Wednesday Hodgpodge – Turkey day approaches

1.What’s something you wish you knew how to do, but feel like it’s too late to learn?

Play an instrument. I tried to learn the drums in high school and it was difficult. I think now it might be just too time consuming and I don’t have the patience. I eagerly await one of my kids being interested enough to pick one up; I think learning young is the key.

2. Your least favorite thing to shop for? Why?

Either jeans or bras. I hate trying stuff on and hoping it looks ok with other clothing items. Plus, neither of these things seem to be made for people my height or size so it’s just an aggravating process.skinnyjeansgraphic
3. How has the celebration of Thanksgiving today changed from when you were growing up?

I feel way more stressed about it now! But that is like most things that are kid vs adult. Growing up, I was not in charge of anything. My duty was to hang out and then eat. Now, I have to thaw the turkey days ahead of time and gather ingredients and make sure it’s all in the house before stores are closed. I have to finagle when to cook what so the oven isn’t over-booked and then try to get it all on the table at the same time. Though I always have help, it’s still kind of crazy. And sometimes, I am not even hungry by the time it is ready!

4. What’s something that when other people see it, reminds them of you? Explain.

 Hmm, I’m going to say – for my friends at least – probably when they see runners, Honda Elements, or anything having to do with grammar. I feel like those are the things that prompt them to start sentences like, “Hey I thought of you the other day when…”

5. If you could guest star in a TV show, what would it be and why?
You know my answer: Sherlock. I’d kill to be in it for a day. Just to hang out with all those people. Maybe I could be, like, Molly Hooper’s friend or something. She needs someone in her life like that.

download (1)
6. Have you ever farmed or spent any time on a farm? Are there farm stands in your little corner of the world and do you make it a point to shop there? If so, what item do you particularly like to buy from a roadside stand or farm shop?

I have been on farm-like land. My uncle has a lot of cattle in Alabama and I have done some work. I would say I haven’t done any hardcore farming but I’d like to. We have a farmer’s market that sells produce and local sausages and cheese products and I love it.

7. What’s something you’ve experienced recently that made you feel a sense of awe or wonder?

A couple years ago, when I was training Elliot up for his very first 5k, it was an interesting experience. He would whine and complain and not want to go far. I would push him and say, “Ok, we’re going to the very next lightpole.” and then we’d get there and keep going. It was a really nice bonding experience for us and I loved how he got so much better. But now, he is amazing at it. We went for a quick 2 miler the other morning and the tables had turned: he was pushing me. His average pace is a good minute to minute and a half faster than mine. He pushed me in the exact same way and I realized that he did what all parents want: he surpassed me. It was a truly humbling moment when I realized it and I looked at his graceful form and his speed in total awe.

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

I was originally going to work a half day today but yesterday, my body engaged in a full-fledged war against this ick and chest congestion I had been experiencing. I felt ok most of the day but by mid-afternoon, I was running a fever, had those awful chills and temp sensitivity all over my body. By 6 I was taking a bath and I was in bed from 7 on. The weird part is during that time, whenever I woke briefly, my cough was dry. This morning, I feel pretty normal but my cough is back to being gross. I don’t know what that was but I commend my body for taking it upon itself to try and fight this thing.

Random Tuesday – The day before the day before the…

Stacy Uncorked
  • Somehow I managed not to blog yesterday and I think it was because my brain is starting to go into holiday mode. I work today and half of tomorrow and then I’m outta here. My parents get into town Wednesday afternoon so between now and then, I have some cleaning and prepping to do. Not to mention, we have a race Thursday morning and then an entire day of cooking!
  • I’ve finally decided on a design for my tattoo. Originally I wanted to draw an oak tree and somehow get the kids’ names there and look like they were carved by that would take up too much space and I’m really only aiming for an ankle placement. So I found this:bare-tree-circle-md
  • And I plan to put the kids’ names – in their writing – around it like the pendant I have, which looks like this:il_570xN.495870196_5cg0
  • I think it’ll turn out great, truth be told. Now I just have to walk in there. Funny thing is that I have no nervousness about the actual tattoo process. The pain does not bother me. It’s the actual walking into the shop and asking for it.
  • I’m trying to get my friend Courtney to go with me. She wants one but is scared. I’m trying to convince her that if she can complete the Tough Mudder (and I mean complete, not flake out like half the people who do these) then she can handle the pain.
  • As it turns out, my friend Tiffanie might be going with because she’s been wanting her dad’s initials after he died not that long ago. She’s all gung-ho; she wants to do it Friday!

