MMMM + Sometimes you need to party hard

And my weekend was non-stop craziness. Ok, not as crazy as it could be but for a 36 year old mom of three it was. Friday was busy from the get-go: grading papers and student conferences. When I left, I met Ash for lunch (yummy Mexican and beer!) and then we saw Ant-man, which was a lot better than the preview would lead you to believe. As soon as it was done, I had to make dinner because I’d promised them spaghetti. But I had a 5:45 meet up time with my friends so it was rush rush. I got to BJ’s brewhouse right on time and we had a great meal. They do a weekday happy hour until seven with half off appetizers and dollar off draft beer. Um, yes! I even ordered a flight to sample their brews. Excellent.

After that was when I started making bad decisions though. We had planned to see the 7:30 showing of Magic Mike but one of my friends thought cheap wine from CVS was a good idea. In theory, it was. The movie – drunk – was a riot. I’m not sure if it would have been as good sober. I was feeling pretty done after the movie. But I have the kind of friends who like to dance so that is what we did. We went to Tap Room and the only time I ever dance is when I’ve been drinking. Not going to say I didn’t have a blast but I had a rough time getting started on Saturday. I normally mow on that day but I definitely did not. In fact, I did very little until 4 when we went to another get-together. This was a woman Ash knows from work, hosting a family-oriented end of summer party – with a fajita bar! We had fun, for sure. But I wasn’t feeling all that chatty.

Sunday was all errands and mowing the lawn and fixing up the kegerator and water balloons and rest. Though I didn’t actually take a nap. I started to drift off around 5 but made myself get up and finish laundry. It was a looong weekend but a good one. I am ready for some kind of break but that’s not happening soon. Busy at work, busy the next few weeks with Elliot not being in camp and getting ready for Fall semester. And in two and a half months, I’ll be on a beach in Hawaii and it’ll be magical.




Freebie week!! Let’s keep playing Culture Club, as I did last week. I’m sorry but they’re good, y’all!


MMMM + Weekend was pretty awesome

After I recovered from my food poisoning, I definitely had a nice weekend. I will say, I bailed on Friday and took myself to get a pedicure. While I waited – because that’s apparently a busy day for the salon – I went next door to the Chinese place and got a pint of white rice, which was amazing. It’s funny how good plain food can be when you’re nursing your stomach back to normal. My pedi was amazing and everything I wanted. When I got home, I parked it on the couch and watched a Bones rerun before napping. Again, rest and bland food was everything I apparently needed. Slowly, I got back to regular food. Made the kids some pineapple teriyaki meatballs and mac and cheese for dinner and I had a few bites of each. Tested the waters and did OK. Later in the evening, I had a toaster strudel so I was in the clear.

Saturday was errand/yard work day of course. I mowed the back and side while Ash tackled the front. I was feeling motivated so I found the right tool and took to the area where that old BBQ grill  had been; the one we knocked down a few weeks ago. For reference, here’s an after and before – I placed them wrong in the grid but eh, you get the point.PhotoGrid_1437245142050_resized


I was BEAT after that but still didn’t really get a nap. Puttered around before having to make dinner for the kids and get them set for the babysitter.  Ash predrank before we went out but I didn’t mean to; I got him a mixed six pack so he could try some other beers and unfortunately – or fortunately depending on how you look at it – I had to drink the ones he didn’t care for. LOL. By  the time 6 rolled around, we were headed downtown to Harry’s for dinner for our friend, Robert’s, birthday. Courtney set the meet time for 6:30 but we weren’t slated to be seated until 7 so we got to indulge in 30 minutes of happy hour. There were about 18 of us and we had a great time. I got the shrimp and grits and by some miracle of God, it didn’t upset my stomach.

We headed to Brass Tap afterwards and drank some more and played cornhole. It was about quarter to 11 when they decided to head back to the neighborhood (most of Courtney’s friends are from their neck of the woods, which is a good 25 mins from my house and where Brass Tap is.) Well, we didn’t have it in us to go all the way out there to swim, as was their plan. So we went with Tiffanie and Kenny over to Fire Betty’s, the new barcade, for about 30 minutes before heading home. We had a great time! Ash and I played a few games there and decided it’ll be a lot better when we go for a friend’s going away thing on the first, which will be in the afternoon and thereby, not so crowded. At 11 at night, it’s insane in there. Home by midnight and I don’t remember the last time I went to bed at 1 AM!

