My Book Boyfriend – Let’s revisit this meme edition

Been away from this one for a while, mostly because I haven’t been reading. I got a little caught up in the running and all that other stuff. BUT, then Tuesday September 6th came out and a book I previously ordered (Rock Hard) showed up on my doorstep and two books from my favorite authors came out.

SO, this week I choose Adrian Brown from Lauren Dane’s final installment in the Brown Series, Never Enough. And I tell you right now, I don’t care WHAT people are saying on the Goodreads reviews, I think Dane nailed it once again in this book. Y’all just don’t know what makes for good tension apparently.

Ahem! Anyway, I think the guy on the book’s cover:

is A+ perfect for Adrian but I have to pick someone else SO, I chose model Noah Mills:

Summary of plot: Gillian’s now dead sister once slept with Adrian and only on her deathbed, after 13 years, did she reveal to Gillian that Adrian was the dad of the son said deadbeat sister gave up at birth; the one Gilliam raised. When she found out who the dad was, she felt it was her responsibility to tell her son and to tell Adrian. Aaaaand go from there.

Gillian and Adrian got off to a rocky start but then when they finally jumped that hurdle, they found out they had some insane chemistry. There’s so many good lines and – suffice to say – this book is totally worth a read. I even cried a little at the end. It had to do with being the mother of sons and well, family in general. But a hot hero doesn’t hurt any!

My Book Boyfriend – Always had a thing for guitarists

I can’t remember if I first heard about Backstage Pass by Olivia Cunning on a book blog or maybe through Kindle’s recommendations but I am really glad I chose to pick it up as my summer reading before vacation.

It’s the first in a series about a fictional band named Sinners (which is a great rock band name, IMO) and their many exploits. The main guy in this installation is Brian Sinclair, a musical genius at guitar. In fact, his nickname is Master Sinclair. We open up in a scene wherein he’s drowning his sorrows after being spurned by his last girlfriend and this is when Myrna (a professor of sexual psychology) stumbles across the band, since she’s in the same hotel at a conference. She’s a fan, of course, and in a way only fiction can, they pursue a completely fantasy relationship for a bit. It actually satisfies every single rock star fantasy I ever had. Olivia Cunning, I see what you did there. ;)

My pick for Brian would be Chris Cornell. I have always thought he had a sexy voice and when I picture this character, Chris totally comes to mind.

He had features a sculptor would love: strong jaw, pointed chin, high cheekbones. Would it be presumptuous of her to examine the contours of his face with her fingertips? Her lips? She forced her attention to her hand, which gripped his well-muscled upper arm.

More cheering, The two guitarists segued into the riff they’d practiced in the dining room that morning. Myrna no longer felt like she was standing in a jam-packed stadium. Brian was making love to her and recording notes on her body with a pen. On stage, Brian had his eyes closed while he played. He leaned heavily against Trey’s back. Myrna felt a connection between herself and the man on stage. She wondered if he was thinking of her while he played for all these people.

The book in general was well-written but I dug this relationship and Brian, a true romantic, was fantastic!


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My Book Boyfriend – The Return to Vampires edition

They’re my first love, vampire books. And I have been wanting to feature Hunter from Lara Adrian’s Deeper Than Midnight for the last two weeks! My biggest hurdle was the fact that the model on the cover is exactly how I pictured Chase, one of the other characters. But I finally found someone who embodies the pure killing machine that is Hunter, former assassin and Gen One vampire of many tattoos.


Just saw the host of this meme also chose Hunter. Well, he’s a good choice. But the model I picked is different. This is Matt Schiermeier and wow, isn’t he fantastic?

I’m picking the first scene in which I think Corrine, the Breedmate in his charge with all the upheaval going on in the Order, and he make a connection. Hunter was bred for one sole purpose: killing. He was not allowed to have emotions or hell, even really like things or have preferences. He never lived a normal life. He takes her to a restaurant and the band is playing an old song she knows well from her childhood.

Corrine’s smile widened, then she laughed out loud. “I know what the lyrics say, but that’s not what they mean. Not at all.” her eyes still dancing with amusement, she coked her head in question. Studying him now. “What kind of music do you like, Hunter?”

He wasn’t sure how to answer. He’d heard some of the stuff the other warriors played at the compound, but he had no particular affinity towards any of it. He’d never thought about music one way or another, never paused to consider if any of it appealed to him. What would be the point in that?

Now he looked at lovely Corrine Bishop, sitting just an arm’s length across, from him, bathed in candlelight and holding him in her beautiful smiling gaze.

