Friday Confessions – Life goes on

I confess… I got some “bad” news yesterday, if you can call it that. I suppose it’s just a bump in the road. I had my moment of disappointment and moved on. I am a firm believer that things always happen for a reason, even if that reason is not apparent.

I confess… it’s actually kind of nice to move forward. Not knowing about the above was actually making me a bad worker. I’m a lot more focused now.

I confess… when I got to my friend’s house last night, she gave me a look and pressed a beer into my hand. It was nice to have that. And I ended up buying lavender and lemongrass. We’ll see how they work. I got the lavender right away as she had one there but my lemongrass has to be ordered. It’s supposed to be good for back pain. They had another blend of oils specifically for sciatica but it was – ahem – 71 dollars! No thanks!

I confess… I’ve resigned myself to the allergies. I surrender, pollen. You got me. My eyes are in a constant state of red and/or itchy. My nose is runny, I sneeze in the middle of the night. BUT, I learned last night that a drop of lavender under your tongue supposedly helps. We shall see…

I confess… I have lots to do and I want it to be the weekend so let me get after it. Have a good weekend everyone!


Friday confessions –

I confess… I have gotten a venti coffee two days in a row, which is unlike me. I had a free birthday drink and then my aunt sent me a five dollar gift on facebook. So hey, why not?

I confess… I had a driveway moment yesterday when I caught Fresh Air’s interview with Bryan Cranston. I love that guy. I wish Malcolm in the Middle would release all the seasons on DVD. I’m dying to see the roller skating episode.tumblr_luxcwhB0xg1qbvaudo3_250

I confess… I have had two other driveway moments with NPR this week. I’m not much for their political views but  I love Fresh Air and Ask Me Another. I also think I am in love with Jonathan Coulton. He’s awesome.

I confess... I did not eat any kind of cake or ice cream on my birthday. I had the opportunity to have dessert at lunch but I opted for 10% off instead.

I confess… I have one million errands to run and very little time. I am pretty much thinking about leaving early and going to a bunch of different places to bang out a few of them. Even though it’s going to rain today, I have got to get shit done!

I confess… I may also get a pedicure because my god, my toes are in serious need. I also confess that that’s going to be really nice: relaxing a little amidst all this other chaos.

Friday Confessions – Jump on it

I confess… I missed the level of care and detail I previously put into my blog. I am back now for a little while. I am not totally inundated with work so fun things may resume.

I confess… Though I did enjoy my alone time last night somewhat I also felt pretty lonely. On nights Ash is out, I at least take solace in the fact that my kids are there, sleeping. On my drive home, I had this weird emptiness because not only was my family gone, but the neighbors are gone too. They left Wednesday. Nancy will be back on the 12th but geez, that era is finished.

I confess… I am still hopeful that a nice family will move in. Knowing my luck, we’ll get an older couple who hates kids and dogs. UGH.

I confess… this is what I had for dinner last night: two biscuits, one with cheese on it, one plain, two fried eggs, and four pieces of turkey bacon. Not the healthiest but the tastiest!

I confess… I have to clean my office; it’s a hot mess. But with Spring Break next week, I will have some extra time. The idea of cleaning gets me all excited, to be honest. Good thing, right? Because I have a ton to do when I get home. My mom says, “Oh, you don’t have to clean for me.” But it’s a trap!its-a-trap-what-happens-when-advertisers-dont-meet-twitters-spending-quotas


Friday Confessions – Wrap up this week, please

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I confess… I had a lot to do this week and I got some of it done… but I could have done more, for sure.

I confess… I have to lay off the M&Ms. I brought my lunch all this week, which included a lot of raw veggies. But in the afternoons, I got a horrible hankering for chocolate. It wouldn’t be so bad if I was running.

I confess… I thought maybe our weather was on the up and up when it got to be mid 60s and sunny earlier this week. Nope. Back to 30s. At least it’s not gray and cloudy today. I’d kill for one sunny day where I could lay outside. I am vitamin D deficient!

I confess… I am looking forward to eating at Texas Roadhouse today like nobody’s business. I haven’t had a good steak in a while. And on that note, we’re going out on the 15th b/c the daycare is doing a “kid’s night out” thing where we pay them to watch the kids from 5-9. And it will cost us considerably less than paying a babysitter. I told Ash we should go to dinner and then to a nice place to have a drink; you know, like sophisticated adults.

I confess… it’s been a long time since I felt like an adult in the sense apart from being a parent. And any dinner where I don’t have to tell a kid to: sit down/wipe your face/don’t argue with your brother/stop dropping food on the floor… is a good meal.

I confess… I am sad that Jay Leno is done. I watched the final episode and felt pretty emotional about it. BUT, I like Jimmy Fallon a lot so there’s that on the horizon.