Sunday was a lot more relaxed. Elliot and I went to Whole Foods and Publix and we had filet for lunch. SO good. Had not had steak in quite a while. I’m getting back to healthy eating; brought cauliflower and some healthy yogurt dip, fruit, and a protein bar for lunch along with a whole thing of green tea. Sigh. I can do this! And now here I am, back at work and with a load of crap to get done ASAP. BUT, let’s do Music Monday!




So on Friday I mentioned that I recently got back into Culture Club, so I will play a song I think is “serious” and then one that is kind of funny, but it’s only funny because on an episode of Beavis and Butthead a long long time ago, they made fun of it. So in my memory, it IS funny.

This one is a great beat!

And this one is just plain funny. What IS going on here??

MMMM + You know the drill!

I have but an hour before starting in on student conferences, which are both interesting yet tedious. I tend to say the same things over and over. I have to see 12 total students today then I have maybe 45 minutes before my doctor’s appointment. It’s going to be a very busy day!

But my weekend was pretty relaxing. Ash and I had Mexican on Friday; I ordered their “live” guacamole (you know, where they make it at your table) and it was pretty darn good. We then saw Terminator: Genisys, which I thought was pretty good, as they go. Nothing can beat T2 so I didn’t have high hopes. But there were a lot of aspects I enjoyed. While Ash went to get the kids, I mowed both the front and the back, which basically kicked my ass. I normally don’t feel worn out after mowing but I normally don’t do both at 4 pm on a very hot day. I think that was all part of it: long grass, push mower, high heat, and having had a few beers at lunch. I felt DONE that night; bad back, just worn out.

On Saturday, my parents were supposed to swing through town on their way back home but they ended up not and it worked out for the best. I took the kids to eat (they know if Dad’s not around, we go to Chik-Fil-A, and he was playing in a card tournament) and then we rested. In fact, it was quite peaceful for a little while, which is what I needed. I felt like it was a very noisy day. When Ash got home later in the evening, I clocked out. I went to my room and read and it was oh-so nice. In the afternoon, we had run errands and it was 98 degrees outside and my kids were hot and cranky and frankly, so was I. I made them a nice meal that they complained about and I was just at my wit’s end.

Sunday was better, though I was still a bit cranky. We went to a friend’s house to buy their kegerator (Ash clearly needed a new project). I had to clear out a space in the garage and then we had to order line cleaning chemicals and soon here, I have to find out prices on half and full sized kegs of beer we’ll both drink. There’s the laughable part. I drink any and all beers above the Bud/Miller level. (I won’t touch that swill) but Ash prefers just a few. So we have to meet in the middle… and plan a party! Still, a fun thing to own. Why not?

We capped off the night by watching episodes of both The Middle and Malcolm in the Middle, both shows that my kids – and we – find enjoyable. My back isn’t as bad today – thankfully – but my to-do list is pretty long and that stresses is weighing me down. Sometimes I do wish summers were laid back and carefree but our life simply isn’t that way.



Freebie week and I have absolutely no idea what to play except stuff I have played before. BUT, AC/DC finally let go and allowed their music to be on streaming services so I have very much enjoyed catching up with them. So, here’s a few.


MMMM kuntry! + Long weekend of Liberty and Freedom!

Y’all, did you have a good Fourth? I will say, there were parts of mine that were less than desirable but the majority of it was excellent!

Since we were off Friday, I started in on last minute cleaning right away. I got all that done before 8 AM! Then I ran errands that Ash had planned to do. He was still not feeling so hot so I mailed some boxes, got his oil changed, and went to the store. I mowed the front yard and then once everyone was calm for nap, I went outside and laid in the sun with my beer. THAT was a highlight. My parents got into town around 2:30 so we had beer and watched the kids in the pool.