“I like… this.” he replied, unable to drag his gaze away from her.

The tension! After discussing some of the harsh things they both encountered while under Dragos’s thumb, she must leave the table in a hurried mess but then after… she asked him to dance with her.

Desire was something foreign to her after all she’d been through. After what she’d endured, she thought she would never crave a man’s touch. But she did now. Unbelievably, perhaps stupidly, she craved the stony, lethal warrior’s touch more than anything else in that moment.

She forced herself to take another hitching step backward. “Thank you for the dance,” she murmured, confusion clashing with the warmth that was spiraling through her. “Thank you for this.  For bringing me here tonight. I thought I’d forgotten what it was like to feel… normal.” She glanced down, away from the searing heat of his eyes. “I didn’t think it as possible for me to feel… anything anymore.”

His answering touch was light but firm beneath her chin. He lifted her face on the edge of his fingertips, until their gazes were locked once more. He lowered his head towards hers.

And then he was kissing her.

Le sigh. I think I have a problem liking heroes who have little to no sexual experience but yet, know when to take the reigns.

Hunter was such a mystery when he first came to the Order, a turncoat assassin, but I ended up liking him so very much in this book.

My Book Boyfriend – You can go home again


That’s the tag line for Lauren Dane’s Second Chances. I know I pick her books a lot but I never explored the character named Jude Callahan in this one, whom I totally loved and hated, at times.

Jude is the boy that Rori, now back in her hometown after a bad break-up, has always lusted after. In high school, she was overweight and awkward and even though Jude was the bad boy/popular jock type, he spent time talking to her, since his half-brother dated her sister. Her being back in town triggers something in him… I would say a conquest of sorts now that she’s attractive. Then again, he looks different too:

He looked good, too. His hair, which used to be long and blond, was now much shorter – had to be, she supposed, to be a cop. Short or long, it was still very sexy.

He had a different mother than Max, so while Max had blue eyes, Jude bore his mother’s blue ones. He wasn’t as broad or as tall as Max either, but he still stood at six feet and had, from what she could tell, and from a detailed set of memories, nicely defined arms.

(model Kris Kranz)

Jude has to fight for her and it’s a complicated thing but they eventually make it work…. in the beginning of the book. The thing about Jude is that he has a rough streak… a sort of need to dominate. One of my favorite lines,

“You can and you will. It’s what I want, Rori. Your pleasure is mine.”


In the end, a lot of crazy stuff happens. She breaks it off, meets Zach, that ends horribly (and I do mean HORRIBLY, but no spoilers here) and hence, Second Chances, things turn out alright. Jude definitely was a flawed character and I liked him for it. The book is worth reading, especially if you like a little bondage. ;) Like whoa!


My Book Boyfriend – Week 24

I was in a reading rut for a while, then I finally sat down to read Hunger Games. I’m not going to pick Gale or Peeta or even Finnick. No, I’m going to pick two guys from a menage book I downloaded on a whim from Amazon’s recs page. Night is Darkest by Jayne Rylon features two hot cops who have been best friends with the little sister of a force buddy for over a decade. In the face of tragedy, they are there to comfort her but she needs much much more from the pair, already in a relationship with each other.

Mason and Tyler are totally hot and here’s who I picture for each:


(Model Alioth Correno)

I have to say, I really like M/M/F novels wherein the men are also involved with each other, not simply there to please the woman. I mostly just don’t believe that two men can be with a woman without finding some kind of sexual attraction to one another.


(Model Travis Hanson)

The problems herein are that Lacey comes to realize she wants them both, Mason won’t admit that he’s gay (even though he’ll sleep with Ty even when they’re not having a threesome) and Tyler’s trying to bring them all together.

An excerpt, Mason:

He couldn’t admit his feelings to her or she’d never let him leave, no matter that it was the right thing to do. Instead, he hedged. ‘Ty is my best friend. Of course I care about him. And you, too.’

‘No, Mason. You’re in love with him. Big difference.” She cupped his jaw with trembling fingers, forcing him to look her straight in the eye as she allowed a fraction of an inch between their faces.”

It’s a good book, if not slightly over the top. The characters seemed real, though, and their emotional baggage very real.  If nothing else, it was realistic in how they came about making their threesome work.

My Book Boyfriend – Week 19 – Hiatus edition

Recently, I haven’t been reading much. I finished the latest in Kresley Cole’s series and I just haven’t wanted to spend time on reading. BUT, I did blow through Lauren Dane’s portion of Three to Tango entitled Dirty/Bad/Wrong, which I LOVE as a title.

