MMMM + Fun in the sun weekend

It’s a miracle I got to work today; people are driving like utter crap out there! I feel like this happens every so often: one morning is just insanely bad. I’d blame the moon but it is 0% illuminated, according to my moon phases app.

So yes, our weekend. Well, Ash decided to be a benevolent husband and take us out for burgers on Friday. He just doesn’t eat them that often but my idea of a good time is a beer and a huge cheeseburger – which is exactly what we had at Midtown Caboose. So good. We then went to see Mad Max. I haven’t seen a movie that crazy and action packed in a really long time. I actually appreciate the fact they didn’t spend a lot of time on plot and story; it worked well the way it was. Also, Tom Hardy is a huge puppy dog. Amiright?



Anyway, Ell had an evening game and they did really well. We played a hard team too.

Saturday, Isaac had a birthday party so he and Ash went there and I stayed home with the others and made lunch and did some cleaning. Didn’t do a lot in the afternoon; the kids wanted to go to the pool but neither of us really wanted to. What we did end up doing – since it started raining – was go to Target and buy a new inflatable pool. We didn’t use it until Sunday but we did inflate it. Finally – a reason to use the compressor Ash begged for!

That night, I watched the last episode of Sherlock, season one, while the boys watched a Jackie Chan movie. It was relaxing, I’d say.

Sunday, Ash ran early and then Elliot had a birthday party at the arcade so Ash took both boys and baby and I did stuff. I put a little more air in the pool (big deal; I don’t like compressors) and filled it with water, then we went to the grocery store. She’s teething so she’s tired and full of drool; it’s not a happy time for her. But when she woke up and joined the boys in the pool, she was pretty pleased. We were out there all afternoon; at some point I sat out in the sun and she laid next to me in the shade; it was adorable. At another point, Elliot’s friend who lives around the corner came by so he left to play basketball for a bit. It was a very relaxing afternoon. We finished it off with a big steak dinner, a little Sherlock for me, and Game of Thrones. And now, here we are: Monday morning. And sigh.



It’s a freebie week and after last week’s video I posted, I have been listening to Ozzy a lot. Here’s some more!

(Like all hard rock vids, I suppose some advisory is necessary?)

There’s one from his 90s work but now let’s take it way back to the 80s:



MMMM + Somewhat back to normal work week

There are students once again on campus, but not many!

Anyway, we had a long busy weekend! I feel like we keep making plans and then finish out the weekend feeling like it was great but would have also been nice to just relax and do nothing.

Friday morning I took Isaac to the Kindergarten preview thing at school and then in the afternoon, I went to a little presentation for Mother’s Day that Elliot’s class and one other put on. They sang a few little songs and then served us lemon water and cupcakes. It was cute!

He and I got home early so I was able to catch up on dishes and whatnot before baseball. He didn’t play so well but his team won. Afterwards, the coaches wanted us to get together so we all headed to Beef O’Brady’s. Not a place I prefer to eat but it was still fun to go and hang out. Kids got in bed pretty late though!

Saturday morning we took a long walk – a little over 3 miles – before lunch and some errands like Home Depot. Ash finished the swing set – for the most part. It’s up, positioned, and has two swings. He’s planning a third and a hookup for a tire swing. It also needs crossbar supports but it’s usable for now. The kids are happy!

Elliot’s friend came over around 3 and ended up staying over so there was that and them staying up late, of course. Luckily though, his family was planning mother’s day stuff so he was out by 8:30 the next morning. We went to breakfast, which was nice. I wanted to go to The Egg for fancy breakfast food but it was too crowded. Ended up at good old Jenny’s, which is a family favorite anyway. The day was spent doing laundry and cleaning and grocery shopping until 3:30 when we went to the pool. Nice as always. My tan is coming along nicely. I feel so much better when I spend time in the sun.


Of course this week’s them has to do with moms!


I don’t care that it’s overplayed, I love Ozzy and I have always loved this song.

MMMM + Only slightly overwhelmed; good weekend overall

The time has finally come: the majority of students are gone! This means I can zip down Tennessee street in half the normal time AND get through the Starbucks drive-thru quickly. I realize that complaining about these “first world problems” otherwise is “bad” (so says someone I work with; ugh. There’s no pleasing her, really) but I am happy this time of the summer.

SO, we had a fairly busy but fun weekend. Ash and I saw Avengers 2 on Friday afternoon; I liked it but he thought it was sub-par. And they really did set the bar pretty high with the first one so it’ s hard to live up to that standard, I admit. Friday night, we played outside a bit and had dinner and watched Night at the Museum 3. Ash had a half marathon Saturday morning so he left and we had breakfast and then ran to Target. Somewhere in there we managed to clean Elliot’s room, which was a disgusting mess. He’s well on his way to being that boy with the messy room. I want them to keep their rooms clean but I see I’m fighting a losing battle there.

