Friday Confessions – This and that; 3 day weekend

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I confess…  I fell asleep at 8 o’clock last night! I just felt worn down. The kids were just about ready for bed and I wasn’t sure which of us was planning to put them to sleep but then I woke up an hour later and they were gone.  I felt even worse after sleeping; almost like I’m coming down with something. I got up and took a bath and felt ten times better. And today, I feel fine.

I confess… I am., once again, stuck on a Candy Crush level. I am mindlessly playing it over and over, in hopes I get lucky one of these times. I am getting a little tired of it though. I did get Plants vs Zombies 2 so I have an alternative.

I confess… I’m thinking about picking up Bonefish tonight. Mmmm… Bang Bang shrimp tacos…

I confess… I was kind of sad when they announced that Charlie Hunnam had opted out of the 50 Shades movie. I hated the book but I’d see the movie. He’s been replaced by Jamie Dornan:tumblr_mvqv2aefMD1s32id8o1_500


I approve.

I confess… I kind of hope they let us go early today, since it is a three day weekend (for most folks.) I am thinking we might go to the Vet’s day parade and/or the fair on Monday.

Friday Confessions – Halloween Hangover

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I confess… I love that I can hear the train from both my house and my office. There’s something about the way it filters through the foggy morning air that gives me chills.

I confess… I am tired from Halloween. We got home and rushed around getting ready, then drove clear across town to our friends’ house. They always do a chili dinner and games, then take the kids around on a hay-filled trailer for Trick or Treating. The kids love it! Ash said my costume wasn’t going to make any sense to people but (and I don’t have the photo handy) it was a total hit! I was a chef and Dakota was a piece of bacon! People absolutely went nuts over it. We got home around nine and got the kids in bed then turned in soon after ourselves.

I confess… my mother threw the turkey carcass from last weekend into our trash can (in a tied up plastic bag, mind you) but it has brought about maggots in the can. Argh. Thanks for creating a mess for us!

I confess… I am still feeling overwhelmed but slightly lighter now that Halloween is over and a new month is upon us. I love November! Cooler weather, still Fall leaves about, and the prospect of the best food-related holiday at the end. Also, i will be making more money from here on out, which always calms my nerves.

I confess… I loved seeing all the fb posts with peoples’ Halloween pics. All the kids were so cute!

I confess… I am looking forward to working a half day today and going to lunch and a movie with Ash. We haven’t had a date day in forever and it is much needed!

Friday Confessions – My house is a mess

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I confess… if you read last week’s confessions, you saw how I was nervous about sending Isaac on a field trip that involved horses when he had previously been terrified of them. I am happy to report that he did just fine. The photo is a little blurry (I didn’t take it) and he looks worried but he says he had a blast.1383449_679726245385895_924776411_n


I confess… my parents will be arriving in roughly three hours and though my main living areas are clean and all carpets vacuumed, my kitchen is a downright nightmare. I may need to meet them upon their arrival and hold them off long enough for me to at least sweep.

I confess… I had a bit of a money scare earlier in the week. I teach online and I got an email saying my class wouldn’t make so it would be canceled. After a panic, I managed to get approved to teach three other courses so when one became available, I got it and now, crisis averted. There will be a Christmas after all. ;)

I confess… I have a lot to do today before I go home but I am so distracted. I have to still pump and grade papers and take a little quiz for my online stuff. It’s… just… so… much!

I confess… our Halloween costumes came yesterday. Isaac has wanted to dress as Hulk forever so he’s that. Ell got Wolverine, and Baby Girl and I are going to be a… chef and a piece of bacon. LOL. Today though, Isaac is wearing his Hulk costume and, coincidentally, I am wearing and Iron man shirt and Elliot, his Captain America shirt. We just like the Avengers around here.

I confess… No, I have not watched Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Oddly enough, right?

I confess… I should not be even taking time to blog for all this stuff I have to do so with this, I leave you and bid you a fabulous weekend.

Friday Confessions – New stuff, money, almost weekend

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I confess… Last week I didn’t do this because I was, well, you know, gettin’ my country on.

I confess… Today I don’t have a lot of time because as of yesterday morning, I am now back to teaching an 1101. One of our TAs had to leave the program so his classes needed covering. This is good news for me, of course, because I always need the money. But it also makes me terribly nervous. I haven’t taught 1101 in a while and I kind of got used to only online courses. It will be weird going in and instructing face to face. Not to mention the awkwardness of picking up someone else’s plans halfway through the semester.

I confess… I am excited about the money and the fact that the guy’s class meets across campus. I’ll have to walk; mandatory exercise!

I confess… I went home yesterday and downed a few beers. It was the kind of day at work. In fact, slightly miraculous I didn’t cut anyone.