Day two was a little less than perfect. Sure, we had a nice breakfast and did some yardwork before heading to Sonny’s but Ash was getting restless and irritated by his inability to return to normal. So we were all mad and he went to his room and my mom and I went out for a bit. It all worked out fine in the end; everyone resolved their issues and  around 6, Ash, the boys and I drove out to Monticello.

Jerry is a former coworker of his and lives out in the country. He invited us out for fireworks and we had a blast. First we took shots at cans with airsoft rifles for a while. I am bent on getting one now. I wasn’t so accurate so I kind of want to be. LOL.

Funny story: we ran into a couple who we actually knew. Rick and Kathy are long-time friends of our former neighbors. They actually hadn’t even met Jerry until that day, but they had been long time friends with his neighbor! Small world, I tell you.

Then we hung around inside, playing pool and watching a guy do magic tricks. (Jerry’s son’s friend – they’re teenagers.) Around nine, the show started. We went out to his back pasture and sat around while the kids and a couple adults lit them off. I’d say there were about 20 total people out there and it was just… nice. Scott played his guitar and we sat in the dark, waiting for the illumination overhead. Good fireworks too; not your chintzy store-bought kind. All in all, a great night and I am glad we went, even though I threatened not to.

Sunday was better.  We went to church and had a big lunch of hamburgers and hot dogs. We were going to have it on the fourth but since we went out to lunch, no one wanted a big dinner. The afternoon was quiet; the kids napped and my dad went to their hotel to check in. In fact, they left for a few hours before dinner and our house felt like ours again. Oh, did I mention yesterday was Ash’s birthday? Yeah we gave him cards and gifts in the AM and went to Mexican for dinner. A nice evening!

This morning, I took the boys to their hotel so they can swim. I’m not gonna lie: being at work is a reprieve. Even though I have to grade and get ready for class later, this is nice. I had a great weekend but routine helps me live.



Ahh, Country theme. I was REALLY into country for a couple years there and I definitely still listen to it but lately, I’ve gone back to enjoying the harder sounds of Ozzy, Motorhead, etc. However, here are a couple country songs I don’t ever tire of.  My aunt and uncle were pretty rednecky back in the day (Nascar, big trucks, etc.) so some of these are from my younger days too.


Yes Luke, anything you want. I mean uh… ;)



MMMM + Super productive weekend

Y’all, I got so much done! I should say WE; I worked a lot in the house Saturday (nothing like the impending arrival of family to make you clean like crazy) but on Sunday, we really did stuff. We had this old brick and concrete built in barbecue out back that we’d vowed to knock down ages ago. It came with the house and was too old to use ten years ago. Well I went out Sunday morning to weed and my husband got motivated to buy a sledgehammer and take that thing out. Yay! We all worked hard moving bricks and cleaning up; it was exhausting. I also mowed and ran errands. I felt entirely worked, but in a good way.

Aside from that, typical weekend: Sonny’s, naps, movies, laundry. The busy summer session begins today which means a large number of grad students will be here to learn how to teach. This also means I will be teaching. Summer is rough because it’s 15 weeks worth of material jammed into six. Whereas I normally choose a Tuesday/Thursday schedule (1 hour 15 min classes) summer, is four days a week, hour and a half classes. It’s not easy, I tell you that. BUT, I have been a little lax these past few weeks; time to get back to it!




So Elliot heard this song somewhere – camp I’m assuming – and he won’t stop singing it or dancing to it. Meanwhile, it’s become the house earworm. Sigh. Typical hip hop song, if you ask me but I cannot stop singing it! Also, the video is pretty amusing with the older folks getting’ down with their bad selves.

MMMM + Dad’s Day Weekend

I don’t know why but I feel like our weekend blew by in a total blur. The kids had make-up swim lessons on Friday and I want to say one of them didn’t happen and the other did and it was a crazy rushed evening as always.

On Saturday, I mowed and we swam in the pool and had lunch out. I can’t really remember what else. We just hung out. We watched a movie called Ninja, which is an exceedingly unimaginative title for a ninja movie. I also caught an episode of Lakefront Living or something or other on HGTV and the people were buying a house here – in little old Tallahassee! It was so weird to see people in places ten minutes from my house. Those of you in big cities probably think I’m crazy but I thought it was neat.