OK time for the chat, as I drink my coffee!

November 24th, 2015  – This or That?


Here we go!

Heels or sneakers  — Um, do you not know me at all? If I had to pick between those, sneakers. But you can find me wearing either Reefs of knock-off Sperrys most days.

Coke or Pepsi   – definitely Coke, even though I drink maybe 1-5 sodas a year. If that.

Instagram or Flickr  –  I have both. I started on Flickr years ago and I keep it for family.

Tomboy or Girlie Girl  – This is fairly obvs; I am a total tomboy. I can be girly… at times.

Nap or Read  – I love to read until I fall asleep

Karaoke or Bowling  –   Bowling, though I’d do karaoke with enough beer in me.

Pizza or Sushi – I go hot and cold on pizza but I ALWAYS want sushi

rain or shine  – Sunny days, any day! I hate rainy days. One now and then is fine but day after day makes me super sad.

single or taken – Taken times ten. My hubs is the best.

dress or jeans  – definitely jeans
winter or summer  — Summer! But can I say fall?

Exercise or Couch  – exercise!!  Sure, I like to sit around but I feel lazy.

Library or Cafe  –   I’m not one for sitting around either. If I was meeting someone, cafe.

Jocks or Nerds  –  A mix of both. Ash can be nerdy but he is a runner and knows a lot about sports.

Piano or Guitar   – I prefer the melodious sounds of the electric guitar,

And the big one:  Marvel or DC –

Well, I have to say, I LOVE Avengers and Thor’s my fave but I’m a Batfamily girl through and


Friday Five – Sick but on the mend

Five Thoughts:

  1. I finally succumbed to the ick that took down Baby and my husband. My head is fuzzy, my body aches, and my chest harbors this awful cough. It’s crappy but I haven’t been sick in quite a while. I also think I might be over the worst of it, which was yesterday.
  2. I managed to pull myself together long enough to take all the kids to Elliot’s end of season football party at a local pizza place. Talk about insanity. Put 12 6-8 year old boys in a room together with soda and pizza and the impending trophies and, well, it’s a miracle I didn’t lose my cool. It was actually kind of nice. I liked his team this year; the parents and coach made it a very nice experience.
  3. I’m super pumped for this weekend. Want to know why? WE HAVE NO SPORTS. I repeat, we are unfettered. We don’t have any obligations. Soccer practice starts at the beginning of December so I am loving this free time. It’s also supposed to be cool: low 60s/high 30s. Excellent neighborhood walking weather.
  4. My husband comes home today; he’s been at a tech conference since Sunday afternoon. Let me tell you, I’m certainly ready. The old adage “Absence makes the heart grow fonder” is definitely true. I think the longer you have been married, time away is important. It makes me really appreciate him.
  5. I admit to y’all that I have already gone full bore on the Christmas music. Spotify just started playing all my lists and well, now I’m just into it. I am still hardcore about celebrating Thanksgiving FIRST, but Xmas music makes me so happy.

Five Photos:


This is true… in my opinion


MOAR coffee


Still feeling the season



Wednesday Hodgepodge – Carving out time

1. What’s surprised you most about your life, or about life in general?

Hmm, tough question. I guess just how varying it is, even in the face of your daily minutiae. I mean, I do literally the same 010-15 things every day but then there are so many X factors and your days can be upsetting and irritating or surprising and fun and just awesome. And I think the other part that is surprising is just where I’ve ended up. We all think as kids how our adult lives will be and mine is nothing like it but still amazing.

