MMMM + Super busy crazy tiring weekend!

I’m not even kidding; I was DONE by 9 PM last night. Let’s see, on Friday afternoon, I left a little early to run some of the myriad errands I had to do, even though it was raining. I first went to World Market to use my 10 dollars off 30 coupon. I got everything for Easter! I know that is way ahead but the coupon was going to expire and I love getting Easter things there. I then went to Academy to procure: a hula hoop and a bicycle for Isaac’s birthday, and a baseball belt.  That done, I gave myself a break and a much much needed pedicure. By the time I got home, so did everyone else. I made spaghetti and we started watching the third LOTR. My kids are really into those movies. In fact, I caught them pretending to be characters from it on Sunday. Isaac was an orc and Elliot was Gandalf and he kept telling Isaac, “You shall not pass!”

On Saturday, I knew I had to start cleaning. The house had become so cluttered that it was beginning to bother me. Plus, with people coming into town at the end of this week, it made sense. It was slated to rain pretty much all day so the three things we planned to do: baseball opening day for city sports, the Springtime parade, and baseball practice (which actually got canceled) were off the table. Ash still ran his 10k and the funny thing is that by 10:30, when the parade was set to begin, the sun came out and it turned out to be a lovely day. The stupid weather dice-rollers failed again. I’m convinced it’s not actually a science but a huge hoax. I think I may be a weather person. Easiest job ever; just guess! Oh, but so we ran errands and then went to Sonny’s. We all took an excellent nap that afternoon and then I mowed the lawn, made dinner, and watched more Lord of the…

On Sunday, I made it a point to do the two things my kids had been bugging me about: planting peanuts and start building the Lego Delorean. Mission accomplished! My neighbor, the one who’s moving, asked to do some laundry so I was here, there, and everywhere doing chores while she was in and out with clothes, and Ash and the boys did more work on the deck. We honest to God worked almost every moment of yesterday. When Isaac went down for a nap, Ell kept hauling long deck boards to me where I was sawing them in half. Directly after that, we went out to buy things for Isaac’s party. It’s a superhero theme so we needed to get items for the games and all that. We left at 3 and got home at 5:30! I quickly cleaned up then picked up pizza and my neighbor came over for dinner. She stayed until nearly 9 and I STILL had 10 papers to grade! I got all that done and finally ate some kind of cake. I was lamenting the fact I didn’t get a cake or sweets on my birthday so I bought a little parfait thing at the store. It was my reward for all that hard work!



It’s another freebie week so let’s pick some songs that dominated our weekend. As I was sawing boards, I would saw one side, then the other then flip the board and do the same. When it was weakened, I heel-kicked it to break it. For some reason, I got this following song in my head:

It makes sense; meet in the middle.

Then, Ash couldn’t stop singing this song and then, neither could the kids!

And this one, well, it’s a commercial but this will get stuck in your head!

MMMM +Not ready to begin the day

Uuurrrggghhh. Not really ready to begin the day. Coffee has yet to begin flowing through my veins. I also have my oldest boy in the office because Spring Break isn’t long enough for teachers; they need just ONE more day to get stuff done. Meanwhile, all working parents are screwed. So yeah, he’s coloring and trying to be a good kid. My friend’s kid will be here later so they can entertain each other.

ANYWAY, my Friday wasn’t bad: we had a potluck breakfast at work, I finished up some things, then went home to meet Ash. We had Texas Roadhouse and walked around the mall before seeing Non-Stop, which was alright. We didn’t see the last two minutes because daycare called and Isaac had a stomach plague relapse. Sigh. Luckily, he handles all that pretty well. Though, Ash did put him to bed in the bathroom like last time. I don’t think he threw up anymore. Around 7:30, I went out. My friend, Dave, and I went right down the road to the Miccosukee Root Cellar, which I have been wanting to go to for a long time. They don’t do call-aheads or reservations so I expected to wait, which we did but for only about 20 minutes. Dave and I ordered drinks at the bar (Big Nose IPA for me) and were escorted to our table shortly thereafter. I found it to be pretty reasonably priced. We got the bread plate, which had two slices of both white and wheat from a local bakery – Au Peche Mignon – and some awesome butters. I ordered the shrimp and grits, even though it was technically an appetizer. I thought it was enough: six large shrimp and a nice helping of grits. It was all amazing but when I got home, my dream of working out was just going to happen; I basically fell asleep on the couch soon after.