In essence, Ava is returning to a place she thought she’d left behind for good. The product of a broken home and an alcoholic mother, she must go back to bury her mom and clear things up. When she goes back, she puts on her toughest exterior but she knows eventually she’ll run into Luca, her friend/lover of years past. And then there’s Angelo, with whom she was also involved. In fact, the three of them had a thing before she fled across the country to escape.

Once Ava is back in town, she’s staying at Luca’s and this passage explains what’s up:

Then they’d sort of clicked back into how they’d been before. And that, he thought, sweating because he’d begun to pace in the sun instead of sitting in the shaded chair, disconcerted him.

Only Angelo shared that space in Luca’s life, that sort of effortlessness of being with someone you trusted completely.

So you see, the two men kept seeing each other even after Ava left town. So I am totally picking both Luca and Angelo as my book boyfriends. (I’m also going minimalist with my dudes in terms of pics.)

The denim was so well used and faded it had gone white in some places. Threadbare glimpses of his thigh only added to the overall effect. No shoes. Just a pair of low-slung jeans, a slice of sun-kissed belly when he reached up to run a hand through that mass of golden hair. That downy trail of hair leading from his navel inside the waistband of his jeans led to places she’d never forget.

I didn’t get a real good image of Angelo but he has along hair that he usually ties up, he’s big because he played football, and he has Samoan tattoos.

(imagine long hair there.)

The conflict in the story comes in when Angelo doesn’t want to have to give up Ava but he wants it to be their threesome. Though he likes living (part-time) with Luca, their little reunion made him realize that this is what he wants, what he needs.

Problems arise when she walks in on the two of them together and though she’s clearly turned on by this, she also feel a little on the outside. And after having to deal with all the crap having to do with her mom, she just can’t handle it. Big penultimate scene:

Why are you both acting like you want me here when when it’s totally obvious you are just fine without me? It offends me to be lied to.”

 Tears had begun to run down her cheeks, so she wiped her face on Angelo’s loose shirttail when he wouldn’t let her free. Served him right.

Luca finally spoke, “Fine without you? Is that what you think? I’ve spent the last week thinking on a plan that could get us together somehow. All of us. I want you to stay, Ava. I want you to be with me every single day.”

Ava’s a lucky girl, having two wonderful men both wanting her. Though I still don’t think the logistics of a threesome IRL would work, I love reading them. :)

My Book Boyfriend – Week 16

Ok so I’m going to sort of break rules here because I’m choosing a guy from an m/m romance. So he’d never be MY boyfriend but hey, I’m taken anyway.

SO, this week I pick Matt Richards from Marie Sexton’s Promises. I ran across a brief review of this and they claimed they could not put the book down. I agree; I even wrote in my goodreads review about how I didn’t want to read this to begin with because I’m not much into first person but again, I had a hard time stopping.

Matt is new in town and meets Jared when he sees his Jeep for sale. As Jared first sees Matt:

He was probably in his early thirties. He was taller than me by maybe two or three inches, putting him just over six feet tall, with military-short black hair and a couple days’ worth of dark stubble on his cheeks. He was wearing jeans and a plain black T-shirt and cowboy boots. Broad shoulders and big arms showed he worked out. He was gorgeous.”

I picked French model Matthieu Charneau, even though his hair’s a little long.

Matt was semi-unaware of the kind of relationship he’d been building with Jared, who has been out forever. They spent a lot of time together and here’s a scene that I really liked.

“I didn’t hear him come in. Just suddenly felt him behind me, his hands on my waist. It made me feel a little breathless, feeling him so big and solid against my back. Didn’t he know what he was doing to me?”

Poor Matt can’t really figure out what he wants:

“I miss you so much, but I wish I didn’t want you the way I do.”

All in all, the romance was so believable, sweet, sexy, and just well-written. I liked Matt because he was so tormented by the fact that he knew he was gay but didn’t want to let his parents down. A great read and a couple of sexy guys!

My Book Boyfriend – Week 15

You’re probably sick of me picking Kresley Cole heroes but I am entrenched in  Dreams of a Dark Warrior and Oh Em Gee, Declan Chase AKA Aidan the Fierce is so ridiculously hot I cannot resist choosing him this week.