2. Among others, these ten words were added to the Oxford English Dictionary this year…awesomesauce, beer o’clock, brain fart, buttdial, cat cafe(apparently this is a real thing), fatberg (gross-read the definition here), fat shame, hangry, Mx (gender neutral), and skippable. 

Your thoughts? In looking over the list, which word do you find most ridiculous? Which word would you never in a million years say out loud? Which word would you be most likely to use in conversation?

I do not use awesomesauce or cat cafe, fatberg, or Mx. I have been known to say hangry and I say beer o’clock all the time. I thought I made that up! LOL. Guess not.

3. Do you like gravy? Is there a food you’d rather not eat unless it comes with gravy? Do you make your own or buy the canned or store-made variety? Turkey and gravy, sausage gravy, mashed potatoes and gravy, country ham and red eye gravy, biscuits and chocolate gravy, pot roast and gravy…which one on the list is your favorite?

Oh do I ever love a good gravy. I can eat mashes or turkey without it but I do like turkey with a nice brown gravy, preferably made using some kind of white wine. Favorite gravy is sausage gravy, though I’ll eat red eye. I would say my favorite thing is sausage gravy over big fluffy biscuits. OMG, I want some now!download

4. Do you have a plan? Do you need a plan? Have you ever had a plan fall into a trillion pieces? Explain.

I have short-term plans, sure. Ash and I joke about how he is always thinking about the big picture and I’m more day to day. This is entirely true. He plans for our retirement and I plan for dinner. Do you need a plan? Not always. Sometimes the best laid plans do not work out and sometimes when you run with stuff, it works out in amazing and surprising ways.

5. November 19 is National Play Monopoly Day. Do you own the original or some version of the game? Do you enjoy playing Monopoly? How likely is it you’ll play a game of Monopoly on November 19th? Ever been to Atlantic City? Ever taken a ride on a railroad? Is parking in your town free? Last thing you took a chance on?

We have one and it is a combined version of my old one and Ash’s family’s. I like the game but like most people say, it dredges up memories of being angry at one or more family members. The kids ask to play often and we are prolonging it.

Never been to Atlantic City; definitely have been on the train; parking is free downtown on weekends; I took a chance on doing the Tough Mudder. It worked out!

6. A song you like that has the word (or some form of the word) thanks in the title, lyrics, or meaning?

LOL here’s the song that first came to mind.

but let’s go with “Count your Blessings” by Bing Crosby.

7. In keeping with this month’s theme of gratitude….what is something you’re taking for granted that when you stop and think about it, you’re grateful for?

Oh, this came up the other day. Elliot was whining about not being able to watch a show because Isaac and Dakota were watching Paw Patrol. I gave him the “you should be thankful for all this” speech and as I was blabbing, I realized how often we take for granted that we have a decent house and enough room and enough to eat. In fact, I told my sister about this and she said one time Mom told her how she would drop us off to school and worry about the 3 dollars in her bank account and how things would work out. I NEVER thought for one second that we were not well off as kids. My parents learned how to stretch a dollar so we never needed. And Lordy, we really do forget about the dire situation we could be in.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

I don’t like bringing up political things here but I find myself so conflicted about the recent terrorist attacks. On the one hand, I DO feel we need a temporary hold on immigration. I think we need to evaluate how to properly let in Syrian refugees. Sure, I believe most of them are well-meaning but bad people have used women and children as weapons before. It isn’t fair to the ones who really need it but life isn’t fair. We can’t think with our hearts alone; it’s a dangerous situation that needs to be evaluated. I wish we could have a real conversation that didn’t include pointing the finger and saying ‘you’re heartless because you want to reject people” when really, it should be, “Let’s find a smart and safe way to do this, for the people of our own country.”

I just hope these attacks were not the warning sign that they’re coming for us. I hate that this subject has resurfaced and I have to start talking to my kids more in-depth about 9/11 and I just don’t want them to be afraid. We’ll handle it. I hope it’ll be ok.

Random Tuesday – Flying solo, loyal, end of year approaches

Well, I somehow managed to skip posting on Monday so I guess I’d better try to for today, eh?