We got a lot of things done both Saturday and Sunday: random errands, grocery shopping, moving junk to the corner to be taken in the trash. We napped and watched movies; it was quite relaxing. We made some nice meals too so all in all, a great weekend.




Yay for freebie weeks! I decided I’ll pick some songs I liked in the 90s, because I just saw a list of them that was particularly interesting.

Back from the dead + MMMM

Late Friday evening, a work friend of mine started a new game of Words with Friends with me and asked where I’d been. My answer was, “Dead. Mostly. Until tonight really.” Yes, I was out cold from about 11:30 PM Wednesday until 5 or so. I even still felt a little bad on Saturday. We did our workout on Wednesday night and I opened my early birthday present: a new vacuum. I vacuumed the living room then went into the bedroom around 10:30 to read. Around 11, my stomach started cramping and  then for the next five hours, I was in the bathroom, wrecked. My whole body hurt so much that in between bouts, all I could do was collapse back onto the floor. I pulled a large comforter in there and tried feebly to wrap it around myself as I lay down but I barely cared; so long as it was semi-comfy, I was ok. It was god-awful, people. This is a new bug going around that presents like food poisoning but then leaves you with flu-like aches and chills. I barely got out of bed Thursday and even Friday, I didn’t go to work and I got three things done throughout the entire day.

I was happy to be feeling somewhat like myself on Saturday. And able to eat normal food again. The two days before I ate five small containers of apple sauce and half a piece of toast. Anyway, Ell had baseball practice in the morning and we went to Sonnys after. I couldn’t eat as much as normal but maybe that’s a good thing. We napped and played outside and had spaghetti. I even went to Target by myself that evening, which was quite nice. OH, I forgot to mention that around noon on Friday, Dakota had to be sent home with a fever. Luckily, that was all she had. She was cranky all weekend but I think she fought it off.

It rained the majority of Sunday so we mostly cleaned and watched movies. We showed the boys the original Superman movie and we also finished Stargate, which we’d started watching nearly a month ago. It rained All. Night. Long. And it is still raining today. It didn’t help my Sunday mood. I found myself to be anxious and annoyed for the first time in a while; with three kids and so much going on, I barely have time to sit back and really be worried about stuff but there it was. I think my big fear was Elliot going to Spring Break camp at the Y. He does swim lessons there but other than that, I don’t know a lot about it. I mean, we’ve been inside obviously but after I signed up, there wasn’t any kind of day one instructions, etc. BUT, after I took him today, I feel a lot better. The guy running sign in obviously knows what he is doing and has done this before. Plus, other kids being dropped off had that same worried and apprehensive look on their faces as their parents let them go, and for some reason, that made me feel just fine. I know he’ll be good. The Y is a long-time trusted institution!

My mother is coming through town today on her way home from the Pensacola job. She might pick Ell up early and then she’ll leave tomorrow. I’m thinking Chinese food tonight because I don’t feel like cooking. I’m still a little put off food, even though it wasn’t actually food poisoning. I wish I hadn’t gotten sick over Spring Break; I took a break all right but it sure wasn’t fun!




Well, for St. Patrick’s Day, I guess I will pick some songs about luck, what say ye?

MMMM + Excellent weekend (for the most part)

As mentioned last week,  I was solo parenting the baby while my men-folk were down in Orlando at my parents’ house. Let me tell you this: the hours pass very slowly when it’s just me and a cranky baby. It also made me VERY glad I have the family I do. I see now how much I need that crazy hectic loud evening-time every night. I LIKE that noise!

So, yes. My mother got into town around 8-8:30 Friday night. She came bearing Subway so that was pretty nice. I may fall asleep on the couch on a normal night but when my husband and kids aren’t there, I totally do not. But my mom and I retired around 10:45 that night. Got up the next morning, made breakfast and hung around until noon when we went to Masa and ate our weight in sushi. SO amazing. And Baby Girl was good, which is nice because it’s not the most casual place and since it had just opened, we were one of only three parties even there. After that, we swung by the house and then went down to the J.R. Alford Greenway. Sadly, we walked the old portion and didn’t realize how to get to the new bridge. But it was still nice; it was about 66 out and sunny, clear blue skies. We definitely got our workout! After that, we went into Costco, then on to Whole Foods. When we left there, my car wouldn’t start. I’m beginning to think it isn’t just a battery issue! It’s about once every three weeks, it just won’t start up. But it’s never the first time that day. It’s the second or third time I begin it. I don’t get it!