I confess… sometimes I see things happening in my life and wonder if it isn’t a sign that stuff is trying to align just right. I was bemoaning not being  able to move yesterday. Well, Ash got home and he may have a new job opportunity. It isn’t ideal in any sense of the word but if the pay is right, we might move about 5-6 miles north in town. And my friend was JUST trying to convince me of that yesterday. See what I mean? All these seem connected.

I confess… I am going to be patient and roll with the punches this year. I have to let things play out as they will. And that makes me feel pretty good.

Friday confessions – Discombobulated

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I confess… This has been a LONG week. School began and my job was crazy busy. I like being busy though. And I like my 365 day calendar: For Women Who Do Too Much. Ain’t it the truth.

I confess… I am trying to save money but I may wander down to ye olde bookstore and check out the National Championship shirts. My favorite FSU shirt  – the one with a threat about our War Chant – has a hole under the arm. Boo!

I confess… I am going to lunch today at 11 and I’mma eat me a huge burger. I start a new running plan on Tuesday – just a 10k trainer – but all excesses will stop on that day. With the exception of beer. I have to have beer.

I confess… I have had an issue getting this post written. It’s gray and misty outside, my hair is all kinds of crazy today, and I keep getting sidetracked. Also, one week from today, I’ll be having hand surgery. Yikes!

I confess… I am trying very hard to break the cycle of falling asleep on the couch. I feel great when I get home, motivated. I make dinner and we watch some TV, read some books, but when it comes time for the kids to go to bed, I start to lose it. Last night, I was half asleep on the couch and still talking to them about bedtime prep. It was insane.

And I confess that I am outta here.

Friday Confessions –

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I confess… I really didn’t want to sit in my office with Elliot again. He’s a good kid but impatient and completely misunderstanding of when things aren’t all catered to him. Which boggles my mind since he’s not really spoiled. I don’t believe in spoiling kids.

I confess… I’m still waiting for 2014 to throw some good things my way. But perhaps I need to put things into perspective. I have a job, I have a great family, and things are really comfortable. What more shall I want for?

I confess… I’d like more coffee.

I confess… I was depressed yesterday and after I drove clear across town to get Ell from his friend’s house, I put on PJs, got on the couch, and did little else. OK, so I may have washed clothes and some dishes and had dinner (which Ash so helpfully took care of). But really, I laid around ALL evening.

I confess… that is not the answer. Today, it is no longer raining – though it is cold – so I vow to run or at least use the elliptical.

I confess… I think I was so down because going back to work was harder than I expected. Breaks are nice but they throw my world in a tailspin.

I confess… I remember Tailspin, the cartoon. It was pretty good. I’m old.

I confess… it may be cold but I am thankful for sun. When it is cold AND gray, I have depression issues.

I confess… I am mentally gearing up for the start of the semester on Monday. Time to turn on my brain and get organized!

Friday Confessional… of sorts

It was 32 this morning with frost on the ground. Sometimes when I get on my phone and pull up the weather widget, the first time it reloads itself, it tends to be wrong. This morning, it refreshed and said 38 but when I got into the car, it fixed itself to 32. I try not to be stressed in the mornings but Fridays are always a bit laggy. Ash sets the alarm a little later and I have less time to get everything ready. It’s trash day so the boys clamor to help but end up fighting over who is doing more. We walk out the door at the last possible moment that will keep us “on schedule”. I somehow manage to get them to school and get coffee before getting to work myself, a mere 5 minutes late.

I confess… no one even knows if I am on time or not; I work on the second floor while the rest of the staff works on the 4th. I use this to my advantage often.

I settle into my office and eat my breakfast, drink my gingerbread latte. Check email: nothing of great importance. I await some kind of news back from an online job I applied to. It’s a company I worked for before so I am hoping that works in my favor. I stress out about bills; it’s tight these days with that second daycare payment. We’ll really only be strapped for a year until Isaac goes to VPK and then when he goes to kindergarten, we really get a break.

I confess… I let money issues worry me way too much. I get  all worked up and can’t really concentrate on life sometimes.

We’re seeing The Hobbit today and I am pretty excited. The first one was surprisingly good, even with the creative liberties taken. Honestly, the book is not that great. It doesn’t have a lot of detail that truly explain the why and how of things. So I am OK with any changes Peter Jackson made. Plus, you have majestic Thorin, which was a thing the interwebs came up with after the last movie and his many hair flips.tumblr_mjcycieY4w1s2b8ldo1_500

I love tumblr for this reason: they come up with some hilarious gifs.tumblr_mjbku877uj1qb0eujo1_500

I confess… I fear the end of the year. It’s such a happy time but I know that once Christmas is over, I will feel down. I remember this last year: January was so depressing.