Stacy Uncorked
  • Well, solo parenting is… tiring. I’m only two days in and it’s stressful. Maybe I’m making it out to be worse than it is. Truth be told, my kids are being very good. I also think my husband put the fear of God in them before he left.
  • I really thought I was getting Dakota’s illness last night. She was sick all weekend and is still harboring one of those gross wet coughs. But now that she’s basically better, you know someone is bound to get it. Chances are me, as she coughed all over me.
  • I love how my FB feed has been so bipolar lately. I have friends who believe we need to take control of this overseas situation and others who welcome all refugees with open arms. I want to say so many things but I also want to stay out of it because I don’t want to invite that kind of conversation and confrontation into my life. Maybe it’s irresponsible of me to want to ignore current events but I am a happier person when I do.
  • Can you believe this time of year? The audacity it has to spiral out of control and stumble towards year’s end all so quickly! I have already begun buying things here and there; I like to slowly accumulate gifts and then take inventory.
  • I’m getting REALLY close to buying my gift to myself: new tattoo. I am actually contemplating going to the shop on my lunch break one day and just seeing what they can do and for how much. I want it; I NEED it.
  • OK, onto the Tuesday chat!


“What do you hope to be remembered for?”

Funny, I was just thinking in the car the other morning that I didn’t feel like I had done anything to make my kids really proud of me. Elliot said something to Isaac about how mom doesn’t make a lot of money (I make OK money) and I’m not famous. Do you need to be these things for your kids to be proud? of course not.


When I think about my best traits, loyalty always comes up. I am probably the most loyal person I know, as conceited as THAT sounds! If you’ve earned it, I’m there for you no matter what. I stick by you; I don’t tend to leave. I do it with people, jobs, tasks I committed to. I’m brand  and restaurant loyal. Ash appreciates this about me most as well but of course, you can’t be just one thing and have that be your legacy. But I do hope people look back and say that about me.


Of course, I really hope my kids and other family remember me for being a good person, hard-working and steadfast. I don’t give up on stuff and you can count on me to always be moving along, pushing forward, getting it done.

Friday Five – Look! I posted!

Five Thoughts:

  1. I started both a Wednesday post and a Thursday post and didn’t finish either! This is a pretty sure indication that I have been super busy.
  2. It’s cool again here and I wore a short sleeved shirt and flip flops. LOL. Floridians are a funny lot, you know?
  3. The boys have their final football games this weekend. And then we hear about soccer teams before or by the 27th. One sport rolls right into the next; my life is SO busy. And soccer season is COLD and seemingly very long. But we chose a different park this year and here’s hoping at least Isaac gets on a team with kids who want to play and don’t shy away from the ball. Last year was BAD.
  4. My husband said he heard his first Christmas song on the radio the other day. I pay for XM so they haven’t fired up their dedicated stations yet. I am a firm believer in one holiday at a time and we love Thanksgiving. I will say, I was listening to my Spotify playlists and I forgot I had the James Taylor At Christmas one. It’s not “strictly” Christmas so I will give myself a pass.
  5. The Tough Mudder had professional photographers out there and as part of our insanely high entry fee, we get free pics. I went to their site this morning to check and they were indeed up. On my phone, I could see them but figured I’d wait until I got to my office to search for mine. Then I got here and the link for our event just redirects me to the Go Army facebook page! SO ANNOYING! I have no idea why it is working that way.


Five Photos:


My babies are finally together


We were clean, once, before the Mudder


I am SO ready for my next tattoo


Apparently there’s a Sailor Jerry style S-bucks cup. I NEED one.


And here’s a Starfish photographed using confocal microscopy (10x); WOW!