I was going to take the car into Honda today but on a forum, I read about another person having this issue but when they took it in and the dealership couldn’t replicate the problem, they blew him off. I am very reluctant to do it then but who knows the next time it’ll happen!

On Sunday we made a huge salad for lunch and my mom left around 4:30. Around 5:30, the rest of my brood was finally home! I know they were all glad the trip was over but they were all a bit cranky. I’m glad we’re relatively back to normal today though. Ash will go to Magic tonight and the boys will eat chicken nuggets and I’ll watch Bones at 8. Yeah, I need that normalcy.



This week’s theme is “British Invasion” so I’ve chosen the first few songs that come to mind when I realized songs I already liked as a kid were part of that movement.

My dad used to say this was a song that reminded him of me and our relationship. It was a bit tumultuous when I was little.

And here’s another I loved. Once I saw the Help! movie, I was really  obsessed with the Beatles.

The first Stones song I ever liked.

And for fun, my favorite Tom Jones song:

Ok, let’s see how quickly I can bang out some sort of quality post before I have to work because OMG, do I have a lot of it to do!

We had quite a nice weekend. We’ve been working our way through both LOTR and Back to the Future with the boys so we did that throughout. On Saturday, I managed to clean up around the place and we went to Sonny’s for lunch. Naps were had and toys were played with; laundry was done.

Now Sunday, well, we got up and started doing stuff early. I made breakfast, started laundry, ran 2.5 miles, then Ash and I started pressure washing the house.  We have three sides brick but the back is vinyl siding. The neighbors have a nice pressure washer but well, they move on Wednesday. :( We found a way to break said pressure washer but we got them a new wand and went about our business. The house looks great now! I can’t tell you how else the weekend was good but it had an overall feeling of greatness. It was just not very stressful, let’s put it that way.



I heart freebie weeks. So I’m gonna start with Jason Aldean – 1994. Then, I’ve chosen some songs from 1994 that I liked at the time.

That last one reminds me of living in South Florida SO much. Sometimes I miss it.

MMMM + The weekend that was

SO, I could really stand to go right back to bed. Baby Girl has been sleeping through most nights but she woke around 1 last night, not that long after I’d gone to sleep. UGH. But anyway, we had a pretty good weekend in spite of her being under the weather.

I had plans Friday night but first, Ash and I had our date day. It was rainy so we had comfort food at Cracker Barrel then went and saw the new Robocop in IMAX. I have to say, it was better than I expected it to be. We did a quick grocery store trip before getting the kids. My plans were for dinner at 7:30 (a friend was in town for one night) and I met five other girl at Kiku, which is a new-ish sushi place that everyone seems to be talking about. I can see why: pretty good service, relaxed atmosphere, and some sick deals. I mean, we didn’t order until probably 8 but they had specials where if you ordered one of those larger sushi rolls then you got a six piece for free. Also, nigiri orders were BOGO. Domestics were 2 bucks as well All in all, a great meal.

Originally, it was not my plan to go dancing with them after. Courtney had to get up early the next day so she and I decided to beg off. But then we decided just one hour would be fine. Well, we left Kiku around 9:30, went to this bar called Krewe de Gras, had a shot, then went to Tap Room. We left there at 12;30. So much for plans! But we had a great time. I can’t lie. They had a cover band named Roctopus and they played all the fan favorites: Michael Jackson, Journey, Queen, etc. Danced to some booty music after then headed home.

Ell had his first baseball practice at 10:30 so we went to that. Only four out of ten kids were there but Coach Derek ran them like normal. I think he’s going to be a good coach; he knows his stuff and honestly cares if the kids learn it and have fun. One of Ell’s friends is on his team so that’ll be cool too. Looking forward to this season. Didn’t do much else that day; Ash went to a friend’s house and I took the kids – after nap – to get Ell some new cleats and to Target. The NFL combine started this weekend so we had that on constantly; I love watching that stuff.