I’ll probably be having my surgery in January so that’s another reason to feel down. Though recovery time will be the same even with the extra incision at my elbow, I imagine that entire arm/hand will be useless. But if I don’t get it taken care of, the muscle in my hand will pretty much wither away forever and I am too damn young for that. But for today, I am going to buck up, get my office cleaned up a little and start trying to feel merry. Since it is cold, I am attempt to muster up that wintry feeling and feel happy.

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Friday Confessions – I’d lose my head if…

… it were’t attached to my neck. I kid you not. Today is one of those days where I’m just not on the ball at all.

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I confess… I have straight up dropped the ball on stuff this week. I somehow forgot about Dakota’s doctor appointment yesterday. I had it in my head that it was on the 9th. And there’s no excuse: my phone has a handy dandy calendar feature with reminders and everything! Le sigh.

I confess… my Thanksgiving food crimes have carried over to this week and I MUST start eating better. However, I have been drinking more water. Which makes me feel infinitely better. And I worked out for the first time since Thanksgiving day, thankfully. I was feeling so low.

I confess… I have been buying Christmas presents but can’t think of stuff to get Ash. He’s so hard to shop for, though he claims he is not!

I confess… my memory is failing me lately and I feel so out of touch with reality. I think I am just so overwhelmed and busy. How does one improve their memory? I can’t be getting THAT old!

I confess… I am always a little nervous about going to the work holiday party. I have  nice sweater to wear but it’s not cold in the slightest today. Everything else I own isn’t Christmasy. Sigh. If only we could stay inside always!

I confess… I have a bunch to do today and I’m going to make a list and buckle down. Have a good weekend!

Friday Confessions – November is reaching an end, already

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I confess… I’m gonna eat a lot of food today. We had a breakfast in our office this morning. Everyone brought something and so much of it was carb-based. Then in about 2 hours, I’ll be eating Thanksgiving food at my younger kids’ daycare. They do a big feast each year. I’m thinking I may just eat an avocado for dinner! (That’s enough, right?)

I confess… Yesterday was very annoying. One of those days where pretty much everyone was a pain, drivers on the road sucked, and I was irritated by all. BUT, I made a nice dinner and got all the dishes and bottles washed, AND I made my menu for Thanksgiving, along with a list of items I need to buy.

I confess… I have GOT to run today. It’s my normal day to but I have felt so sluggish this week.

I confess… I began this post around 9:30 and now, at 1:30, I am still working on it. But to my credit, I have been in and out of the office.

I confess… I want to see Catching Fire but I am not in a hurry. I liked the books but the first movie was a bit slow. The pacing was kind of messed up and they could have cut some things and still kept continuity.

I confess…I really thought we had a mouse living in our bathroom last night. I went in around 9 to see three little globs. They were whitish with something gray in the middle. I didn’t know what it was so I wiped it off and went about my business. Around 12, when we were going to bed, there was one more. Ash looked at it and thought it looked like mice droppings. I was stressed about this and didn’t sleep well.  Never had a mouse before; how did it get in? Are there more?  I slept like crap. Then this morning, we figured out that it was just dust that dropped from the exhaust fan grate. Sigh. I guess it could be worse!

Friday Confessions – Pretty Random this week

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I confess… it made me a little sad that we didn’t make it to the fair this year. We almost always go and I hold a special place in my heart for the lights, the sounds, and of course, the food.6337395130_eabec2934d_z

I confess… I always wished that my kids would go through a cowboy phase and want boots and a belt with old-fashioned guns. We did own a crappy cowboy hat when Ell was little but he wasn’t thrilled about it. And for Christmas one year he got some guns but they were quickly lost. I guess that’s just something that kids don’t get into that much anymore.3673771042_4eef5376db_z

I confess… I am anxious to start my Christmas shopping but then I catch myself by the scruff of the neck and yank me back into November and into the Thanksgiving mindset. I don’t WANT to get too ahead; I like making this meal, even though it is crazy stressful. This weekend, I will be on the hunt for the right size bird.

I confess… I went ahead and fired up the xmas music. There’s a playlist on Spotify that begins with the Carpenters and oh, how I do love those songs. I know it’s cheesy but I don’t care; the songs make me feel good.

I confess… I lost track of how many weeks old Dakota is. I had to look on a calendar to realize that tomorrow, she will be 15 weeks. OMG. Where has the time gone? Here she is with daddy at the parade this past weekend.20131111_114243


I confess… we might go ahead and watch Elf this weekend. I absolutely love that movie. The funny thing is that in general, I don’t really care for Will Ferrell. But that movie? Sigh. It makes me so happy. Also, I cry at the end. BUT, I cry at a lot of things. I used to think my grandma was crazy when she said parades make her cry. The older I get, me too.

I confess… I have zero desire to walk across campus in the gray cold to teach my students. Of course, I am sure they feel the same way. But since they’ll go, I’ll go. Ad with that, I leave you. Have a great weekend!