Regin, a recent deserter of Valhalla, has gone to the warlord’s encampment where he fights off foes who  attack the god Woden. She escaped her haven to find/help her sister, Lucia, and needed the aid of the mortals who fight in Woden’s name. When she first laid eyes on Aidan, she takes in his appearance:

He had broad shoulders and muscular arms, his build as massive as a bear’s. His blond hair was thick, some hanks plaited in ravels to keep them from his field of vision. He possessed all his teeth, and they were even and white. His sun-darkened skin made his wintry gray eyes stand out…

His towering frame was even more imposing, his height at least six and a half feet. His white tunic was of a fine weave, fitted over those wide shoulders.  Black trews of soft leather outlined his powerful legs. When a breeze blew up from the valley below, carrying the scent of summer wheat and stirring the blond hair around his face, she had the urge to sigh.

The berserkers were of the bear spirit and though mortals, had the opportunity to win immortality if they were successful in 200 battles. Before he could reach that goal, Aidan died but was reincarnated many times, each time running into Regin once more, with no prior knowledge of the love they once shared. Currently, he has returned as Declan Chase, the magister of an Order of mortals bent on eliminating creatures of the Lore.

I chose Chris Hemsworth for Declan because of his eyes. And as Thor, the dude is insanely hot.

The prologue sums up the undying love he has for Regin and I like the sentiment. Instead of hearing words of his, I think this speaks volumes. It’s a very pure and true love. It makes me sigh.

Just before his breaths ceased, he vowed, “Somehow love… I will find you”

And Aidan did.

Yearning for Regin endlessly, he was born again and again for the next thousand years, re-embodied in different guises and lives, with no memory of his past. Yet each borrowed lifetime ended more tragically than the last.

A pair of lovers – bound and cursed by fate.

My Book Boyfriend – week 14

I skipped last week so here goes this week. I chose Bowen MacRieve of the Lykae Clan from Kresley Cole’s Wicked Deeds on a Winter’s Night. I have yet to choose any characters of the werewolf variety so I figured I’d remedy that.

His fated mate’s first thoughts about Bowen:

She inwardly sighed. Lykae males were notoriously good-looking, and the few she’d seen had lived up to their reputation, but this one was heart-poundingly sexy.

He had black hair, stick straight and thick, reaching to the collar of his obviously expensive shirt. His body — which she’d found herself thinking about frequently over the past few days — was sublime. He stood a good bit over six feet tall, and though the corridor was wide enough for two normal-size people to pass, his broad shoulders and big, rangy build filled the space.

But even with all his many attractions, his eyes were what made him so unique. They were the color of rich, warm amber, and yet there was a kind of sinister light to them, which she liked.

I chose model Ben Brian; imagine he has amber eyes. And I’m pretty sure Bowen had chest hair – being a Lykae and all – but this is who I thought of. The relationship between him and Mariketa, his mate, is hilarious because as theyre climbing through mountains and jungles, they bicker back and forth but it becomes playful. Bowen lost his “real” mate years ago and the thing that’s developing between them helps to thaw his bitterness some. Though she is awfully reluctant.

They have this on again/off again thing throughout and this little letter she leaves him sums things up pretty well”

The name is MariKETA.
Go to hell,
the WITCH, doing a creepy spell somewhere right now. “

LOL. The dialogue was so funny in this book. Bowen really won my heart when he realized some things about himself at the end of this book when he was forced to question his true feelings. Loved this and loved the Lykae.

Um, yes please.

My Book Boyfriend – Week 12


This week I decided to hearken back once more to author Lauren Dane, because she just released another book on Tuesday. I respect her not only as a writer but she’s also pretty cool. She talks to people on twitter and her blog is uber relaxed and open.

In her contemporary romance Always, Caitlin (pronounced Kathleen) runs into Eamon Blake, whom she knew intimately four years ago while working in his family’s pub in Ireland. Now he’s back in Cali – though hours away from her in Seattle – working as a photographer and they rekindle their relationship. Their number one stumbling block is the distance and who will leave their life first to make them be together.

I’m not going to type out his stats. Suffice to say, I am pretty sure that Dane had Gerard Butler in mind, to a tee. (If you ignore the fact that Eamon is Irish and Gerry is Scottish. Details, details.)

The funny thing is that Caitlin has an exchange with her boss explaining the above; LOL. I love when author’s nod to the obvious. I can’t find any great quotes that don’t totally ruin the book but here’s a good one:

“I was wrong.  Lost without you. Because you have my heart, Cat. You own it.”

I’m a total sap for those big confessionals. Trust me; this book is a great read and Eamon is totally hot but also, total boyfriend material.