Around 10, we left to make sure we could see Ash finish, which he did at 2:05: pretty close to his goal time of two hours. It was a trail run, after all. His old friend who recently moved back only finished about six minutes after him so we stood around for a while then adjourned to get ready for lunch. His friend joined us then we went home to nap. Since lunch ended up being later, naps did too and around 4, everyone was up and working: I mowed and the boys went to procure wood for the swingset Ash decided to finally build. He’s been thinking about it for years!

Sunday we got started again early with the building and I did laundry and hit the store for lunch and dinner supplies. When we reached a point of the swingset where the two of us could not flip the completed frame upright, we took a break and hit the local pool. I didn’t take one single photo while there – disappointing! – but we had a great time, even Baby. At first, she was very skeptical of the activity pool but grew to love it. I got a lot of sun – finally! I have been trying to find time to work on my summer tan for a while now. But then it got cooler again and I kind of forgot about it. A few more pool/beach days and I’ll be good to go.

I feel like we worked all day and into the night; when I sat down to watch Game of Thrones, I felt body tired but not sleepy… not until 10. Then I was pretty much done. BUT, I had more laundry to finish so I didn’t go to sleep then either. It’s a crazy busy life I lead!




I tried to pick some songs today that match a busy and/or work filled lifestyle. Here goes:

Loved this song and movie! (Though I work 8-5; ahem.)

I picked this one because when I was young, Disney Channel played songs set to cartoon videos and this one was always paired with images of Mickey and Donald working in a coal mine. So I always think of this song in regards to hard work.

Huey Lewis, always relevant. This song totally applies!

Now that was a weekend! + mmmm

Hey everyone and happy Monday! Yes, I am quite chipper this morning, even if I am stressing about domestic things.  We had a most excellent weekend. On Friday, I got home and started making dinner because Ell had a baseball game (the opposing was a team comprised of a bunch of kids fro Isaac’s flag football team; same coaches too) and everyone needed to be fed prior to 5:45. I took him to the game and took pictures (as is my post on the team) and then sent him off with his friend Hayden, whose mom is also our main coach/organizer. That kid’s brother is also in Elliot’s class at school and the other two kids go to the same place so he knows them fairly well.

Saturday morning was relaxed. Ash ran and I cleaned a little and we went to Sonny’s with just the two younger kids then napped. I love me a mid-day nap!

Elliot didn’t even get home from his friend’s house until almost 3 on Saturday. Actually, not even then; we picked him up and ran a few errands. He was pretty tired and a little out of sorts so I think everyone ended up getting in bed kind of early. It had been a busy two days and I also think he as coming down from the high on Friday afternoon: my kid, who has struggled all year with his grade in English, finally got a 100 on a comprehension test. I cried! I was just so proud. It has been a huge issue all year and I had even gone into the principal’s office to discuss getting a better teacher next year because this one hasn’t helped at all. I just wanted him to overcome her downfalls and try his hardest; he finally did!

Sunday morning, I made a pretty big breakfast and we took a neighborhood walk early, before rain or heat. It was supposed to rain all day but, well, it didn’t. Elliot and I went to Target and Publix while the others went to Lowes. Then I mowed while Elliot cut down  some overgrowth in the yard. We all worked hard yesterday! After that, we had lunch and rested. Ash worked on his arcade machine and I did laundry. THEN, we took another walk, this one much longer. The boys have been riding their bikes lately because Elliot can finally do it without training wheels. So we took them to a place that is wide and flat. It wasn’t all that hot but we had to stop frequently for the dogs, who clearly don’t get enough walks! When we got home, the dogs and boys got hosed down in the front yard before I made tacos for dinner.

When I fed the dogs, I realized that I bought dog food at Target but left it on the cart! I ended up calling them and then going around 6 to reclaim it. But that was kind of nice because I got a latte and was able to stay awake through Game of Thrones; yay. Ash is bored with this season so far but I like all the stuff they’re setting up.

This morning is cloudy and supposed to rain but the radar doesn’t really look like it will. I hope it stays away because we have baseball today. Oh well; it is what it is. I have a lot to accomplish today so I had better get to it!





Today’s theme is “Music that picks you up when you’re feeling down”


MMMM + Productive weekend

Considering I was in kind of a bad mood yesterday, this weekend was actually pretty good!

On Saturday, I felt motivated so I got everyone on board to take the Blairstone walk, a two mile hilly route we’ve walked many a time. It was a nice walk; the kids rode their scooters and though it was humid, I felt great. In fact, the back pain I’d been having was non-existent that day. When we got home, I started on some laundry and the kids played until we went out for lunch. Everyone ended up napping before we went to the book store, the playground, and Target. All in all, a pretty full day!