Elliot and I had gone out Saturday to get a few father’s day gifts (jars to keep trip mementos, salsa, etc.) so on Sunday, I just needed a bag and a card from me (Ell had already picked one) before giving Ash his father’s day gift. His true gift was being allowed to sit around all day; lol. But no, we went to Walmart and found a decent tool box in which to keep his new soldering iron, etc… Then Bass Pro was doing this fishing thing for kids so the boys each caught one; that was pretty fun! We had tacos and naps and swam some more. I feel like it was a relaxing weekend all in all, though really freaking hot. Today’s high is 97!


Since heat is the topic of my last paragraph and the theme this week is about water, let’s find some summer cool-off tunes.



You know me,:Buffett all the time!

How about some good ol’ Doobie Brother?

Triumphant return + MMMM

Not gonna lie: it is nice to be back in my office and unfettered. Last week, with my son here, I wasn’t really getting stuff done. It is nice and quiet (except for this music I am pumping) and I can finally get back on top of my game.

SO, our trip consisted of: driving out of Tally in the craziest storm I can ever recall. Absolutely zero visibility. Luckily, we outran it in about an hour. Our drive wasn’t bad, considering it was myself and three kids anxious to just be there. I appeased them with Wendy’s nuggets (we don’t normally eat fast food) so there was that. We made it to my parents’ and could begin relaxing.

Wednesday was dedicated to eating, drinking, swimming, and family time. My sister and Justin were over and we had dinner and played and it was just nice. I missed my husband, as he was at the Design conference, but still a good time.

Thursday was our busiest day, getting to Animal Kingdom around 10. The braver ones did Expedition Everest and the rest of us, Rafiki’s Planet Watch. Baby got to pet a goat! Since that park offers nearly nothing else of interest (ok, maybe the rapids ride is fun but not that early) we then drove over to EPCOT. We had fast passes for both Spaceship Earth and Test Track. But first, we ate at the Cantina. It was pretty hot that day but was overcast for the majority of it with a nice breeze. I was thankful for that! Around 5, we headed to Ash’s hotel to met up for hibachi dinner. I have to say, my kids were really good that day. We’d had so many late nights but they really held it together.

On Friday, Ash got back to us around noon and the afternoon was spent driving south to Palm Beach to see my aunt and grandfather. We got in around 4, were out to dinner at 6. The next morning, we went out for breakfast and then walked along the beach, collecting shells and just enjoying the ocean. My boys are used to the Gulf so it was nice. We swam briefly before going back for lunch and visiting with some family friends. Back on the road by 4:30 and back to Orlando by 7:45. A lot of driving! We got up the next morning and drove back home. I love vacation but coming home is excellent too – even if it does involve a literal ton of laundry.

So yeah, back now and catching up. I’m happy to get back to my routine and my blog and music!




Since it’s a freebie week, let’s talk dreams. Well, my dreams. Last night I had two weird dreams that woke me up and left me reeling. I can’t specifically go into detail but the first one involved Alice Cooper and a whip. It was… ODD. But, it left me singing this:


(I will say, the lyrics to both of these have, well, suggestive themes, but nothing out and out vulgar. Just want to make sure I am not offending anyone.)



The second dream had to do with seeing punk bands. Ash and I went to quite a few concerts back in the day and in my dream, we were talking about seeing Blink, which I never did but he did. So here’s a song we both liked.

MMMM + No time for blogging…

…but I will make time. I have Elliot with me in the office again this week so I have to make sure he’s got things to do in order for me to complete any work… which I have to do before we leave town. We had a productive weekend. I mowed and we swam and drank and had fun. We had a birthday party yesterday and the kids just ran themselves ragged. They were tired and dirty and full of food. I think that counts as a success as far as parents are concerned.

