Day 149 – x365

Amanda, childhood friend

My only friend whose parents had a van with TVs in it; we used to have sleepovers in your backyard with tents and sleeping bags, fun in a nutshell.

Days 144-148 – x365

Geo – friend in college

One of our gang of Brothers club-goers, you were very slight and soft-spoken but kind hearted, generous, and I will remember your place next to the House of Choas.

Christy – Geo’s friend and roommate

Another of the gang, I remember you when that first Dido radio hit comes on, because you played it in your apartment that time, before it got real popular.

Tommy – friend from the club

Lived a refined lifestyle, drank crown and royal. You never seemed to like Drew all that much but we all knew you were banging him anyway, on the DL.

Molly – breastfeeding class lady

That one thing you said during class, about women putting baby to breast during Katrina instead of aching for formula, really struck a chord in me, now and forever.

Heidi – Childbirth class instructor

I think I learned to at least keep in mind the techniques of childbirth during class. But soon as the hard waves came, it was all out the window.

Days 135-143 – x365

Mr. Joe –
You are always willing to help with a project, like our backyard fence. You treat us like family even though yours sometimes doesn’t like us as much. Good deal.

Miss Kathy –
Despite what people say, you have always been a good friend and help us immensely. I can’t help but think I am like the daughter-in-law you wish she was.

Lillian –

You treat Ash like a son and Elliot like a grandson. You get around on that crutch as if you did not have an impairment. I truly do admire you.

Mr. Smith –

You only want the best for your son and now, his family. Though, I wish we could see you more and I wish you an Ash spoke more often.

Mary –

Deep down, you must mean well. But on the surface, you are conniving and deceitful. I wish I could say that this wasn’t true, but I fear it is.

CA –

We used to hate you, you spoiled little brat. But you turned out to be pretty awesome! I hope college works out for you and you get it all.

Jerry –

You talk too much and brag a lot but you’re a good guy and I am sorry your wife up and left you to go back to using drugs.

Kurt – Jerry’s friend

One of the nicest and most well-intentioned people I have ever met. It is very cool that you married a girl that I knew in middle school as well.

Rose B – friend from work

You are ridiculously good with words and I have only beaten you at Scramble a handful of times. But I have fun playing every time, even if I lose.

Days 124 – 134 – x365

Kevin D. – fellow co-worker

Introduced me to Watchmen and I could not put it down once I started. Thanks for all the comic talk and here’s looking towards your new baby, coming soon!

“Union Chris” – old friend

Met you in the student lounge and since we knew a lot of Chrises, you became Union Chris. Funny now how you’ve grown up and gotten a real job.

Millie – old lady on childhood street

Walked the streets with a large green rolling bag and lived in a tiny white house with blacked out windows. I always wondered if you had died in there.

Mr. Jim – childhood neighbour

I used to stop by your house on my way home from school and we ate milk and cookies while watching the afternoon news; me, you and your wife.

Herman – childhood neighbour

Older guy who always worked in the yard, meticulous at his gardening until one day, I didn’t see him and my parents told me he died. I didn’t understand.

JR Reagan – childhood/neighborhood friend

Blond spiky hair and a troublemaker, I followed you around – being one year older – and wanted to skate and ride bikes just like you and your friends.

Erin K – neighbourhood friend

Lived on the opposite side of the street but house had the same layout as mine, just flipped. I envied you having an older sister and a pool too.

Pinkie – friend’s grandmother

Nicest old lady; let us swim in her pool and made awesome cookies. Drove us to Awana and was a team leader. I remember your white cotton candy hair.

Myk Fontana-

You changed the spelling of your name to be different but you really weren’t: just another asshole in high school who wanted to be in a rock band. Asshole.

Jimmy Fontana

My first crush in the new high school. Your drove a Jimmy and your name was Jimmy. Somehow this made you even cuter to me. But your brother sucked.

Days 122-123, x365

Micky – neighbour

Divorcee with a head of blond hair to rival Miss Piggy. Your kids were all F’d except Kim, the cop. Your house was dark; your life a mystery.

Kenny – Micky’s son

A few cards short of a full deck, my dad always said. That there’s a good hunting dog, you would exclaim when I walked my beagle past your house.

Days 120 and 121 – x365

Carrie H – Friend from work

Gave endless advice on raising a baby boy and you’re always passing along his old clothes, which I am always thankful for. Can’t wait until you come back here.

Ombra S – Person who ignores my requests

I have called many times to reserve the downstairs theater and you always put me off, treat me crappy, or ignore me altogether. You are a very rude person!

Day 119 – x365

Brain D. – First crush, second grade

As your class walked by, I couldn’t help but watch you, which made me then walk right into the boy’s bathroom, and I was scarred for a long time.

Days 116-118 – x365

Chris E. –

You are a relative of an FSU founder and yet, you dropped out. You’re a smart guy but the influences get the best of you, but you’re getting better.

Mark  M. –

Friend of Chris, did a better job getting your life together. Still living  the college lifestyle. I won’t forget the ramen kiddie pool hug you gave me that night.

Pam –

We had potential to be friends but you ended up flaking out, working in a head shop, and drifting afar. Maybe someday we can reunite and hang out again.

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Day 115 – x365

Diane K. –

You worried that your age would hinder you in grad school. Your only real set-back came in the form of OTC drugs, just like Annie. I worry for both.

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Day 114 – x365

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Andy L – friend in elementary/middle school

I remember talking to you on the phone for hours, about absolutely nothing. I don’t care that people picked on you for being dorky; we still had a lot of fun.