Random Tuesday – Recovery, windows, winter

Stacy Uncorked
  • My body is getting back to normal after the Tough Mudder. I no longer struggle to reach down for something or get out of bed. Yay! The farther away I get from the event, I have a feeling I will be more inclined to do another. Actually, I’m eyeing Spartan races or Warrior Dashes next. For those, if you skip an obstacle, they make you do burpees. Ha ha ha; the sweet torture.
  • Did I tell you how the boys broke a window? Ha ha, yeah; Thursday before we went out of town. AND they broke the cardinal rule of the house: no balls inside, especially footballs. I was making dinner and they’d been going in and out, playing some kind of game, so when it was ready I went outside to find them. I could hear their voices but didn’t see them but that is when I heard the shattering of a pane of glass. Yup: tossing the football in Isaac’s room. We have old-ass windows so they only broke, like, a seven by seven pane but wow were they ever in trouble. I had difficulty wrapping my brain around the fact that they were even inside when it was clearly still light out and they had permission to play outside. Baffling!
  • I did end up procuring tickets to see the Sherlock Xmas special in theaters. I am going with my friend, Margaret, and we even got to pick our seats. I am stoked! Bring on my Victorian husbands.tumblr_nh3ch4eGiP1qkpibao1_400
  • It finally got cool(er) here in North FL. Yay. I think it’s about 55 this morning and unfortunately, still gray. It’s been raining for days and I have got to mow my lawn. To my credit, I was gone for much of October and then gone again this past weekend. There are a lot of things in my house that need to be tended to!
  • OK, onto the Tuesday chat!

“Do you volunteer?”

The truthful answer here is: not as much as I would like. Sometimes I want to go to our local shelter and give out food or I’d like to do more for races that support a cause… stuff like that. I don’t volunteer at the kids’ school as often as I should. But I DO volunteer in some ways. In fact, in ways that most introverts would not. I volunteered to do the sign up for drinks/snacks for both boys’ football teams. And I am organizing the trophies and end of season get-together for Elliot’s. I volunteer to help in areas where I feel confident I can lead well. But I do not tend to jump readily into charitable volunteering.

I think the teacher part of me comes forth when I step up and take over like that. I don’t have issues with public speaking (funny for an introvert, right?) I don’t want to share or interact most of the time but I am outgoing in my realm. But maybe that’s why I don’t go seeking volunteer opportunities.

Tough Mudder – Recap and Newbie’s Guide to Doing One

Basic RGB

If you’ve ever had friends who run – but you don’t – then you know that feeling of “Maybe I should do this but I don’t know about it and I don’t typically do that.” That was how I felt about running too and now I consider myself a runner. But about three years ago when Courtney and Robert signed up for a Tough Mudder and tried desperately to convince us to join their team, I was way too skeptical. I always had a reason not to do it: time, money, pregnant, etc. This year, I decided to commit.


Though I have been running semi-consistently for months, I wanted to train additionally for this competition. For a while I was using our rock climbing hang board to do dead hangs and work on my pull-ups for upper body strength.  I also went to the playground and practiced going back and forth on the monkey bars. I did push-ups and planks in my office when I could. I think if I had done this a little more consistently, I would have been able to finish a few more of the obstacles but I did fine on most of them.

If you’re going to commit, I would say that you should definitely be able to run a solid two miles. That is, if you want to feel strong going into your first obstacle. From what I know of my race and others, your first test is to run between one and two miles. Sure, you could walk, but I feel like you’re taking away from the point of it.

Race type:

Our “race” was held in Palm Bay, just slightly south of Melbourne, Florida. I put race in quotation marks because it is not timed. If you are a runner and used to this sort of competition, realize that this is in a league of its own. The Mudder is focused primarily on team cohesion and finishing. The thing I don’t like about it is that you can opt to skip every obstacle. You could walk the entire thing and walk around each challenge and still get the finisher headband at the end. To me, this lessens the integrity of my award. So in my opinion – in the words of Jameis Winston – “If we gon’ do it then, we gon’ do it big then.” Attempt every obstacle. Run as much as you can.


I highly recommend a certain type of gear for this.

One: wear running/racing pants. At least have something that covers your knees. You will do a lot of crawling – army and on hands and knees. My husband’s knees look red and shredded today from The Devil’s Beard and The Birth Canal.

Two: shoes that don’t hold water. You will trudge through nasty looking pits and entire mud puddles. You will fall into vats of disgusting sludge. You will want light-weight shoes. We often had to empty our shoes and it got to the point where running was so hard because of the weight.