I confess… I didn’t want to like Whole Foods as much as I do. I mean, they are more expensive but I love the feeling of their store and their selection of hippie foods. I’ll still go to Publix for the basics but I foresee weekend WF trips. Also, I know their hot food buffet is good (or, it was in Chicago) so I can see that being a lunch destination. I’m going later; I’ll let you know.

I confess… I haven’t gotten a chance to really appreciate October, my favorite month. I think we’re going to the pumpkin patch this weekend though so that will help. I’m planning to drink some Fall beers and write a little this weekend so that will get me in the mood.

I confess… I am letting Isaac go on the VPK field trip next week, since the 3-4 class was able to participate. It didn’t occur to me that they are going to a place with horses. This was at the fair last year; he was terrified of riding on that thing! Let’s hope he has changed some and I’m not throwing him into a situation he doesn’t want to be in!8152405348_9b5d77815b_c


Friday Confessions – A bit tired and angry

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I confess… if you say ANYTHING about the Breaking Bad finale I will cut you. I know I should have been on this train tears ago but come on, don’t spoil it for us. We’re two episodes into season 2; I’ll be caught up before you know it!

I confess… I have been trying to stay away from news this week. The government shutdown is such bullshit. Look, I think we all deserve a chance to improve ourselves. That said, I don’t believe everyone deserves health insurance. Go look up how much people on welfare make annually. Go ahead… I’ll wait. Ok, now, without telling you my financials, I will tell you I make less than that and I work my damn ass off. SO, allowing sacks of crap who get paid to do nothing also get health insurance seems – to me  - the opposite of what our country was founded on. You know, work hard, work for your family, and worry about yourself. The rest falls into place. This whole thing is a shit storm that seems to have no resolution until we have honest people elected… and we all know that ain’t ever gonna happen.

I confess… I don’t like telling you how I feel about these things for fear the lefties are going to hate me and stop reading. We all have our opinions; I’m still terribly liberal when it comes to women and reproduction and I am certainly uber liberal on other civil liberties. But now that I have stuff to lose, I don’t want to be giving all my money away. Doesn’t that seem logical to you?

I confess… KISS is super cheesy but they’ve been around long enough to really earn their stripes. And I love every cheesy ounce of their music.

I confess… I didn’t fall asleep until close to 2, Baby Girl woke at 3:45, then I was up at 6:40. I feel good for now but you know by 11 or 12 I am gonna be draggin’. It’s my own fault though; I was stressed and couldn’t fall asleep.

I confess… I am feeling rather overwhelmed lately. Every day seems so full and when I finally get a break to, you know, sit down for a second, I feel guilty for not doing other things like writing or exercising.

I confess… I have a bunch of things to do this morning, all before lunch so I am going now. And I am going to work… yes, I promise I will. Right after I check all my email and favorite sites, and play Candy Crush and…

Friday Confessions – Let’s do this thing

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I confess… I fell asleep watching the Thursday night game at like, 9 PM. I just suddenly felt exhausted. This is super sad because I didn’t do a damn thing yesterday except run to Walmart in the morning. Luckily, I feel rather motivated today. I’m probably going to finish this post, take Baby Girl for a walk, then after her mid-morning meal, go to the infant room and hang out with those folks.

I confess… I haven’t much allowed myself to think about how I’ll be leaving her there next week… already! Maybe I am not ready for her to go yet. But I am definitely ready to go back to work. Oy, the conflicted life of a working mom.

I confess… I could NEVER be a stay at home mom, so really, there’s no point in going on about it. I would absolutely go out of my mind being home all day with them. Love my kids but I also love balance.

I confess… every day I sit down here at my laptop and have a view out my glass door of the deck. And every day, these tiny little Carolina wrens, who are super loud little birds, perch on this piece of wooden fence and I can NEVER photograph them in time. They are fast and scuttle about. Their tiny feet make loud scratching noises on the roof before they light on the wood. And I can NOT seem to snap a photo. They elude me!

I confess… my friend sent me a link yesterday for a Harlequin writing contest; just first chapter and 100 word pitch. I honestly think I may go for it. What do I have to lose?

I confess… I have a lot to do and even less time to do it in. So I’m out! Have a good weekend, readers. (And here, have a photo:)IMG_9428

Friday Confessions – Like ya do

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I confess… I am not feeling motivated this morning but my parents get here in about 6 hours so I have to: give the dogs baths, clean their blankets and crates, sweep, vacuum, and clean the guest room. I should also give Dakota ( AKA Stinky Milk Neck) a bath.