I have a bunch of work to grade and whatnot but all I really want to do is read Sherlock fanfiction and listen to music. I’m 36 years old and I want to shirk all responsibilities. Sigh. I don’t want to adult today! ::whine:: But I will. And I won’t complain. But in the meantime, here’s one of my favorite summery songs. Ash likes this one too and it reminds me of the brief time in which we were married by childless.





MMMM + Here we are… another Monday

I’m getting unreasonably excited about things in my future. Which, while exciting, also make me very anxious. Next week we go to my parents’, which means eating and drinking and extra hands for the kids and swimming in the pool and Disney. (But then I remember having to drive all three kids and two dogs on my own, because Ash will already be down there. And then I have a minor panic attack.)

At the end of the summer session, my boss always has a picnic for the new people and that is so awesome. People bring food and we swim and it’s just… nice. (But then I remember how much work must be put in before any of that fun can be had.)

And of course, come October, I’ll be in Hawaii. But SO much has to get done before then I can barely bring myself to think about it. SO, I’ll take things one day at a time and try not to be grumpy. Though I was grumpy this weekend and I don’t know why. Friday was fun: Ash and I had Mexican and beer and decided not to see a movie. We were going to walk some trails but instead, we took a nap.

We didn’t do an awful lot on the weekend; we ate and played outside and shopped a bit. I did get some cleaning done and I worked out. We had Momo’s pizza for lunch on Saturday and Elliot played at his friend’s. But since today is his last day of school, it feels like we’re on the edge of change. You know, that odd summer time. This week and some of next, I have nothing for him to do so he comes to my office. And he does OK, for a little while. He plays and watches movies and reads but then gets whiny. Thankfully he has camp after we get back from O-town.

So yeah, that’s what we’re up to and now it’s time for music!




Freebie week!

I’ve been feeling James Taylor again lately because XM has made an entire channel. Here’s one of my favorites.

And I’ve been feeling this Jimmy and Little Feat song too.

MMMM + Fun in the sun weekend

It’s a miracle I got to work today; people are driving like utter crap out there! I feel like this happens every so often: one morning is just insanely bad. I’d blame the moon but it is 0% illuminated, according to my moon phases app.

So yes, our weekend. Well, Ash decided to be a benevolent husband and take us out for burgers on Friday. He just doesn’t eat them that often but my idea of a good time is a beer and a huge cheeseburger – which is exactly what we had at Midtown Caboose. So good. We then went to see Mad Max. I haven’t seen a movie that crazy and action packed in a really long time. I actually appreciate the fact they didn’t spend a lot of time on plot and story; it worked well the way it was. Also, Tom Hardy is a huge puppy dog. Amiright?



Anyway, Ell had an evening game and they did really well. We played a hard team too.

Saturday, Isaac had a birthday party so he and Ash went there and I stayed home with the others and made lunch and did some cleaning. Didn’t do a lot in the afternoon; the kids wanted to go to the pool but neither of us really wanted to. What we did end up doing – since it started raining – was go to Target and buy a new inflatable pool. We didn’t use it until Sunday but we did inflate it. Finally – a reason to use the compressor Ash begged for!

That night, I watched the last episode of Sherlock, season one, while the boys watched a Jackie Chan movie. It was relaxing, I’d say.

Sunday, Ash ran early and then Elliot had a birthday party at the arcade so Ash took both boys and baby and I did stuff. I put a little more air in the pool (big deal; I don’t like compressors) and filled it with water, then we went to the grocery store. She’s teething so she’s tired and full of drool; it’s not a happy time for her. But when she woke up and joined the boys in the pool, she was pretty pleased. We were out there all afternoon; at some point I sat out in the sun and she laid next to me in the shade; it was adorable. At another point, Elliot’s friend who lives around the corner came by so he left to play basketball for a bit. It was a very relaxing afternoon. We finished it off with a big steak dinner, a little Sherlock for me, and Game of Thrones. And now, here we are: Monday morning. And sigh.



It’s a freebie week and after last week’s video I posted, I have been listening to Ozzy a lot. Here’s some more!

(Like all hard rock vids, I suppose some advisory is necessary?)

There’s one from his 90s work but now let’s take it way back to the 80s: