MMMM + Yay March!

Yeah, I’m not sorry to see February go. Can we also see some warm weather? It’s supposed to be 77 today and OMG, I’m about in heaven just thinking about it. Bring it on.

Our weekend was ok, considering the rain and gloom. Elliot had his first baseball practice at 9 Saturday morning. Everyone showed, even in the rain, and they had a great practice. I have high hopes for this team actually. All the kids seem dedicated and seem to have talent. He has another practice Tuesday and that will be the schedule until the end of the month when games start.

We didn’t do a whole lot else; we walked the dogs and looked at washing machines at Sears but the boys were in rare form and we had to remove them from public. I don’t know what came over them but it was fairly ridiculous. I won’t take “It’s hard to be good” as an excuse from those kids. Their default setting is good, in my opinion. Sigh.

I had to really calm myself this morning because Elliot pushed me to the brinks of insanity but I’m ok. I got my coffee and took my Endoflex and now I am getting through the last of some on-going tasks. If I can finish all this today, I am leaving early to get a pedicure. Rewards are good.



Today’s them is all about the Caribbean/Island feel so here goes; all Jimmy today

MMMM + It’s been a day already

For one, my kids were in rotten moods. Neither wanted what the other was having for breakfast so I became short order cook just to quell the shouting and crying. (I realize I should have held strong here but you pick your battles at 6;30 in the morning.) Then I looked through Elliot’s folder and saw that he had had some behaviour issues last week. He claims he actually did not do what the teacher said and I’m inclined to believe him. I can usually break him down if he messed up. So there was all that, plus learning that he has to do some kind of project by the 21st. Sigh. So, once I got everyone eating, I went to get dressed after letting my dogs out into the yard. All ready, I went to get said dogs into the house and Zoey was nowhere to be found. I spent about five minutes outside calling her name, then the people from three houses down were driving by and let me know she was rooting around in their yard. Once I collected her stupid ass and put her back inside, we were good to go. Or were we?

It was rainy, I grabbed the wrong form for something I had to do for daycare, and we were running ten minutes late. All in all, my day got exponentially better when I got to my office and drank my latte and ate my breakfast. I don’t normally have bad Mondays so this is definitely the exception.

We actually had a pretty good weekend. Both their soccer teams lost, as per usual, but Elliot had some great saves as goalie AND… Isaac scored three goals! It was fairly awesome to see him out there dominating. It’s too bad they just can’t win one game. One; that’s all I am asking for.

I feel like even though we had fun there and at home, everyone was kind of grouchy. I think we finally overcame that Sunday afternoon when we took a long walk on the Fern Trail. I put baby in the Beco carrier and carried her backpack style. I have to say, my back didn’t hurt at the time but it does now! Rooty trails plus twenty pound baby equals pain. But it was still really nice. We found a geocache along the way and the boys ran a lot. We topped off the night with a hearty steak dinner and I feel like Sunday was a very accomplished day.



To be honest, I have not been listening to much music lately. I don’t know any new bands and I haven’t even been much into old stuff. But I’ll set my ipod to random and see what comes up. First two songs win.

MMMM + Thank God it is February

Yeah… I didn’t like January so here’s to a new beginning. Even though Punxatawney Phil says six more weeks of winter; OF COURSE.

Our weekend though? It was ok. Both boys’ soccer teams lost but it wasn’t from a lack of trying. In fact, Isaac scored a goal! It was awesome and I’m super proud. His goal actually gave that team a much needed kick in the pants so maybe Tuesday (his one weeknight game) they’ll try harder. Ell’s team lost also but it was a hard-fought match. Halfway through the season already; kind of glad and looking forward to baseball. Elliot was pretty good at it and it signifies things to me like the time change, the weather getting warmer, and a slowness to Spring creeping in that I just love.

The rest of the weekend was fine; I got things done and the kids played well. In fact, Baby was in a particularly good mood so hoorah for that.

This week brings with it a lot of work but also, a need to save money. In some ways, it is nice to have myself on a tight budget because I do well with having that as a goal. It keeps me thinking about that and making myself be good, like by going home for lunch and not randomly eating Chik-fil-a. LOL


This week’s theme is “duets” so here are a few of my favorite:

OK I know it is cheesy but I love this duet from the movie Duets.

MMMM + You know the drill: weekend recap

Well, I did accomplish the one thing I wanted to this weekend: clean up my darn kitchen. The peninsula area is such a magnet for junk: paper, keys, pill bottles, toys, coins, etc. I managed to get it down to just stuff that needs to live there. But that wasn’t all we did.

On Friday, Ash and I went to Longhorn and then saw American Sniper. I was reluctant to see it in the theater because I thought I’d cry a lot but I didn’t. It was an enthralling story and a good one; Eastwood outdoes himself again. But I was so into the different aspects that I didn’t dwell emotionally on his home life, etc. It’s funny; Bradley Cooper isn’t one of my go-to actors but basically everything he does, I really like. The movie reminded me two things: I am thankful as hell for the troops saving our asses over there and that America has gone soft in a lot of ways. This middle east thing should have been over years ago. Wipe them off the map. If they had the technology, they’d do it to us. No more of this waiting around crap.

ANYWAY, we had a 9 AM soccer game for Isaac’s team. By the way, that could be the worst team that Tally city parks and rec has EVER put together. Half our kids don’t want to play so therefore don’t even try. Isaac can’t do it all, you know. And look, I admit that I pump him up a lot but he knows how to play and is good. But he can’t carry a soccer team. He sure as hell knows how to play a lot better than Elliot did at this age. It’s going to be a long season for him because he’s well aware of how bad those other kids are. Sigh. It’s embarrassing.

Ell’s game was at noon and though his team played well, they lost also. Some of his teammates seemed off and they were all pretty sad that they lost but that makes them try harder; I like that. We pretty much just rested in the afternoon; Elliot had lost computer privileges so he threw multiple fits about it. I don’t know; he’s so weird about that. I took him with me to run errands just to get him out of the house and thinking about other stuff. I made dinner for everyone but myself, then I planned to have a bagel. But then I logged onto facebook and saw that my sister and her BF were having issues. Sigh. Add onto that Elliot having another breakdown about his computer and I was just flat out annoyed. I had been texting my friend about essentials oils that might calm down my son so I mentioned my sister and she was like, “Come on over; we have the fire pit going.” And that was that. Good times.

Yesterday we also hung out, ate, had a nice time outside. I was thankful for my time yesterday, which is sometimes a rare thing. All in all, good weekend.



MMMM + Been away too long

It has been a while since I a.) blogged and b.) went to work. LOL. OK OK, it was last Wednesday but since I traveled that night and then all Thursday for my grandmother’s funeral (then back again Friday), I feel like I have been a way a long time. PLUS, we’re all off for MLK Day so I just feel far far behind.

Saturday, I tried to reintegrate myself into my home. Everyone did just fine without me and the house stayed pretty clean so it was as if my absence was not a huge deal. We had soccer at 11 and went to Sonny’s after. Oh, Ash had run a 15k in the AM also. The afternoon was nice and I kept remembering that I was going out that night, though I kept thinking I had all this time to relax. I met my friends at a sushi place and that was pretty darn nice. It’s always great to get out with adults, especially when you have three kids!

On Sunday, I was content to hang around all morning, though Ash had a card tournament he left for at noon. The kids and I hit Publix then Roboto for Japanese before naps. I graciously took them to Bass Pro to look at the fish and then Target just to kill time. Ash got home just as I was dishing up dinner and then we spent the evening watching football then anime.

I’m ready to go back to work, honestly. I need normal! But we have plans to go out for dollar tacos today and then I have to go to the dentist; fun!




Alright alright alright! Bands/songs with animals. I can totally do this!

First up, Motorhead! Nothing explicit but it is hard-hitting.

This is In The Year of the Wolf.

Here is one I have posted before but love. This is Capital Cities – Kangaroo Court

Another one that is SO bad but also amusing. Big and Rich would like you to save a horse and ride a cowboy.

And this one, also about a horse but because I was just listening to old America the other day.

MMMM + Is it really over?

Yes, vacation truly is over. I am ok with this, though I have a literal ton of work to accomplish. However, I will feel pretty happy about said accomplishments. The last few days of my time off were drizzly rain and icky warm muggy air. But it’s cool today and will get cooler throughout the work. I have a new fuzzy blanket to try out so bring it on, Mother Nature. Makes me wonder if we’ll have another super cold winter. Last year, it took a little while to get started but then got so cold, we actually had a snow day off school/work! This year, it got cooler earlier, then tapered off.

Our last few days consisted of: buying washi tape, cleaning my house, eating hibachi, napping, walking around stores to get out of the house, and watching movies. In essence, we truly did rest. Those two weeks off work are such a strange Twilight Zone type time; we don’t do things “normally” and though it is nice, I always yearn for the routine.

I’ve started “bullet journaling”, though I put it in quotes because I have not done the ACTUAL calendar/key within my book. This analog form of record-keeping/planning seems like such a good idea but I am afraid to abandon my phone’s calendar so quickly. Oh… that. My phone hath died. I had a Galaxy S4 and the power button is jacked. Sure, I could replace it. It costs about 6 dollars and I have already disassembled my phone to see where it would go but… I don’t know. I put my SIM card into Ash’s old Note 2 and if I can get a case for it, I think it’ll last until August when I am eligible for an upgrade. I really don’t think they make these things to last longer than a year but as you know, contracts are two! What a racket.