Three: For women, get that hair pulled back tight. You will be disgusting, you will have to force yourself under barbed wire and netting. Don’t take the risk of getting hair all over.


Not every race is the same but the Tough Mudder crew will send you an email with your race info and planned obstacles about a week out from your event. We had the following: Kiss of Mud, Birth Canal, Pitfall, Skidmarked, Balls Out, Arctic Enema 2.0, Devil’s Beard, Mud Mile, Berlin Walls 2.0, Warrior Carry, Cry Baby, Shawshanked, Beached Whale, Ladder to Hell, Funky Monkey 2.0, King of Swingers, The Liberator, Everest, and Electroshock Therapy.

Now, Everest was not on our map so that was the x factor. It was apparently 20% higher than before.

Some advice for specific obstacles:

Kiss of Mud, Devil’s Beard, Cry Baby, Shawshanked, and Birth Canal: STAY LOW. Practice that army crawl or you’ll get caught on the barbed wire.toronto-canada-15th-aug-2015-tough-mudder-obstacle-course-aug-15-2015-f0gpxg

Balls Out, Berlin Walls, Skidmarked, Ladder, Funky Monkey, The Liberator: Work out your upper body. If you have a strong team member or members, then the wall up and overs are ok. Someone can push you from the bottom and pull you from the top. But having good arm strength helps. I dominated Balls Out and that gave me a huge confidence booster.Tough-Mudder-Obstacle-Testing--3664587597-O_1

I was very worried about Arctic Enema but it was actually a welcomed feeling. Since you’re so muddy and gross, the water was nice. Granted, it wasn’t too dirty yet and the weather was warm. It is a bit of a shock to your system but take the plunge!

I will admit that I skipped Ladder to Hell because it was higher than I thought and very slippery. I was watching a girl my height crest it and she was struggling to get her leg to the next board. I said, “Do I want to risk falling?” The answer was: not really.

I also skipped the Liberator because I was really worn down by that point and my upper body was simply not making that climb. I was feeling really dejected at that point too but then my success on the Electroshock made me feel a lot better.

Electroshock Therapy is apparently as rugged as you’d think. We stood there watching people run through and fall hard as soon as they got a shock. I was terrified. My teammates went through and I watched Ash take a wire to the foot and fall over like he had been literally shot. Both he and Courtney took the low road: crawling in mud over hay bales as the wires hung above. Both flipped their feet too high and caught a wire. Before I knew it, every one of them was across and I was left. I turned to the two Army guys manning the obstacle and claimed, “My team left me!” One of them said, “No, you left them.” And with that, I plunged down into the mud and crawled myself to safety, never catching a wire. I am glad too; Ash said it is really as bad as you’d think.

(I look thoroughly disgusted in this pic but I am so worried about getting shocked that I was in a whole other state of mind: get to the end NOW.)



In short, it was a pretty fun thing to do. “Life-affirming” would be the best descriptor. It made me feel like I was actually being challenged and I felt pretty good about it. I was tired and sore and I still am. But I felt like I truly earned my beers and burger. I will say, having beer at the finish line (like a lot of other races do too) was very nice. And if you wanted more, they were not overpriced. (Five bucks) They didn’t set up the finish very well. At every race I have been to, you cross the finish line then walk at least 20-30 feet before hitting tables of water, food, gear, etc. They had theirs – no joke – about two feet after the finish so everyone bunched up and it got really annoying. That would be my only true complaint about set up.

Overall, do I recommend it to people? YES! It was a great experience. Will I do another one? Maybe in time. I think I have to forget how strenuous this one was before I go signing up for another. But it certainly was an experience!

(Our team: The Mud Puppies)


Sore body after a Tough Mudder + MMMM

I’m planning to write a Tough Mudder recap post – if you’re interested – but let’s suffice to say that it was one of the most grueling, dirtiest thing I have ever done. Different than running a foot race, that’s for sure. I’m much more sore after that than I ever was after a half marathon.

