (I make OK money) and I’m not famous. Do you need to be these things for your kids to be proud? of course not.


When I think about my best traits, loyalty always comes up. I am probably the most loyal person I know, as conceited as THAT sounds! If you’ve earned it, I’m there for you no matter what. I stick by you; I don’t tend to leave. I do it with people, jobs, tasks I committed to. I’m brand  and restaurant loyal. Ash appreciates this about me most as well but of course, you can’t be just one thing and have that be your legacy. But I do hope people look back and say that about me.


Of course, I really hope my kids and other family remember me for being a good person, hard-working and steadfast. I don’t give up on stuff and you can count on me to always be moving along, pushing forward, getting it done.

Random Tuesday – Recovery, windows, winter

Stacy Uncorked
  • My body is getting back to normal after the Tough Mudder. I no longer struggle to reach down for something or get out of bed. Yay! The farther away I get from the event, I have a feeling I will be more inclined to do another. Actually, I’m eyeing Spartan races or Warrior Dashes next. For those, if you skip an obstacle, they make you do burpees. Ha ha ha; the sweet torture.
  • Did I tell you how the boys broke a window? Ha ha, yeah; Thursday before we went out of town. AND they broke the cardinal rule of the house: no balls inside, especially footballs. I was making dinner and they’d been going in and out, playing some kind of game, so when it was ready I went outside to find them. I could hear their voices but didn’t see them but that is when I heard the shattering of a pane of glass. Yup: tossing the football in Isaac’s room. We have old-ass windows so they only broke, like, a seven by seven pane but wow were they ever in trouble. I had difficulty wrapping my brain around the fact that they were even inside when it was clearly still light out and they had permission to play outside. Baffling!
  • I did end up procuring tickets to see the Sherlock Xmas special in theaters. I am going with my friend, Margaret, and we even got to pick our seats. I am stoked! Bring on my Victorian husbands.tumblr_nh3ch4eGiP1qkpibao1_400
  • It finally got cool(er) here in North FL. Yay. I think it’s about 55 this morning and unfortunately, still gray. It’s been raining for days and I have got to mow my lawn. To my credit, I was gone for much of October and then gone again this past weekend. There are a lot of things in my house that need to be tended to!
  • OK, onto the Tuesday chat!

“Do you volunteer?”

The truthful answer here is: not as much as I would like. Sometimes I want to go to our local shelter and give out food or I’d like to do more for races that support a cause… stuff like that. I don’t volunteer at the kids’ school as often as I should. But I DO volunteer in some ways. In fact, in ways that most introverts would not. I volunteered to do the sign up for drinks/snacks for both boys’ football teams. And I am organizing the trophies and end of season get-together for Elliot’s. I volunteer to help in areas where I feel confident I can lead well. But I do not tend to jump readily into charitable volunteering.

I think the teacher part of me comes forth when I step up and take over like that. I don’t have issues with public speaking (funny for an introvert, right?) I don’t want to share or interact most of the time but I am outgoing in my realm. But maybe that’s why I don’t go seeking volunteer opportunities.

Random Tuesday – nature invades, brief illness, weird dreams

Stacy Uncorked
  • On Sunday, I reached down into the washing machine after a load of whites because there was what seemed like a corded bundle of dark fabric. I thought it might be left over from washing the dogs’ blankets but when I grasped my fingers around it – and it felt oddly fleshy – I realized it was a drowned lizard. I guess I left the lid open but I don’t typically do that. I did, however, forget to close the garage door when I took Ell down to the running trail so in those 30 or so minutes, he must have found his way there, poor thing.
  • Monday morning – speaking of gross drowned things – I checked out the dogs’ water dish to see a fairly large spider floating in there. (And a large amount of dirt; dumb dogs.) It was really gross and though I have a picture, I think I will refrain from showing it to you.
  • Before I was icked out by that spider, I was having the funkiest dreams. First, I was on set of the filming of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Except I knew what was going to happen so I stood by and confirmed that everyone was doing it correctly. Then I was with Tom Selleck, who was calming down my baby. Weird, right? Well then it got weirder because we were walking through a strange combination of both the Friends‘ apartments: Joey and Chandler’s smooshed with Rachel and Monica’s and we came to a room with two beds and Phoebe and Monica were sleeping in one. And Phoebe saw us and gave me the “are you kidding?” look. I guess you have to have watched the show to understand the impact here. Let’s just say, it felt like a very odd dream.
  • I went home around 1 yesterday because I figured the traveling had finally caught up to me. I felt achy and had a sore throat and my head was fuzzy. I rested a while; watched some Sherlock. It was what I needed. I went to bed early and just slept it off. My throat is still a little jacked today but I feel better in general. Better now than Thursday!
  • In case you forgot, I am running one of those Tough Mudders on Saturday. I definitely did not train the way  I wanted to. But we got the course and obstacles and I actually think it’ll be a little easier than originally anticipated. Plus, our hotel is five minute from the last remaining El Chico in the state so hopefully that will be out post race meal. I think there might be 8-10 people on our team and some of them I don’t know. It’ll truly be an adventure! I just have to stop worrying about everything revolving around it, including leaving the kids with the babysitter.