I confess… I went for my 6 week check up on Tuesday and though they prescribed my mini-pill for BC, the doc recommended being on it for a week to be safe. So for fun, we thought we’d buy some condoms. Haven’t done that in over a decade. So I went to CVS and find that they are all in a locked shelf, much like ipods and cameras at Best Buy. There’s a large red “Ask for help” button you have to press.  As the girl from the pharmacy ambled towards us, I made sure to tell her that it never used to be that embarrassing. Luckily, I don’t really care!

I confess… it’s been a bit disconcerting that every day, Elliot wakes up fine – gets dressed, eats breakfast, gets in the car no problem – but as we pull up to school, he’s fighting me on it. He claims he’s too tired and school is boring and he just doesn’t want to go. I never remember feeling like that so I hardly know what to tell him. I’ve said everything. Though today, he was fine. But I think it’s because he knows my parents will be here later. However, he didn’t have one single complaint. I hope everything is ok for him though; I always wonder if something is going on at school he’s not telling us.

I confess… I have felt a little stressed lately but not about any one particular thing. I guess it’s knowing I am going back to work on the first and getting all things ready. Baby Girl took a bottle yesterday so that’s good. I know she won’t have issues at daycare with that then. But I am a little worried about my lack of sleep when I am working. She wakes up twice a night but I don’t really feel exhausted.  When I am working, though, it may really catch up to me.

I confess… some days I can’t wait for her to get a little older, so we can skip through some of these crying for no reason times. I mean, she has been good this week. But sometimes that crying just wears on you!

I confess… I have to force myself to work now so I’m out. Have a good weekend!

Friday Confessional – Ok, get on out of here

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I confess… my husband has been home sick since Wednesday afternoon and though I don’t mind taking care of two babies during my day, it tends to get a little tedious. You know how men can be when they’re sick.

I confess… I enjoy the freedom of being alone so I can plan what I do with my time. If I want to play Candy Crush for 30 minutes and then do dishes, and blog, etc, I don’t have anyone looming over me. And I certainly don’t get any flak for watching Bones reruns all afternoon. (Granted, I get up and do little things on commercial break.)

I confess… my blog is something he knows about but doesn’t read so it’s kind of my thing. And I tend not to blog when he’s home. Though I am now because I am tired of my days’s routine being interrupted.

I confess… I am just now starting to do my fantasy football mock drafts. I normally start a little earlier but with the baby and a sick husband, I haven’t made it a priority. I have watched the shows but didn’t do any active practice.

I confess… Ash is supposed to be taking the trash out but  I think he’s milking this sickness for all its worth. I want to call his brother and commiserate: he always made fun of the way Ash would do that when he’s sick. His brother would feel my pain.

I confess… I have gone to the store every day this week and I always forget one or two things. How annoying is that? I even have written lists and an app (Out of Milk) for that.

I confess… I am pressed for time because Baby Girl is whiny today. Peace out!

Friday Confessional – Time keeps slippin’

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I confess… I feel kind of like an impostor mom: I am getting enough sleep, even with waking up about every 3-4 hours. I actually feel rested!

I confess… I am actually not stressing about Elliot’s birthday party, though maybe I should. It’s an outdoor party and supposed to rain tomorrow; I haven’t gotten any of he adult drinks yet, haven’t cleaned the patio chairs, and I haven’t even planned dinner for tonight, when my family arrives. BUT, it’s only 8 AM so I have time!

I confess... I ate a hamburger yesterday with bacon, a fried egg, and a sauce that sure had one zillion calories alone. And it was SO good. It’s time to get back on the healthy train soon though.

I confess… vaginal birth delivery is a hell of a lot easier to recover from if you don’t have stitches. Just sayin’…

I confess… Elliot has orientation for first grade today and I feel like I should be more prepared. But I’m not really; I don’t even know where it is in the school!

I confess… I don’t WANT to clean but I have to; I’m off to do so now.

Friday Confessional – Short post but more to come

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I confess… I haven’t really felt like writing since we brought this kiddo home but really, I needed some time to get back to “normal”.

I confess… with that said, the long birth story post will appear Monday.

I confess… I get a little better every day, in terms of physical comfort. I was sore at first but like they say, time heals all wounds. I feel pretty solid today and will get laundry and cleaning done.

I confess…  didn’t know how much Ash would help out but he’s done a huge part in keeping everyone sane.

I confess… there are nice, quiet times though. So far, she’s a pretty happy baby. Nights are long because even if she’s asleep after feeding, she wakes up as soon as she hits the crib. We’ve spent most nighttime hours sitting in the chair in her room.

I confess… sleeping in said chair, even though it’s a cozy recliner, is not the most comfortable.

I confess… I always forget how these first few weeks are: simply survival. Even if she’s not fussy or crying, the evening hours seem rough; everyone is TIRED.

I confess… I have to make a list of the things I want to do, because my brain is all scrambled. BUT, #1 on that list is back to blogging! See you after the weekend.