So yes, that was my entire weekend, essentially: driving to Orlando to get our race packet, driving to Melbourne, eating dinner, resting, driving to the site, 11.2 miles of mud, sweat, and obstacles, showering, a rest, then burgers and beers. Ash and I got up Sunday morning and left the hotel, got gas and food at Bob Evans (a personal favorite) and then got one home. We were welcomes by rain tat has yet to leave. I HATE when it’s raining for dropping off kids. THE WORST.

Ahem, I have a multitude of work to do this morning and my jeans are wet and I am wearing fuzzy socks in my office because my flip flops were soaking wet. I’m going to enjoy my coffee and get to it. Happy Monday!



Since it is a freebie week, I picked the song I heard on the radio last (and liked). Then, I chose the song that randomly came on after from youtube.

Wednesday Hodgepodge – It is still Fall; let’s celebrate

1. Besides Thanksgiving, something you’re looking forward to on your November calendar?

Well, this weekend Ash and I are doing a Tough Mudder. I’m not sure I am looking forward to it as much and I am looking forward to it being over. LOL. It will be fun and messy and an experience and yes, I will probably cry. But still. It’s the only other big thing this month besides eating a lot of food. Oh, and the week I have to solo parent. Le sigh.

2.  If I gave you a thank you card right now who would you send it to and why?

My parents because they stayed with my kids for ten entire days and had to endure whining and crying and back-talk and all kinds of trouble. Ok, that makes my kids sound awful. My mom said they were really quite good. But it was a  huge thing for them and apparently, my mom got pretty sick at the end and had some other issues so I owe them a huge thank you!

3. Of the breads listed, which one’s your favorite…bagel, cinnamon, sourdough, garlic, banana, biscuit, pita, Naan, or plain old fashioned white bread?

Hands down, biscuit. I love buttermilk and those flaky layered kind and pretty much any kind you can throw at me so long as it has flavor… and butter. And maybe some gravy and an egg.maple-street-biscuit

4. What’s something you have in abundance? Is that a good thing?

Books! And sometimes I love that I still have a ton of physical books but then when I realize those boxes are taking up valuable space, I get irritated. At the same time, I hate to see that the printed form is a dying art.

5. November 5th is National Love Your Red Hair Day. Are there any redheads in your family? Who’s your favorite redhead?

None in my family, so far as I know. My favorite. Hmm, cheating I know but Adam Lambert is a secret ginge.tumblr_nx7ift2Yug1sq4qsao1_1280

6.  The travel website Busbud recently calculated the most Instagrammed spot in every state. Go here to see what made the list where you live. Are you happy with your state’s #1? If not what do you think should be the most photographed spot in your state? Have you snapped a photo there? If you live outside the USA answer as it relates to your state, city or province.

Wow, South Beach, really? For Florida, I was certain it would be Disney World. But apparently not. Maybe the list is skewed and they didn’t want both FL and CA to have a Disney answer. Either way, no, I have not been there and I think it should be either Disney or one of the Forgotten Coast areas. But I am biased; I just love that area.image0021

7. I’m going to try to have something related to gratitude in this spot each week during the month of November. Here’s this week’s question-

What’s something you’ve learned about yourself this year that you’re grateful for?

I am going to give you the TMI answer (Too Much Information). Since going off birth contorl after Ash’s, um, operation, I had to relearn how to control emotions. For me, BC made me sort of unfeeling. But without those artificial hormones, my natural ones are free to run rampant and the bitchiness level soars. Luckily, I have become aware of this so I can keep myself in check, for the sake of my whole family. :)

8. Insert your own random thought here.

When I was a kid, if I spent the night at a friend’s house I was in a particularly bad mood the next day. My husband said he often felt that way and my kids seem to do this as well. So going with that formula, I figure that is why I feel so off-kilter this week. I am easily angered and touchy; I don’t want people to bother me. I want lots of coffee and chocolate and cheese. Sigh. Maybe I will magically snap out of it once we get back from the Mudder. We don’t have to travel again until shortly after Christmas so I can rest easy knowing I can hunker down and wait for cold weather, because Florida sure as heck hasn’t seen any yet!