OK, time for Tuesday Chat!


If you could teleport, where would you go?

Man, tough one since I just traveled. I think I’d like to go to places I visited as a child. I would want to see this buffalo farm in western New York and then see this one Red Roof Inn we always stayed at in Virginia before going up into the mountains. I’d go to my childhood home and the elementary school; my grandparents’ house in Miami. I could probably come up with even more once I got going. Maybe my friend’s grandparents’ cottage on a lake in Cobden. The one time I have ever been to Canada.

And, much like our host, I’d also want to go to Disney. I think it’s been, what, four or five months? I’m dying to go back already!

(June 11th, to be precise.)18624760288_8bb4734f4f_z

Random Tuesday – Totally mind-numblingly random

Stacy Uncorked
  • I cannot seem to catch up! I keep forgetting to do simple, basic things that I always do. You know, like putting the bread away after making sandwiches or putting on deodorant. I don’t feel all that tired but I guess this is how my body deals with jet lag.
  • On the interwebs, people are getting excited about Captain America: Civil War. I’m not super thrilled but Martin Freeman is going to play a role and since I’m a slut for him, I’ll see it anyway. What can I say? He does things to me.tumblr_nwu65h0pIh1rn2cm9o1_400
  • I had a nice chat with an elderly black woman this morning at Starbucks. She asked if she could use my cell phone and we got to talking about how reliant we are on these devices and it went from there. She teaches 2nd grade and fosters a girl in that grade. It was a really interesting way to pass 30 minutes I had before Elliot’s Honor Roll ceremony.
  • Yeah, somehow he made A/B honor roll, even though he’s bombing his comprehension tests. All As and the abomination that is English. He just does not pay attention to these non-fiction stories they’re reading!
  • They released the date for the Sherlock Special: January 1st. And if we’re really lucky here in little old North Florida, we’ll get it in the theater. I’ll be there, ready for my Victorian husbands.tumblr_mzhwpndjXg1t3c050o1_500
  • And now, for our Tuesday Chat.

The long work day is done, you arrive home 
and the first thing you do…?


Man, the truth is so much like our host: it’s an endless cycle of chaos! Now, let’s say it’s a day when I manage to get home, say, 30 minutes before everyone else. This means I skipped my lunch break and left at about 4:15, placing me home at 4:30. The first thing I do is check the mailbox. Then I go in and drop all my stuff, let the dogs out and feed them. I’ll immediately change and flop onto the couch. Admittedly, I straight up shut off my brain. I’ll either lay on the couch in the darkness of the living room; no lights, curtains drawn. Or, I will browse tumblr for a bit, indulging my obsessions.Turn-Your-Brain-Off-300x225

Random Tuesday – Winning!

Stacy Uncorked
  • So, Elliot’s road rashed face seems to be healing fine. As I mentioned yesterday, he had a nasty run-in with the pavement when he thought he’d try to be a little adventurous on his scooter. He said when he got home from school that he must have said the word “scooter” 50 times. Everyone asked!20151011_164400_resized
  • And wouldn’t you know it: school pics are this week. I don’t think I’m going to buy them but at least we’ll have the reminder in his yearbook photo!
  • So I finally committed to Audible. Well, temporarily anyway. I’ll do the 30 day trial and see how it goes. I really wanted it for the plane. For my one free book, I got the Sherlock Holmes Rediscovered Railway Tales, as voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch himself. If I like it, I think I’ll get his reading of Cassanova, another book I never read.
  • Great weather again today. Tally is making me very proud this October so far.
  • We have both boys’ teacher conferences this afternoon. I am very interested in seeing what they say about Isaac. I see a vast improvement in his sheer interest in learning; I’ll catch him randomly practicing writing his sight words. He used to be straight up reluctant to even start learning. I know Elliot is doing well; his tests come home.
  • When conferences are over, our plan is to get the kids a bit early and head to the pumpkin patch. We wouldn’t be able to go until after vacay and that might be too late. I’m super excited about it! We may even go out to dinner, as it is our last night with these kiddos.
  • OK, let’s move onto the Tuesday chat!

“Have you ever won anything?”

Uh, I won at life, yo. No, seriously. Let’s start at the beginning: when I was younger, I won A LOT of poster contests and trophies for essay contests or best math stats or this thing we used to do called Super Stars, which was extra gifted math worksheets. Then I won poetry contests and the school spelling bee for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade; I placed 3rd in County in 5th grade.trophyrecycleroom

Later in life, I stopped winning that kind of stuff. So let’s skip ahead to more recent years. The day that baby was born, Bonefish had a Twitter contest where you wrote why today was the best and I entered with – obviously – I gave birth to my baby girl! And I won a 100 dollar gift card! A few months ago, I entered a contest to win signed books and a tote bag by one of my favorite authors, Kresley Cole. And I won! Capture

I sometimes say I never win anything but that’s a total lie. I do And it’s not the material stuff that counts anyway.


Random Tuesday – No sun, the future, and ink

Stacy Uncorked
  • I thought – for one brief, no, minuscule moment – that we might see the sun today. But I awoke to a gray misty day AGAIN. What is this, Seattle? Did you know that even though Seattle has more gray drizzly days than us, Tallahassee actually accrues more rainfall in a year than they do? Imagine that! Also, feel sorry for me.
  • When we’re on vacation, my oldest has a field trip to a fishing camp. I suggested to my father that he attend with him, in that he enjoys fishing and they needed volunteers to bait hooks, etc. I was amazed he actually took me up on it! I am pretty sure this will be his very first time going on a field trip since he himself was a child. I never remember him going with me!
  • I wanted to point out this:BTTF
  • Right? Where’s my flying cars? Hoverboard? Jaws 19?? Actually, aren’t they releasing some kind of special trailer for Jaws 19 as a throwback to BTTF? I think so.
  • Meanwhile, this is something I need to get for my front yard. We recently replanted and there’s a bit of empty space. This would work perfectly!1c81_rampaging_kaiju_garden_gnome


OK, let’s do Tuesday Chat!

“Tell us about something you have never done, but would like to do now. What was holding you back?”

Hmm, you know, this is harder than it sounds. I mean, I have done a lot of things and not a lot holds me back. it’s hard to think about what I have wanted to do but didn’t. I guess I’ll go with… get my next tattoo. And the “never” part comes in with the fact that I’m enshrining someONE to my body.

I talk about doing it often but there are always setbacks: money, time, the shop I was going to choose closing up and the owners moving to California.

I really just want the kids’ names, in their writing. Obviously, I’ll need to leave room because Dakota can’t write yet. But I just think it would be such a cool idea. I have these two calf tattoos:




And I have one very similar to the above on my left ankle. I figure their names on my right ankle will do just fine. Sure, I entertained the idea of putting them on a tree in a carven like way but the more I drew and designed, the more I realized how large that would need to be. And I’m not there yet.

I still think I’ll get a tree at some point. There’s something elemental and alluring about them to me. I have always liked them and want one on me. But again, things do hold me back. I think when I get back from Hawaii I’ll look into the names thing. I am even working on getting Ash do to the same. He might not pick their handwriting and he probably won’t put them on his leg but he’s expressed enough interest to maybe finally do it.

Some day…

Random Tuesday – I didn’t realized Tuesday Chat was also back

Stacy Uncorked
  • I totally sympathize with our host today about dismissive doctors. I saw one of those a couple years ago about a – uh lady problem – and she wrote it off. She asked me if doing x, y, and z, which were all things I read on the internet. So the last time I had this issue, I called in and they almost sent me to her. Luckily, my doctor (who has delivered two out of my three babies) is super awesome and called in meds without making me come in. There ARE good docs out there. It’s sad we have to weed through the crap to find them.
  • I finally emerged from my long-term headache around 9 pm last night. It was such a relief that I immediately fell asleep. And I stayed asleep. And it was wonderful and restful and when I woke this morning, I hopped right on the elliptical, finally feeling back to normal.
  • My grandfather just emailed me and I had a mild panic attack in light of just how much stuff we have planned out into the future. You realize we leave for Hawaii in, like, two and a half weeks? Then we get back and have a couple weeks before out Tough Mudder. Then Thanksgiving. Then my BIL is coming at Christmas for an entire week and we’ll then need to visit my ‘rents afterwards. So then there’s a calm January but Ash has a marathon in February and his Dad is coming for that – same weekend as the Superbowl. I’m going to try to go to 221BCon in April (Sherlock Con!!!!!) and then in June, we have our annual vacation and then a week later, we’re going to go to Western New York! Whew. I’m tired just thinking about it, you guys.
  • I found a place that will develop my old disposable cameras. I contacted many places in town and it turns out, they all send them away anyway. So I am going to work with a company called York, who is currently sending me out some mailers. I am excited now, thinking about how I’ll integrate them into something larger, if I have time. if the price is reasonable to get digital prints, I think I might make some kind of chronological book of our time together. The table pics from the reception should be a fun addition to that, if the turn out nice.

OK, that’s all I can conjure. Let’s now go to our Tuesday Chat prompt!


“In Your News: Share some local good news, or a current event that is on your mind.”

I couldn’t find any good news locally so something on my mind lately is that it is Banned Books Week! Do you know just how many books that you’ve probably read are on this list? I love how many people spend their time challenging fiction. I mean, that’s worse than challenging things like same sex marriage or abortion; at least those are real things. This is imaginary and if you want to protect your kids or other people, just, you know, talk to them. So, get out there and read some banned books! My personal faves are Catcher in the Rye and The Perks of Being a Wallflower.



Random Tuesday – Late again today

Stacy Uncorked
  • Elliot and I went to the dentist this morning and that is why I was late. I told you I was really catching up on stuff this week! Oil change, tire rotation, and filters yesterday, teeth today. And later, Costco because I FINALLY printed pics of Baby for my office! I have some of the boys but none of her. Eh, third kid.
  • Both boys had to do something that made them uncomfortable today. Elliot had a different hygienist so he was not in the same room with me. And Isaac had to cross the street and wait in front of school without his brother. I don’t understand second children, as I was an oldest. It must be so weird always having someone to follow. But I think it’s good for us to push Isaac to be independent.  He was quite reluctant to leave the car though!
  • The cool weather we’d been having is on its way out. Though, mornings have still been nice. In fact, a slight breeze blew and I was actually a little chilly. The high is in the upper 80s through the next few days and 90s will be here again soon. But the glimpse has been awesome. We walked Sunday evening and I relished in the fact that I wasn’t sweating.
  • So I have this idea – and it’s embarrassing because of how long it’s been – but I wanted to get the disposable cameras from our wedding (yes, ten years ago) developed as a gift to Ash before we go on our vacation. I know where they are and I need to make it a priority.
  • I’ve been sitting on this post for hours now. Why is it some days I have so much bumping around in my head but can’t get it on the page? Instead of actually writing, I’m scouring Pinterest for photos of Fall that make me happy. They have to be just right. Not just any old autumn landscape will do.
  • I’m also looking at Zillow – as I am wont to do – because I know we want to move in the next few years. Ash says he might could make it happen sooner. He has things worth money he can sell but I told him I’d rather he not do that. I mean, we can save money and have it for a down payment in no time. But it definitely time to start thinking about moving. I feel like we’re tripping over each other in this house!

OK, that’s what I have for you. Have a good Tuesday!

Random Tuesday – Just a weekend recap

Stacy Uncorked


  • I am of two camps this morning: the one that feels highly motivated after a three day weekend and the other that has a huge middle finger for the world. It is a truly interesting dichotomy.
  • I did a lot this weekend at the same time as doing very little. Again, odd to do both. I came home on Friday for our half-day date day and found Ash flopped on the couch, still in his work clothes. He was apparently dying. He had some kind of stomach thing so my Friday consisted of taking care of him, running to a few stores, napping, and then getting the kids. We did not make it to Red Robin or a movie. I did, however, find some clearance bathing suits I so desperately need for Hawaii. The last time I bought a bathing suit? Ten years ago… when we went to Hawaii. Sad!
  • Saturday was Elliot’s flag practice and we had Sonny’s and I napped. I believe I also did a few things around the house but I had a fantasy football draft at 4:30. I don’t even remember how that evening ended! Oh wait, the FSU game was in a lightning delay so I know I fell asleep watching that one later in the evening.
  • Since Ash had to recover form his stomach sickness, he didn’t run Saturday but we all ran Sunday. He and Ell, myself and Isaac. It feels good to be back to outside running, even though I hurt all the time and feel worn out. We also went to get Ash new bathing suits and to Costco and the afternoon was tacos and naps and gaming. Oh wait, I burned some chicken. Yeah, that wasn’t good. I was boiling it and I forgot it was in there and all the water boiled away. It was an awful smell and I spent all Sunday afternoon and Monday trying to rid my kitchen of it. I NEVER make those kinds of mistakes!
  • On Monday, we walked the fern trail sort of early. Baby did great: nearly two miles all by herself! She’s a very independent little girl so she barely wanted to hold anyone’s hand and she didn’t once fall when she tripped on roots. She did get a ride for the remaining quarter mile but still, she did awesome! I treated everyone to hibachi for lunch and we napped before I mowed all the yards and fertilized and watered. It was a work-intensive day!
  • Three day weekend done, I have SO SO SO much to do this week. I am working on some of it now but man, it is A LOT. Overwhelmed doesn’t even begin to explain it. That said, I’m out! Happy Tuesday!