I was just feeling like poop yesterday; bad mood, exceptionally tired, and just irritable. By 2:30 I was done – luckily, I had a pedicure appointment and after that, I was feeling ten times better. The night ended with Game of Thrones and me feeling pretty good. This morning, all was well: kids behaved, I felt rested, and even though it is cloudy, I think it is supposed to be sunny later. Yay!






I don’t know why btu I have recently gotten back into this song. Random, I know.

And because I think it’s my job to show people that Jimmy Buffett is so much more than Maragaritaville, here’s a random song.

MMMM + Long weekend

WOW, what a long weekend! I took off on Friday and went straight to the store, then came home to start cooking. I get a text from Ash saying his brother’s flight got canceled! We went back and forth forever and finally, he was able to get another similarly timed flight and still get in around 11:30, which was close to his original arrival time. Geez though, it was sketchy there for a bit. We went to Elliot’s baseball game where his team was apparently sandbagging: they were getting beaten by a team who only had 5 kids show up until the bottom of the 6th (and final) inning. Then they won by one point. Crazy! Ash and I machine-gunned GoTs episodes until he had to get his bro and they pretty much went to sleep soon as they got home… they had a race to be to in the morning!

They were out of the house by 5:45 to drive out to Torreya state park for a 7 AM race start time. Meanwhile, kids and I had breakfast etc before driving out there ourselves. We ended up waiting a lot longer for Ash because he reinjured his ankle. Around 12, I took Baby home and the boys stayed to watch Uncle Elliot finish. Once everyone was back in town, we went for a late lunch/early dinner at La Fiesta. After that, we only had a couple hours to mess around before the babysitter came for Dakota and the rest of us went to Monster Jam! I love those bigass trucks, I tell you what. My country side comes through when we go to those kinds of events. I am super glad I bought earphones to drown out the sound though. We learned our lesson a few years ago. We were home by 9:15 and that long day was put to rest.

Sunday was pretty relaxed but rainy so we couldn’t do much outside. We walked around Costco and had lunch and watch more Game of Thrones eps. Uncle Ell’s plane left at 6 so we all drove him out there around 4:30 and the kids cried, of course. Though little Elliot was a hot mess all weekend. I mean, downright AWFUL. He and I had it out last night and today, I think he has righted himself. Kids are allowed to be emotional and moody but My God, that was too much. If you had boys between 7 and 8, please tell me they have issues too. My friends’ kids apparently do but it’s only a small consolation when we’re dealing with this behaviour at home.

So yes, much better morning for all of us. Rainy here though so that kind of sucks, because I have errands to run on my lunch break. Oh well; I’ll have to gut it out.



We’re dealing with songs about cars and/or specific names of cars/trucks. Here are my picks; pretty varied!



MMMM + Easter Weekend recap

Well, THAT was a busy weekend. Since the younger kids were off Friday, I went home at lunch and tagged Ash into work. The youngers and I  had lunch then I put them down for nap. Since it was nice out, I actually did something for me! I sat out in the sun for roughly 20 minutes before feeling overwhelmingly tired. What a great nap! Around 3-3:30, my new washing machine arrived. Let me tell you: getting new appliances is one of the best things about being an adult. I was SO thrilled to have it and do laundry without creating huge puddles all over my garage. It’s not a pain in my ass to walk out there to the fridge anymore! I nearly wept with joy.

We had dinner and Ash went out but not for long, then we just hunkered down on the couch, as he was running his long on Saturday morning. After his 10 miles were logged, we went to the Woodgate egg hunt, as has become our tradition. Isaac was in a funk so he was unhappy about everything and Baby didn’t feel like looking for eggs but I still think we had fun. We got sandwich stuff for lunch then I took Ell to batting practice. We did various house things (I ran some errands: last minute Easter items) until we went to Sonny’s for dinner. We rarely go at dinnertime but it was actually really nice.

Oh! At some point in the afternoon, I walked out to put something in my car and I saw a familiar dog: I recognized her as the new neighbor’s pet. She seemed pretty lost and I remembered seeing both of them get into the truck and leave hours before. SO, I corralled her back into their yard – where the gate was indeed wide open – and then, later, when I saw they were home, went over to let them know. I was really waiting for a big moving truck to show before I introduced myself but I never saw one so that was as good of a first impression, I suppose. They seem really nice! He works for the legislature and she has some kind of PR job. Also, they brought little mason jars of candy for the boys on Sunday so I say they’re awesome already.

Sunday morning, we opened Easter baskets, had a big breakfast, then let the kids do the egg hunt we’d set up the night before. That was pretty fun but then it was time for church. Only myself and the boys went but it turned out really well: they behaved and didn’t even complain about putting on nice shirts. When we got home, we had a big steak lunch and napped. I feel like all we did was eat candy this weekend! It was the predominant theme for sure. That and cleaning. I was in that frame of mind where I felt like everyone was sitting around or playing while I ran around frantically cleaning. But it is what it is. Eventually, I recruited them all to do tasks and felt a lot better about it.

In the evening, the boys watched a movie in the back room and Ash and I started machine-gunning the last season of Game of Thrones to refresh ourselves before Sunday; squee!


The only video I feel like sharing this week is a song I’ve been singing a lot lately: one that makes me glad I live in Florida and makes me want to go to the beach.

MMMM + Out of sorts/in a funk

OF COURSE it’s going to be rainy today; I’m already feeling blah. I shouldn’t; I finally vented my irrational irritations last night but I still feel annoyed. My birthday is Friday and things aren’t as perfect as they’d seemed. At first, everyone could come. Then one by one, they have other plans. So be it. But I just feel kind of sad about it. But eh, I’ll get a burger and beer and have a damn good time regardless.

So, my weekend: Ash and I saw The Gunman after a hibachi lunch and it was just ok – the movie, not the food. The food was amazing. Funny thing though: I have been keeping track of my calories for the past two weeks and the app (Loseit!) set my daily intake at 1572 if I want to lose 15 pounds (not taking into account exercise). So on a a daily basis, I’ve been coming in under that goal by at least 100 if not 200 calories. SO, I can’t eat as much anymore. I know it’s a good thing but it’s also interesting to see those changes. I feel so much better and I have not been falling asleep on the couch early. Speaking of, Elliot and I run a 5k (feels lame to say, considering I’ve done halfs) on Saturday and we have to really buckle down this week and eat right and get in some good runs. Hopefully it won’t be raining this afternoon.

OH, so after we got home on Friday, my parents arrived with my oldest son, who had been with them the whole week. It was nice to get him back but man, he was in a FUNK. Saturday, he and I ran and then we went out to lunch before my parents got on the road; my mom had to work on Sunday. The weekend seemed to drag on and on. I took the kids to run errands while Ash was in a Magic tournament all afternoon. The next morning, he had to run 15 miles so again, it was me and those creatures. It was fine, of course. I cleaned and they played and then we ran a few errands. We had burgers for lunch (yay! Ash never wants to eat them anymore) and then everyone took naps, which was glorious.

I’m back to work today but so is Elliot; these stupid teacher workday after a break things kill. But every working parent is in the same boat so I’ll shut up about it.




Love me a freebie week!

Let’s start off with some Ozzy because, why not?

And a beachy song because that’s on my brain.


MMMM + What a long strange trip it’s been

::Raises hand:: Present! I am, I promise. I had my venti latte and now I am grinding out these things on my list, left over from last week.

Despite having to drive a lot, my weekend was great. Got to Orlando around 4:30 and hung out a bit before going to a Greek restaurant where we sat outside and I ate way too much. The next morning, my mom had to work but the rest of us went to Epcot. It was the flower and garden festival so it was pretty, but also crowded. We had fun though, even if Baby was somewhat scared of even the slowest rides. It was amusing; she’s normally not like that but she clung to me for dear life! Though it was kind of hot, we still had fun and ate good food and drank some tasty beer. Sad thing is, I had a pretty bad headache; pretty sure it was from not having coffee in the morning. As much as I kind of hate that there’s a Starbucks IN Disney, I was pretty damn grateful for it too. We finished up a bit after 2, then stopped by an egg farm my parents love to go to.20150314_141527_resized

My dad and oldest and youngest in front of the Epcot fountain.

My middle boy and husband had a great time while we were gone: they saw a movie and had lunch and went to an arcade. I think it was good for them to be on their own a bit.

I drove back yesterday and basically started working as soon as I was home: laundry, mowed both yards, then went to the grocery store. By 9, I was DONE. Finished. Sleepy.

And now I’m at work and figuring out funny songs to share!




This first one is from an old Mtv show, Sifl and Olly. This is one of my favorite funny songs they did.

The sync is off on any of the versions I find of this next one but this is another classic funny song.

And another random, weird song:

MMMM +It’s always something

Despite the time change, everything went well this morning… until I couldn’t find the little card that opens the gate to my parking lot. It’s always in this one little tray area in my car. But this morning, it’s gone. Now, I’m not jumping to conclusions, but Elliot vacuumed out in there yesterday so it is possible he did something, but I looked all over the floor and didn’t see it.  SIGH. My plan is to wait until it gets a little lighter outside then I will go looking again. My next option is to see if any old card will open it.  I get the feeling that it’s actually just depressing a sensor in there.

SO, I need to go out there and look now but if I can’t find it, I’m going to hoof it to parking services before the rain starts and get a new one. That said, let’s just move onto the MMMM.




I was waiting for the freebie week to post this song that I only just recently discovered, though it’s not new. We’re watching this anime called JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (a new version anyway; we’ve seen it before) and this song is on the end credits. I love it!!