The plan on Sunday was for Ash to run trails and then go play cards in the afternoon but a.) it rained almost all day and b.) Baby Girl was still ill and he started to feel not so hot. So we mostly cleaned and rested and we watched Back to the Future in the evening and then I pretty much fell asleep around 9. LOL. It was a good weekend though.




This week’s theme is songs that inspire you and since I am “trying” to finish this romance novel, here are some songs that always push me to write.

I am heavily influenced by Coutnry music, as my main hero has country roots and I wanted him to be sort of a good ol’ boy. He’ll do right by his woman. Also, I imagine he looks like this:

b4men2 221


Holy wow, Batman!


MMMM + Pretty Darn Great Weeknd

I’m back! Last week was insane so I kinda hid from the blogging world a bit. But here I am.

SO, aside from Elliot having some kind of 24 hour stomach bug (pizza could possibly be the WORST food to puke up) my weekend was damn good.

But Friday was weird. I had to drop by somewhere to pick up something and when I got back in my car, it wouldn’t start. Now you may recall that I got a new battery a mere three weeks ago. So this was pretty disconcerting. I waited a bit and cranked a few more times and it took about 20 minutes until I got it running. So I went clear across town back to Advanced Auto parts. The guy who tested it said my cold cranking amps were pretty low so he swapped it out. For free; yay! But my whole day was thrown off. I decided to stop into Mackenzie’s, a little eatery attached to the BP near the parts store. They make actual food so I got a breakfast burrito with bacon, tomatoes and mushrooms. Got to my office close to ten, sat and ate my food but then went upstairs. Talked to a few people for a while, then came downstairs and people wanted to chat. I think I sat down to do my TON of work by 11:30. And not twenty minutes later, I got an email saying we could all go by 3. Sigh. If I had been forced to stay,  I would have gotten more done!

But it all worked out. I went home at 3 and Ash had too so he could set up my Valentine’s day flowers. :)  We got the kids and took them to a little field to fly kites, because it was a very windy day. They had fun but as always, Elliot finds a way to hate it. Sigh.

We had a leisurely Saturday morning before taking the entire crew (dogs included) to the park where we hiked the multi-use trails. Lunch, naps, various yardwork, then it was finally time to drop off the kids at the younger ones’ daycare. They did a valentine’s thing where they watch the kids for a nominal fee. A night out! We left there and went straight to Bonefish where I had my favorite: a house salad and Bang Bang shrimp. Yum! After that we went downtown to the Hotel Duval’s Level 8 Lounge. It’s the best place to watch a sunset in town. We ordered drinks and these people near where we stood offered to scoot over for us and we ended up talking to them the entire time. We had about an hour left so we headed to Lofty Pursuits and split a vanilla malt. What a great night out for us! Highly enjoyable.

But when we got home was when Elliot’s stomach rebelled. He only puked that night but he was put off food most all of Sunday. I forced him to eat toast and Jell-o but he was still blah. It was a relaxing day all in all. I got laundry done and some cleaning, as well as a two mile run and grocery shopping. We haven’t had a weekend that good in a while!




Freebie week!!!!

First up, a song I couldn’t get out of my head all week long.

And one I may have shared recently but can’t remember.

MMMM + Is the weekend over already?

Ohhh where do I begin? After Elliot was sick last weekend, we were all on high alert, just in case. I have a sore throat seemingly every morning but by mid-morning, it fades away. On Friday, Ash woke up feeling not so hot but it was our half day and he stuck it out. We went to Texas Roadhouse but decided not to see a movie. Instead, we went to Costco for a TV mount for the new beast Ash recently bought to replace our big fat TV from 2002. And you know what we did after that? We took a nap! Well, I laid out in the sun for a bit first; it was about 68 out but in direct sun, it was NICE. And much needed. Baby Girl has not been sleeping so well lately; especially not last night!

But anyway, we had no real plans this weekend so the boys and I went to Target Saturday morning, Ash mounted the TV, and we worked a bit more on deconstructing our deck. This project is going to take a while but once it’s down and we rebuild a smaller one, along with a lower paver area, it’s going to be very nice. Didn’t watch any newer movies this weekend because we were wrapped up in the Olympics. Sunday was also relaxing but I got a little stressed about cleaning, though I don’t know why. I guess the more I did, the more I realized how badly things needed to be cleaned. And I had a noon deadline, as Elliot had his friend over in the afternoon. He’s had a few playdates and the kids are always a little obnoxious. This kid talks a lot but he wasn’t bad, thank God. He did have unreasonable expectations, just like Elliot, but I guess that’s the age. We finished up our weekend by watching Tremors, which was on TV later in the evening. I haven’t seen that movie in forever!


ETA: Forgot my spotlight button! I made some kinda funky error and it didn’t show.

Ok so obvs the theme this week is love songs – of any type. Here are some of my favorites.

MMMM + Tiring weekend

GROAN. ::Scrubs hands over face, stretches back, takes one long glorious sip of coffee::

Rough weekend y’all.  Ash had an all-day card tournament Saturday so it was me with the three hellions kids. I shouldn’t complain because he took the boys out for about two hours in the morning and baby girl slept so I took my first shower without a plastic bag on my arm (to protect sutures) in two weeks. It… was… wonderful. But for the rest of the day, I was ON and it never let up. Took the kids to the store, got home and started doling out their chicken from the deli and that is when we realized that Elliot was sick. He had chills and didn’t feel like eating. Heap onto that the fact that Baby Girl was taking nothing more than 20-30 minute naps and it was a looong day. Since no one was all that hungry, I wasn’t about to make a big dinner so I made four different things at different times. UGH. Ash got home shortly after nine and I am pretty sure we were in bed soon after. He had a marathon the next morning, after all.

I was up around six with him and mostly flitted about the house doing little things until it was time to go watch him finish his race. Goal time was 3:45 but he hit about 3:53, which disappointed him but I still think it’s amazing. I know people who don’t finish half marathons in that time. Hell, I haven’t done a full and doubt I ever will. But who knows?

We pretty much hung out all day; his legs hurt and Ell was still recovering. Baby Girl slept for two hours. which allowed me to also sleep. Thank God. We got Chipotle for dinner then ate some special Superbowl cookies and watched the game. Can you say blow out? I didn’t care who won; I was happy with both teams. Normally, there’s one team who I do NOT want to win (i.e. anyone named the 49ers) but this year, I would be pleased with either outcome. Baby Girl had issues with sleep between 11 and 1 but she figured it out, thankfully. But I am still exhausted. But I also feel motivated, which is good because I have a lot to do!




I love freebie weeks! Here’s a song I somehow JUST discovered, considering I know the Stevie Wonder songbook pretty well. Or so I thought.

For some reason, that song made me think of this song:


MMMM + On the mend

Let’s see, my weekend felt like it actually lasted a pretty long time, which is always nice to wake up to on Monday morning.  On Friday, Ash and I went to B J’s BrewHouse and it was actually pretty good.  I had a cheeseburger with bacon and tried one of their handcrafted beers.  He had their lunch chicken alfredo which came with a bowl of soup.  I would say we’ll go back, which is nice because it is close to the house.  Afterwards, we went to the closer movie theater and saw Jack Ryan:  Shadow Recruit, which was actually pretty good and not what you would think from the preview. Had enough time to go home and play some Hearthstone (a new online game currently in open beta) then got the kids. It had turned cold while we were in the theater so I didn’t feel like doing much of anything that night.

On Saturday, Ell and I shopped for a birthday gift and went to his friend’s roller skating party in the afternoon. We had a pretty good time; haven’t been to a skating rink in a looong time. Actually, I think the last time was my sophomore year of college because my roommate had NEVER been; her mom wouldn’t let her for fear she’d break. She’d also never ridden a bike or thrown a Frisbee!

Anywho, I was super tired Saturday night so I had a cup of coffee, fell asleep for about 30 minutes, and then woke and Ash and I watched Blood Diamond. I had never seen it because I didn’t think I would like it but it was actually really good!

Sunday was laundry and cleaning; my hand and arm feel pretty good. I can’t lift anything too heavy but it’s usable at least. We watched Only the Strong, which may be a little too old for the kids but they like martial arts movies and Capoeria is awesome. Zoom zoom zoom.

I have a bunch of things to do this week at work so thank God I can type pretty well now. Onto this week’s music theme: songs about food. Tune in tomorrow when I talk about sadness, neighbors, and impermanence.


Skip to about 1:13 – Zac Brown!


And cherry pie, though I’m pretty sure they aren’t really talking about food.