As per the theme, here is a song that is “new to me”. Though I was aware of its presence, I basically only stopped to listen to it over this break and well, here it is.

And I’ve given in to the Taylor Swift influence so here is:

Plus, that one has model Sean O’Pry in it.

MMMM + Forgettable weekend

Seriously; nothing really exciting happened. Ok, untrue. We went out to eat Friday night at Cracker Barrel – because they have a huge cozy warm fire – then looked at Christmas lights. Admittedly, it was a little disappointing. We went through a neighborhood putting on a Christmas pageant and half the houses had no lights. Come on now! On Saturday, our new bed got delivered. We finally got a king size! They delivered it pretty early so we had to get up and move things over a bit in the bedroom. It forced me to clean up a little so now our rooms looks a lot nicer. We still need to paint and put down new carpet but for now, it looks like an adult room. :)

I was in a not so pleasant mood all weekend which is bad for the kids but good for my cleaning so the house looks pretty good. I did wrap presents each night so that made me happy. I think I am pretty much done with my shopping and that brings me a great deal of joy. I can sit back, relax, and tend to other things in my life.


This week, I wanted to focus on some songs I have always loved. I remember being about seven or eight when I found a cassette tape of classic Christmas songs in my parents’ collection. I took it from the living room shelf and played it in my little boombox every night at bedtime. Here are a few that I loved from it.

There was a version of this song on there too; I love traditional hymns.

MMMM + Weather changed again

Last week, during soccer practice, I noticed that it was temperate; not too cool but not hot either. Somewhere comfortably in between. Friday night, as I was carousing with some co-workers at our department holiday party, I started to feel cold, even though I was wearing semi-warm clothes and I had been drinking. Even Saturday was warm; I wore shorts to the store. But it rained that night and now it is back to being cold. But it’s a wet-cold so it’s not conducive to any of us getting rid of this gross cough. And we all have it now. Every last member of my family. UGH.

BUT, we had a good weekend over all. I mean, FSU won so…1907858_885397104837820_6215044404390767932_n

For all the people who wanted to see us lose just because they hear one side of the story about Winston or the police or that lying sack of sorority… well, you get my point. So yay for us!

We got a lot of yardwork done this weekend, which was necessary. Absolutely. Darn this time of year! Leaves everywhere. But all in all, we had a nice relaxing weekend.



Continuing in the theme of Christmas music, here are a few of my all-time favorites:

Oh man, I am glad to be home! (Plus MMMM)

I started this post Saturday night when we were finally home but I never got very far. So yes, we managed to brave the Saturday traffic to get home. Strangely enough, the only backup came in the form of four accidents between Orlando and Ocala. So it took us six hours to get what normally takes four. Not annoying AT ALL. /eyeroll

Our trip – aside from the driving – was great. We left Tuesday afternoon and though traffic was ok aside from one accident on 75, the real PITA was the rain! It had been raining for days anyway and this was just the worst it had been. Visibility was limited and I admit to being very stressed. Ash is a good driver but even he was particularly annoyed. I clutched the seat the entire way. We finally made it to my parents’ around 8:30 and once the kids settled into bed, I ate cheese and crackers and went to sleep!

Wednesday morning we did last minute shopping and the kids played and it was just relaxing. Had tacos for dinner; made a fire and had s’mores. Thursday, I woke feeling like we had to rush rush to get everything going but it actually wasn’t bad: turkey in the oven by about 11:30. My aunt had gotten into town around 10:30, my sister and her boyfriend around noon. I snacked way too much leading up to the meal but we aimed for somewhere between 4 and 6 and dinner was on the table by 5. Amazing! And everything turned out really well. I ate sparingly because of all the deviled eggs and stuffed mushrooms and celery and cream cheese. Oh, and this pumpkin whip my sister made. OMG, sinful. I can tell you that after my sister left and the kids were asleep, I promptly fell asleep on the couch. I was done!

Friday, we had been kicking the idea around of going to Animal Kingdom and we managed to make that work. My dad stayed home with Dakota and my aunt came with us. I have been to Disney many many times but never to that park. I was unimpressed. I mean, I liked what we saw and did but it wasn’t amazing. Ash is not a big fan of Disney but he did enjoy the Yeti ride (Expedition Everest) so that’s a plus. We ended in Dino-Land and the kids won a bunch of carnival games. It was a nice way to end. Well, aside from that nap I took on the 30 minute drive home. I love naps. That’s the one thing I will say about that trip: I did get to relax and forget about some of my usual duties. We didn’t have to participate in my online courses both Thursday and Friday and to just let that go from my mental to-do list was quite a relief.

All in all, I was glad to be home, glad to catch most of the FSU/UF game, glad to be back to semi-normal. We disassembled our big bed frame in prep for the arrival of our king sized mattress coming later this week. Then Sunday morning I got the tree and most Christmas things up and situated. I feel cozy. :) Though, our temps this week are back to 50s/70s. The climate change from middle Florida back to North really did a number on 2/3 of the kids. Dakota and Elliot are all snotty and hacking. Gross.


Let the month-long Christmas theme begin!

I’m going to kick it off with a few songs from one of my all-time favorite holiday specials, Emmett Otter’s Jug Band Christmas. I love the message and the music!

MMMM + Can I have My Husband Back Now?

Mad props to single parents; I don’t think I could do it. Been on my own since Wednesday afternoon and I am just over it. That’s not to say I haven’t enjoyed certain aspects, but the age of 4-5 is, well, interesting. But anyway, let me recap.

I had every intention to stay at work all Friday but around one, I started to fret about not being ready for Halloween so I decided to head out. I gave Todd his meds and went to Target for tights for Baby’s outfit. On my way back, I decided to treat myself and I did indeed get a pedicure. (I chose OPI’s “Your villa or mine?” color. I love it.) When I got home I ate a sandwich and cleaned some and tried on my own costume. I believe I sat on the couch a mere 30 minutes before going back for the kids. It was sort of hectic getting them all ready and whatnot but we made it to my friend’s house around 6 just fine. She’d made chili and things and so we all ate and hung out until it was time to go house to house. My friend’s kid is more friends with Elliot but Isaac did fine. He followed Beau and Lawson until he got tired and then rested on the trailer with Beau’s grandma and Aiden, another older kid who sort of took to Isaac. Baby did better than expected, considering we didn’t get home until about 9:15. Long day, long night, but pretty fun. Everyone was so helpful because I a.) wasn’t with my spouse and b.) had a toddler. I am grateful for kind friends.

Saturday morning was COLD and Isaac’s game was at 10:30. I bundled everyone up and we headed out to the fields. Man, it was super windy so that didn’t help either. Baby was fussy and it turns out it was due to sleepiness. She finally passed out around 20 minutes before his game ended. That was her first weird nap. We went home and had lunch and then I let her nap again. Isaac had been begging to go to the Tallahassee Museum so it was my plan to head there about 2. He wouldn’t nap officially but he and I both fell asleep on the couch for maybe 20 minutes before she woke and we got all ready to brave the wind again. The “zoo” was cool, though as I said, Isaac is at an age where he doesn’t know what he wants. He kept telling me on Saturday that he didn’t want to go Trick or Treating the night before… where he was thrilled to put on his costume… and where he had an absolute blast. SO, we saw the animals then headed to the historic buildings of Bellevue, Catherine Murat’s old home (related to Napoleon) and then we went over to the farm. They have a replica 1880s farm and it happened to be Farm Days, which means people were doing authentic things in said buildings: a guy blacksmithing (last time we went, Ash got to throw a hatchet), some people whittling, a boy demonstrating old toys, and people who made cane syrup the old way. I got some for my dad who was ecstatic. He said he probably hasn’t had it made that way since he was a boy. Isaac was having a good time but as we were leaving, I asked what his favorite thing was and he said he didn’t want to go to the zoo anyway. He then proceeded to tell me he wished we lived there. ODD. Anywho, we let Baby take another 45 minute nap because she fell asleep during the last five minutes of our car ride, and then we hit up Target for a min then got Chik-Fil-A. By this time you can imagine I was exhausted. When they were both in bed, I took a hot bath, lit a sage and thyme candle, and just relaxed. I then watched Magic Mike on TV but that movie is horrendous. Lots of pretty men but god-awful dialogue. Oy.

I vowed that Sunday wouldn’t be as crazy but with the time change, we were at Publix a little before 8. We also went to Costco before lunch. Thankfully they slept really well during nap so I got to rest and do laundry and watch football. Around 4 we went to the used kid clothes place before having the stuff I made in the crockpot. It turned out really well! And we all liked it. Though again, Isaac could very well go all day on a grape and a cracker so what little he ate, I was happy about. The time change affected baby in a way I had not predicted. Normally, they wake up too early the next day but for her, when I got her all ready and fed and in her crib by what would have been 7:30 by her internal clock, she was having none of it. I tried rocking her for a good 20 minutes and though she was calm, she was not asleep. I ended up letting her play blocks with Isaac and she was finally worn out by 7:45, nearly an hour and 45 minutes past what her internal clock read. Maybe she adjusted better than I expected and just knew it somehow. Either way, I was thrilled when she finally went back down! The time change really affected me though as I drifted off to sleep around new 8 o’clock and woke around 9:45, not able to go back to bed until new one o’clock. Sigh.

Today, it was 30 when we woke up. It’ll be 60 by day’s end. I still have errands to run and lots of work to do but for now, I leave you with some songs from the 70s. I always forget that these songs even came out in the 70s!


James Taylor!

Alice Cooper!

Polar opposites!